Episode 97

Episode 97 – MVP: Make Your Summer A Breeze


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to sacrifice your business and profits to have an incredible and enjoyable summer.

In fact, if you learn how to do it correctly, you can have it all – a summer filled with joy and the things that fill you up AND a business that is thriving and making money.

Today I’m going to share with you the three elements you need in your business to make your summer a breeze and keep your revenue and profits coming in while you take in the sun and lazy summer weather.

With an optimized business and clarity around what you want your summer to look like, you are poised to have your best summer yet. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Learn how to create clarity around your summer vision so you can engineer your business to create what you want
  • Identify the key element of your business that directs all the other parts of your business and acts as the engine to bring in consistent revenue
  • Map out a plan on how you’re going to market and communicate throughout your summer to keep your business moving forward and thriving
  • Discover how you can take everything you’ve learned today and dive deep to take your results to the next level 

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[00:01] Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back. I’m Jessica Miller and I’ll be your host for the podcast today. I am excited to talk to you about your summer today. Can you believe it? It’s already mid-May and summer is right around the corner. And so many business owners that I know wait until the last minute to start thinking about their summer. I’m here to offer you the idea that if you want to have an incredible summer, if you want to fit your business around your summer dreams, you have to start planning for your summer early, like right now, and not wait. There are a few things that I have found being a business owner for the last many years that have really allowed me to dial in my summer, and make it easy, breezy, summer living. And today I’m going to share with you what those things are. Because in addition to having a thriving business, and filling your days with joy and loving your work and showing up in your hell yes energy, and being a person who makes the money that they want to make in their business, I am very passionate about people taking time in the summer, when things start to slow down a little bit just naturally, and taking that time and really capitalizing on it. However, not sacrificing your revenue and your profits to do so. So today, we’re going to talk about how you can make your summer a breeze. Who’s excited? I love talking about this.

[01:51] So I want to walk you through the three things that I have found that are the most impactful to creating an easy, breezy summer. Are you ready? So grab a pen and paper sit down. Let’s dig right into this. If you’re driving, then just listen. And when you get to where you’re going, then you can write all the things down. Alright, here we go.

[02:12] So the first thing that you need in order to make your summer a breeze and keep your revenue flowing and keep your profits coming is you need clarity around the kind of summer you want to have. And I mean, what does that really look like? One of the most powerful exercises that I have ever done that I learned from a coach of mine and I tweaked it a little bit to just layer on my own secret sauce is something that I call a prequel. So it is the opposite of a sequel. So if we think about the next chapter of our journey, and for us standing right now in May, the next chapter of our journey is summer. So instead of thinking about it as the sequel to what’s happened already, I want you to think about it as the prequel which means that you are going to create this quote unquote sequel of your journey before it ever starts. So what does that look like for your summer? I want you to sit down and I want you to take the time of pouring yourself a nice warm beverage or getting cozy, making it a ritual for you to sit down and think about your easy breezy awesome summer. So I want you to sit down. I want you to grab a piece of paper when you do this exercise. And I want you to pretend that it is the end of the summer it is August 31. And you are writing about your awesome easy breezy summer. Your amazing summer. And I want you to write about it as if it already happened. What did you do? What did you fill your time with? What joy Did you infuse into it? What clients did you work with? How much money did you make? How did it feel to end your summer? Having an amazing summer that was a breeze. What is the feeling state that you have?

[04:32] And I want you to write this out as your prequel. When you do this, you gain tremendous clarity around what it is that would make your heart sing. What things you would fill your summer with that would feel easy, breezy, and would fill you up. It’s the thing that you might we’ll be talking about for you know, months and years to come. So the first step is getting clear on what does your summer, that’s a breeze look like? What is that clarity. And since we’re talking about it in our business, you want to make sure you get really clear about what would it look like in your business over the next three months? If your summer was a breeze, and of course you layer in there, and I would suggest that you start with, you know, what are those priorities? What are those things you really want to have happen? If you have an amazing trip planned? That is the thing that you start with, right? As Stephen Covey always says, like, those are the big rocks that you put in first. So you need to get really clear on what does that look like? And you do that by writing the prequel. So you’re gonna write that now as if the summer had ended. And you are reflecting on what was your incredible, incredible summer? Okay, so the first thing you need to make your summer a breeze is clarity around what you want, what do you want in your summer? Okay, that’s the first thing. And the best way to access that is through your prequel. So once you flush that out, you’re going to have all these different pieces that come to the surface. And it’s going to be clear about what it is that you want to create in your business this summer. What does that look like? Right? Who are they? How many clients is that? How much money is it? How are we going to put those pieces together? Okay.

[06:40] So the second thing, which I have talked about a lot, and it is super relevant here, when you want to make your summer a breeze, and you want to create revenue, and you want to create profits, because in my world, we don’t sacrifice all the things that we want, we don’t sacrifice thriving for something else. You can have it all, you can thrive, both in your business, meaning you continue to make revenue continue to make profits, and you thrive in your personal life. Okay. So the thing that we talk about all the time is you need your magnetic offer. So what is it this summer that you’re going to focus on that’s going to drive your revenue? What are your magnetic offers or offer. And I will tell you from my perspective, because as many of you know, I operate in 90 day years. So these quarterly 12 week chunks of time, I focus in on one thing, one offer, that is going to move the needle for me, not everyone is the same, but for me, that’s what I do, because I find that the more energy and the more focus, and the more like oomph you can push behind that one offer, and the clarity around that offer and how your ecosystem, you know, surrounds that, the more powerful it is, some people may have more than one offer. And that is totally fine. The important piece for step number two is that you get clear on your magnetic offer, you get clear on your magnetic offer that maybe you have to my recommendation is do not have more than two. Okay, especially if a big part of your summer, that’s a breeze incorporates a lot of your personal time and priority of personal time as well. So you want to make sure you’re able to balance that. So my recommendation is pick one. But maybe if you have to. Okay, I can see how that works as well. But you want to have clarity around your magnetic offer that you’re going to focus on during the summer. So when you think about the clarity around your summer, that easy, breezy vision, that prequel? What is the offer the magnetic offer that is going to drive all of that momentum that’s going to drive your marketing, it’s going to drive your revenue, it’s going to drive your focus. What is that magnetic offer, you need to have one. Now if you don’t have one, then your goal right now is to create one and to make sure that you have one and we’re going to talk about that a little bit more later on this podcast. Also, there are several episodes in the practical mindset podcast that talk about offers and your magnetic offer and how to think about it. So if you haven’t listened to those episodes, I really invite you to go back and check that out. So you need to have a magnetic offer. You need to have the offer that is optimized to not only drive in make your your prequel that vision, a reality, but you also need to have an offer It’s optimized to sell itself. So it is not hard to make money in your business. One of the number one reasons people have a hard time making money in their business is because their offer is not magnetic, it is not optimized. It is not calling those people in to their business, because they are solving a problem that these ideal customers are dying to solve. When you have an offer, that is built to compel people toward it and solve their problem, they come it creates demand in your business, like you have never seen. And behind demand is revenue. And behind all of those things is freedom. It’s free time. So you need to have a magnetic offer. Okay, that’s the second thing. So step two is you need to have a magnetic offer. If you don’t have one, you need to create one, if you have one or several, you need to pick one, my recommendation is pick one. Okay.

[10:58] And then the third thing that is really important is you need to have a plan, you need to have a 90 day summer plan, which means that you need to start with your vision, your prequel. And you need to reverse engineer, how do you make that possible with your magnetic offer from step two of this in the center, so that you can create this plan that’s going to be your blueprint for your easy, breezy summer. And what that means is at the center of your vision is that offer and everything around it surrounding that offer is your plan. So that means what is your visibility plan, for example? Where are you going to show up? How often are you going to do that? Who are you going to be targeting? Who’s your ideal client? What forms of marketing do you need in order to make that happen? Do you need social media posts? How many do you need emails? How many? Are you going to think about being a guest on podcast or talking about this on your own podcast? If so, what are the topics around that? How many of those do you need?

[12:15] What traffic do you need to sell enough of those offers to hit your revenue goal that you came up with in that prequel? Right. So if your goal for the summer, pretend for revenue was $10,000, you have $1,000 offer? You need 10 Of those, right? How much traffic do you need to generate a conversion of 10 people to buy your offer, right? So you need to build the plan and that ecosystem around the offer. Because an offer and a vision floating around there with no plan is just a dream. So you need to have the plan optimized so that you can drive your offer. Make sure it’s magnetic into making your prequel, your vision, your easy, breezy, summer or reality. Okay, so that plan is important. And here’s what I want to say about the plan. We want to overcomplicate it, don’t overcomplicate it. And this is also why I recommend one offer. Because when you optimize that offer, and you have one, guess what everything else is simplified. Everything else is streamlined. Everything in that plan, just lines up against that one offer. And it becomes extremely efficient. And who doesn’t want efficiency, and that easy. breeziness in your summer, I definitely do so. And I have a hunch that many of you do if you’re listening to this too. So you want to keep that in mind. Don’t overcomplicate the plan, make it simple. Make sure you are choosing the things in that plan that are going to really move the needle. And the rest of your time is reading books, drinking coffee, hanging out with your kids, enjoying the vacation, whatever it is, or just having that glorious whitespace to decide whatever you want to do on your calendar. All that is awesome.

[14:12] So to recap, in order to have an easy, breezy summer to make your summer a breeze, you need these three things, these three things to make your summer a breeze, to keep that revenue coming in to keep maintaining your profit without sacrificing anything. You could have it all you could have your summer that’s a breeze, and you can have your profits and your business can continue to thrive. And you can feel amazing, right? There’s room for all of it if you do it correctly. So the first thing that you need is you need clarity. You need to start with that prequel. You need to pretend you’re sitting at August 31 You are looking back on your summer and you are describing what does this amazing summer that was such a breeze. What does that look like? If you need clarity around that vision, do not shortchange this exercise. It is so powerful. So one you need clarity. Okay, two, you need a magnetic offer, you need an offer that is optimized in the center of the ecosystem of your business that is going to sell itself, it’s going to pull in those ideal clients, it’s going to solve their problem that they are dying to solve. And it is going to make you irresistible and make your business easy breezy. Because when you solve a problem that people want to solve, and it’s dialed in, and magnetic, so it’s calling those people in, everything else follows the money, the streamline nature, the efficiency, the traffic, all of it. So you need that magnetic offer as number two. And then number three, you need a plan. You need to reverse engineer your vision, your clarity, that prequel with your magnetic offer in the middle, and then the plan around it. So what is what’s your traffic plan? What is your visibility plan? What is your marketing look like? What are your systems look like? Right, you’re going to build that plan around that offer. And when you have it tight, then all of the planning around it just falls into place. And it is tight and efficient as well. So if you want to have a an easy breezy summer, if you want to make your summer a breeze, you need to implement these three things, getting clarity on what you want, having a magnetic offer, and building a plan to optimize your business around those things around your vision and around your offer. Do that and you will be just breezing into the summer and breezing into the fall. Having had the most incredible summer on record with your revenue, your profits, and your sanity all intact and I cannot wait to hear all about it.