It's Your Offer Podcast


The strength of your offer determines the success of your business.

When business owners are struggling to get more clients or can’t grow their business because their current clients are taking up all their time – it’s the same prescription – we need to fix your offer!

Money and Mindset Business Coach Jessica Miller combines her business expertise with her proven method to create magnetic offers that sell themselves to show you how to improve your offer fast and make some serious money!

When this happens, everything falls into place – your business runs more smoothly and profitably, and you have a whole lot more fun too!

This is essential for anyone who wants to make more money serving clients that they love and have whitespace for downtime.

Tune in to start creating magnetic offers that sell themselves and taking your business to a whole new level today.



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You’re One Thought Away from Having a Thriving Business that Makes Money.


Every time I work with Jess, I make money.

Every. Single. Time.

I know this is more than a coincidence. It’s because she’s taught me to believe in myself and each engagement with her keeps my momentmum going.

~ Judi M



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