Episode 83

Episode 83: The Benefits Of An Optimized Offer


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Having a Hell Yes! and optimized offer is an integral part of having a successful business that runs efficiently and generates consistent income.

Not only does the offer itself lend itself to success in your business by calling in customers and compelling them to buy, but when you have an optimized offer, it informs all the other workstreams in your business. The stronger and more dialed-in your offer is, the easier it is to create the other pieces of your business ecosystem efficiently and effectively – like your marketing plan, your lead magnets, your messaging, etc.

In today’s episode, I discuss the 5 biggest benefits you get in your business when you have a strong and optimized offer, and why making a strong and Hell Yes! offer one of the #1 priorities in your business will be on the best decisions you can ever make.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why an optimized offer makes talking to, and finding, your ideal clients easier
  • How your financials can become easy math
  • How to never have to deliberate over your content plan again
  • Why an optimized offer makes white space on your calendar a daily occurrence
  • #1 reason an optimized offer not only makes you money, but saves you a ton 

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0:02] Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be here with you this week to talk to you about the benefits of having an optimized offer.


[0:14] We talk a lot about offers on this podcast. And besides the obvious of having an offer that’s optimized, that is hell yes, that you love to sell, there are so many incredible things that happened to your business when you optimize your offer. As many of you have heard listening to this podcast and consuming any of the other content that I put out there, one of the most important things in your business is to have a hell yes offer that sells itself. But that offer does not live in your business in isolation. It’s actually part of an intricate ecosystem that makes up your business in its entirety. So although we talk about having a hell yes offer, and it’s super important that you have one, it will make your life so much easier when people want this offer. And it calls people in before you ever even speak to them.


[1:08] Your offer doesn’t float around in your business by itself, it’s actually connected to all of the other things that happen in your business, that drive revenue generation, and drive a business that succeeds. Those things are things like your lead magnet, your content, strategy, your other content that you have, other offers that you have, the people that you talk to all these different things that happen in your business, that make up what I refer to as your business ecosystem. So when we think about offers, and this is true, whether or not you’re just starting out, or you’re a business that has maybe many offers, or has been around for a while and is generating income and is creating a success in your business, that when you have an offer that is optimized, it actually creates a streamlined business. And what that means is that when you optimize that offer, the other things in your business that it touches become easier, they become more clear, they become also optimized.


[2:18] And so I want to share with you what I think are the top benefits of having an offer that is optimized. Because here’s the thing, if you want to succeed in your business, if you want to have a business that you own, that doesn’t own you, you need to optimize your offer to make the rest of your business fall into place. You need to have a business that will grow with ease that doesn’t require you to constantly micromanage it, reinvent the wheel, what I say to my clients all the time is like break it, bake bread every single time. It it allows you to really streamline that, and to make it flow with ease by being connected and aligned with the other things that are in your business. And so today, I want to talk about the things that come out of an offer that is hell yes. And that is in your business that is optimized, it is not just about the offer. It is not just about having something that you’re going to go out there and sell to people. It’s actually about really intentionally creating an entire business that works together. And that is really built off of this epicenter of your business. In my world, the epicenter of your business, is that hell yes offer. And it’s building a business intentionally off of that awesome offer that makes everything else fall into place, and dare I say so much easier. When you do this, it saves you time, money, and equally, if not more importantly, sanity.


[4:00] So let’s jump right into what are these benefits of an optimized offer, and why do you want them right now? And I want you to listen to this podcast. I want you to think about these things. And I want you to go look at your business and see if these things are streamlined for you. If you feel like you are walking through these pieces with ease.


[4:22] Okay, so number one, the first benefit of having an optimized offer is knowing exactly who you are talking to and knowing where to find them. When you have a hell yes offer and then you start to build your business around it, you start to connect it to the other things you’re doing in your business, one of which is this marketing and visibility piece. You start to be able to dial in that part of your business, not the part where you’re talking to people where you’re showing up or you’re targeting certain people. You start to dial that in in a way that is super clear. Because when you have an optimized offer, you know exactly who you are selling to, you know exactly what their problem is. And because you know who they are and what their problem is, you know where to find them. This makes the part of your business, which I refer to with my clients as your Visibility Plan, super clear, and super easy. Because if for instance, you’re targeting, you know, corporate women, then you’re, you’re likely going to go and play and find those people on LinkedIn. For example, if you’re targeting stay at home moms, LinkedIn, probably not your target. So you start to get really clear on knowing who these people are, what they’re struggling with, and where to find them. This makes your plan your intentional plan to reach these people, very streamlined. And you can go out there and you can create it in a very powerful way, that also optimizes your time, because now, where you’re going, is going to likely result in much better outcomes, and a much bigger impact than if you were just trying to, you know, throw spaghetti at the wall, and find people everywhere. Okay, so that’s number one. Number one, the number one benefit is knowing who you’re talking to, what their problems are, who to target and where to find them. So you can build a plan to go out and actually connect with those people find them be visible to them, all those things. So that’s number one.


[6:40] Number two is streamlined financials. When you have an offer that you have optimized, you know what it is, how long it takes how much it costs, you can then figure out how to create a plan to hit your financial goals, your revenue, goals, your budget, all of those things become simple math, when your offer is dialed in. So one of the things that I tell people, and I’ve worked through this exercise, I’ve done a magnetic offers exercise. I do a lot of free webinars on that you can listen to this podcast, there are episodes where I literally walk you through how to create, you know your business plan and how to reverse engineer what that looks like. One of the most important pieces is that when you start to target some of these numbers, like you want to make $500,000 in a year, you figure out how to create a plan around that. By taking that number and figuring out how much of whatever product it is or service it is. Whatever it is, how much of that you need to sell to how many people in order to hit that number. So you can very easily when your offers optimized, you can very easily figure out how many sales you need to make, how many clients you need to acquire, how much business you need to generate using things like how much your offer is, how many people you need to acquire, how maybe what your attrition rate is, right? The numbers become very concrete, because you’re not kind of doing all these back of the envelope things well, hey, if my offer was $1,000, or if I charge 3000. It’s like you’ve optimized this offer, you know how much to charge, you know what other offers are in your offer stack, you can really get clear on how to reverse engineer those financials.


[8:37] And the thing that I love about both data and money is it is hard numbers. And I always tell people, you cannot argue with the data. You cannot argue with the numbers. That’s the beauty of math. So it makes it very easy for you to figure out, for example, if you want to make $30,000 And you have a $3,000 service, you need 10 sales, right? It’s very simple. And then how are you going to generate those 10 sales, right? You’re going to go to where those people are, you’re going to have a certain plan where you’re going to have you know, inbound traffic in a certain way, you’re going to put out maybe a certain amount of emails or you’re going to run a challenge or whatever it is, right? You can have any number of strategies to do this. But it becomes very clear around what you need to do to generate those revenue numbers and what it’s going to take to get there. So the second piece is it streamlines your financial life, and people who have a bunch of offers that are not solidified. They’re not optimized. They’re not connected so they don’t align easily. It becomes really difficult. Your revenue is bouncing all over the place. You can’t predict how it’s going to go and you’re spending so much time and energy trying to generate the revenue you want. Where you can make that so much easier for yourself once that offer is dialed in and optimized.


[10:01] The third thing is, you have a content plan. Your optimized offers inform what it is that you’re talking about all day long. And this is for all those people out there who are feel like they’re constantly chasing social media, they’re constantly chasing, you know, what do they write in their emails, when they you know, they kind of feel like they’re all over the place? Well, when you optimize your offer, again, you know exactly who it is you’re talking to what it is you’re talking to them about. So, for instance, you would talk to people about the problems you solve, you would write content that would really kind of agitate those problems, or bring those problems to light, or really dial in and talk to those people about what they’re experiencing. You talk about how to solve those problems, and not just any way to solve them, how you solve them. What is your intellectual property? How do you do it in a way that is going to really draw them in? How do you position that in a way that makes it so that you’re giving them something they really want, I always talk about them, like, don’t just have a solution to people’s problem, have the solution they really want and make it so compelling, that they cannot ignore you.


[11:14] You can talk about what makes you different, like Why you, what is different from what everyone else is doing? What is that thing that is going to set you apart and make this offer in combination with the concept of talking to people in a way that they feel like you really understand them, talking about what it is and how you solve that problem and how you help them, and then doing it in a way that doesn’t sound like everybody else. Those are just an example of some of the things that come out and into your content plan in a very easy way when your offers optimized. When I help people create hell yes offers, we usually create what I call like three pillars. So when someone creates a solution, and they think about the problem, they’re solving the kind of one of the one of those three pillars that they’re talking about. With those three pillars, you could really create so much content, and it’s really narrow, you’re staying in your lane, because it’s so optimized for the offer that you’re selling. So it becomes super easy. It makes it easy for you to track it, it makes it easy for you to repeat it because we all know you have to repeat things in marketing. And it just makes it easy to create because it’s become so tight and so focused. So you have a content plan, you know what to talk about. It takes all of that churn out of what do I show up, and what do I say and how have I said that before and the whole thing. It makes it really, really strong.


[12:40] The fourth thing is it saves you a tremendous amount of time. So when you know what you’re selling, when your business becomes optimized around this offer, you know what things you need to do in order to move your business towards the result that you want. What that means is a streamlined calendar. It means that you’re not working 80 hours a week, or making your teamwork 80 hours a week running around doing all the things. You know exactly what needs to happen in order to take this business that is built around this offer and make it thrive and create the results that you want. So your calendar becomes very clear, the things that don’t matter fall off of it, it becomes streamlined in the sense of all these pieces start to fit together. Dare I say you also have a lot more whitespace on that calendar, because you don’t need to be filling it up with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter, that doesn’t move the needle, or that is just sort of this excess churn. You sit down every day, feeling in control of your business, feeling like you have spaciousness, feeling like you know, what is going to come next. And when things are so organized and streamlined in that way, they’re also a hell of a lot more efficient. So you free up time in that way, as well, because you’re not being redundant or inefficient in the way that you’re spending your time. So the amount of time that you get back, and sanity that you get back, is huge.


[14:17] And then the fifth thing, in line with the saving a ton of time, is that you save a ton of money. Your operations become streamlined, because your calendar is becoming streamlined, because your team is running more efficiently. You’re not spending money on things that are redundant or create churn, you know exactly what you have to do. And frankly, there’s less stuff to do to create the results that you want because you’re able to be more efficient and more creative in the way that you do it so that you’re not spending money on things that don’t matter. And that is a really important piece when you’re trying to manage your profitability, and your budget and all of those things. Because we know that, right, money is not this unlimited resource. And we want to be able to spend our money, like our time in a very intentional way. And so when you’re opt, when you have this business that is optimized around this optimized offer, then you’re able to spend your money in a way that leverages it in a way that you haven’t been able to do before. And it really, it affects every piece of your business, it affects your human capital, the other capital in your business, it’s just a really important thing. And it also, it becomes very clear when you are going to spend money, that you’re spending money on things that actually create an outcome that you want that move the needle in the way that you want. Because that, again, that whole business is streamlined. And there’s not all these random pieces and things that are flying around all over the place, because you’ve really been able to just sort of dial that all in because the business has become really, really tight.


[15:57] So in summary, there are so many benefits to optimizing your offer. It’s not just about your offer in isolation, your offer is part of your business ecosystem. And that ecosystem becomes optimized around your optimized offer. It’s not just the offer alone, it really is the linchpin to your entire business, is the linchpin to making your entire strategy, really work in your business and be able to hit the goals that you want, and create the impact that you want.


[16:31] So summarizing those things again, number one is one of the benefits of an optimized offer is knowing exactly who you’re talking to, what you’re talking to them about, and where to find those people.


[16:43] The second thing is it streamlines all your finances, it allows you to reverse engineer how you’re going to hit your revenue goals, and how to spend your money in your business in a way that is efficient and clear.


[16:57] Number three is gives you a very clear path on how to create your content and visibility plan. You know exactly what to talk about as it relates to your offer and your business and your target market. When you have an optimized offer at the epicenter of your business. For it saves you a tremendous amount of time when you optimize your offer, and it connects to the other parts of your business. You streamline your calendar, you streamline your operations, you streamline your personnel, you streamline all of those pieces in your business in a way that makes it more efficient. So that you don’t have to spend the either more or the same time to get the results you want, you actually end up being able to spend a lot less time and a lot more intentional time to create what you’re creating now. And then some and even more. And dare I say it also allows for you to have the luxurious whitespace on your calendar that, frankly, should not be a luxury, it should be part of your everyday world. And it is when you optimize your offer, so you can optimize your business. So you buy back time.


[18:09] And last but not least, it saves you a tremendous amount of money. When you optimize your business because you have an offer that is clear it is hell yes, and it is connected to the rest of your business. You are not spending money on things that don’t move the needle, you know exactly where you need to spend money, you can really make that clear and streamline, it becomes, your spend becomes more efficient. And you could also utilize your resources in a way that gives you more leverage. So you end up saving a ton of money. And the money that you do spend ends up providing you so much more results than it would if you were doing it in isolation willy nilly, like on the fly or throwing spaghetti at the wall. And if I’m being transparent here, we’ve all been there. We’ve all done this. Once you dial this in, once you get that hell yes offer, you optimize it, and then you build your business around that so that ecosystem is optimized. All that stuff just really falls into place. And it makes a huge difference. And that is where you want to be.


[19:15] So I want you to go, and I want you to look at your business in relation to this. Like, where is we call it like kind of like that, that little flag going up. When you hear these things, what is coming up for you? Where in your business? Does this not feel like it’s streamlined? What’s going on there? What part of it? Is it your offer? Is your offer optimized? Do you feel like it is hell yes? Are you excited about it? Are people being drawn into that thing without even talking to you?


[19:44] If the answer is no, that is where you want to start. You want to know if your offers are optimized. And I will tell you not everybody knows this right off the bat or if you’re growing really quickly. It may not be something thing that you know, but here’s the thing I want you to go. And I want you to look at your offers right now. And we have a scorecard that tells you whether or not your offer is optimized. And so we’re going to point you to that scorecard. You can go there, it’s free to answer a few questions. And we can tell you right away, like, how optimized is your offer? Is it hell yes. And we really want you to know and have the data to tell you how your business is doing in that respect.


[20:28] The other thing with our scorecard is that you also can find out exactly what to do. If your offer isn’t optimized, like what can you do next, to make it that much stronger. So I want you to go check out that scorecard. It is on our website, it’s www dot Jessica Miller coaching.com, you can go there, it is free, check out your offer, find out if it’s optimized, the offer optimization scorecard will tell you that. And then I want again, I want you to go back, and I want you to look at all these pieces. I promise you, if you start to dial this in, it will change everything in your business. And as I mentioned, whether you’re just you know, starting out or maybe you’re just you know, started a new venture or you’re someone who’s been in business for a while, with an offer that you’ve been selling for a long time, this matters. All of these pieces are connected, and they need to be really tied tightly around that optimized offer.


[21:27] So go take a look. I can’t wait to see what you find. And of course, as always, we want to hear from you. So write to us at support at Jessica Miller coaching.com. Tell us how your offers are, tell us about your wins. We want to hear it all. This could be the next thing that sets you on a trajectory that you have never seen before. And we want to hear all about it. Until next week, everyone have an awesome week.