Episode 73

Episode 73 – Your Hell Yes! Energy


What you’ll learn in this episode:

We have been conditioned to think about our businesses through an often limited and rigid perspective – what do customers want to buy? What works? What is everyone else doing?

Not that it isn’t important to understand market dynamics and customer preferences, but for most businesses, this is all we use as our guiding principles for creating our businesses and offers.

In today’s podcast I talk about the missing link to a thriving business – Your Hell Yes! Energy, and why this is one of the most important and influential pieces in building offers the pulls your ideal people in and a business that is exciting and profitable.

Not only is Hell Yes! Energy important for creating a business with momentum, but it’s also the thing that makes having and running a business so much fun.

Take a listen to hear how you too can have a Hell Yes! Business right now. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why Hell Yes! Energy is one of the most important pieces of your business
  • How energy is contagious (and why you want your ideal clients to catch yours)
  • What people need more of this year (and how you can give it to them)
  • How to utilize your Hell Yes! Energy as a compass to steer yourself toward your ideal (and most profitable) business

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[0:02] Hello, everyone and welcome to the podcast. I am so excited to be here with you today at the It’s Your Offer Podcast to talk to you about one of my favorite topics ever. Besides talking about offers in general, as many of you know, crazy about offers my next second best I would say almost like neck and neck with offers because it’s so closely tied to a hell yes offer and having a hell yes, business is your hell yes, energy. And today we’re going to talk about your hell yes, energy, what it is why it matters.

[0:42] And I would say, most importantly, why it’s not something that should just be an afterthought. We all have heard about energy. I think we all believe in some capacity these days, that energy is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey. It is the way that people interact with each other. It is something that you and your brand both carry, and that it’s something that we exchanged within human beings, with our businesses, with our personal lives with all sorts of aspects of being a human. But I think a lot of times when we think about energy, and especially what I refer to as hell, yes, energy. It is sort of a thing that comes after we’ve done some of the work after we’ve decided on our path, after we’ve, you know, picked what we want to do and who we want to do it with.

[1:37] But today in this podcast, I’m going to talk to you about why I think your hell yes, energy is not only one of the most important things in your business, one of the most important things to consider about creating a how yes offer, but also why I believe it needs to be the first thing that you think about. And the thing that actually is infused into everything that you do as an entrepreneur. Because if you want to have a business that thrives if you want to be making decisions that are aligned and taking actions that are aligned, you need to know what lights you up first, you need to know what is hell yes for you. So that you can really get clear on what that feels like, what it’s telling you and what actions and decisions need to come after knowing that in order to get you to create the result in your business that you want.

[2:39] So today, we’re going to break it down into what is your hell yes, energy. Why do you need it? And what is so important about it for your business, that I would go and stand on my little podium right now I’m on my soapbox saying that I think it is one of the most important things that you need to identify and utilize in your business. And you need to start with your hell yes, energy.

[3:05] So first, let’s start with what is your hell yes energy. I promise you for every single person who is listening to this podcast, you have experienced hell yes, energy. You have experienced it. When you hear something that you that resonates with you that you love it and you feel that surge of energy in your body. You have experienced it when you have gotten some incredible news. And it just aligned with who you are and you and you’re channeling that kind of burst of energy. You also have experienced it when you’ve had what I call an intuitive hit, which is an idea that comes to you that lights you up that create that same feeling in your body. It’s almost like a lightning rod and you experience sort of this like hell yes, you are drawn to this idea with this full sort of explosion of energy. That is what I consider hell yes energy. I experienced it sometimes when I’m you know shopping and I see something and I’m like hell yes, that’s what I want. Or that Facebook ad comes across my newsfeed and I’m like oh my gosh, hell yes, I want that thing. It really is a feeling that is evoked when the something that you are experiencing is in alignment with your values with your needs and with something that you can relate to, I believe you get that hell yes burst. Now as much as I would love to believe that for me and for everybody, we just walk around in hell yes, energy all the time. The truth is, we don’t and for some of you that might be listening to this, you might be thinking, well, I don’t really know what my hell yes energy is.

[4:55] So I want to offer to all of you. I want you to sit down I want you give yourself five minutes. And I want you to intentionally think about something that has really lights you up something that has happened recently, that lights you up, maybe it’s somebody you’ve come in contact with, maybe it’s information you’ve heard, maybe it’s something you’ve seen, where you have this, almost like full body, you know, energy that comes through. And there’s like this compulsion to move toward it, I want you to give yourself five minutes. And I want you to think about a time where that’s happened. And then I want you to write it down. And I want you to ask yourself, what do I love about this, like, what is drawing me in about this thing that I am recalling? If you’re someone who, maybe you’re gonna sit there for five minutes, and you can’t think of that thing, I want you to go on to the internet, and go to a site that you enjoy going to that it’s something that you like, maybe you’re somebody who like loves cars, and you have gone to like an antique car site. Or maybe you have a favorite Instagram profile of somebody that shares pictures of beautiful homes. And, you know, that’s something that you like, going to go to someplace that you like frequenting. And I want you to scroll, I want you to look at these things.

[6:19] For me, it’s travel like I love luxurious, like that dreamy travel so I could go to I’ll give you an example, this company, I think the way they pronounce their name is talk, it’s Tauck, I don’t know how the I’m on some list somewhere, I’m sure. But the other day they sent me this huge packet. I mean, I can’t tell you how many pieces of paper were in these brochures, came in my mail shrink wrapped. And I opened this thing up. And I was literally like flipping and flipping and flipping for probably 15 minutes through this catalog of, you know, luxury, small cruise boat travel, and oh my gosh, just like the most amazing things. So I want you to go to one of these places. And then I want you to just start looking, the only thing you have to do is just look, and I want you to watch yourself for what grabs your attention. And again, how does that feel? And why are you drawn to this? This is how you tap into that hell yes energy. For many of us, it happens so quickly. We don’t even realize it. And if we’re not in the habit of being in Hell, yes. And that is part of why I am recording this podcast. I believe most people are not in the energy of hell yes, as much as they need to be, especially as entrepreneurs. If we’re not doing that, we forget how to do this. We don’t think about this. So part of this is being able to allow you to see what is your hell yes. But it’s also gonna start getting you in the habit of wanting and craving and tuning into that feeling of hell yes.

[7:58] Okay, so the first thing I want you to do is I want you to determine your hell yes. The second thing, and that I mentioned, that is really important when it comes to how Yes, is number one noticing it. And number two, is that when you are in hell yes, energy. You are what I believe is aligned, you are aligned to move forward in a way that lights you up. It is brings you into a creative space. It gives you energy in ways that you don’t get when you are, you know, engaging with other things that don’t necessarily light you up in the same way. I believe it is the thing that we need to start with because it gives you information on what you want to move toward.

[8:50] So the second step is, once you identify this, hell yes, what lights you up in this hell yes place. I want you to intentionally choose this when you start to navigate into your business. So a lot of times when I’m sitting down to write an email, or maybe put together a sales page, or I’m gonna put out a social media post, for me, and for many of my clients, the kiss of death is to start with a totally blank sheet of paper. What we want to do is we want to move into this hell yes space. And we want to start to feel those feelings. So if I’m going to use one of my clients recently was going to write a social media post related to her business. And she was trying to put something out there, some content out there. She’s a social media manager about the importance of social media and why people should consider this and what does it really do for your business? And she sat down, and she started writing this post and you have to imagine this, like she writes these things for people all day long, but when it came to her business, she started writing these posts that were just very sort of generic. And when we started talking about these posts, she was almost like getting writer’s block. I said to her, like, does anything about this excite you when you’re sitting here just trying to put pen to paper? You know, are you excited about this? You know, Where’s this coming from? And so we started talking about her business and social media and what it means for people, and the type of content she likes to create. And I started asking her, like, why do you like this, what draws you to it, what lights you up, and she started to talk about it.

[10:38] And from there, she then came up with like, five posts in that 10 minutes that she could create, for her own social media page that was in alignment felt amazing. And it was really fascinating to watch, because the information just kind of poured out of her from this place, she started to just know exactly what to do and exactly what to write about. And not only did she get the job done, like her posts were done, but they were so much more exciting, and so much more enticing for the people that we’re gonna read it than they would have been if she just tried to bang it out on that computer. So when you tap into this, the information that you get that propels you forward is crucial, because it is going to align you to what it is you want to be saying who you want to be saying it to. And what is really important.

[11:33] And here’s the thing, when it comes to your ideal clients consuming anything related to your business, they are your ideal client, if it is aligned for them to. So all of that how Yes, energy, all of those ideas, all of those things, they are always right for your right person for your right client. This is why it is so important when it comes to our business that we align with that energy first. And I want to just take a sidestep and say, I don’t just mean this from the woowoo intangible place, although I totally mean it from that place to. But I mean this from the perspective of just a very practical place, right? Emotion and energy is contagious. We want to be attracting and connecting with the people that are on that wavelength. In order to do that, the fastest and most powerful way to do it is to start on that wavelength vibrate at that frequency that frequency is your hell yes energy. Okay. So that’s the second thing.

[12:34] And the third thing I want to talk about is what this really does for your business. Okay, when you start with hell yes energy, when you think about what is hell yes for you, when you take that energy, and you apply it to all the pieces of your business, most importantly, because it is the linchpin, the center of your business, when you apply it to your offer, making it your hell yes offer. It becomes so powerful in so many ways. And I want to tell you what I think the most important the top five ways that this matters for your business and why you want to go out there, you want to audit your hell yes, right. Now, you want to figure out what that is, you want to dial into it, and then you want to dial it up whenever you’re touching any piece of your business.

[13:23] Okay, here it is. Here’s my top five things. I want you to write this down. And I want you to think about this for your business. Okay, so the first thing is, it calls in your people. Number one is your hell yes, energy calls in your people. Energy is relatable, right? That relatability that people feel when they come in contact with your hell yes energy draws in your people. This is not just the Jess Miller perspective, there is so much research out there and we have all heard it. That energy is contagious because energy is emotion and emotion is contagious. So when you go out there with your hell yes energy in alignment, when you infuse that into your offer, when you infuse that into your business, right? Every piece of it, you start to call in and attract your people. And you want to call in and attract your ideal people, because that’s what makes business awesome, right? That’s what makes it great. And that’s also what ensures that whatever it is that you’re selling, or whatever it is, you’re offering it, that solution is going to be relevant to these people who are poised to buy it.

[14:33] Okay, so first, is it causing your people. Second, and I alluded to this and what I was just talking about, about your people, it’s contagious. It is contagious. Energy is contagious. And there is nothing like being in the presence of someone who is fired up who’s on fire about what they want, who is so excited and dialed in. And really, they are fighting for this thing. they have in their business that they are offering to people to solve their problems. Whether that’s your message, your offer your vibe, you have an effect on the world. And when you’re in that contagious place of hell yes, energy, that is where you really amplify your impact. Okay, so it’s really contagious.

[15:20] Number three, is people need this. Now, more than ever. I don’t know about you all. But the world can be a heavy place. We’ve come through a lot in the last couple of years, we just went through, you know, sort of this timeframe where, you know, people were getting sick, and we’re trying to get back to normal and all these things, you know, that excitement, that energy, that belief, when people are doubling down on something, when you can tell when you come in contact with somebody in business, who is really just on fire about what it is they’re doing their whole brand and their offers, and everything is in that hell yes energy, we want it. And now more than ever, we need it. Because things can be a little, they can be tough out there sometimes. And when you come into that energy of somebody who’s really dialed in, it is it’s literally like a healing balm. And people need that right now. So if you are excited about something, if you are looking to embrace your hell yes energy, I am here to tell you now is your time, because people need it more than ever.

[16:30] Number four is it is a compass; it is a guide to move you forward into aligned action. I cannot stress this part enough. We take action all the time. Like I will give you an example. I get up and get dressed every day, every day without fail. Most of the people listening to this podcast, most of them are wearing clothes every day, okay. But there is a totally different reality for me, in what I wear, how I put the clothes together, the way that I show up, when I am dialed in to my HELL YES energy. When I look at my business and how I’m going to show up with from this place of hell yes, when I think about the people, I’m going to help the offers that I’m going to put together the messaging the social media posts, what I’m going to record on this podcast for all of you to consume. It is a totally different outcome. When I am in hell yes energy, now, am I doing the same thing? Like am I sitting in front of this microphone? The same way to record this podcast versus another podcast? Yes, it’s the same action. Am I getting the clothes on you normally putting like my you know, I like in my pants and like getting my clothes on every day the same way when I get dressed every day 100%. But the choices that I make. And the way that I choose to be creative in that space is totally different. And the outcome and the result is totally different.

[18:05] So when you choose hell yes energy, you are, literally your body is becoming a compass, to what is the next best step to create what I want in alignment with this energy and what it is that I want to create. And I promise you the results are totally different. They are so much more powerful. And they are so much more fun. So this inspired action comes from being in your hell yes. And I promise you it will create more results, more money, and more joy in your business than you could even handle. So it is a compass that guides you forward.

[18:44] And number five, is that it allows you to create better and more profitable businesses. Okay, again, when we create things, when we decide, for instance, right now a lot of people are thinking about goals and what do they want to be focusing on this year? And how many programs do they want to put out and who do they want to work with? We’re thinking about all these things, new beginnings are so incredible for that if you start with your hell yes. When you think about the goals you want to create, when you think about the impact you want to have, when you think about your revenue, whatever fill in the blank as it relates to your business. When you start with hell yes, when you channel that energy, when you get yourself into that place of flow attached to what it is you’re super excited about. The things that you really set your sights on, right those goals you said and the vision that you have and that plan that you create becomes so much more powerful. There is nothing like it. And I promise you if there is one thing that you do in this year if you dial up your hell yes energy it will completely change your business.

[20:03] Many people have asked me what my word is for the year. And I’ve joked that My Word is hell yes, one word, one word. But that is my word for the year. And the reason for that is because I believe that if you lead with this, if you lead with that energy, you will create a hell yes. Business. You will create a hell yes offer. The clients you work with will be hell yes. The energy you put out there hell yes. Messaging hell yes. Hell yes. All over the place. And here’s the coolest part about it. There is no hell yes like your hell yes. It is really the thing that separates you from other people. Right? There’s a thing that just makes you, it’s your energy. It’s your, it’s your passion. And what are we if we’re not passionate about something? But here’s the thing, if you’re not doing it all the time, guess what? You’re totally normal. Because in society, and many times in our journey as being an entrepreneur, it’s not the thing we’re focusing on all the time. It is often the afterthought. But starting right now, let’s all commit to not making it an afterthought anymore. Let’s commit to going through the steps, and really identifying our hell yes, understanding what that feels like, auditing our life for what lights us up. Understanding how to dial into that hell yes. You know, it doesn’t happen just by accident. It’s like everything. It’s what you commit to right?

[21:43] You recommit every day, and recommitting to your hell yes is a worthwhile cause. Because it is so powerful. So you identify it, you feel it, you recommit to it, you dial it up, you channel it up, it’s just like, the pre workout to the workout, right? You got to warm up. And then you go out there and you infuse it into every piece of your business. Ask yourself, here’s my favorite phrase for the year. Is this a hell yes for me, if I were to go and do this thing, right, whatever it is, fill in the blank. If I were to go, you know, say yes to be a guest on this podcast? Would this be a hell yes for me? If I’m gonna go put this new offer out? Would this be a hell yes for me? And answer it? And if the answer is no, choose something else. Decide what your hell yes is and go after that. We spend so much time settling for trying to make the thing that we don’t want to do that isn’t our hell yes. Just even like palatable for us. My offer to you is go after the hell yes. And figure out how to make it happen.

[23:00] And if there’s something that you have to do, right, there’s always things we have to do in our business that we may not really love. And it’s certainly not a hell yes. It’s like how do you make it more of a hell yes. Do you know what I’m saying? How do you sweeten that part that pot a little bit? You know what I’m saying? Make it a little bit more? Hell yes. There’s always a way maybe you do that, you know, task or whatever it is with someone. Maybe you like barter it, hey, if I do this thing that you hate doing, and you did this thing that I hate doing, like everybody’s happy. You know, can you delegate it or some part of it right? But can you move toward making a little bit more how Yes, there is an opportunity for hell yes. Almost every place. If you start to look for it, if you start to make it, the first thing you think about instead of the last, you deserve your hell yes. And so to your clients, and so does the world. So go out there today and start dialing into that hell yes. dialing it up and infusing it into every piece of your business. Both you, your clients, and the whole world. will thank you later.