Episode 71

Episode 71 – Making Your Business Work


What you’ll learn in this episode:

As a business coach working with many clients on how to run an optimal business and determine whether what they’re doing is creating the results they want, I often coach around creating a business that works, aka creates the results they want.

Over the years I’ve discovered that people often make this much more complicated than it needs to be, and that making your business work really comes down to a simple system that include a few key steps that you can use in any type of business or with any type of project.

In today’s podcast, I share this simple system that allows my clients to create a business that not only works but creates the results and outcomes they want (meaning it works in the way they want it to). After listening to this you will be able to incorporate these key steps to start building a business that works.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • The one thing so many business owners skip over that has a huge impact on results
  • Why Hell Yes! is a secret ingredient to success and differentiation
  • The time to get to work is now
  • Data, data, and more data
  • Rinse and repeat

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[0:01] Well, hello, everyone, and welcome to the It’s Your Offer Podcast. It’s Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be here with all of you. I hope you had an incredible holiday season, you took some time with your family, you got much needed rest, and you are ready for a new chapter.

[0:21] New Beginnings are one of my favorite times. And I wanted to come here today to talk to you about the idea of making it work. So as a business coach, someone who coaches a lot of people on all different aspects of business, especially offers the question I get many, many times, or the sentiment that people share that seems to be holding them back. Is this concept of will something work? Or how do I make this work. And I want to share with you that anyone can make something work, anyone can show up and decide that they’re going to do what they need to do to make things happen. Many times we think it’s this complicated algorithm, like we need the super sophisticated plan in order to create results and momentum, and the things that we want in our business. But today, I’m going to share with you a handful of things that I coach my clients on, and that I believe are actually part of the recipe that make things work in your business and your life.

[1:31] And here is the secret, it is not complicated. It is actually very, very simple. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, because as humans, we have a tendency to make things more complex than they are. And also sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult. And not because they aren’t simple. But because somewhere in the middle of all of it, we have the human experience of being a human, and having a brain and also not being able to compartmentalize each piece of our life. And so we are one whole person that walks into our business every day and is affected by all the things how we feel, our health, our personal life, everything. And so, you know, shit happens. And so all those things, you know, they come into the fold of our experience, however, doesn’t change the fact that in my experience, and in working with hundreds of clients on building thriving businesses, there are a handful of things that are really necessary to make it work for making things work. And if you are a business owner, and you want to have a thriving business, you want to consistently work with A-List clients, you want to surround yourself with people that you want to be in business with, you want to make consistent money, you want a business that streamline and not bleeding through all of your boundaries. You need to master how to make things work in your business. There’s no way around it.

[3:05] So today, we’re gonna talk about those things. And here’s the great news. You can go right away and start implementing these things. And you’re likely already doing them. The question is, how can you be aware of them and do them on a more consistent basis, or make sure that you have all of these pieces so that your business works in a streamlined fashion, and it works with ease? So let’s jump right in.

[3:32] So the first thing that I tell my clients when it comes to wanting to make something or make things work in your business, is to make a decision. I know this sounds so basic. And so like, I can’t believe I’m actually spending my time listening to this podcast. But I will tell you that most people skip the step. They don’t actually decide. They don’t commit to what it is that they actually want to create and make a decision to do it. Also, I see people spin in indecision. Like we think that our lack of decision or just thinking about it longer is going to protect us from all of the things that we quote unquote, don’t want to have happen in our business. We think it’s going to protect us from making the wrong choice, or avoiding something not working. But I’m here to tell you that it is one of the number one reasons people don’t make things work in their business. They don’t decide that they’re going to do it, or they don’t decide what they’re going to do and just get moving. They sit there and spin and spin and spin in indecision, telling themselves they’re not sure what to do. They don’t know what to do there. They should they do this, should they not do this, you know, is it this option or that option? And all it does is suck your time and energy and here’s the worst news. It guarantees that whatever it is, you’re thinking that you might want to do, or you’re thinking you would love to work is never going to work, because you’re not even going to get off the starting line.

[5:17] So it feels safe. And it feels like it is a prudent thing to do, to think through all your decisions and all your options, so that you pick the right one and you ensure that it works, it gives you a better chance that it’s going to work. But I’m here to tell you that is the complete opposite. The more you spend an indecision, the more you don’t decide, the more you will guarantee that it never works, because you will never actually start to do or create or complete the thing that you need to do to quote unquote, make it work. So the first thing is make a decision, decide and move forward.

[5:55] The second thing is creating a hell yes offer. So we talk about offers a lot on this podcast. And specifically not just any offers not just putting things out in your business to sell to somebody, but creating a hell yes offer. And when you want to make your business thrive, when you want to make it work. You need to create something you are super passionate about. In your business. It’s your offers. And it is putting that HELL YES energy behind it. The hell yes around the people you want to focus on, and you want to target helping hell yes around the problem you want to solve every day and how you solve it. And then just including that energy and excitement that gets you out of your chair, I mean, even saying, hell yes makes me want to jump out of my chair. So in your business, if you want to make it work, if you want to make anything work, if you want to make the things that you’re offering people work, it needs to be a hell yes. And so in business, you need to have a hell yes offer. You want to call in your ideal people with that offer. You want to create a compelling solution, something really important that people want not just something that you’re going to give them or sell them. And you want to make it something you’re super excited about. Right? Hell yes, energy is everything. So making your business work and making things work in your business, or making it work in general, this concept of working includes a hell yes for you. So create that hell yes, offer in your business.

[7:31] The third thing is getting to work, getting yourself into action, things don’t happen by just thinking about it, they also don’t happen by just planning for it, you have to get into action, and you need to work. And you need to not deliberate over that. So I will tell you that one of the biggest hurdles that I have had, and I’ve had had this in my corporate job is I used to overthink things, I used to just think about it and think about it, I would kind of have to research and do all the things before I actually took action. And I’m not suggesting that you like jump off a cliff in your business and you don’t think about it at all, and you don’t do any research. But at some point, you need to just get to work. And in my experience, and my experience coaching many other people, that timeframe is sooner than later, people often wait too long to take action. And that time that you’re not taking action is really just delay, it’s really delaying that. That goal, that response. And frankly, it’s delaying making it work because you make it work by doing it and then deciding what to do next. So the third thing is getting to work and the quicker you can move into action, any action that’s gonna get you closer to that goal, essentially to the goal of the result of what it looks like when it works, the faster you will get there. And so getting to work is super important. Getting into action, taking that step, it can be the smallest thing, but get to work.

[9:13] The fourth thing, and dovetailing off of what I just said, is looking at the data, and then tweaking. So we have this idea. And the reason we stall around getting into action, or we have fear around whether or not something will work is because we think we’re going to fail. We think we’re going to waste time. We are afraid of all the things right, especially something we’ve never done before. But the truth is you cannot create success without failure. And I know that sounds cliche, and everybody says it but here’s the brass tacks of it all. If you just keep doing what you’re doing right now, really well. You will stay exactly where you are. Right? I really want you to think about this. Right if I run a mile, and I do that really well. And I keep doing that, I will keep running a mile. And that’s wonderful unless my goal is to run five miles. And then in order to do that, I have to try to run more than a mile, and possibly not hit five. And that it sounds really crazy for many people. But it is the truth, like you need to fail at what you’re doing in order to eventually succeed. And the more you do it, the more you will eventually succeed.

[10:30] So you’ll fail, and you’ll do it again. And you’ll fail again, and you’ll do it again. And then you’ll do it again. And it will actually work, and the dopamine will kick in, and then you’ll keep doing it. That’s the way that it works. So what you want to do is you want to get into action, you want to get a result, and you want to look at the data. And you want to be like a scientist about it. Right? What is working here? What isn’t working? What is the data showing me? Right? What is the result? Even something working or not working is just a thought data is data, right? A friend of mine that I used to work with in corporate used to say, Jess, the data is the data, and you can’t argue with the data. So look at the data, what is it telling you, right? What information is it giving you and not judging it like this is working? Or this is not working? What is the data actually saying from a factual place.

[11:22] So if you put out for instance, a landing page for a new offer, and you want to just have five people join that. And so you put it out there, and then you go into your Google Analytics, and you start to look at the data? Well, if it shows you, for example, 10 people went to that page, right 10 people landed on that page, then you have data, what does that data mean for you in relation to the goal that you want? And maybe a better example is you might go to that data, and let’s just say it says two people landed on that landing page. Okay, well, if your goal is to have five people in your program, that’s going to be pretty difficult if no one’s actually seeing that page, because just two people are landing on it. So then the question could become, how do I get more people to land on my landing page? And I would think a better question would be how many people do I have to get to land on this page in order to convert five people, and let me go and build a plan around getting that many people on that page? So maybe it’s 50 people? So I can convert 10% of those people? Five people?

[12:32] So my question is, how do I get 50 people to that landing page? Well, one way to do it would be to start sharing information about the landing page and telling people to go to it, right. So the more you get this data, the more you can look at it, make decisions from it, and tweak it. And that’s essentially what you’re doing the entire time. Okay. And then the fifth step is to repeat the first four steps. It’s to go back, and keep doing this over and over and over again, until you get what you want.

[13:10] So in summary of those things, the first thing would be to go back and make a decision, what’s the next decision I can make? Right?

[13:19] Number two, is to create a hell yes offer. Or if you’re repeating it, it’s to create that next thing or tweak that offer to make it even more healthy, yes, toward what it is that you want. Maybe you’re noticing that not the right people are going to the landing page as an example that we just used or, you know, whatever you’re doing is not calling in the people that you want. So how do you tweak that, and then incorporate that into your plan into your offer into the thing that you’re trying to create out there.

[13:49] The third is get to work, right? made the decision, tweak the thing, and then get out there and get into action and keep it moving forward.

[13:57] And then four, look at the data again, what is it telling you? Where can you tweak this? What information are you getting, that’s going to help you get closer to your goal, and then do it all over again, do it until it works. Make it work.

[14:14] So it is so important as a business owner, if you want to create a thriving business, if you want to streamline business, if you want to work with the people that you want to work with, that you learn how to make things work in your business, how to make your business work. And the steps to do that are super simple. We want to make it complicated. We want to make it super sophisticated. But the truth is, it’s not that hard. And yes, we show up as humans. Yes, we don’t want to do it sometimes. Yes, we think of all of the reasons why it’s a better idea to do something else. But I promise you if you follow these five things, you will be creating more momentum and walking away with more things in your business in your life that quote unquote work that you won’t know what to do with yourself. And what will happen in the process is you will transform into a person who has the identity of someone who makes it work. And there is nothing better or more powerful than that. It’s that identity combined with the actions, the doing these brass tacks of things that actually move the needle the most in your business.

[15:27] So to recap, how do you make it work in your business? This is how, number one, make a decision, don’t deliberate. Being an indecision does not get you better results, it actually gets you less results, and it takes a lot longer and a lot more energy.

[15:43] So number one, make a decision number two, create a hell yes, offer in your business, go out there, and make sure that the things that you are putting out there in the world that you’re sharing with others, are a hell yes for you that they feel amazing. And your offers in your business are everything. If you want to make your business work, you need to have a hell yes offer in the middle of the equation.

[16:09] The third thing is get to work, get into action, there is no substitute for doing the work. So make sure that you get yourself into action as quickly as possible. Often, the best time to do that is yesterday, the next best time is right now. So take even the smallest step that’s going to get you closer to your goal. And really just get to work.

[16:34] Fourth, look at your data. Right, you cannot argue with the data, the data is the data, go and look at that for that information. And here’s the thing, don’t judge it, try to be as factual as you can about what it is that you’re seeing. And then make good decisions from there, make that next decision. And really move forward into action. And that next way that you can get closer to what you want.

[16:59] And then five is repeat all those steps, and keep repeating them until you get where you want to go. Here is another secret I want to tell you about making it work. And I think about this all the time, I can’t remember where I heard it or who told it to me, but it is brilliant. If there is something that you want to work, if you want to make your business work, or if you want to create a result. If you just keep doing these five steps, you will get there. It is inevitable, it is almost impossible for it to not happen. And here’s why.

[17:35] If I was going to walk from my house, to Boston, Massachusetts, it would take me a long time, right? But it is, if you drive, it’s about 30 miles. So if I wanted to walk to Boston, and I decided that I was going to do that, and I created the plan to do that. So I’m going to walk it’s going to be awesome. Here’s what that plan looks like. And I got into action, even taking just one step. Every day. If I followed that plan, if I created that map as an example, that I said, Okay, I’m gonna go from here to here, I’m gonna go from here to Boston, created that map, took one step every day, and just kept doing it and following it. I will get there. It will take me a long time. It would be grueling on some level. But the result is inevitable.

[18:31] So if you keep doing the thing, and you keep looking at the data, and you keep tweaking it and optimizing it, and you make sure that it is focused on where you want to go, it is inevitable that you will get there. Like yeah, maybe there’s a snowstorm and I need to reroute it a little bit or I need to, you know, kind of take shelter because there’s a blizzard, it doesn’t matter. If I just get right back on course, I will get there. And it will. It will happen. It’s there’s no question about it. This is the truth about making it work in your business as well.

[19:02] If you follow these five things, you will get there it is inevitable that it will happen. The key is you need to be very intentional about it. Make sure you don’t overcomplicate it and get off course. And then make sure that you keep doing the things and you keep showing up. So I want you to go and take some time to think about what is something that you want to make work in your business, right? This is a new year; people think about goals, and they think about all the things that they want to do. I think this is one of the best things that you could ever do as you think about your goals is marry this framework with what it is that you set out that you want to do in 2023.

[19:42] So go look at your plan. Go look at whether it is a project that you’re doing. If there’s an offer that you’re launching, maybe you’re putting something new out on social media, whatever it is, go and run it through this framework. And I promise you will be shocked you will be shocked at the results that you create and how easy it is to make whatever it is you want in your business work for you and those of you around you