Episode 68

Episode 68 – The Power of Consistency


What you’ll learn in this episode:

As entrepreneurs, we’ve heard that consistency is the key to a healthy and thriving business.

And I believe this is true, however not in the way you likely think.

Consistency is more about “doing” things in your business, it’s about intentionally moving through your business to create results in a way that not only encompasses the things that you do, but also encompasses how you’re showing up, the energy you’re putting out into the world, and who you’re being.

In today’s episode I’m breaking down consistency into 3 pieces that you likely haven’t thought about before and challenging you to look at your business from a place of consistency that will create bigger and more powerful results than before.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why consistency is important and why you need it
  • The 3 places consistency matters in your business and why they’re important
  • Why consistency, habits, and identity go hand in hand
  • How to think about shifting the patterns of consistency in your business to create the results in your business you want

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[0:02] Well, hello, everyone, and welcome to the It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m your host this week, I’m excited to welcome a lot of new listeners to this podcast and to talk about a topic that’s come up this week with many of my clients and with some of my colleagues that I’ve been talking to around the concept of consistency.

[0:24] If you’re a business owner, and you are running a thriving business, you know that there are things that you need to do consistently. And for many new business owners, I’m sure you’ve heard that doing certain things consistently, really moved the needle. Well, this week, when we started talking about this concept in some of my programs in my accelerator program, especially, we started to break down, why do you need to be consistent? And I know that seems like kind of an obvious answer to a question like that, like, well, it makes sense to do things, you know, consistently over time and keep doing them. But we started to break down, what does being consistent, really creating your business? And why is it so powerful when creating results and success in our businesses.

[1:23] And so I wanted to come on here and to share with you, three of the things that came out of those conversations, that I think are the most important things to think about when you think about being consistent. And when you really look at doing things in your business consistently. What is that actually creating, and I believe that these three things are the most important things and really showcase the power of consistency and why you should be consistent in your business. I also believe that the things that we do in our business, that move the needle that really create the result that we want, when we do those things over and over and over again, that is when we create the most results. And part of the journey is figuring out what those things are, what are the things in your business that actually move the needle the most to create the things that you want? And then how do you incorporate those things into your business? On a day by day, you know, minute by minute, year by year basis, so that you’re doing them all the time you’re doing them consistently.

[2:43] And so I think those two things are really the biggest things. What moves the needle for you? And then how do you do those things, often? And so in other words, what things should you do consistently? And how do you do that? And how do you make that happen in your business? So I want to start by sharing some of these things, these three things that really exemplify why I believe being consistent is important. I want to start also by saying that, I think that the, I want to say sort of company line or the word on the street about consistency, and kind of the sexiness of it like either you’re being consistent, and you’re doing doing things, quote unquote, right, or you’re not being consistent, and therefore, you’re doing them wrong, actually is completely irrelevant. And I think that this, this, the things that we talk about, and how we talk about consistency, actually, is missing the point, I think there are deeper things that being consistent, actually produces rather than just a feather in your cap or a checking the box activity that says that you’ve done this thing every day for X amount of days and for X amount of time. And so therefore you can kind of wear this badge of honor, that you’re consistent that you’re doing something, you know, in a in a regular fashion.

[2:43] I think it’s more important that we think about consistency from the perspective of what is it going to get us why should we do it? What is it really producing? And most importantly, is how do we do it intentionally? How do we choose those things that we want to be consistent on understand very deeply and clearly why we’re doing that? And then being able to look at what it’s creating and measure that. So the first thing that I think consistent consistency creates is the things that we are doing in our business that we want to do consistently and take action around them. post.

[5:00] So the first thing is consistency around action creates positive results. And what I mean by that is when we have identified what it is that we want to be doing in our business, and we take action toward those things, and we are consistent with those, we create the biggest results. And I don’t think this is new news. I think a lot of people have heard this, that the actions that you take in the way that you show up and the things that you do consistently, move the needle, that when we take action toward the things that we want, when we are intentional with what those things are, and we actually do them. And we make that a consistent part of our business, we create greater results. And I would agree with that, I think that consistency around the things that we do, that consistent taking action, that consistent producing things that have an impact on our results. And our success in the way that we want them to, is really important in creating a thriving business that actually makes us money and runs with ease. Where I see this show up for my clients the most, when especially when we talk about offers, and we talk about that a lot in this podcast, I see this when clients start to constrain their offers. And they start to focus on those offers and doing things related to those offers, that are going to create the business that they want to create the revenue that they want, create the clients that they want.

[6:40] An example of this, I was just talking with a client of mine today, who owns an event business, she actually helps people run retreats. And we started talking about the type of clients that she wants to help. And because she has been in the travel space for a very long time, she can help people with all sorts of travel, all sorts of retreats and groups and all these different things. And we started talking about what she was doing in her business consistently. And what we found when we started to dig into it was this was that she was being very consistent in, for instance, networking or talking to people about her offers, or showing up on social media. But when we started to dig in a little bit deeper to understand the kind of business that she wanted to be building, the kind of clients she wanted to be working on specifically what retreat she wanted to be servicing, the type of businesses she wanted to be supporting. We started to realize that all the action, although it was beneficial in the sense that she was doing things in her business and creating results, if she focused in on action that was really going to move her closer to what she wanted. And in this case specifically was focusing in on a specifically her ideal client that she wanted to work with what they were specifically struggling with, and the offer that she had, out of the many offers that she could help people with.

[8:13] But specifically the offer that she had that would solve that problem for that person and focus in on taking consistent action related to that offer, she would see the biggest growth in her business. And I’ve seen this with many of my clients. And one of the things that I coach people on a lot is this idea of going a really focusing in and constraining into an offer a specific client a specific problem that they’re owning, and taking action that tightly surrounds that offer. So in other words, who is the person that is touching that offer that you want to go speak to every day? What are the things that you want to be saying to them in your messaging consistently that ties back to that offer, and that person that you’re helping? What are the type of content that you want to put out there consistently, that’s tying back to the person the problem and the offer as an example. And so as we worked through this plan with my client today, we started to see where she could tighten this up, and really get more consistent in this specific action that would have the biggest impact on the growth of her business.

[9:27] And I’ve seen this, as I mentioned with other clients, and I’ve done this exercise with other clients where sometimes we’re having them focus on one offer consistently and taking action on that offer. Sometimes we’re having them show up in a certain place consistently, and maybe message or talk to people in that space consistently. And just that consistent action in a very tailored way becomes extremely powerful.

[9:53] So the first piece around consistency is consistency around action, where it is very intentional. To the outcomes that you want to create. So consistency of action and an action, creating consistency in a specific area where you’re doing something that’s attached to a result that you want is very powerful. So that was the first thing consistency around action.

[10:17] The second piece was creating consistency around the things that you’re doing in your business, that start to generate momentum. So when we’re consistent around things, when we’re consistent energetically, when we are consistent around the type of vibe that we put out there and how we show up, we start to create momentum in our business. And when we do these things, again, and again and again. And over time, what I always tell my client is it’s almost like you are generating this tidal wave of momentum, that the consistency of how you’re showing up the consistency of the things that you’re doing, the consistency of the things that you’re saying, the consistency of targeting certain people with a certain, you know, type of content, all of those things, when they’re done in a very systematic and consistent way, they start to create almost like an energetic, I just call it almost like a forcefield. That’s like, a plane of energy around you, that is being created through the things that you’re thinking and doing and how you’re showing up, that you’re creating this vibe around your business. That creates momentum.

[11:32] And people start to notice that I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, when you’ve seen certain businesses, or maybe you’ve experienced this in your own business, where you feel like someone is everywhere, right? You see them on social media, they’re talking about something, then you hear them on a podcast, and they’re talking about it, then you maybe see a Facebook ad, then you’re at a networking event, and someone mentions them. And it’s almost like they’re everywhere, what’s happening is they’re showing up, and they’re consistently taking action. And they’re consistently putting a vibe out into the world. And through all these different pieces of their business that are consistent, and they’re, they’re happening at the same time, they’re creating this momentum. And that momentum starts to take on a life of its own. And the coolest thing about building energy, and that sort of consistent way, is it’s cumulative. So it starts to build on top of each other, and it starts to build in different places. And before you know it, you’re creating this tidal wave of exposure, you’re creating this tidal wave of visibility, you’re creating this energetic vibe, this brand that goes along with you, and what it is that you’re selling in your business. And it’s very, very powerful.

[12:50] And I found with my clients that I have seen that the more that they do this, and the more that they do it on a regular basis, almost the easier it becomes. Because it’s almost like the universe starts to conspire. And there’s sort of this energy that comes together to create this momentum where it’s really working for you. I have noticed that when I personally get out there and I start creating that vibe and talking about things and making those things very intentional, my business starts to feel easier as well. And it really is a very powerful thing in your business, when you’re trying to create the results you want, where you’re kind of pulling all these levers, but you’re doing it in a very intentional and consistent way. And therefore your business starts to move and create results in a very intentional and consistent way too. So the second piece of this is consistency creates momentum, and the momentum that is created around that creates results in your business.

[13:52] And then the third thing that came up, and I think this is probably one of my favorite, favorite pieces of it all is that consistency creates identity. So when we start to do things consistently, when we start to think things consistently, when we start to show up in a consistent way, we start to fundamentally shift who we are. Because consistency breeds habits, and habits start to create who we are. And so when you start to show up as a business owner, who does the things intentionally that they want to do consistently, when they show up being the person that you want to be consistently thinking the way you want to think consistently choosing those thoughts, choosing how you run your day, choosing how you spend your time, it trickles down to absolutely everything about your business and your life. And what it starts to do is it starts to shape who you’re being, who you’re becoming, frankly, who you are. And that identity that is created from choosing the things that we want in our business consistently showing up in doing them, choosing to think the things that we want to choose on a consistent basis, they all shape who we are and who we become. And that identity is one of the most powerful things behind creating a thriving business.

[15:31] Many of you have heard on my podcast several times that I believe that the secret sauce to success in business is really a combination of the who you’re being, the what you’re doing, and the data to be able to measure that to see what’s working and what’s not working. And so when you choose how you’re showing up, and you choose what you’re doing, and you decide that you’re going to do those things consistently, you are essentially shaping your identity. And that identity is propelling you forward to create the things in your business. And it trickles down to what you offer, who you help, the kind of impact you have. The things that you put out into the world, your pricing, your policies, your systems, all of it, it touches everything. And it really is the thing that is the engine, it’s that foundation, underneath everything that creates, you know, all the other things in your business. And it’s really, really important.

[16:33] And part of that identity, I think is you feed into it, you start to do things and you start to try them and you start to choose those things. And you start to show up in that way every day. And you start to see what’s sticking, and you start to see what feels really good and is having the impact that you want, you start to really lean into that hell yes, feeling that we always talk about. And when you can really dial that in and own it, it starts to then shape everything else, right. That’s how we move toward how Yes, people we want to work with and how yes offers and all the other things that come along with it from that place of who we are becoming who we want to be and how we want to show up in the world. And consistently choosing those things, is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. So circling back to these three pieces around consistency, and really the power of consistency and how that shows up in your business.

[16:33] Number one, it’s consistency around action. What are the things that you are doing in your business that are creating those results that you want? Are you doing them consistently? Can you get clear on what it is that moves the needle? And then figure out how do I incorporate this into my daily practices into my business on a consistent basis, so that I create these results that I want.

[17:59] The second thing is consistency around energy and vibe, which creates momentum. And that consistency around creating that energy in your business, showing up doing the things that you want to be doing. Sending that energy out into the world and, and touching all these different things in your business that create what I call sort of this tidal wave of momentum really pushes your business forward. I always tell people, it’s like the universe starts to conspire. There’s this cumulative effect, and you just start creating this energy. And I think it’s almost like a law of attraction that creates this buzz and this momentum that really pushes your business forward into the next level. It pulls people toward you; it puts incredible energy and power out into the world around your business. And it creates results. And I think it creates a thriving business for sure.

[18:51] And then the third thing is consistency, creating your identity, how you show up what you choose to do, and think and be in the world every day ends up shaping who you become. And that identity is really the driving force behind the choices that you make in your business, who you think you are the things that you think you’re capable of creating, really drive the decisions that you make. And they decide how you feel in your business and the actions you take from there. So it’s all connected and that identity and the consistency that you take around the things that you do create that identity that really then touches every piece of your business.

[19:31] So my ask of you is I want you to go and think about your business and your consistency in these three areas. I believe if you can dial in the consistency around these three things, your actions, your energy, and your identity. You will create some of the biggest results in your business. And, dare I say almost in an effortless way, because like I mentioned business Since it also breeds habits, and those habits become second nature. And then we show up each day, as we’re creating these new connections in our brain and these new neural pathways and these new habits, and we show up when you start to do these things on autopilot. And when we start to do that, our business and our life starts to feel really easy, because it becomes just part of what we do. And we don’t necessarily have to think about it, or try as hard because we’ve now created those connections in our brain. And we just, our brain just sort of goes with it. And we do it on autopilot.

[20:33] So I want to offer to you, maybe if you’re somebody who hasn’t been as consistent as you want to be, I want to offer to you don’t just go out there and try to do a lot of things more often. Go out there and think about the consistent things you want to do in these three buckets, and start with baby steps. What is one thing, one action, you can take consistently that you know, that’s going to create the results you want? What is one way that you can put energy out into the world and show up in a consistent way that feels authentic? And that is going to connect with your audience and really create that vibe around your business that makes you feel good? What are some thoughts that you could choose in the way that you’re being every day that’s going to move your identity more toward who you want to be and allow you to show up in the world as the best version of you?

[21:24] And if you’re someone who’s not maybe being more consistent, and so it’s not new to you, and maybe it’s something that you’ve started to make part of your business and your daily life? How do you tighten that up? How do you make consistency really work for you? In a way that’s not just burning through energy and time, but actually is much more intentional? And how can you take more intentional action, create an energy in a more intentional way, or show up as who you want to be intentionally in a way that you’re choosing it and it’s not just a byproduct?

[22:00] I think this is one of the most powerful ways you can end your year and think about starting a new year. Think about what things you want to create more of in your business, what things you want to do more of that actually fall into this consistent pattern that can create the results in your business that you really want. And then I would say also, that for the things that are not serving you sometimes we do a lot of things that we don’t necessarily need to be doing. We don’t like to be doing and frankly, we don’t need to do anymore. So what could you do less of and dial up more of the things that you want to be doing that you feel like will have the most impact so that you can be moving your business forward in a more streamlined and powerful and useful and spacious way.