Episode 64

Episode 64 – Making More Sales


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Over the next few weeks we are doing a sales series where we share our best practices around selling and generating more sales.

To kick it off, this week we’re sharing the strategies that we’ve used both in our business and that we’ve shared with hundreds of clients to help them generate more sales.

If you’re a small business owner, you need to generate sales in your business in order to generate cash and stay in business. Regardless of industry, niche, or genre, there are some best practices that when implemented result in more sales and consistent cash flow. 

In today’s episode, I share my best practices that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars both for my own business and the businesses of my clients. I also break down each piece so that you can take the information from this podcast and go out and immediately start generating more sales in your own business. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why sales are an inside game, and how to master it
  • How visibility is a crucial component of generating sales
  • What you need to spend your time telling everyone about
  • Offers, offers, and making more offers
  • How and when to ask for the sale (the answer: always and often)

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[0:01] Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be talking to you today about making more sales.

[0:13] As I record this, we are coming up toward the end of the year and many times people think about how to enter your strong how to bring in new clients bring in more sales. And so thinking about your business and how to generate more sales is really important. But the truth is that it’s important no matter what time of year it is. As an entrepreneur, you need to generate sales in your business. And whether you like it or not generating sales and understanding how to do that is a crucial piece of building a business that makes consistent money. Even if you have an incredible offer. Even if you have an ecosystem in your business that is optimized. If you’re not making sales, if you don’t understand how to convert clients and make sales in your business, you will not survive. No business can survive without cashflow, and cashflow comes from making sales.

[1:06] So today I’m going to share with you some of the things that I have found make the most difference when it comes to making more sales in your business. If you do nothing else, but walk away from this episode, listening to the things that I share with you today, and most importantly, going and implementing those things, you will generate more sales, just from this podcast. In my paid offers, one of the things that I teach my clients is how to love sales, how to convert clients easily understand what sales really is, understand how to connect to people, and help them really get what they want through a sales process. The more that you learn to get comfortable with selling, you understand it for what it is. And you can do it with ease. It’s almost how you show up, you will have a business that grows and makes money more easily. And I’m here to put a stake in the ground to say that as you become more comfortable with sales as it relates to your business, and helping the people you want to help and letting them get the results that they’re looking for. You will shift your identity to becoming someone that loves selling what it is that you have to offer the world without even thinking about it.

[2:25] Now, if you’re listening to this, and you’re someone who doesn’t love sales, I can understand why you’re probably thinking, hey, I might be on the wrong podcast right now. But stick with me when I tell you this selling is a state of mind. It starts with a state of mind. And when you master that mindset, and then you put in the logistical pieces, everything falls into place. So let’s jump right into how do you make more sales? What are the things that you need to be doing in order to make more sales in your business?

[2:55] So number one is what I just alluded to, you need to have a sales mindset of success. As I mentioned, selling is an inside game. And it starts with really understanding what it is that you’re doing when you are selling something to someone. So I always start with that. What do you think about selling? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What kind of people do you think sell things? What do you think about people who are good salespeople? What do you think about you selling your product? All of these things that I’m asking you make up your mindset around sales, and how comfortable you are with sales and how good you are at it starts with what you think about it. So if you want to sell with ease, if you want to sell your products or services powerfully, you need to first master your mindset around selling. And so it begs the question of what is selling?

[3:53] Well, I’m going to start by telling you what is it is not manipulating people into buy something, it is not making them do something they don’t want to do. It’s not forcing someone to buy something or get something that they don’t want. That is not what selling is, what selling actually is, is being in service to someone to help them get what they want to help them solve a problem they desperately want to solve. Another way to look at it is it is a way of helping people get out of struggle and get out of pain and move to pleasure. When you sell somebody something that is amazing that produces the results that somebody wants. It could be the key to changing their entire life. And if you actually are selling something worth selling, it actually always does that. It allows people to become someone or attain something that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get without the thing that you sold them.

[4:48] Which is why I always tell my clients and other people don’t ever sell something that you’re not crazy about. Don’t ever sell something that you don’t believe in and that doesn’t work. Because when you’re trying to sell something that you don’t believe in, or you know What doesn’t work, it feels horrible. It feels completely horrible. And it becomes extremely grasping. And that energy just comes right into the equation. And not only can you feel it, but your clients can feel it. So you always want to sell something that you have the mindset of is a slam dunk. That’s what I tell people, right? When people when I’m out there, and I’m selling my coaching, or I’m helping people, and I’m making offers to them, and I’m selling them something in my mind, what I am thinking is that what they are getting, what they buy, is a total steal, it is a steal for what they are going to create from it. And when I’m in that place, and I’m in that mindset, and I’m in belief, and I’m creating offers and things from that place, and I am selling from that place, it feels amazing. I feel like it is a gift that I am talking to this person, it’s a gift that they are coming into my life. And you know what it is because when they go out and create all of those results that they want to create, by buying my offer, guess what happens? The whole world changes, and it changes both better for them and me. So it’s such an amazing, amazing relationship.

[6:07] So the first thing is, do you have a mindset for sales success? If the answer is no, I want you to spend some time really digging into these questions. What do you think about selling? What is coming up? Why do you want to sell? What is the result that people are going to get when they work with you? That is so amazing that you want to tell everybody about it. Sales starts with a strong mindset. So the first thing is mastering your mindset for our sales success.

[6:37[ The second piece is showing up, it’s about being visible. No one can buy what you have to offer, no one can be in contact with your business, no one can buy your products, if they cannot find you. And the important thing about this, first of all, is getting out there and meeting other people and being visible. So they see you, whether it’s in person, whether it is on social media, whether it is on virtual meetups, whatever it is, you want to be visible. Exposure is a huge piece of the equation when it comes to generating sales. So you need to really show up. My question to all of you is if you look over, let’s just say the next like two weeks, are you showing up? Are you showing up a lot? Are you being visible? Do you have a plan around doing that intentionally? I promise you if you’re not showing up, and no one can find you, you’re not going to make sales. And even if those people are not there to buy from you at that moment, when you are visible when you continue to show up, guess what happens? They remember you. And so when they are ready to buy anything, or they are ready to purchase, they think of you. So visibility is a huge piece of this. So again, do you have a plan? Are you showing up? What does that look like? If you don’t, now is the time to create one.

[8:01] The third thing is telling people what you do. And what I mean by telling people what you do, I mean going out and telling people about you and your business. One of the most important things around showing up as we mentioned being visible, is letting people know about your business, who you are, and how you can help them. So that includes things like your pitch, it includes meeting people and networking them introducing yourself. Being a business owner really is about a shift of identity. And when many people start out or when they’re shifting in their business. It’s almost like they have these two identities. One part is like who they are when they’re not, quote unquote, at work, or they’re not quote unquote, in their business. And then there’s this other person who’s who they are in their business, you want to marry the two of those. And essentially, you want to take you as a business owner, wherever you go. You’re not two different people, you’re not this person, sometimes in this person another time. You are, you’re yourself your personal self, and your your business self together.

[9:11] So what I tell people is you want to go out there and meet people, and you want to tell them what you do. Tell them about your business. Tell them how you help other people. And when you do that, what ends up happening is people start to know who you are for what it is that you do in your business. And why that’s so important is because when people think of you, you want them to think of your business, how you help people what you’re doing. This is why it’s so important also to think about what we call your pitch. And that pitch really tells people who you are and how you can help them and crafted appropriately. Especially including the problem that you solve, or you help people solve is really important when you go out there and tell people a about who you are and what you do. When you position what you do as a solution to a problem, and you have that problem, as part of your pitch, you are more memorable. People care about what you do only from the perspective that it can help them solve their problems. Whether you like it or not, you are in the business of solving problems. And so going out there and letting people know, what you do in your business, what problems you solve, so that they know who you are, allows you to generate more sales, because when they need that problem, or when they need to solve that problem, and they need that solution, guess who they’re going to think of you?

[10:37] So I want you to ask yourself, are you going out there and telling people about your business? Are you posting about it on social media? Do you have a web presence? Are you going to networking events? Are you meeting people and letting them know who you are? And not just sometimes, all the time? Is it part of a plan that you have to go out there? And let people know. And most importantly, is it part of your sales strategy, if you want to be generating and making more sales, I promise you it is directly correlated to the number of people that you tell what you do, how visible you are all the things that we’re talking about today in this podcast.

[11:18] So if you need to dial in that pitch, if you need to make it more problem focused, if you need to just go out there and tell people who you are and what you do and how you help them more. Now’s your chance. Again, think about the next two weeks of how you’re going to do that I promise you, the more you tell people who you are, the more you show up, the more you network, the more you help explain to them how you can help them solve their problems, the more sales you will make hands down, it is a fact. I’ve seen it a million times. So telling people what you do.

[11:51] The next thing is, even though it’s the fourth thing on this list that I’m talking about, it is by far one of the most important pieces. And that is you need to be out there actually making offers. So many people when we talk about sales, we talk about the pitching. We talked about the getting out there, we talked about you know, what do you have to offer? All these things? We’re looking at all those things in their business when it comes down to how many people? Did you actually make an offer to that? What I mean by that is, I have this thing that can help you do this thing, get this result? Do you want it? Are you interested in hearing more? Can I you know, put time on the calendar to talk to you that making an offer piece actually offering to help someone telling them that you have this offer this product or service? And would they like to know more?

[12:48] The way that you do that and how often you do it will immensely immensely impact your sales. It is one of the number one things that I see people who are struggling with selling, not doing. People think just because they have an offer, even if it’s an amazing offer. They think that just because it’s there, it’s going to sell. That is not true. Part of it? Yes, is having a magnetic offer. It’s having it out there. It’s visible. It’s letting people know who you are all the things we talked about on this podcast. But most importantly, you have to make offers you have to offer to help people.

[13:28] So for all of you listening to this, my question is twofold. Number one is, if you look at your sales right now, if you went into your bank account, your QuickBooks, whatever it was, and you looked at the sales that you generated, those sales are directly related to the amount of offers you made in the past. So if you go and look at that number, first question is, how do you feel about the number? Are you happy with it or not? The second question is, if you go back and do an audit, let’s pretend for the last month. How many offers did you make? And I want to be clear, not how many sales calls did you have on a calendar? Not how many sales did you generate? How many offers did you make? How many times did you go and say to someone? You know, can I share this with you? Do you need this? This is how I help people? Would you like to know more? How many times did you do that? If you don’t know the answer to that, that’s the first sort of Hallmark sign that you’re probably not doing it enough. Because when you do it intentionally you know exactly who you’re talking to and how often you’re making those offers.

[14:42] If you do know, then the question is, is that number enough? Is that number enough? Is it generating enough sales in your bank account because your bank account or your QuickBooks is a reflection of how many offers you made because sales are generated off of offers, right? There’s a certain probability of conversions that come from making offers. And those sales are lagging. And it’s a lagging indicator, it is the byproduct of making offers. So the first thing I want you to do is go and look at how many offers did you make? What do you think about those? How does that look. And if the number is something that you really like, well, you can reverse engineer exactly how you got to it. I make this many offers, it generates this many sales. And if you do this enough, you can start to see a very predictable pattern. Okay, so that’s the first thing is that audit of how many offers that you’re going to make?

[15:38] The second piece is looking forward. Again, if you look forward into the next two weeks, where are you going to go meet people with the intention of helping them and making offers to them? If you’re in business right now, and you have a product or a service? Guess what, there are people out there who you want to help. There are people out there right now, while you’re listening to this podcast, who are ready to buy from you who need what you have to help them solve their problem, are you willing to go out there and intentionally find them, so you can make an offer. If you have a plan on your calendar of where you’re going to go connect with people where you’re going to find them with the intention of making offers, you will have the opportunity to make those offers. And that is really crucial. It is not a passive thing, it is not a byproduct, it is actually a very intentional thing. And the more you plan for it, and you make it your mission to go out there and make offers with this incredible thing that you have to help people, the more money you will make, the more sales you will make. And frankly, the more lives you will help. So it is an amazing, amazing opportunity.

[16:44] One of the best things about being a business owner, right, it’s all about your offer and making offers, especially when you have something that’s so incredible. And for everybody on this podcast, if you have a business, you should only be selling your hell yes offer, right? Having a hell yes offer having to be magnetic going out there and sharing it, like life is good. That’s what it’s all about. And the money is just the downstream effect of that, right? It’s the downstream effect of the value and the impact you put out into the world.

[17:13] So looking forward, do you have an intention of where you’re going to go and connect with people that have a problem that you’re going to solve, so you can make that offer. And then last but not least, you want to always always, always ask for the sale. Many people don’t know that there is a percentage of people that are out there right now that will almost buy anything you put in front of them, if you just ask for the sale. They are those like 3% of people that you know, the Facebook algorithm for advertising, they just want to target those people, that ad comes up. And I am guilty of this sometimes where there are certain products where if they just put that ad in front of me, I’m gonna buy it comfy pants, some sort of, you know, skincare product, I swear, I always joke with my clients that the Facebook ads managers, literally in their equation are like whatever we do, we just got to run this ad by Jessica Miller. She’s gonna buy it right.

[18:11] So there are, there are people out there who are primed to buy almost anything that you put in front of them. Of course, if they have the problem, as long as you ask for the sale, in other words, as long as you put the thing in front of them, that invites them to learn more that invites them to buy this thing. So first and foremost is you want to always ask for the sale because you want to capture those people. But more importantly, people come to you because they want to solve their problem. They want to say yes to your offer. But you have to ask them. And sometimes it’s just about giving them permission to do what they already want to do anyway. But you’re just letting them do it. You’re just giving them permission to do it and asking for it. So when you think about these types of asking for the sale, if you’re talking to someone, you have a sales call, and this person is talking to you about your offer, and they’re very interested in it, one of the things you can do as a call to action is say something like, Hey, I have a I’m accepting new clients right now. And I have a spot on the calendar next Wednesday at 1pm. Do you want it? Do you want me to book you in that? Or it sounds like we would be a great fit. Are you ready to get started? I have time on Monday at 2pm. It can be that simple. Or if you have a product on a website, it’s the Buy Now button. It’s the buy here button. It’s the book the call button right there very direct calls to action, very directly asking for the sale, grab your seat here, that type of thing. And although it sounds extremely, you know, right obvious, so many people don’t ask for the sale. So you want to get into the habit of asking for the sale and the more times you ask for this sale, again, by probability and just the law of the universe, you will convert more clients and you will make more sales.

[20:07] So again, I asked you, if you think about the last month, how many times did you actually ask for the sale? How many times did you ask for the sale? And do you have an intention of doing it going forward? So I want you to go and look at anything that you have going forward, new sales pages, your website, whatever it is, if you have a speaking engagement coming up, you’re a guest speaker on a podcast? What is your call to action? What is that asking for the sales piece, and is it there so that it’s clear, and it makes it easy for your clients to buy from you don’t make it hard for people to give you money, make it very easy. So always, always ask for the sale.

[20:46] So just to go back and recap, we always go back and recap in these in these episodes, so that you have the kind of the plan of action to go out there. And think about your foolproof way of making more sales. The goal of this podcast is to give you a handful of things that you can go out there and do right now that are going to generate more sales immediately. And all of these things are things that I do in my business I have done I teach my clients to do. And I promise you, if you go out there, it’s not about just doing more things. It’s about doing things that move the needle. And these things, move the needle.

[21:24] So the first thing is you need to have a mindset around sales success. What are you telling yourself about sales? Is your is your mindset strong? How does that look in your brain? Because sales and making sales is an inside game It starts in your head. So having a mindset of sales success is crucial.

[21:42] Number two, you want to be visible. Are you showing up? Are you letting people see you? Can they easily find you? Are you going to networking events? Are you on social media? Do you have a web presence, don’t make it hard for people to find you. And if they can’t find you, you cannot make sales and the more easily they find you and the more you show up, the more sales you make.

[22:05] Third is telling people what you do and how you can help them. It is really important that your personal quote unquote identity and your business identity are one thing. You want to take yourself and your business wherever you go. Tell people what you do meet new people, let them know the problems that you sell. Let them know how you can help them. The more you do that, the more people will think of you and remember you in that mental Rolodex in your mind. People store information by problems, our brain is conditioned to solve problems. So when you tell people what you do, and how you can help them and what problems you solve, that is how they fail you in their brain. So you want to be out there telling them.

[22:46] Fourth is you want to be making offers you have to make offers. It’s all about your offer. So going out there and actually offering to help people telling them what you have to offer and then asking them Do you want to learn more? Can I put you on the calendar? Do you want to book a call all those things, making an offer to help them is crucial. It’s not just enough to have an offer that just sitting somewhere, even if it’s awesome. It has to be out there being able to pull people in, it needs to be making those offers. So going out there and making offers is directly correlated to how much sales that you make. And the more offers you make, the more sales you’ll generate.

[23:25] And then last but not least, always ask for the sale, have a strong call to action and ask for the sale. people right now are waiting to solve the problem that you can help them solve. They want to give you their money they want to buy what it is that you have. But most importantly, you have to ask for the sale. And the more times you ask for the sale, the more money that you make. So I want you to go and take these five things, put them into practice, we always want to hear about your success stories.

[23:56] So as you go out there and do this, drop us a line, send us an email at support at Jessica Miller coaching.com. We want to hear from you. This is really one of the most incredible things you can do in your business. I know people have a lot of different feelings about sales. I’m here to tell you that if you are in business, you are in the business of helping people and your sales directly reflect the value and the impact that you have in the world. And if you want to have a big impact, you need to be generating sales because the more sales that you generate, the more impact you can have on the world and the more people that you are helping. So go out there, implement these things. Let us know and make the sales that you deserve and more