Episode 58

Episode 58: Why You Win With One Optimized Offer


What you’ll learn in this episode:

As entrepreneurs, we are often allured by the idea of selling lots of different products to our customers in the attempt to make increased revenue. 

But I believe that the less offers you have, and the more optimized your offers are, the more money you will consistently generate and the quicker you will grow. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about why that is. If you want to build consistent money in your business, you need to have a clear and optimized offer in order to generate that revenue. We’re also going to answer the question of “how many offers is too many?”

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Would you rather have a business that makes a lot of money selling one offer, or a business that sells many offers and makes ok money?
  • What happens when you have one offer targeting a specific person and problem
  • Why you have so much more to say to your audience when you only have one offer
  • Understanding where your people are and how to market to them
  • Why having an optimal sales channel (or 2, but not 10) is crucial to your success

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[0:01] Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m Jess Miller, and I’m so excited to be here to talk to you about offers. And how many of them should you have do you think you should have? What is sort of that optimal place, have the number of offers that you should have to build to consistent revenue every month.

[0:25] Over the past week, I’ve been having this conversation with a lot of my clients and colleagues, because there’s so many different ideas out there around having multiple offers, and whether or not it’s a good or a bad thing. I want to start by saying there’s no such thing as a good or a bad thing, how many offers that you have. But I believe that the less amount of offers you have, and the more optimized your offers are, the more money you will consistently generate and the quicker you will grow. And today, I’m going to talk to you about why that is. Because if you want to build consistent money in your business, you need to have a clear and optimized offer in order to generate that revenue. And so the question is, how many of those make sense?

[1:14] So here’s my question for you. Would you rather have a business that sells one offer and makes a million dollars, or a business that has five offers and makes 200k? I really want you to think about this? Do you want to be selling one optimized offer that’s making a lot of money? Or do you want to be selling several offers and maybe making less money? For me, and for my clients. Having one optimize strong offer that drives revenue consistently and predictably to 10k plus months, is where they thrive. It’s where they can predict where their income is coming from, they can build their business around it, they can build their calendar around it, and their sanity stays in check while they’re doing it. When I’ve broken this down, there are several pieces of the equation that really come into play as to why having one optimized offer, which means that you have a product that you are selling a service that you are selling, that you have put into an offer framework that you are selling to people that everybody wants. And having one of those. And having it clear and streamlined is really the thing that drives consistent money, and a business that flows and we enjoy being in.

[2:38] So today we’re gonna break down why that is what does one optimize offer give you? And why does it generate more sales? Now, I want us to have a side note and say, This is not to suggest that in your business, you never have more than one offer. I’m not saying that I am saying you can have several offers. But what I am saying is that when you are trying to build a consistent money, when you’re trying to take your revenue, and make it consistent each month, having one offer that is optimized in order to do that, to start with and build on is ideal. And there’s reasons why and we’re going to talk about that today.

[3:22] So let’s jump right into why this is. Okay. Number one, when you have one offer that you are selling, that you have optimized that is built to draw in your ideal clients. It’s built to solve a specific problem. It’s positioned as a compelling solution that so that everybody wants it, it sells itself. The first thing it does is it’s clear it provides clarity. When people hear about this offer, they know who you are, they you are positioned to solve a specific problem. And it really anchors you in a specific solution to the problem that is that you’re solving for this specific person. So what it does is it puts you on the map for something that people can tie you to it provides that clarity around what it is that you are solving as a problem and how you’re doing that. That clarity and that ability for people to pinpoint you attach to something is super powerful. It allows people to refer you, it allows them to come in contact with your content, work pages, whatever it is websites, and it allows them to know exactly who you are, what problem you’re solving and how you’re going to help them. So the first thing is how it positions you when you have one optimized offer that you are selling through your business.

[4:38] Number two is when you latch on to that optimized offer, guess what happens to the people that you’re serving, you know exactly who to sell to. Okay, you know exactly who that ideal client is, who has that problem and who you’re going to go out there and target when you have a tight offer with one per person that you’re targeting or one target market, you can easily go out there and find them. You know where they’re hanging out, you know what they’re struggling with. And you’re able to really hone in your sight on that person to be in service to that person getting out of pain and into pleasure. And then being able to really go and find that person and help them. So one offer, one target market makes it very easy to figure out who it is you’re serving.

[5:33] Third is it streamlines your marketing, this is a big one, when you’re trying to market five different offers to five different target markets, guess what happens, your marketing becomes really, really complicated, it becomes a huge lift, it becomes so many project streams. And I’m like tripping over my words, because I’m thinking in my brain of the marketing plan that it takes to move a lot of offers to a lot of different people, the back end of your business related to that marketing coming in, and all the pieces that come with the messaging, the vibe, all of it, that you have to put out into the marketplace in a way that doesn’t give us your, um, your audience because if you confuse them, they will leave.

[6:22] So when you have one offer optimized to a person that you’re selling for a specific reason, then you streamline your marketing, you know where to go, where they’re hanging out and what to say to them, you know how to reach them through different platforms, and how to make that message crystal clear. And you understand how to craft your content, right, the messaging through that content to a specific person in a specific place becomes very easy. You also know how to take the copy that you’re using, and spread that out amongst all the different assets. So whether it’s your landing page, your Instagram profile, whatever it is, that copy, and messaging is consistent across all these different platforms, and you can leverage them in a way that’s super efficient. So that’s the third reason it streamlines your marketing.

[7:10] And then the fourth reason, and this is not last but not least kind of thing. You know, the channel at which you’re going to sell in, this is really important. on the interwebs, we have been hearing and seeing a lot of advertising around, hey, you can sell this thing through this channel, hey, you can sell your xyz offer through Facebook ads, hey, you can you know cold call and sell your other offer over here to these people. Channels are not equal across offers. When you have an offer, and you create it and optimize it, you then have to choose the channel to sell it and the approach to sell it with in a way that is tightly optimized to your offer. And I want to say this, again, not every channel is optimal for every offer.

[8:05] Take Facebook ads, for instance, I have nothing against Facebook ads. But when you see somebody out there selling a $10,000 program on Facebook ads, what you are not seeing is the huge amount of effort, legwork, content, copywriting management that is going in to converting those ads for a $10,000 program. And the spend that is needed to make that ad spend actually worth it for a product of that size.

[8:39] You don’t just take a product, like a $10,000 program, and like post it and leave it and think the ads are just going to run themselves and make you hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Facebook ads channel as a channel, there’s nothing wrong with it. But for a high-ticket high touch offer, like for example, a $10,000 program, you have to have a very specific infrastructure within that channel to make that work. If you’re someone who is building your business and you’re wanting consistent 10k plus months, Facebook ads is likely not the best place for you to sell your $10,000 program as an example $27 product, things around lead gen. Yes, different products different offer different channel, right.

[9:26] So it is super important that once your offer is optimized, and you have one offer, then you can pick that channel to sell in. And the beautiful thing is that when you only have one offer and you’re picking that channel, you can really have a leadership position and a strong position within that channel to drive traffic and drive conversions to your offer. If you have several offers and you’re playing in all these different channels and you’re really not committed to any one of them It causes a kink in your funnel. And it becomes problematic for, for converting and selling your offers.

[10:07] So having one offer and knowing how to optimally package that allows you to pick the channel for you to marketing that is going to be the most effective. And what that means for you is quicker sales, less headaches, a streamlined funnel, that allows you to bring your business into flow easily, versus chasing around in all these different channels that are not optimal, not working and causing you a lot more work and frankly, a lot more spin than you might need. So channel is important when you are selling this offer.

[10:42] So just to recap, why having one offer is more powerful than having several offers is because when you think about optimally, putting an offer out there in the marketplace, it’s not just about the offer, your offer is the center of the ecosystem of your business. And so it is really important to understand how that influences all the other pieces of your business, your marketing, your lead generation, your sales calls, if you have them, all the different pieces that your business touches your branding, etc. And so doing that with one offer and doing it in a strong way, in an optimal way, will allow you to build to more consistent revenue quicker and more easily. And here’s why.

[11:28] Three, it streamlines your marketing. In order for you to touch these clients, you have to go out there with content and messaging, and all of the pieces that are part of marketing your offer. When you have one optimal offer, it streamlines that marketing, you know who the person is, you know what you want to talk to them about, you’ve written copy for that person that is tied to your offer. And then you’re going to go out there and you’re going to create that marketing content plan. And you’re going to just plug and play with that right, you’re able to have this plan in place, and then go out after there and actually execute on it.

[11:28] So to recap, number one is you can position yourself within a space with that offer so that people understand who you are, who you’re working with, what problem you’re solving, and how you’re going to be solving that problem for them. It puts you in a leadership position, it allows it to be clear and for people to know you. And it is a really powerful way to show up in the marketplace with this one offer that you are known for. And you have thought leadership around that problem, too, you know exactly who to sell it to, when you have one offer. And you know who that person is that you’re helping you know exactly who your target market is. And then you can go find them interface with them speak to them, all of those things happen, because you’re dialed in to this one, target market.

[12:52] And then last but not least, you know what channel to sell in when you have an optimal offer. And you know what that offer looks like who it’s serving, how it’s priced what that positioning is, then you can find the channel that is best suited to actually sell that offer. I have seen time and time again, where people will think that all channels are created equal. And I can just take my thing and plug and play. And that is actually not the case, you need an optimal channel to your optimal offer. And when you put those two things together, that is when it really flows. And when you have one thing that you’re selling, and it is streamlined in that way, then you can go into a specific channel for that offer. And you could really win there because now you’re learning the ins and outs of that channel around marketing and that channel search showing up in that channel how to really fine tune bringing that offer that optimal offer to your optimal clients. So again,

[13:54] I’ll go back to the question that I asked in the beginning if you had a choice to sell one offer and make a million dollars doing it or sell five of them and make 200k Which one would you want to do? I’ll bet on that I want the one optimal offer that I can sell to a million dollars because when I streamline my business when I optimize my offer when I know who I’m selling to when the back end of my business is running smoothly, I am profitable, and I know which channel I need to own. Everything else in my business falls into place.