Episode 57

Episode 57: Behaviors That Sell Your Offer


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In order to make money in your business, you need to know how to share and sell your offers. 

Sales is often one of the areas that business owners tend to shy away from the most. They feel like they’re manipulating people or forcing them to do something they don’t want to do when they sell to them.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about the behaviors I’ve learned to effectively sell my programs and what I teach my clients in my programs. I have not only seen these behaviors work to generate sales and create customers, but I believe these behaviors also spill over into all the other parts of your business, creating a result of increased income and perceived value across the board.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why it’s important to focus on the opportunity and results someone will get when working with you, and not the features
  • Offer to help people you know first before cold calling
  • Why people’s enthusiasm has a half-life and what you can do about it
  • Why speaking to people directly and with the sound of your voice is most effective in sales
  • What sells people on you, your offer and your results more than anything else (hint: it’s not what you think)

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[0:02] Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be here with all of you to talk about behaviors that sell your offers. 

[0:13] So it’s not enough to have an awesome offer, you need to know how to socialize that offer and how to sell it. And even if it’s pulling people in and selling itself, you are part of the process to creating value in your offers and to pulling people through your offer to a paid sale. So in order to make money in your business, you need to know how to share and sell your offers. Sales is often one of those areas that business owners tend to shy away from and not really like. They feel like they’re manipulating people or forcing them to do something they don’t want to do when they sell to them. 

[0:48] Unfortunately, in the past, this idea has been reinforced by some bad information and habits that have circulated on how to sell people that includes scarcity tactics, strong arming people, fear mongering all of this in an attempt to try to get people to make a sale. 

[1:04] So today, we’re going to talk about the behaviors that I’ve learned personally to effectively sell my programs. In the many years that I’ve been an entrepreneur, both with low cost offers, as well as higher cost offers. But also in my years of corporate sales before I started my own business, I’ve also seen these behaviors work to generate and create customers, both in my own business, as I mentioned, as well as the businesses of my clients. And I believe that these behaviors not only help you, in selling your offers, but they actually spill over to all the other parts of your business as well. And they generally create a result of increased income and perceived value across the board across your entire brand and your business. 

[1:04] So let’s jump right in to the five behaviors that I have found that sell your offers with ease. So number one is sell people on the opportunity for them the opportunity for your customer, and what the experience would be like to work with you, and not on the quote unquote thing that you’re selling. This is a mistake I see people make all the time, they try to sell the thing, they try to sell the features of their program or their service, rather than selling people on the opportunity for them. If they consume that service, they don’t paint the picture of possibility and talk to people about the results and the experience of what it would be like to have consumed the offer. 

[2:39] They talk to them about all the tactical pieces and the features and the you know, number of calls or the number of worksheets or things like that, that are part of these packages. Now, I’m not suggesting that features are not an important piece of the selling process. But the truth of the matter is nobody cares about the features, until they have bought into the idea and embraced the idea of the opportunity and the possibility that is available to them if they become a buyer. And it’s that possibility and that opportunity. And painting that vision for people that really allows them to generate an emotional reaction, and an emotional connection to the things that they want. And when your offer is positioned to help them get that thing, it’s the solution to their problem. It is the vehicle by which they can solve their problem. And it’s an emotional connection. That is when people buy. 

[3:40] The other thing that painting that opportunity and really speaking to people through the sales process, about how it would be and what the experience would be like to work with you is also equally powerful. When people come into consult calls with me, they are on a call as if they were a client, I treat them with the focus, the presence, the rigor, the energy that comes with my paying clients as well. So when they go through a consult call, or we’re talking in any capacity, they are truly experiencing what it would be like to work with me. They are also experiencing a transformation and a result of that conversation.

[4:27] Every single time I talk to someone I am in service to help them. I think about what is one way that I could help somebody see an opportunity for them or get a result from this conversation. That’s going to help them that’s going to cause a transformation. And so when I speak to someone, they get a sense of what it would be like to work with me as a paying client because there’s no distinction between how I treat you as someone who’s interested in my services versus someone who’s paying for my services. So that ability to connect with people, give them a sense of what it’s like to work with you, show them how that looks is really powerful. 

[5:09] One of my clients in particular, she was a coach. And she was trying to roll out a program that she was doing a coaching package that she had. And she was having trouble really communicating what that value was, she was having trouble connecting the dots. And so we talked about it. And I asked her, what are some of the most powerful things that you do for people? And for her, it was around weight loss. And so what are some of the most powerful things that you talk to people about? And she said, I actually helped them think about their weight and what they’re doing in their behaviors that actually result in weight loss, versus just sort of these tactical things. 

[5:51] And so we came up with this idea of why don’t you laser coach offer some laser coaching, where this person can come in, and they can experience what it would be like to question their mindset around food or around the triggers that are, you know, compelling them to eat the things that they don’t want to eat. And she did that and people started to buy her packages at a much faster rate, because they were able to experience what it was like to work with her on that call. And they were also able to see what would happen if she worked with them continuously, they were able to really connect the dots around her coaching, how they were feeling and the results that they would get in her business started to take off. 

[6:34] So sell people on the opportunity for them paint the picture of what’s possible and give them an experience of what it would be like to work with you and focus more on that on the experience people have versus selling people on the quote unquote thing that you’re selling. 

[6:49] Number two is leverage the relationships you have with the people you know, or have had some interaction with, and develop these relationships first. Yes, there’s value in going out and meeting new people and talking to cold traffic. But I am a big proponent of fostering and nurturing and building upon the relationships that you have with people already. It is remarkable to me, when you ask people who they know how many times people don’t think they that they know a lot of people. And then you’ll go to their Facebook profile, or you’ll go into their phone into their contacts. And there are hundreds, sometimes 1000s of people within those contact centers. You know, a lot of people you have developed a lot of relationships, people have been exposed to your work and to you as a business owner in some way. 

[7:39] That is where you want to start, you want to work with that warm market, you want to work with either the people that you know and have relationships with, or the people that the people that you know, have relationships with, versus going to somebody totally cold or cold calling or going out there and trying to take someone who doesn’t know you as a total unknown entity, and trying to warm them up and convert them on your offers, it is so much more powerful to start with someone who knows you or is already warm and to leverage those relationships. Not only will those people who are one degree away from you that have those relationships, often be interested in your offers and in what you’re selling. But they know people who often are and the more that you can connect with those people and build the relationships off of that. And even better get an introduction to someone or get someone to mention your name or connect you even more powerful, and it translates into selling your offers much more easily.

[8:40] The third thing is you want to act quickly. I learned this a long time ago when I was in corporate sales about the power of that quick turnaround. So there really is a timeline of excitement that people have when they come into contact with something that they think might solve their problem or is interesting or new. They get excited. That excitement over time starts to wane. It has a life expectancy. And so the quicker that you can act, and you can communicate with someone or follow up with someone or offer more information to someone when they are in this window of enthusiasm and excitement, the more likely you are to sell your offer. 

[9:27] The other piece of this is it’s very much human nature to continue sort of looking around consuming information doing other things. And so the more you wait, the more of an opportunity that you have, that someone else is going to come into contact with that person and potentially offer a solution or they’re going to get some other information that’s going to factor into their decision to you know, buy whatever it is that they’re trying to buy to solve their problem. So there is something really powerful about acting quickly and having the systems in place that allow you to keep track of the people that you’ve spoken to, keep track of what their desires are and what their needs are, again, what is the opportunity for them for your offer to help solve, and having that be top of mind. So you can go back to it and refer to it so that you can keep your offer relevant to people. And then connecting back with these people quickly, not letting it drag out and essentially, quote unquote, get cold over time, where the momentum and that motivation to make a decision and by your offer starts to wane.

[10:41] The fourth thing is, let people hear your voice in sound, the sound of your voice as much as possible. So I realize we are in a digital age where people send text messages and emails all the time. And I am one of those people, I love sending text messages and emails, they’re great. And I think there’s a lot of power in those mediums for selling your offers. However, in my experience, there is nothing more powerful than physically having a conversation with somebody, whether that is getting together with them on a zoom call or sitting down with them for a coffee and having a conversation, or using your voice in a voice text or a private message through some of the social media apps. But a way that you can physically speak to someone, I think the flow and the inflection and the really the tone behind what you’re saying. And your ability to describe and connect with someone something that you’re selling in a voice text, or a voice memo is so much more powerful, the highest. 

[11:48] And I think most efficient way to help someone understand how your offer is going to solve their problem and sell them on your offer is when you actually have a conversation, you’re either on a phone or on a zoom sitting across the table from someone where it is a two-way dialogue where the person is communicating with you real time. That is the most powerful. They can hear you; they can ask you questions, you can really get into the mood mode with somebody in helping them understand how this is going to be a good decision for them, and how it’s going to help them and how it’s connected to the things that they want. 

[12:22] The second-best way is, like I said, these voice mediums, so you know, leaving someone a voice text, leaving them a direct message on Facebook Messenger or Instagram, we have all these different apps, Marco Polo, Voxer, that you can speak to somebody with your voice. And that is, I think the second-best way to do it. Some things just are better handled when you’re speaking to someone. And I think when it comes to sales, I think it is the most effective. Again, not to say that you cannot have a sales conversation through an email or a direct message or something like that, or a text message. But the most powerful, and I think the most connected, that I have found is through voice. And so utilizing that voice is much, much more powerful. Not to mention, from a very practical perspective, it is just a lot faster to leave a voice message than it is to try to type that thing into your tiny little phone or whatever that I think takes a lot more time. 

[13:23] So you know, let people hear your voice and let them hear the enthusiasm, connect with them. Make that personal connection. And I think you’re able to, you know, move yourself through much more efficiently in that way. 

[13:35] And last, but definitely not least, double down on your belief in yourself, your program and your result until you are certain about them. And then speak to people about it. When people come to talk to you about what it is that you’re selling, or your offers. Here’s the thing, no one tells you, they want to say yes to you. They want to buy your offer, they are in the market for solving their problem. And what they are looking for people is people who can show them how that’s possible and can come into that space with them in a certain way so that they can feel confident and good about their decisions. The more that you believe in you in what it is you’re selling, your program, your product, your service, and on the results that you create with people. The more people buy into that certainty, you as the person running that consult call or running that discovery call or conversation. 

[14:42] You have to step into that space in leadership energy in that strong energy of certainty. Because often when people come into that space, they are not certain they are not quote unquote sold on this being the decision yet. They’re feeling uncertain about making the investment or committing to the time or whatever it is. And by you holding that space, and being certain about you what it is that you offer and your results, you help hold that belief and that certainty for them before they have it.

[15:19] And when you show up in the space in that way, you are much, much better able to direct that conversation to help people see what you’re seeing, to connect the dots from a non-emotional place, from a connected place, but from a connected place that is certain and grounded in what it is that you offer. And what it is that you can help people create. People are there for a transformation, it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re selling, whether it’s coaching, or social media services, or branding, or a Facebook ad, they want change, they want things that are going to move them closer to what it is that they ultimately want. 

[15:57] When you have a strong belief, when you are certain about what it is that you are doing, what it is that you’re selling, and what it is that you can help people create, that energy sells itself. And it is so powerful in a way to help people move through to the decision that frankly, they ultimately really want to make anyway, they just need somebody to hold that space for them, and show them what it means to connect these dots from where they are to where they want to go with what it is that you’re selling as the solution in the middle of that equation. And they really buy your certainty. And that certainty comes from your belief, your belief in you, your program, and your results. 

[16:43] So just to recap, in order to make money in your business, you need to know how to share and sell your offers. It is not enough just to have a magnetic offer that sells itself and is pulling people in, you are part of that equation. And for almost all of us, we are a big part of that sales cycle, there is a connection that we make with people in that process that really generates our sales. And so we walk through today, the five things that I have found through my many years of coaching and coaching hundreds of people that I feel are the behaviors that sell your offers most effectively. 

[17:21] So just to recap, number one, sell people on the opportunity for them and what the experience would be like to work with you and not on the quote unquote, thing that you’re selling, paint the picture for them paint the vision, don’t focus on the features, the features come after people believe that you can help them. 

[17:39] Number two is leverage the relationships you have with the people you know, or have had some interaction with first, and really focus on developing those relationships with those warm people. It is so much more effective than going out in cold calling or pulling in cold leads, and trying to develop those people into a paid offer. 

[18:02] Three, act quickly. enthusiasm and momentum has a lifespan it has a timeline. And the farther away you go from that initial conversation with people or when they are excited about the possibility of your offer being the solution to their problem, the more that momentum and that energy wanes, you want to act quickly, you want to be able to help people connect the dots, you want to follow up with them. You want to offer them value in a way that moves them through that funnel quickly. 

[18:30] Number four is let people hear your voice the sound of your voice as much as possible. I believe that speaking to people, or letting them hear your voice, the sound of your voice is one of the most effective ways to sell your offers. Yes, you can sell through a text message or an email. But it is not as powerful in my opinion as connecting with someone so they can hear your tone. They can understand what you’re saying, the inflections all of those things are so powerful when connecting with somebody who is a prospective client and helping them understand why your offer is the right thing for them. 

[19:06] And then five, but last but not least, double down on your belief in yourself, your program your results. And get to that place where you are certain in who you are, what you offer, and the results that you help people get when you are certain when you believe people buy that certainty and what they’re coming into the space with you for is certainty that they’re making the right decision, certainty that they have permission to buy the thing certainty about the results that they’re going to get. And all of those things are part of the process of moving people through your offers and selling them with ease. 

[19:43] So I want you to go out there and I want you to take five minutes and I want you to look at your behaviors, your behaviors around the sales of your offers. Are you doing these things? What is working and what’s not working? Is there a way you can dial up some of these things to help streamline that process and to help move people through to your paid offers to buying your paid offers in a way that’s efficient, it’s streamline, and it is a whole lot more fun