Episode 56

Episode 56: Generating Demand


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In order to make money in your business you need to a consistent stream of paying clients coming through your doors. In order to make this happen, you need to generate demand for your business.

Creating something in your business, whether it’s a product, service or program, that you sell that is irresistible creates demand.

In today’s episode I walk you through the key elements you need to have in your business and products or services to generate demand.

By the end of this episode, you will be on your way to creating consistent interest and engagement that result in people buying your product and increasing your bottom line.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Understanding why you need to attract the right audience
  • How to pull in your ideal customer by showing them how your offer solves their problem
  • Understanding why connecting the dots for potential customers is crucial
  • Helping your potential customers take ownership for solving their problems, and embracing what is possible for them

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[0:03] Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the It’s Your Offer podcast. This is Jess Miller, and I’m so excited to be here to talk to you about this week’s episode about generating demand. 

[0:13] So as business owners, in order to make money in your business, you need to have a consistent stream of paying clients coming through your doors. And in order to make this happen, you need to generate demand for your business. Creating something your business, whether it’s a product, service, or program that you sell, that’s irresistible, creates demand in your business. And there are some key elements that really drive the demand equation, and keep people consistently coming in and buying your product in a way that keeps your business streamline that allows it to move efficiently. 

[0:50] Today, I want to walk you through some of these key elements that are important as you create demand. And that you can really think through as you are crafting your magnetic offers. And you are optimizing your business around these offers, so that people are attracted to what it is that you’re selling. I’ve said it before on the podcast, and we’re gonna say it again, as a business owner, you are in the attraction business. And this day and age where there’s so much information, especially electronically flying around all the time, in people’s inboxes on their social media, in their ears, and podcasts and all the places, it is more important than ever, that you learn how to effectively attract people into your business and generate demand for what it is that you’re selling. 

[1:39] So I want to walk through these, you know, four or five things that I do in my business that I also see done for my clients, when they create an irresistible business and an irresistible offer. And the more that you can dial this in, the better that you are. So how is this done. 

[1:59] So number one is that you have something in your business that is dialed in to your people. So the first thing is you have to know who your audience is, who are those people that you are talking to. Demand is created when you create something for a specific person that matters to them that they view as valuable and that ultimately they want in order to solve the problem that they’re having. So the first and most important thing that you need for generating demand is a target person, a target market.

[2:33] The second thing is that you have something that piques people’s interest. So in other words, it attracts the right audience and attracts your right ideal target audience. And when something piques someone’s interest, it actually draws them in. And the more that people are interested, the more demand that there is for your product or for your service. So one of the most important things is that you create something that piques people’s interests and pulls them in, it attracts the right audience. 

[3:04] The next thing is it shows them how it solves the problem that they’re having. It shows them how what it is that you’re offering, and your magnetic offer is the solution to their pain, that’s gonna get them out of pain. In other words, the thing that you’re selling engages your audience, it’s very engaging. So it pulls them in. It has them interface with it, it has them wanting it. And it’s engaging them essentially to move through to be become a paying client. So you have this ideal client, you pique their interest and attract them in. And then you show them how it solves their problem by engaging them with your brand. And with your offer. When your offer is optimized, and your business is optimized, your audience engages with it very easily. And that is super powerful. And that is how momentum is created, interest is created. And frankly, demand is created. 

[4:03] The next thing is it shows them how do they connect the dots from where they are to where they want to go. This is really important. And I have been talking to my clients a lot about this this week, when it comes to thinking about their business and the information that they put out there. Whether it’s their marketing, it’s their sales, copy, whatever it is, that we don’t forget, as business owners that not everyone can see that path from where they are to where they want to go. I always joke that sometimes like we have to help them follow the bouncing ball. But it’s not always second nature for people for us in our business for us business owners that are doing this all the time. And we’re constantly talking about these problems. We’re constantly talking about the opportunity and our offer and we’re helping to see for ourselves how all these things move together. We sometimes forget that the people coming in to contact with our business, don’t have the ability yet to connect those dots. 

[5:05] And so something that generates demand and has that, that ability to allow people to connect these dots so they can see where they are and where they want to go easily. The key is, you want people to not have to expend too much energy, to understand your process to understand your offer and your business and how it’s going to be the solution for what it is that they’re struggling with, you want to make it as easy as possible. A lot of times I tell my clients, the more calories that people have to burn, trying to understand what it is you’re talking about, the more you’re at risk for people not buying, when people get confused, or it takes too much effort for them to try to figure out what you’re doing, they abandon your page, total sidenote, where I see this come up so much. 

[6:00] And for anyone who is listening to this, who is in the restaurant industry, and they have an online presence, I have to tell you, I should say restaurant industry and any many retailers. And I see this with small businesses a lot. When you go to their website, or you go to a place where they’re selling something, it could even be their Facebook business page. It is so difficult to figure out how to actually purchase the thing, whatever it is that they’re selling. I know that sounds so crazy. And maybe some of you are laughing. But I can’t tell you how many times in a week I have said to my husband, my clients, why do people make it so hard for me to give them my money. 

[6:47] When you’re on this, when you have a page or an online presence, you want to make it super simple. You want people to go to your page, or to your you know, landing page, website, whatever it is, and they can see what you’re selling. They understand what you’re doing. And it’s super easy for them to get it many, many times I want to either find out if it’s a restaurant, like do you take takeout? How do I order that food? Can I get a reservation, sometimes even understanding like I’ll see a restaurant or a shop or something online. And I can’t find out easily where this place is located. I want to actually go in it looks really interesting. I’m oh my gosh, where is this, I want to check this out. And I cannot figure this out, make it super clear. Our shop is at 475 Main Street, Boston, Massachusetts, like right up there. Or we sell you know special doilies for, you know, your baby shower. 

[7:47] By here, you want to make it super easy. And you want to say like, Hey, this is what we do. And here’s how we solve your problem. And here’s exactly where you go to get this thing. I cannot tell you how hard businesses make this for people. And I know it sounds crazy, but million dollar tip, if you want to see where you could increase your bottom line, have somebody who’s never looked at your site before, isn’t familiar with your business, go to your website, or go to your Facebook page and tell you exactly what you do, what problem you solve, and how they can give you money. And if that’s optimized, you’ll know right away if it is tweaked that, I promise you, you will make money immediately. 

[8:28] So part of generating demand just circling back is showing people how to connect the dots. So showing them hey, you’re here. These are the steps it takes to get yourself out of pain with this thing that I’m selling. And here’s how you get it. And the easier that you do that and the more people can consume it, the more demand you generate. It’s that simple. The other thing is, it gets optimized to people it gets, they want to know that your business, your offer is going to be perfect for them to actually produce the result that they want. So the more clear you can make that the more powerful you can make that the more I always joke with my clients, the more Bingi the more they can binge on it, right? It’s an easy acquisition. And the more they’ll buy it, and the more people will buy it, and the more people they’ll tell. 

[9:22] And then last but not least, it allows them to see how the results that they want are possible for them. So any of us as consumers, we’ve been out there and we’ve seen something that sounds really cool and we maybe are thinking about purchasing it or considering it for you know something more and there’s a little doubt in our mind about whether or not this is something that’s going to produce results for us. Like is this possible for me? I’m sure many of you have come into contact with maybe business owners or social media content writers or copywriters or whomever that had these like amazing results and they’re talking to you about an amazing program, and they’re telling you all the things that are possible. And in your brain, you’re like, Yes, I can see how this is working for you. Or I can see how your program is going to give me these things, here are the bullets. 

[10:15] But the thing that often holds people back from buying things, and multiple people buying things, is the belief that it’s possible those results are possible for them. And if you really take a minute, and you think about this, if there’s something that you ever really wanted, that was a little bit outside of your comfort, comfort zone, whether it was a little bit more expensive than you wanted to pay maybe a little bit more of a commitment, maybe something new that you haven’t tried, if you were sold on the idea that it would get you the results that you wanted, without a doubt. Would you be hesitating? The answer is no. You wouldn’t be because you’d be sure that you really want this thing, and it’s gonna give you what you want. And if you could guarantee that result, why wouldn’t you buy it? Right? 

[11:05] So one of the biggest hurdles that people have, and for all of you business owners, when you’re trying to generate this demand consistently, and get people to come in and experience it, you need to think about this idea that oftentimes one of the biggest hurdles that are holding people back is owning, the result is owning that belief that it can happen for them. Like they might believe in your program, or your product or your service, they might see that it’s helping other people. So they’re getting it yep, I see that this works. But I don’t believe it’s gonna work for me. And that’s a very big hurdle sometimes for people. 

[11:44] So the ability to let them understand through the momentum that you’re creating, how your product pulls them in, how it engages them, how it connects the dots for them, how they feel like it is really optimized for them for their pain point and getting them over that hurdle over that struggle, allows them to really absorb it and, and engage with it. And frankly, buy it so that you’re now generating demand over and over and over again with people. So that ability to see how the results are possible for them. So in order to make money in your business, and create this consistent stream of paying clients for your door, you have to generate demand in your business. 

[12:32] And as a recap, here are the things that I have seen the most with how it’s done. And when you do this well in your business, especially when you have an offer that is optimized, that is magnetic, that essentially sells itself, it sells itself by creating demand. And it sells itself by helping people understand that it is the solution to this specific problem that they have. And the way that you do that easily are these points that we talked about today. 

[13:00] And just to recap, number one, it piques people’s interest, they it increases that curiosity. In other words, it attracts your right audience. 

[13:10] Number two is it shows them how it solves the problem that they’re having, it engages that audience to understand more. And to understand how this thing is the solution to their problem. It shows them how to connect the dots easily from where they are to where they want to go. They want to understand how you’re going to help them get out of pain. And they don’t want to have to expend too much energy to understand that process. So how can you make this easy? How can you show people exactly how they’re going to solve their problem with your business and your offer in a way that allows them to not burn too many calories, not expend too much energy, and really be able to put them in the center of that story. 

[13:53] Number four is it gets that them optimized, it gets optimized around them. So it gets them out of pain and into pleasure. They understand and they feel that it is made for them. They see the results of the fact that people just like them are consuming this and getting results. And so it’s it’s like this made for you experience the more that you can create that experience for people, the more demand it generates for your ideal client that you are attracting and engaging. 

[14:24] And then last but not least, it lets them see how the results that you’re creating are possible for them. One of the most powerful things in creating demand and generating sales is ownership, is allowing people to see not only what is possible for them, meaning that they can see this transformation that is available for them in front of their eyes. But they also can see what it takes to get that transformation, and then very importantly, how to own it. They take responsibility for their result and Then they also take in this idea this ownership that I can do this. And once they understand this is possible for them, what they need to do to solve their problem and that they are responsible for, that they then they want it, then it becomes that, that lever of where is this thing? And how do I get more of it. 

[15:22] And the more people want more of it, the more demand is generated, and optimal businesses and optimal offers, they solve for that demand problem. Because through their ability of calling in their people with the offer and the business, creating a compelling solution, the thing that people want and infusing it with all that energy and momentum, it creates this buzz, it creates that demand that pulls people in consistently. And the most incredible thing about creating demand is as demand goes up, price goes up, right value goes up, impact goes up. So all of those things that really contribute to a thriving business overall, they all increase as demand increases. 

[16:11] So these pieces are one of those things that you really want to go back and look at your business, look at your offers and really take an audit as to whether or not you’re knocking it out of the park on these several things. Because I promise you, once you dial those in, you will generate demand and from demand comes, price increase, comes impact, comes value. And you will be living in the thriving business that you have wanted and that you have created as an architect to generate demand for you and create happy clients from now until forever.