Episode 47

Episode 47: Keeping A High Vibe


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Summer is right around the corner, and in my business, this is one of the best times of year to dial up my energy and double down on creating a high vibe around my business.

It’s no secret that energy and the frequency that you vibrate on in your business is contagious.  

So today we’re going to talk about having a high-vibe and what that means for you and your ability to bring in more clients and create more money in your business.

After listening to this episode, you will have a clear understanding of how to dial up your unique vibe, and how to keep it going so that it impacts your clients, potential customers and audience in a powerful way. 

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • What does it mean to have a high vibe?
  • Why it’s important to both you and your business?
  • How you can go about intentionally tapping into that high energy on demand.
  • How and why you can (and should) showcase this energy, and the results it brings, in your marketing
  • Why having high energy and a high vibration is a key element to making more money in your business (and having more fun!)

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[00:02] Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the practical mindset Podcast. I’m just Miller. And I’m so excited to be here this week as your host for the practical mindset podcast. So as we approach the holidays and the summer season, this is a time where I love to talk about really shining and bringing your best energy, and celebrating and really embracing this time of the year in your business. There is this fallacy out there a lot of times when it comes to summertime, just like when it comes to sort of end of the year holidays, that people sort of wrap up shop a little bit around their business, that they sort of dialed the things down. And in my world, it’s actually the complete opposite. I believe this time of the year, and, frankly, any time of the year, for those of you that know me and have been listening to this podcast, you know, keeping your energy high is a really important thing, but around the summer, and these sort of celebratory times of the year, holidays, et cetera. I believe that instead of sort of dialing things down and slowing them down, and maybe checking out a little bit, this is your time to really ratchet up that energy to really bring your energy and your vibe to the table.


[01:22] And so today, I want to talk about this concept of keeping a high vibe, really talk about what exactly that is, why it’s important to you as a person and your business, how to keep your vibe high, and how to really pull that through to your business in a way that makes it work for you. Because I believe that people buy your energy, they buy your vibe. And if you’re someone who wants to create momentum and results and really call your people in, you need to keep your vibe high in your business, you need to have that high vibe energy. And so today we’re going to talk about that. And I love this topic. I think it’s super fun. And frankly, I think even talking about a high vibe just really lights me up and raises my vibe. And I’m hoping that for all of you out there listening to it, it’s going to do that for you too. And maybe it might just be that thing in your business might be missing or might just need to be dialed up a little bit that you didn’t even know. So let’s jump right into this.


[02:31] So what does it mean to have a high vibe, right? What exactly is that, in my opinion, it is a state of high energy of high frequency. It is no secret that your energy and quote unquote, the vibe you put out there is contagious. There have been all sorts of studies done on happiness and energy, and how those things are mirrored back to us, from other people how we catch the vibe, we’ve heard this terminology before how we catch people’s energy. It is magnetic. And so when I talk about high vibe, I am talking about that energy that you exude that puts you in that flow state that high energy state that is exciting and contagious, and really draws people in? How do you know when you’re in it, because you can feel it. And I even want to go out on a limb and say you can see the result of it and what is happening around you. When people are in the presence of your high vibe. Have you ever had that experience where you just feel like you’re on fire. And as you go out into the world, whether you’re physically in the presence of someone or you’re speaking with someone like over a podcast like this, you can see people reacting or catching this vibe, right? It is a high energy vibe.


[03:58] So when I say high vibe, I mean this high energy contagious in the flow where you’re really aligned with that higher energetic state of pushing energy out to people with this, I think intention of helping them catch this wave of bringing them into this energy. I think it’s also a energy and vibration of excitement. It gets people moving, it creates momentum. And interestingly enough, I think many of us go around thinking that we need to catch the momentum or we need to find that motivation somewhere outside of us. But I want to offer that you actually possess all of that. And when you dial up and dial into your high vibe, you bring the momentum, you bring the energy and you bring it not only for you, but for everybody else that you touch. And when you take that high vibe The energy and you infuse it into the things that you’re working on in your business.


[05:04] All of those things get your high vibe to, we have all been in the presence of this, whether you are listening to somebody in a live or a podcast, or you come in contact with their copy or their social media post, when that vibe and energy is there, you feel it, you feel it. So high vibe is bringing that energy, it’s, it’s really vibrating on that higher frequency, it is producing that energetic alignment that creates energy and momentum and action and forward movement. And the more high vibe you have connected to the things that you do in your business, that can then translate to results in outcome and experiences. For people that come in contact with you and your brand and your business, I believe the more results, the more impact, the more productivity you will have. So why is this important to you and your business?


[05:59] Well, number one, I think when you are vibrating at that high vibration, and you have your energy aligned to that higher energetic frequency, and you’re really dialed in, or you’re in the flow, or you’re in alignment, we hear people call it all of those things. It feels awesome, it feels so great. So part of this is why is it important for you as a person, because you are a huge part of your business, you are a huge part of your results that you create and your offers. And the more you are in alignment with the things that you’re doing. And you’re able to push that out to the people that connect with you, the more fun it is, and the more engaged you are. And I believe the more results that you create, the more productive you are.


[06:47] So number one is, it’s important to you because it feels amazing. And we all know when we’ve been there that we can feel it. Second, we talk so much about mindset on this podcast. And if you think about this, from a very practical perspective, when you are in that headspace, where you are engaged and energetic, and you are pushing that energy out to other people, you create different results than when you’re not. We have all experienced this, we could sit down, for instance, to record a podcast on you know, whatever, some day, and we’re just kind of like ho hum or energy sort of low. We don’t have a really high vibe. But yet we record the podcast and we put it out there. Yes, people receive it. And yes, there is a podcast that is created as a result of the actions that you’re taking and the work that you’re doing. However, when you do those same things from a different headspace and a different mindset,


[07:51] so when you’re in the flow in that high vibe, you’re bringing your A game, you’re excited, there’s energy, there’s a high vibe, you create a podcast, but guess what, it is a totally different podcast. And it lands totally differently with your listeners, because they are picking up that vibe. So from a very practical perspective, the things that you produce, from a higher vibe are also different, you have different results when you’re in that place. And so why does this matter for your business, because if you’re in the business of helping people create incredible results, enjoying your work, having the most powerful outcomes that you can have, the easiest and quickest way to do that is when you keep your vibe high, when you have a high vibe. Because in that space, I believe you expand, you open up, you get creative, your brain is in the flow. And people pick up on it. And the results you create are powerful.


[09:00] Because you’re in alignment, you’re having a good time. And you’re really getting creative and how you put that information out there and how you put those results out there. So essentially, it will create bigger results, more money, more magnetism in your business. And who doesn’t want that, right. That’s where all the good stuff is. That’s where, you know, creating things and being in business and touching other people and bringing them into the fold and holding the space and belief because you’re so fired up about what it is you’re talking about and what it is that you stand for. And what it is you’re putting out there that people just come.


[09:39] So this begs the question of like, how do you keep your vibe high? Great, Jess, it’s so important. I hear it, I get it. I hear you’re fired up about this podcast. But how do I do this? Because some days right, let’s be real. It’s not easy to just wake up with a high vibe. And I want to offer that sometimes you do wake up with a high vibe, but most of the time for many entrepreneurs and for our journey We have come to discover that you just don’t pick up a high vibe or you don’t just pick out motivation, like picking a flower out of a field, you don’t go out there somewhere, and you’re just lucky enough to find your high vibe or to find your motivation. It’s actually something you choose and create, as an intentional thing every single day. And so in that vein, creating a high vibe has to be something that is intentional, something that you choose to do every day, knowing that it will have profound effects in your business, it will impact your clients and potential customers, tenfold compared to not having it. And also it just feels better and makes the ride that much more enjoyable.


[10:46] So how do you keep your vibe high? So the first thing I would say is, you need to notice the things that light you up. And if you’re reverse engineering this, I would say go to that last time that you could think of I want you to stop and really think about when was the last time you felt that high vibe? When was that last time you felt that excitement in your body? That momentum, that energy? What was going on in your business? What were you doing at that time that really created that? And most importantly, what were you thinking at that time that was creating that? Because this, the feeling that comes with being in a high vibe is created from the thoughts that you’re having about the things that you’re doing? And so if you think back to that last time, when you might have felt that excitement in your body, you might have been fired up, you’re talking about something you really care about? What was going on in that time period? What were you doing? What were you thinking? So I want you to think about that? When is the last time in your business? You felt that? And what were you thinking and doing at that time? Once you’ve identified that, then you take one step back even further to think about what can you do? Or what things can you tap into, that are going to create those thoughts and feelings for you? What things really light you up? Is it about? Is it talking about a certain thing? Is it listening to a certain person? Is it being in a certain environment? Is it connecting with certain people? What are those things that really light you up? And then how do you incorporate those things into your daily practice?


[12:32] How do you literally go into a space where you can dial up your vibe where you can raise your frequency? And how do you make it become a part of your day and your business plan? How do you commit to making that part of your routine and the things that you do every day, so that you can really grab that high vibe on demand. I want to share with you that one of the ways that I do this is through music. I really love music. And I’ll tell you that even though I listened to music a lot, it took me a really long time to figure out that that was the thing that actually really dialed my vibe up. I was a runner for a very long time. And I used to run listening to music. And I actually thought that the thing that raised my vibe was the movement. And so when I wanted to sort of, you know, get into a higher headspace, I would you know, work out or go for a run or get on an elliptical or whatever. And that was great. And so I thought it was the body movement.


[13:37] But then I started actually walking more or running. And I would be listening to a podcast or I would be listening to something else, maybe even doing something related to work that I was listening to. And the experience was totally different. And one day, I just turn the radio on again and turn that music up. And it was almost like instant transformation. And it was in that moment where I realized I recognize that feeling in my body and that raise of frequency. And I was like, Aha, here it is. This is it. It’s actually in the music.


[14:12] And so when I want to raise my frequency, I will go I actually have a playlist of songs that just raise my vibe and some of them are totally cheesy from like when I was in college, or you know what I listened to when I was younger, whatever some 80s music, which Hey, it’s the best, so do what you gotta do, right? But there’s a list of songs that I had that really raised my vibe and sometimes it’s those songs that you can move to right you move your body that’s part of it. But for me, that’s it. And so whenever I need that pick me up or before I’m going to do a podcast or maybe I’m gonna do a speaking event or something. If I can get myself out of my current headspace and into that musical vibe. It really sets everything else into motion and Another thing that I’ve heard from many of my clients is there’s an inspirational speaker or a podcast or an audio book that just gets them fired up. And it pushes them into that high vibe space, it gives them confidence and clarity that they need to go out there and share their message and work in their business and connect with their clients in a way that they wouldn’t do without it.


[15:20] So I want you to identify what is that thing that raises your vibe, what gets you out of your seat and into that headspace that gets you creative and motivated and energetic, and really compels you to get out there and create a vibe and a frequency around your business around your work around your brand, that is pulling those ideal customers to you, and pushing out all that value in a way that, frankly, is irresistible, irresistible. When you get into that headspace, when you get into that vibe, one of the best ways for you to showcase this, in your business, is to share it with other people when we get fired up. I have worked with hundreds of clients. And I will tell you the number one thing that people say when they get aligned, when they lock into that vibe or when they get clarity. When I asked them, What are you compelled to do from this place? What are you compelled to do from this headspace or


[16:21] this feeling that you have when you’re in alignment, the number one thing that they say is Tell everybody about it, is to go out and share. And I promise you when you are when you are vibrating at a high frequency, when you’re in that place, and you can feel it, you too will be compelled to go out there and share it in your business. And when you share it, when people catch that wave, they will come to you so fast, they will want to be in your presence, they will want to know what you’re up to, they want to want to see what you’re selling, they will just want to be in your presence because the things that you are creating from that space are magnetic. And people want to be in the presence of that energy. And that is both true in your business. And in your personal life.


[17:12] Right now we need that high frequency. And we need those people and those businesses that choose it intentionally they are on a mission, to share their value. And put all this goodness out into the world in a way that lifts you up. And helps you create outcomes that are really important to you. And get you out of struggle gets you out of that headspace that’s really slowing you down and moves you forward. And the way the fastest way to help people sort of dial into that is by energetically aligning with them. And when you’re vibrating all the way up here in a high vibe. Guess what you do? You pull people right up there with you. And so it’s really, really powerful in your business.


[17:54] So just to recap, having a high vibe means really dialing up into that high energy state building that momentum, really vibrating at that frequency where you are aligned and creative. And you are putting out all this value in the world in a way that is magnetic to your ideal clients, and puts you the information out there and the results out there in a way that people can not resist. It’s important to you and your business. Because number one, this is where the good stuff is everyone. This is where it feels amazing to be in business. It is such a great feeling when you are aligned and you’re vibrating at that high frequency. And all of your ideal people that are out there vibrating at that frequency to they’re looking for you. And so when you show up in that energy, and they’re in that energy too, it’s like this beautiful love fest, right? You’ve just aligned, it’s this attraction. And so it feels incredible for you.


[18:52] It’s where business becomes fun, and interacting with people becomes fun. But it’s also the place where you get the most creative and you create the most powerful results in your business. We’ve all been there when we’re in alignment, and we are vibrating at that frequency, where we are just jiving with the things and the people that we want to create outcomes around. And when you do that, it’s this perfect intersection of the things that you’re creating, and the people you’re trying to help and you and when all that comes together. That is where you create create powerful results. You’re Uber productive, and you really help people solve their problems, and you make a lot of money doing it. How do you keep this vibe high? You intentionally choose it, you find those things that raise your frequency. And as I mentioned in here, I want you to go and think of a time when you are vibrating at that high frequency. What were you doing? And most importantly, what were you thinking? And how do you reverse engineer that so that you can literally dial up your vibe on demand and not as a sidebar or as something that happens by art accident, but something that is intentional that you’re choosing to tap into because you know it is powerful, both for you and your clients and your business outcomes.


[20:11] And how do you showcase it in your business, you share it, you share it, go out there and talk about the things that light you up, go out there and stand for the things that matter to you. double down on the belief that the results that you create in your business and the things you’re doing to help people really are where it is at and I promise you, people will come they will come in droves because being around that energy is unstoppable. It is literally the highest vibe you could be at and the most exciting thing and it is the thing that creates all the incredible results in your business and the money and the joy like you have never experienced it before.