Episode 37

Episode 37: Why The Time To Invest In Your Business Is NOW


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Most often people believe that waiting to invest in themselves in their business will produce greater results.

In this episode, we dig into why this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

And why the best time to invest in something that’s going to have a big impact on your business, or on you, is always the present moment.

We explore why people wait, how it’s impacting your results, and what it’s really costing you.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why there is no such thing as a “perfect future timepoint” 
  • How to determine if the timing of your investment is the right time 
  • What waiting is costing you, and how it’s costing you much more than you think
  • Why the only, and best time, to invest in yourself and your business is right now

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[00:02] Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the practical mindset Podcast. I’m Jess Miller. And I’m so excited to have you here today. Today we are going to talk about one of the most important topics I think we could talk about as it relates to not only the journey of an entrepreneur, but I would say, just the journey as a human being. And that concept is the concept of why the time to invest in your business or in you is right now, I know in the entrepreneurial world, this runs rampant when we think about investing in our businesses, and whether now is the right time, or I should wait or it’s a better idea next year, or you name it. But this also is true for people in general. So many people have this idea that waiting till the right time, a better time, a later time is the answer. And I want to offer to you that if there is something that you really want, or that is really important to you, in your life or your business, there is no better time to invest in it than right now. And so today, I want to walk through this a little bit, this is going to be a little bit of inspiration meets tough love. Because I think this is one of these concepts that underneath, it really gets like rooted underneath things. And we think of this idea of waiting. And that being a good option, as the truth as a fact. And I want to tell you that almost always, when it comes to again, it’s something you really love, or that’s going to have a huge impact on your life or is really valuable. If you’re considering investing in that the answer of waiting is almost never, it is almost never a good idea. And I’m going to hang my hat on. If you really want something, and it’s important to you and you’re going to have a huge impact in your business in your life. It is never a good idea to wait. And so today we’re going to pick that apart. So I want to talk about the first thing I’m going to talk about is this idea about the myth of waiting. So we as I mentioned, we often think that putting something off waiting for the perfect time doing something in the future is a good idea. But if we’re thinking about investing in something, or making a change, and especially if we think about investing in our business, we think there has to be this perfect set of things that come together. And that that will happen at another point in time. We have this rationale like we’re rationalizing, why now is not a good time. Right? We’re busy, there’s too many things going on. And somehow later, it’s going to be better. We think that we are going to suddenly be a different person with a different set of circumstances 369 Fill in the blank any time in the future, we have this idea that it’s just going to be different. Well, I’m here to tell you that the truth is, you’re not, you’re not going to be any different. And life is likely not going to be different. You’re likely going to be someone who is wanting to do the same things, let’s say three months from now or six months from now that you wanted to do three months ago. But instead, you have now lost another three months of your life with no results. And you can see how this plays out in your own life. So I want you to take a second and I want you to think back to six months ago, or even three months ago. Was your life significantly different? Was it any less crazy? Was it any less full? Were there any less things to do? I want you to think back to your New Year’s resolutions, right? This is only three months ago, we’re in April. Now when we’re recording this podcast, think back to those New Year’s resolutions and your goals for 2022. Where are you at with them? If you haven’t done them already, if you’re not making progress on those goals, there’s a really good chance it is not going to happen.


[04:02] So the reason for this is what you have created now is a really good indication of what you’re going to create in the future. And why is this true? Because you are creating things and you are creating results that are created from the person you are today that you are right now. They are created from the skills that you have right now and the things that you know. And so if you think back to January, and you have moved forward in time, the same way that you did three months ago, guess what you’re creating today, the same results. And so if you want to create something different if you want to have a bigger impact, if you want to show up differently in your business, then you have to invest in changing how you show up changing your identity and getting the knowledge and the skills that you need so you can create eight different results. Listen, you are already in April of 2022, you have essentially lost January, February, March. And now here we are in April and Easter and Passover and all the holidays are coming in spring vacation and etc. And all the things that you’re going to have trouble navigating through the way you had trouble navigating through all those things, you know, from January to now, for example, you’re still going to have trouble navigating through those things on your own. So time is ticking. And nothing is changing. So nothing changes, right. But we make these decisions in this place where we think it’s going to be totally different, that everything is going to be better and different when we wait. But in reality, it’s not. And you’re here standing with the data to show you exactly how that plays out in your life. The second thing that really shows up for people, especially when we think about investing from the perspective of needing to put some sort of financial investment into the equation, we see that we think that it’s going to save us money. And it’s going to save us time. And it’s going to be a better decision, especially around cost when we wait. But I want to dig in with you right now about what waiting is really costing you. Because when we think about this, we often think about this with a very superficial, you know, lens, especially when it comes to time and money. And we’re not seeing the deeper costs that happen when you postpone this investment when you wait. So oftentimes you think that you don’t have the time now. So you postpone you know, whatever it is you want to invest in and thinking that you’ll have the time in the future. You think that there’s too much happening right now, or now is a bad time. But in reality, there’s always going to be a busy or a quote unquote, bad time in your life. I mean, let’s just think about like just the past two years, okay, let’s just talk about the pandemic and the hard times and the pandemic. So many people thought that it was a bad time to start a business or a bad time to invest in their business or invest in something that was going to help them figure out how to do this and move through the pandemic. And things were really crazy and unpredictable and anxiety provoking, right? I mean, Does this sound familiar to anyone at all? I mean, in a way, kind of sounds like my last week, it sounds like many of my weeks, right? Things tend to be unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. And many people thought that they needed to wait, when the pandemic was happening, especially business owners, many of the people that I spoke to, they were thinking that they wanted to wait. And so they waited, and they didn’t get the help they needed. And they didn’t start their business. I want you to imagine those people now. And if you happen to be one of those people, I want you to sort of walk through this with me. Those people that decided that it was a bad time and waited, they gave up two years of income, two years of growth, of impact of helping others. Right, they gave up all of those things. Because they wanted to wait because they thought the time wasn’t right. They thought it was too busy. And it was too crazy.


[08:40] And here we are fast forward two years later trying to again, navigate through that in a crazy and unpredictable time. So investing in your business is the answer to getting the help to learning how to move forward. And to navigate these tough or these difficult times so they don’t keep you stuck in the same place, creating the same results and doing the same things that you are right now. And here’s a really, really important piece when it comes to this. This is where this time and money idea overlaps when it comes to waiting and what it’s costing you. It’s really important that often when we think about investing, when we think about investing in a program, we think about investing in coaching, when we think about buying the whatever thing that you need, even things that are very tangible, that you’re holding them in your hand, like the new desks because you’re sitting at your desk working from home all day long, right? You’re thinking about investing in these things, our brains go to the acute cost of the investment. So they go to the price and the cost of the thing. So let’s pretend it’s $1,000 for a program you’re going to buy or whatever the price is. We go right to that cost. And we think that that’s the cost that is at stake. That’s the money at stake. Like if I buy this thing for $1,000 As an example, it’s $1,000 that At stake, when we make this investment, we stand to lose that money that cost of that object. But here’s the truth bomb that I really want to tell you all. And this is really important. And I want you to write it down. That is not what it’s what’s at stake, that acute cost is not what is at stake. What is at stake is all the money, and all the breakthroughs. And all the time, and the lives helped, and the dreams that are going to be realized that you gain as a result of spending that upfront cost. That is what is at stake. That is what it’s costing you when you don’t invest in yourself and in your business. So all that time, that money, the results and all of your dreams that don’t come to fruition. That is what is at stake when you wait. Because when you wait, you forego all of those results, all of those outcomes. So if you’re investing in a business program, let’s pretend because you want to grow your business, and you want to touch more lives, and you want to help more people. And you decide to wait six months, let’s pretend you’re thinking about this right now and you decide to wait. So that the next thing that you consider is in October, you are giving up all of the things that are coming that could have come your way in that time, all the money you would have made all the people you would have helped all the time, you would have bought back all of the memories that you would have made in the dreams that would have been realized. That is what it’s costing you. The $1,000, let’s pretend for the sake of this example, is the drop in the bucket. Right? What you’re doing when you wait is you’re giving up the possibility and the chance for all the upside for all that is coming to you. And I promise you almost 100% of the time, that cost is always so much more valuable and so much more than whatever your upfront acute cost, that $1,000 is nothing compared to what you are losing what it is costing you to not make that decision and let all those other things go. So when you are making a decision, it is super important to really understand what it’s costing you and what is at stake. And I promise you if it is something that is really going to make an impact you really want it’s really valuable. Those costs that you are foregoing are so much bigger than the initial investment almost 100% of the time. The third thing I want to touch on is why now is the best time. So we’re talking about this concept of waiting. The myths about waiting. What waiting is really costing you, but why now? Why is now the best time.


[13:01] And we can just take 2022 as an example of this. Okay. Three months are already gone. Right? So January, February, March, gone. You’re standing in April, think about your year ahead. Think about this concept of like the things that are coming into your life the things that you want to do. Right. So we’re in April, think about the month of April. Right? We have a few things, there’s holidays, there’s things going on, right? May maybe not much going on in May. June comes around July, August, people are in like summer brain mode, right? They’re like, ah, that’s not a great time. People are busy. They’re doing other things, right. There’s just so there’s stuff happening, right? So nope, June, July, August, not great. September, kids are going back to school people are crazy. They’re distracted. So maybe not September, October, pretty good month, like not much going on there. You know, October is pretty cool. And then holidays, like let’s face it, at the end of the year, people are exhausted, you know, the holidays are taking all their energy, so maybe not the best time. So if you look over 2022 What do you have? Right? You have now April? And maybe there’s some things going on, right? Like we said, you know, holidays and, and things like that. But the next best month is October. Right? That’s like, let’s see, April, May, June, July, August, September, October. That’s like seven months from now. Right? Do you want to wait and give up seven months of your life and your business for the possibility of it being October when you could start right now. Right? Do you start to see like there is really no good time. The whole concept of a good time is subjective. However, navigating through those times and figuring out how to do that is an important thing, right? Because there’s always something that’s going to be going on. Right No matter what it is. And this is just one year think about you know your whole life, right? There’s always going to be things happening So when you’re thinking about your calendar, right, there’s never a good time, the best time is always in this moment when you have control. Because that’s the other piece of this, the only thing that you really have control over is right now. Is this present moment. And so you have the best chance of creating your dreams and your realities, when you do it now, and you don’t do it later. The other thing that I always tell people is, if you think about the thing that you’re trying to determine when to do it. And if you just read it on a scale of one to 10, and it’s one, and I don’t really care about this thing. 10 is – this is one of the most important things and is going to have a huge impact on my life. So if it’s one and you don’t care. It could happen anytime. It doesn’t really matter, not a huge impact. Or if it’s 10 – this is one of the most important things, it’s going to have a huge impact. Like I know it in my gut that this would have a big impact by business a big impact on my life. If you think about this thing that you’re thinking about investing it on that scale, and it is up in the eight, nine, ten range. Why would you wait? If it’s the thing that is going to propel you forward, it’s the thing you love, it’s the thing that’s going to make the biggest impact? Why would you choose to prioritize something else now over that thing? If it’s a one or a two on that scale, then yes, okay, who cares, right? Because essentially, by you choosing to do that thing, now you’re taking something that’s not a priority and putting it in the now where you have the most possibility of creating the most incredible things. So why would you do that now over something that’s an eight, nine or a 10. But if it’s something you really love, and it’s going to have a big impact, time is always now, always now to make that a reality. So in recap, when we’re thinking about, you know, why the time is now to invest in your business? Why should you do this now versus later? Number one, the myth of waiting is a total myth, you are not going to be somebody different 369 months ago, your life is not going to be a completely different thing you are creating from the person you are now with the skills and the knowledge you have. Now, if you want to be creating different things, you need to invest in becoming a different person with the skills and the knowledge that is necessary to make those things happen. You need to figure out how to create that blueprint in your business, you need to figure out how to manage your time in the best way, you need to figure out how to construct your business so that it flows, right, you need to come up with your magnetic offer, right, you need to invest to learn how to do those things. So that you become that person now that creates results that you want. Now, not the results that you’re creating, in this moment, as the person that you are today.


[18:01] Number two is you have to think about what waiting is really costing you. And I want you to really go deep when you think about this, right? What is investing in that, and the possibility of what that will create? What is that bringing you and what is not doing that and waiting to do that really costing you, I promise you, this is going to blow your mind. Because it is a huge number, it is a huge opportunity cost. And most people don’t see it, they get really myopic in thinking about just the cost of that program, or the cost of that thing. And it is not about that, that cost that acute cost, that price of that program, or that price of that service, or whatever it is, that is just a drop in the bucket. What is at stake is all the things that will not come out of that all the things that will not be created in that time space that you will, that you will wait. And sometimes it’s a short period of time, like, okay, the opportunity costs for six months. But I want you to think about those dreams that you’ve thought about for years that you’re waiting on, and how huge that cost is and what your life would have looked like if you had decided to invest in that right now. Five years ago, right? Exponentially these costs get much, much, much bigger. And then three, really diving into why now is always the best time. As I mentioned, if it’s something that’s going to have a huge impact on your life, you love it, it fills you up with joy. It gets you out of your seat. It like puts you in that hell yes, energy that I always talk about. Write those things. There’s never a good time to wait. I can’t ever think of one reason why taking that thing that is a priority in your mind and in your heart and waiting would make sense. So I think that is one of the most important pieces about it. And then the other piece is when you actually look out over your time or look back over your time over the last year, and you start hearing yourself talk about like how busy things are and waiting is better. And all those pieces, you can start to see that, in reality, there’s never a quote unquote, good time, there will never be the perfect timing, there will never be more time there is just the time that you make, right. And there’s just the opportunities that you create. And those things are created by taking action and investing in you and your business right now. And the things that are created from that space are the things that make dreams happen, they make people come alive, they let your creativity flow, and they make you create things that you didn’t even know possible. Those are the things that really have the biggest impact on your life, and really set you on a path that is different than you ever thought you’re ever going to be on. And those things come from choosing the now it is the only thing that you have control over. It’s the place where all results happen is in the right now. And waiting and looking for a time in the future. It’s never going to be as powerful as now. And we never know what’s going to happen, right? We know right now, we don’t know, five minutes from now five minutes ago are gone. And so if you want to make a massive change in your life, invest in yourself and your business right now. decide to go all in, make it happen for you. So that you give yourself a chance to get in the arena and make those things are reality that you want in your life. You have everything you need to be successful. And the time to be successful is right in this moment.