Episode 29

Episode 29: How To Make Money In An Instant


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Making money has never been easier. The past two years have proven that.

If you’ve wondered whether or not there are ways to make even more money much more easily, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’m going to be giving you the 5 things you can do to make more money instantly, without much effort.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Know where your money is going.
  • Helping your clients is helping you. Add more value for existing clients. This ensures high client retention.
  • Be in service to helping someone new, and don’t be self-serving about it.
  • Raise your prices.
  • Break out pieces of programs and package those pieces.

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[00:45] Jessica: Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Practical Mindset podcast. I’m Jess Miller, and I’m so excited to have you here for this week’s episode.

[00:59] Do you know that you can make money today? Right now, actually. In this instant.

[01:14] It’s true. In the world we live in now, making money has never been easier. In fact, in many cases you don’t need to leave the house or get out of your pjs. Over the past two years, making money and how money flows and shifts has been more top of mind than ever.  Because of the external circumstances we’ve all faced, we’ve had to think differently about how money is created, and most importantly, how we as individuals make and create money. So many of our constructs around money were shattered when things that we took for granted were changed on a local and global level. Gone, almost in an instant, were many of our traditional, top of mind ways of making money – Commuting to work, clocking in and out, trading time for money, getting a “good paying job” – and although I think we need to continue to work to bring back some sense of normalcy and recover from these massive shifts, I think the silver lining that has come from this is our ability to think of ourselves in relation to money, and our abilities to create money, through a whole new lens.

[02:21] And I’m here to offer that pandemic or not, if you want to have and make money, you need to break the mold of how the majority of people think about money, and create a different construct for yourself by which you can believe that you can create and make money in an instant. On demand. Most people walk around thinking making money is hard, scarce, takes a lot of time, and that it’s somewhere out there in this elusive place that we have to figure out and then learn the secret language to make it come to us.

[02:55] But I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong. It’s none of those things. Money is actually all around you, and today we’re going to talk about how you can reach out and claim it in a few simple ways.

[03:10] Because if you want to not spend your life chasing after your money, and instead be in control of how and when it can come to you, you need to learn how to make money in an instant.  Not only will this help you create a life and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams, but I promise you it will be a whole lot more fun too!

[03:31] So today I’m going to share with you 5 ways to make money instantly in your business.

[03:36] So let’s jump in!

[03:38] Making money is not a one size fits all. It doesn’t happen one way. And even if you figure out how to make money one way, it doesn’t have to happen that way forever. And frankly, it shouldn’t because that’s how people get in trouble in my opinion. They do the same thing over and over again the same way, and then if something shifts or changes (the times, a pandemic, something happens with your health or something in the supply chain) the whole thing collapses. Being creative and flexible and variable in how you make money allows you to create in all different ways. 

[04:15] To that end, here are 5 things that you can do right now to generate money in an instant:

  • Audit your expenses (also known as knowing where your money is going)

[04:30] So many people hide from their money. They don’t want to look at it or own it. They avoid it for fear of what they might find. This is costing you big time. And the quicker you get on top of your expenses, and become intimately familiar with them, the faster you will be able to manage them in an economical and efficient way. Not only will you be able to identify what might be unnecessary spend (and be able to cut it – money made right there), but you will also be able to get creative on how to take the expenses you do have and ensure that they are constructed in the best way for you. So you can ask yourself, are these set up correctly? Is there any redundancy? Is there any place I can combine or put some things together to recognize some efficiencies? Also, many of the things we pay for we just assume that this is how much it costs on the free market. It doesn’t. Thanks to competition and capitalism, there is a constant stream of new innovations and competitors vying for your purchase. Therefore, as a consumer you have tremendous power. If you’re not negotiating your rates, asking for better or upgraded services or promotions, you’re missing the boat. Start doing that today and it will be money in your pocket immediately.

  • Offer value to your existing clients

[06:18] It’s no secret I love my clients and I’m constantly thinking about them. I put myself in their shoes often, and I try to think of ways to enrich their experience and help them solve their problems and get better and better results. I’m also thinking of new programs, bonuses, and guest experts to add to my programs to take things to the next level and make it even more valuable for them. A bi-product of that is that I have very high client retention and resale rates. Clients that work with me know it’s not one and done, and that the longer they stay working with me, the better and more powerful results they will get. And for me, I know that because of this, when I offer something new to my existing clients, they will often buy it. And this is especially true if it’s tailored to be exactly what they need and what they’ve been asking for.

[07:14] Most recently I put together a new VIP day offer where I work exclusively with one person for either a half or whole day. The purpose of this day is to deep dive into a sales and marketing related topic such as mapping out a 90-day business plan, fleshing out your next offer, constructing a sales strategy, just to name a few. This idea was born out of conversations I’d had with my clients wanting something customized with personal attention to get them results fast. They didn’t want to wait to figure out how to do something over weeks of working together, they wanted to get in there and get it done fast and to start generating results immediately. One of my clients in particular walked away with her year-end plan and ended up successfully executing a 100K launch and blowing through her 2021 goal. In what way can you offer something of high-value right now that your clients need, and that they would be happy to buy from you in an instant?

  • Be in service to helping someone new 

[08:43] Often we under estimate who is watching us and who is needing exactly what we have to offer. Showing up and making offers, offering to help people solve their problems is one of the fastest ways to make money. So many of us walk around thinking people don’t want what we have to offer or that it takes tons of time to develop a relationship enough for people to buy from us, and I want to be the first person to tell you that as a hard and fast rule, this is not true. Now, I also want to add the caveat that I think the most important piece of this is that you have to be truly pure of heart and be in service to helping people. Currently people are bombarded with information and sales pitches constantly, and thus, they can tell when someone is self-surviving from a mile away. And I don’t mean self-serving meaning that you are showing up as a business that wants to sell something (because being a business and selling something is fine. Think about it, when you walk into the pizza place down the street they’re not spending their time masquerading as a place not trying to sell you something. You’re a business, and you should show up as one). What I mean is that you are offering someone something that either can’t really help them or isn’t the right fit. When that happens people can sense it in a split second, and they run in the other direction. Be unattached from the outcome. Go out there and share your gifts. Make the offer. And watch how quickly sales and money come in. Who can you help today? Where can you go and find the people who need your services? Who have a problem they would be dying to get a solution for right now? Go find them.

  • Raise Your Prices

[10:38] One of the quickest ways to make money immediately is to raise your prices. Many people are hesitant to do this, but raising your prices over the course of your business lifetime is a good business practice overall. It not only helps you keep up with inflation, but it also helps you get into the habit of continually assessing the value of what you’re offering and keeping your pricing in line with value and demand for your programs. As the programs get more valuable and/or you see the demand going up (and hopefully both), the price should follow.

[11:20] If you think of this from a practical perspective, your revenue instantly grows by the percentage you raise your price. So if you raise your prices 10%, your revenue would grow 10%. And this is also true if you doubled your prices. Your revenue would also double. And this is something you can do immediately and it can translate to money made instantly.

[11:44] So where in your business can you adjust your prices? Where has the value or the demand increased in a way that could warrant a price increase?

  • Take a program that you’re currently offering and break out a piece of it, and package that.

[12:15] As business owners we have so much knowledge and expertise, and so much we can offer our clients to help them grow. Often we don’t realize this though because we get stuck in the headspace of making money a certain way, selling certain things, and packaging our skills in packages or programs like we always have. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we have to offer. But there is so much more available for you to share. One of the best ways that I have found is to look at your offers and see where you can break out just a piece of what your selling. So maybe it’s just one step in the process, or one piece of the overall puzzle. For me, my Accelerator program is a soup to nuts program that show you how to build a business to consistent 10K months and beyond. One of the most important cornerstone pieces of my Success Simplified Method that I teach in the program is how to create incredible offers. Over time as I coached with more and more people, I realized that this singular piece was something that people really struggled with. So I decided to break it out and offer it as it’s own offer. And thus, my Magnetic Offers program was born. This is a free program that I offer only a few times per year (and sneak peak, the next one is coming up in March so if you’re not on my email list, get on there so you’ll be the first to grab one of the spots), and it’s wildly always packed with people and a huge success because people know that they can come in, for free, and create a strong and magnetic offer that sells. I’ve had dozens of people walk out the door of this program and sign clients and make money immediately. This particular program is free, for now, but there are other pieces of my business that I’ve carved out in a similar fashion that I’ve sold as separate programs (such as the mindset work or the sales training that I do).

[14:34] So where in your programs or your offers that you do, can you just break out one piece. So for instance, let’s pretend you are someone who manages social media for people. Can you just break out how to do stories on Instagram? Or how to make Reels? Or maybe how to think about creating a content plan? Just one piece of the whole social media game that you can package as a separate offer.

[15:03] And here’s the best part about making money this way, you’re already doing it. It takes you practically no effort. Because you’re already a master, you’ve already created this, now you’re just carving out that piece and you are selling it as something separate.

[15:30] So instantly, new program, new product, new money flow.

[15:35] So in summary, the 5 ways to make money instantly in your business are:

  • Audit your expenses
  • Offer value to existing clients
  • Be in service of helping someone new
  • Raise your prices
  • Take a program that you’re currently offering and break out a piece of it, and package that.

[16:00] In my 10k Accelerator program we have an immersion that’s part of the 6 months that is focused specifically on helping people become money creators, teaching them the things that I have taught you today on this podcast. And here’s why, because the more they step into this role and the more they see themselves create money, the more it becomes part of who they are and the better they get at it. And the sooner they stop chasing after their money, and instead are in control of how and when it can comes to them, the sooner they learn how to make money in an instant.

[16:30] This is true for you too. If you go out today and implement any one of these 5 things we spoke about, and you start to see the money be created in front of your eyes, you too will start to shift your identity into a money creator. And overtime you will strengthen this muscle, and you will become better and faster than ever before. And the coolest part, you will start to see infinite ways to create money all around you.

[16:59] And to help people on their journey to creating money, I have created a special bonus that I am sharing in my VIP Jessica Miller Breakthrough Coaching Facebook group. It’s an exclusive worksheet that outlines these 5 items that we talked about today and gives you some additional prompts so that it’s easier than ever for you to start making money this instant. And today I’m opening the doors to that group to anyone listening to this podcast that wants to come and join us! You can head to the show notes for this episode and click on the link to the group, Jessica Miller Breakthrough Coaching, to grab a free copy of this exclusive worksheet. Don’t miss it! Go over there, click that link, and go and grab the worksheet in the Facebook group. We would love to have you!

[17:42] Until next time! See you all next week!