Episode 22

Episode 22: Consistency


What you’ll learn in this episode:

How consistent are you with your business?

Are you showing up in every way possible to maximize your business’s potential?

Whether or not you like it, consistency is king, whether it’s consistency in your thinking, in your showing up, in your social media, or even in your business hours.

Today, I’m going to give you the three most important areas in your business where you need to be consistent, and how you can dial up each of those areas in order to create the results that you want.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • You need to be visible. If your clients can’t find you, they can’t do business with you.
  • Don’t confuse your clients. If they’re confused, you make $0.
  • Become top-of-mind for clients. They will associate your business with the solutions to future problems.
  • Don’t allow the external world to dictate your thinking. You can’t control other people’s thinking.
  • Inconsistent thinking produces inconsistent results.

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[01:00] Jessica: Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back to the practical mindset podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be here with you this week to talk to you about the concept of consistency.

[01:13] From the very first day that I opened up my business, I heard from mentors and coaches, and colleagues alike, that being consistent is crucial. They talked about this idea of building the structure around your business, and helping people to be able to find you and understand who you are, and get in a rhythm from everything, from your business hours to how you show up on social media, consistency was super important, and I have to say that, as someone who was sort of a free spirit when they started to be an entrepreneur, and actually became an entrepreneur because of this idea that I was just going to do whatever I wanted with my time and, if many of you have listened to this podcast before, you know that that was my thing. I thought “I’m going to leave corporate America and just sort of show up and crash land into my business every day and have this schedule of doing whatever I wanted to do.” When I heard this idea of having to be “consistent”, I felt like I was being shackled to a wall, and I couldn’t really understand what that meant or what that looked like.

[02:23] As I started to grow my business and I started to intentionally show up in a way that was in service to my clients and service to my audience, and service to the people around me, I realized that consistency is king, and there were three areas that I really identified where consistency matters, where it matters for the people that you are touching, where it matters for you, and how you show up, and those three areas are consistency around, number one, your visibility, how you show up and how people can find you, and how you’re hitting the airwaves and being on the scene. The second area is consistency around your offers and the things that you are putting out there to help people, and the solutions that you’re offering, and consistency around your thinking.

[03:19] I want to offer to you that if you want to have a highly successful business, you need to become a master around being consistent in these three areas of your business: visibility, your offers, and your thinking, and also that the contrary is true. In other words, being inconsistent in the areas of visibility, your offers, or your thinking in your business are a total killer, and if you want to be pushing that boulder uphill, and working against yourself, doing that and showing up in an inconsistent way is one of the fastest ways to drag yourself down in your business.

[04:05] What I want to talk about on this podcast today is: how do you identify if you’re being consistent in these important areas? If you’re not, how do you dial that up to become consistent in an easy, straightforward way to pour this gasoline on the fire of your business and dial it up? Let’s jump right in.

[04:27] The first thing was around consistency around visibility. One of the things I always tell my clients is that your clients cannot find you if you do not show up and be visible, and that is true in reality. Logistically, you’re showing up, you’re hitting the airwaves, you’re hitting the emails, you’re popping up in places where people can find you, and I think it’s also true philosophically. So, being visible in a consistent manner means setting some sort of infrastructure where people are going to be able to find you, you’re going to be able to be visible, in a way that people can expect. I want to, just as a side note, say it’s not something that just happens in business. People, in general, humans, like to know what to expect.

[05:26] Many of you know that I’m a pharmacist by trade and I will tell you that, hands down, in the world of medicine, one of the things that I used to do as a pharmacist was when I would give people their medication, I would tell them what to expect, what to look for when you take it, here’s what you can expect to see, here’s what some of the side effects might look like, here’s what happens with most people. People like that expectancy. They don’t like to be surprised around things that they’re not expecting to be surprised around. So, this consistency of visibility in your business, specifically, means deciding how and where, and when, you’re going to show up in a manner that people can expect it, and they can come and find you for the things that they are looking for you for. As early entrepreneurs, I see with many of my clients when they’re just starting their business or they’re just trying to gain momentum, this visibility piece is the linchpin, because what’s happening is, they are new and they’re trying to establish themselves and they’re doing it in a very inconsistent way, so people have trouble learning who they are and finding them and hearing that same message over and over. It’s very inconsistent, so they have trouble gaining traction, but the second that they drive up the consistency on that visibility and they get out there, and they do it in a manner that is going to allow people to find them, their business takes off.

[07:07] Now you don’t have to be everywhere to everyone. I just want to say this as a side note. Being visible doesn’t mean that you’re going to do all the things. It just means that you get intentional with how you’re going to show up and how people are going to find you, and then you do that in a manner that is consistent, so people know what to expect. That might be, for instance, for me, every Wednesday, I show up on the airwaves for you, consistently, here on the podcast, so I’m not everywhere, I’m not doing movies and music videos. That could be in my next lifetime, but I am showing up in this one place in a consistent way, and so your audience know where to find you, they know what you’re going to be generally talking about, and they know where to go and get that information. This is just an example of how I personally consistently show up. Some people do this through other mediums, so emails or social media, or maybe a blog, or maybe they’re on the speaking circuit. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you just want to make sure that whatever it is, you have a plan to do it consistently.

[08:20] My question to all of you is, are you being consistent in your business? Are you showing up consistently around your visibility? Can someone pick up your calendar and look to see where in your marketing efforts or your visibility efforts you’re going to do that on a consistent and routine basis? If the answer is “no,” how can you change that right now? What is one thing you can decide to do in the week going forward, or I would say, even doing consecutively? Let’s just say, from now until the end of the year, what is one thing that you can do consistently, from now until the end of the year? It could be showing up, like I said, showing up in a group, getting on the podcast, doing an email every week, checking in with your clients once a week. It doesn’t have to be this huge thing where you’re blowing it out of the water. It could just be one thing, but the consistency of that is powerful. It sends a message to your clients to the people that are watching you, that you’re serious, you’re available, and you’re going to show up no matter what. So, this first thing is consistency around visibility.

[09:29] The second thing is consistency around your offers. So, I’ve mentioned this before on the podcast. I am “a less is more” coach. I believe that intention and focus and doing one thing at a time and doing it really well, and building on that, is paramount. When it comes to offers, consistency around what it is you’re offering, and your solution, is so important, because when people come to you to buy something and they are confused, they will leave. Confusion results in $0.00 in sales. When you don’t have clarity in your brain around what it is you’re offering as your solution and you don’t show up to consistently make that offer, and offer that solution to people over time, you end up confusing them, they don’t know what to come to you for, for help, and if they come to you for that help and your offer is something different or there are 17 different offers, they get confused and they leave, and that inconsistency has so much of a far reaching effect, because not only does it result in $0.00, it also results in people getting confused about who you are, your thought leadership, and your ability to help them in the future.

[10:57] One of the little tips that I tell people around offers and sales is, it doesn’t really matter when people buy from you, and you don’t have control about when they buy. What you have control of is showing up, consistently making the offer, making that same offer, and offering the solution that you offer so that, if and when they are ready, two things happen. Number one, they know exactly what you’re offering as the solution, number one, and number two, and this goes back to the visibility piece, is that you’re top of mind for that person. When you are consistently visible, you show up on people’s airwaves, they are thinking of you, you are top of mind, and when you consistently offer the same thing and the same solution, when people have that problem, when that time comes for that problem to be solved, they know that you’re the person to solve it. My question to you is, what do your offers look like? Are you, number one, consistently making offers, and number two, are those offers streamlined? Are you making the same offer and offering that same solution in a consistent manner that people have married you with your offer and the solution to the problem? If the answer is “no,” what can you streamline?

[12:33] Here’s a little fun challenge I want to throw out there for all of you listening. A lot of times, when people hear me talk about one offer or less offers, they think what I’m saying is that they need to blow their business up and get rid of everything except for their one offer, and to be chained to this offer as if their life depends on it. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying you could dial up or dial in one offer that you decide you’re going to channel all of your energy and all of your intention into so that that is the thing that you are driving everyone to for a certain period of time. For instance, a fun challenge would be for the next 4 weeks, until the end of the year, what is one offer that you want to focus on that you want to consistently be putting out there and talking about across your airwaves, across your audiences, so that they are basically hearing that thing amplified in your business as it relates to you? You could have some fun with this and, I’ll just use my business for an example, and this is a real example, because right now we are in the 10K accelerator launch timeframe for our January cohort, so in this month of December, what we do is, I take my 10K accelerator and I amplify that offer. Yes, that is my core offer all the time, but when we are in launch mode and when it is something that is pertinent to this moment, we dial it up. So, our social media, our podcasts, our emails, they all start to cycle around that sentiment of the accelerator and things that are related to the accelerator more than when we are not in the mode of dialing up and amplifying that offer.

[14:25] However, if you come to me outside of launch mode, the accelerator is also, because of the way that my business is structured and it’s my core offer, it is always there. We always tailor our marketing and our communication that our offers around the four pillars of the 10K accelerator, which is around, how do you bend your time? How do you strengthen your relationship with money? How do you know that you are a magnificent capable human being? And how do you dial up your desire and not settle for less? Those pieces are consistently there, and the offer is being made, but I can dial it up or down. For the next four weeks, is there an offer that you have in your business that you could focus on until the end of the year? See what happens when you channel all of your energy and all of your expertise into this one offer that you are consistently showing up with and, like I said, have some fun. Go to events and be like the 10K accelerator girl, or if you were on a podcast and maybe you’re a guest, you’re talking about that program, or if you go to your website copy, you’ve amplified that offer. Where could you have some fun and do that?

[15:43] Total side note. I find it is so fascinating to watch how much fun, creativity, and energy that you have when you consistently funnel all of your energy and time, and focus, into one offer. It’s so good, and the by-product of that is that you find so many people who have been looking for you or that you can help, it’s really mind-blowing. So, consistency around the offers matter.

[16:14] Then, the third thing, which I actually think is probably the most important piece of the consistency puzzle when it comes to building a business, is consistency around your thinking. As business owners we have been conditioned, and I think this is societally, but definitely in business, we have been conditioned to have the external world inform our thinking. When we have offers that we put out there, or we’re looking across our business and we’re looking at our success, we are trained to look outside of ourselves for validation, that what we’re doing is working, it’s good, we should keep doing it, etc. I think this comes from our old primitive brain thinking of way back in the day when you were part of a tribe and, if you weren’t part of that tribe, you literally would be exposed to the elements, and you would die because you would be vulnerable. We developed this primitive brain pattern of looking to the external world to validate everything that we did. What we end up doing is we think that the outside results, we have a thought after the outside results inform it.

[17:30] I have this program, and I’m putting it out there, and what am I going to think about it? Well, that depends on what the outside world tells me. If people are buying my offer or I’m getting recognition from people in a networking group, or whatever, then I think it’s fine. The problem with this philosophy is that you are always at the whim of things that you can never control, if that is the way that you consistently show up in your thinking. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, you can never control other people. You can’t decide how somebody feels, you can’t decide if they like you or not, you can’t decide if they’re going to buy your program, none of those things are within your control. So, if you use that as the barometer for how you think, you are constantly going to be at the whim of everything else that you cannot control. What happens with that, because some things are just cyclical in nature and people are unpredictable, and markets are unpredictable, or whatever, you enter into your business in this hugely inconsistent way when you use the external environment as your barometer for how to think. That inconsistent thinking, because we are driven, we are emotional people, what we think about creates the emotions. That inconsistent thinking ends up producing very inconsistent emotions, which end up producing really inconsistent results in our business. So, we end up ping ponging all over the place, and what that looks like from a behavioural and action perspective is, if people like me, I think it’s awesome, and then I feel great, and then I go out and I show up, and I go out and I make offers, and I show up at my desk for my business. If people don’t like it, or I get some negative feedback from a client and I think I’m terrible, then I feel horrible and then I just want to cancel all my calls for the day and watch Netflix.

[19:29] This inconsistency in our thinking, inconsistency in the way that we show up, inconsistently in who we are when we come into our business has a huge impact on the results that we create in our business, whether it’s with our clients, with our money, with anything that touches our business. When it comes to creating consistent thinking that produces results in your business, that are in service to the results that you actually want, and reverse engineering that headspace so that when you step into this version of yourself, with the thinking that creates the actions and the results that you want, your business produces at a much higher level. This consistency of thinking, of really learning to master your mind, to understand who you want to be when you show up, choosing that consistently, making it a habit, and having it be something that’s not a by-product, we don’t just show up with this thinking, we actually consistently choose it, is so powerful in the results that we create in our business, including all the money that we make.

[20:51] Many of you have had this experience of being in flow, of things feeling easy, of finding the perfect clients where all those things just sort of clicked together. It’s not an accident. It’s actually happening based on your thoughts, how you feel, the actions you’re taking, and the results that are being created from there. So, when you let the outside world really impact your thinking so that you’re being thrown around and you’re inconsistently showing up in your business in all different ways that are not intentional, that really affects your business in a way that is not positive, and you can’t create the results that you want on they consistent basis if you don’t have consistent thinking in the way that you show up in your business.

[21:43] I want to offer this to you is, where in your business are you not consistently thinking in a way that’s producing the results? Are you in this ping ponging place where one day you’re telling yourself that you’re an impostor or that you don’t know how to run your business, or you’re a terrible coach, entrepreneur, photographer, whatever? Are you showing up in this ping ponging way where those thoughts are literally all over the place, they’re so inconsistent that one day it’s a high and one day it’s so low? If it’s you, first of all, I want to tell you, number one, you’re not alone. Number two, there’s nothing wrong with you. No one ever teaches you how to consistently think. I mean, it was a very new thing when I became an entrepreneur, and number three is, you can change it. The first piece of changing it is the awareness.

[22:42] So, I offer to you, I want you to take a step back and look at, where do you feel that friction in your business? Where are you showing up in a headspace that is not consistent with the result that you want to create? On those days where you are creating it, where you are in flow, where you are producing those results, what is going on in your mind? What are you thinking? And can you dial up that thinking in a way that will help you produce the results that you want? I will tell you, for me, I have a routine of stepping into what I want to think and who I want to be, and how I want to show up to be in that flow, and I have done several episodes talking about this, so if you haven’t listened to them, I would go back and listen to some of the earlier episodes where I talk about this intentional thinking and really stepping into those thought frameworks consistently that create the results that you want, that allow you to show up as a person with the thinking that is in service to the type of business, success, money, that you want.

[23:47] So, being consistent in your business is crucial, and I believe that the areas of consistency that matter the most are consistency around your visibility, how are you showing up? Who are you showing up as? What does that look like? Can people find you? Do they know where to look for you? And where you’re going to be in a consistent manner? Number two is, are you showing up consistently in your offers? Are you making offers consistently? Are your offers that you’re making consistent, meaning that there is a consistent solution that you are offering to the people that are coming in contact with you or your brand? Third is, do you have consistent thinking around who you want to be, how you want to show up, the results that you want to create in a way that allows you to be consistent in the results that you’re creating, the money that you’re making based on the thinking that you’re showing up to the table with? Messy thinking, inconsistent thinking, produces really inconsistent results, whether it is literally how you’re going to physically show up and what that looks like, or the money and the results that you’re creating with your offers and your services that are linked to your thoughts, and how you’re creating that in your business. That inconsistent thinking really does create inconsistent results. At the end of the day, consistency is king. The more consistent you can be, the more that people can know what to expect from you, the more that you can show up as the amazing business owner that you are with the amazing offers that you offer, with the solutions to help people over what it is that they are struggling with, and also to show up with that bulletproof, ironclad thinking that is allowing you to step into who you want to be and create the business with the results that you want, is how it all comes together to create success and thriving, and results, in your business.

[25:54] If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and to finally nail your irresistible offer, find and convert clients, and set your business up to make money consistently, head over to the 10K accelerator page at the link in the show notes and book a call to chat with us now. Doors are open and seats are filling fast. You don’t want to miss out on ending your year in celebration and setting yourself up to make 2022 your best year yet.

See you all next week.