Episode 150

Episode 150 – Stop Working and Start Creating Results: Actionable Steps For Immediate Growth


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In today’s fast-paced world, many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves trapped in a cycle of busyness without achieving significant outcomes, working tirelessly on everything instead of strategically creating real, impactful results. This leads to endless juggling of tasks and projects often leading to burnout and stunting growth. This episode challenges that norm by advocating for a shift in focus—from scattered efforts to concentrated actions that yield tangible, game-changing results – including.

Join me as we explore actionable steps to stop working on everything and start focusing on what truly matters. Whether you’re aiming to scale your current operations or refine your business model, these insights will empower you to make informed decisions that lead to substantial growth and sustainability.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • The #1 myth that keeps you working more while making less progress (and is one of the biggest things standing in the way of your growth)
  • Why not every task or project contributes equally to your bottom line and how to align your efforts with what truly drives results in your business.
  • What critical areas deserve your attention and how to prioritize activities that directly impact your revenue and business growth.
  • That you can’t argue with the data, and how to use your data to inform your next best business decision.

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00:00 – 00:40
Jessica Miller: Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast. I’m so excited to talk to you this week about the concept of what to stop doing and what to start doing. Today’s episode is going to be laser focused on helping you create awesome results in your business with what you have right now with the things that you need to stop doing and start doing this minute. So today we’re going to talk about how you need to stop just working and start creating real results in your business. Real results consistently, real results with everything that you are doing. Because

00:40 – 01:17
Jessica Miller: we don’t want to run a business that is inefficient. If you wanna thrive and you wanna protect your time and protect your resources, you need to create results and work in a powerful way that aligns all of the things in your business to the levers that when you pull them, they actually make the result that you want. So many of us get into the trap where we are working all the time and unfortunately three-quarters of the things that we’re doing are not creating the results in our business that we want. In fact, many times they’re not

01:17 – 01:52
Jessica Miller: actually creating any results at all. And actually, you could say they are creating a result. They’re creating a result of you staying exactly where you are and spinning and feeling like you’re being productive and doing things that are making a difference. But in reality, it’s really robbing you of your time and your energy and your resources. So today we’re gonna talk about this idea of stop working, stop just working, and start creating real results in your business. And I’m gonna start with why I know that you need to be working in this way. Now you’re successful

01:52 – 02:24
Jessica Miller: if you’re listening to this. You have a business that is established. You’re doing all the things and let me tell you, you care a whole lot. You are not in this just to sort of half-ass it. You’re all in. And there is a real compulsion to get in there and do all the things and put a lot of effort in and work, really just work. Because you are conditioned, like me, I was conditioned like this too, to think that the more work that we’re doing, the more progress we’re making. But the problem is, is that if

02:24 – 02:57
Jessica Miller: we aren’t strategic in what we’re doing, if we aren’t laser sharp focused on the things that we’re spending our time on and how they connect to what we want, we are spending a whole lot of time doing things that don’t matter. And that is hard and it is painful because we’re pouring our hearts and soul into this. You are doing this because you care and you’re an amazing business owner and it is working on some level because you’re succeeding. You’re doing things that are creating more money, more impact, more clients that you want a bigger business.

02:58 – 03:28
Jessica Miller: But I’m going to be, I’m the 1 who’s going to stand up here and tell you, there’s so much more for you. There is so much more for you ahead. You are leaving money on the table and you are costing yourself a ton of energy that you don’t need to be doing. It can actually be easier. You can actually be doing less and making more. And the key is in the stopping doing and starting doing the things that matter and stopping doing the things that don’t. And today we’re gonna talk about that. And when you get

03:28 – 03:59
Jessica Miller: off this podcast, you’re gonna be able to look at your business and make some tweaks that are going to have a huge impact in creating immediate growth. And that’s what we’re here for. So, I’m going to start with why I know this to be true. Why you have to stop just working all the time in your business, stop just doing all the things and start really creating real results. Okay, number 1 is not everything in your business is created equal. Not everything is created equal. Many times, we sit down, we look across our business, we, you

03:59 – 04:28
Jessica Miller: know, have the to-do list sitting on our desk or maybe electronically and we just start like working down it. We just start doing all the things. Well, what we know intellectually and I know you know this, is that not everything in your business is important. Not everything creates the same impact and not everything is actually connected to the goals that you want. Your business almost has a life of itself. That’s why I love, in a way, I love the consulting work that I do because there’s benevolence for the business results. There’s you, you are a part

04:28 – 05:00
Jessica Miller: of the business. And when I work with my clients, I work with you who are listening to this, the CEOs, the people that are the founders and are at the helm. But really the focus is on the business results. It’s having benevolence for the things that you want to happen in your business and helping you and your team make choices that are going to be in the best interest of the business and the results. And those are 2 different things. The business is a different thing than you. Yes, you’re connected to it. But what we find

05:00 – 05:30
Jessica Miller: is that not everything in your business actually is created equal. It’s not connected to the results in the same way. There are different levers that you’re pulling and part of my work with all of you is to help you identify and build a strategy and a plan around the levers that matter the most. So, the first thing we know is that not everything in your business is created equal. Not all those work streams and the things that you’re spending your time on are created equal. There are certain things that you do that matter more and create

05:30 – 06:03
Jessica Miller: bigger results. Number 2, your time is not unlimited. It is a resource like everything else in your business and it is not unlimited. And not only is it not unlimited in general in sort of a macro way, but if you break it down to the time that you put into your business versus other things like your personal life, it is not unlimited. It is a very specific resource. And understanding to utilize it in a very intentional way is important because it is not an unlimited resource. Number 3, finances are finite. You either have a budget or

06:03 – 06:35
Jessica Miller: you have a pool of money or your business is bringing in a certain amount of money or you have your trust fund, whatever it is, it is finite. And you want to use those finances and that money in the most efficient way that you can because it is a resource just like everything else in your business. Number 4, your energy and your enthusiasm are not constant, right? We work in flows. And that’s true of different times of the day, different things that we’re doing. But the truth is it is a resource like everything else. And the

06:35 – 07:05
Jessica Miller: reason you’re successful is because you have energy and enthusiasm, hopefully for what you’re doing. But when you start to tap that well out, it becomes a problem. And it is not a constant thing throughout your day. It’s not a constant thing throughout your week. And it’s not limitless. So, your energy and your enthusiasm and that vibe that you’re putting out is a resource also like everything else. And it’s not a constant, you know, go, go, go, go, go all the time. It is something that is so powerful in your business but it also needs to be

07:05 – 07:35
Jessica Miller: looked at in its own right and it’s as its own resource and then number 5 and this is 1 of the most important ones and I want to tell you this and it’s gonna shatter your dreams on 1 hand, and then it’s going to make you realize how unique and awesome you are, and how much power you are. How much power you are, and how much power you have. And that is, you are not a special snowflake. There are certain rules in business, certain things that I just mentioned here on this podcast, and it is not

07:35 – 08:14
Jessica Miller: an exception for you. You are not a special snowflake that defies all the rules of business, that is the outlier for some of the things that we’re talking about today on the podcast that I already mentioned, sort of these like laws of the business universe, and you’re not outside of those things. That being said, you are unique. Your business is unique. You have special skill sets and you have special differentiators that make you powerful and allow you to create whatever you want in your business. But it is really important, I think, for people who want to

08:14 – 08:51
Jessica Miller: grow to understand that they’re not special snowflakes outside of some of these best practices and kind of universal business laws that we know. And when you start to really internalize that and you start to understand that there are things out there that are happening that you can catch the wave on those things and grow as a result of them and that you possess your own unique perspectives and aspects and powerful things that you put out into the world. You know, you are uniquely you, which makes you powerful in your own right, but that you live within

08:51 – 09:25
Jessica Miller: this ecosystem of tried-and-true best practices, things that we know that when you pull these levers, when you create them in your business, they actually make a bigger outcome and they create assets in your business that work for you, when you start to accept that, there is so much less resistance. And 1 of the beautiful things I think about success is in the receiving. It’s in the opening up and allowing the opportunities and the things that you have spent so much time creating and building this foundation for, they’re coming to you, you need to be

09:25 – 09:58
Jessica Miller: able to receive them. But you cannot do that if you constantly think that you are the exception, that these things that people talk about and that have been shown to work over and over don’t apply to you. Now I am not suggesting that you take every trend and every single thing that’s happening out there and you try to apply it to your business with no intuition and no discernment, that is not what I’m saying. I am saying that there are those places where those things come into play, and a lot of times you can actually lean

09:58 – 10:31
Jessica Miller: on the data and the information that you’re getting from your business, including your intuition and you and your brain. But you can do that within the context of understanding that there are these things that we see and the things that we know that make your business grow faster and easier and allow you to leverage your time and energy and your resources and you are part of that ecosystem. So, you are not a special snowflake and it takes a long time for business owners to sometimes really accept this because we like to iterate and we like to

10:31 – 11:01
Jessica Miller: create and so we keep doing that over and over because we think that these things don’t apply to us. Well, I promise you they do and not every single 1 of them. Every business is different and everything happening in a business is different between businesses, but these things work and you want to be the person that embraces that and uses that to your advantage. So, we know these things to be true, right? We know that everything in your business is not created equal. We know time is not unlimited. Finances are finite. Energy and enthusiasm are not

11:01 – 11:36
Jessica Miller: a constant go, go, go thing and you are not a special snowflake. And because of that, you do not want to be the person that is going into your business and just working and working and working and not focusing on doing the things that actually create results. And this is how you become the person that actually doesn’t just work, they stop working. And it said that become a creator of results, a results driven person. And These are the 3 things that you can do right now to stop working in your business and start creating those results.

11:36 – 12:09
Jessica Miller: I have seen this firsthand work in my own business and I promise you, this is what I focus on all of the time with my clients, whether they are my consulting clients or they are my hell yes offer clients, we talk about really getting clear on creating results. And this is how you do it. Okay, number 1, you identify the money makers in your business and the priorities that align with focusing on the results that you wanna create from the things that are actually making you money in your business, okay? The first thing you have to

12:09 – 12:39
Jessica Miller: do is know what’s working and know where the money’s coming from. You need to drill into and be intimate with what is going on in that funnel, with that customer journey, with those things that are actually making you the money. Now, it is not enough just to know what those are, but I promise you the clarity around that will set you free. And it shifts, right? Your business is an ever-evolving thing. So, if you did this, let’s pretend at the end of 2023, you need to look at it now because things change and they ebb

12:39 – 13:16
Jessica Miller: and flow in the market and in your business also even just like throughout time, even in 2024. So, this is an ongoing thing. Where are you making your money now? What is going on there? And then you need to align your priorities to the money makers and then you need to make sure that those priorities are tied to the actual results that you want to create. Okay. Clarity, priorities, alignment, crucial. That is number 1. Stop working and start creating results in your business by doing that. Okay. Number 1. Number 2 is you need to track your

13:16 – 13:47
Jessica Miller: progress and you need to adjust your strategy based on your data and the feedback you are getting from your clients and the market and your own intuition. But the data and what is actually happening and watching that and tracking it and being able to see it literally in front of your eyes is so important. I had a friend and I mentioned this on the podcast before I will never forget it. I had a friend that when I was working in medicine used to say to me, Jess The data is the data and you cannot argue with

13:47 – 14:21
Jessica Miller: the data. And he was right. And there was something so awesome about being able to literally see it in front of you to become that super sleuth that is looking at the information and making informed decisions from there. Every single business has data, every single business. And let me tell you that it does not have to be complicated. The data points that I use with my clients, they are dialed in, they are few. We are not tracking hundreds of data points. We are tracking a few key data points and we are looking at the trends and

14:21 – 14:53
Jessica Miller: the outcomes that are coming from them. And making choices from that data is huge. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have all of the data that you might need to make the best decisions overall for your business. You can start to capture those, but there is data there right now that is pointing you toward what is working and is helping you make good decisions. And it’s also helping you take the things in your business right now and instead of them just being these individual work streams that float out there in the ether, they start to

14:53 – 15:27
Jessica Miller: become powerful assets in your business. They start to become the workhorse of your business that creates a result without you. And even when you are involved, the lift is easier because the asset is working on behalf of your goals, even with your input in it, right? Even without your input. And with your input, it just multiplies that. And what I mean by this is, when you create a powerful asset, let’s pretend it’s the sales page in your business, and you optimize that sales page, and now it’s converting at a certain rate, and it’s speaking to your

15:27 – 16:02
Jessica Miller: ideal client, guess what happens? When it’s sitting out there on the internet and somebody goes to it because you’ve created that flow of clients, that flow of customer, it actually converts those people, right? It’s moving people along those sales journey while you’re asleep, right? You’re not even involved. But let’s pretend you have a conversation with them So you’re talking about how your program or your service or whatever it is that you do do really helps them and then you send them to that page now You’ve moved them along the sales journey a little bit, right? Instead

16:02 – 16:30
Jessica Miller: of being at step 1, now maybe they’re at step 4 and then your awesome sales page comes in and it moves them along those next 6 steps and they buy. That is what I mean by making an asset work for you. And the way that you do that is you use the data related to that asset and the specific data points that are important to whatever result it is you want to create with that specific asset. And you make good decisions on how to optimize that to make the asset stronger. That is what you want to

16:30 – 16:54
Jessica Miller: be doing. Okay. So, you need to track it, right? Nothing, in my opinion, you are losing if you are not tracking. And I mean this in your business and I mean this if you want to drink a liter of water a day, you need to be tracking it. You need to have that bottle that’s like, oh yeah, you think you’re drinking a lot, but you know what? You’re actually not because that thing is still over half full. You need the tracking. If you want to make sales, how many people are landing on that page and how

16:54 – 17:15
Jessica Miller: many of them are actually clicking that button to buy? You need to know that. Then how many of them are landing in the cart and actually buying? You need the data and you need to track it. You need to track it against your goals, right? You know, I want a hundred people on that page and there’s only 10, or I want, you know, 20 sales and I’ve only gotten 3, right? I feel like I’m talking to everyone and I’ve actually only talked to 2 people this week. Those are the kinds of things that you need. So

17:15 – 17:49
Jessica Miller: that’s the second thing. And the third thing is you need to streamline your workflows and your system to eliminate inefficiencies. Once you know exactly where you’re making your money and where you wanna go, and then you track it, and you look at the data and you have it inform you, then you start to make sure that those systems and those workflows are in line so that it’s not clunky and it’s not inefficient. Both for your clients and for your internal team, you want those journeys to be super, super easy, right? Where there is friction, you lose

17:49 – 18:19
Jessica Miller: money and you lose clients and you lose resources. Because what ends up happening is we start to throw, guess what, time, money and energy at these inefficiencies, thinking that that is what is going to fix it. And I promise you, sometimes it will, but it will still be inefficient. So, the best way to fix that is to fix the asset right fix the workstream fix the system and then if you want to throw more time and money and energy at it guess what happens you get multiples of output at the end. I always tell people, like,

18:19 – 18:52
Jessica Miller: you could have a customer journey that is creating, let’s pretend, a 20% conversion, right? So, every time you send 10 people to it, you get 2 sales. You could double your efforts, like, okay, I’m gonna try to send 40 people to it and get 4 sales, or I’m gonna try to do this in half the time, so I get those 2 sales in less time. But if you actually take the asset and you make it better, and let’s just pretend just for this example, right? You’ve got it converting at 20%, you’re sending 10 people, 2 of

18:52 – 19:27
Jessica Miller: them buy, you’re spending $100 to do that, right? And then you want to maybe do that faster. So, you do $200 for your 2 people, but you get it in half the time. Well, if you make the asset more powerful Then guess what happens instead of 2 people converting, you’re driving 10 and 2 are going over You send 5 people over to a sale So now you’re sending 10 and 5 people go over because the asset that sales journey is converting at a higher rate. Now, let’s pretend when those 2 people buy, your program is $1,

19:27 – 20:06
Jessica Miller: 000 a piece, so you make $2, 000. You’re spending $100, you’re making $2, 000 because 10 people are going and 2 are converting. Now your asset is performing better and it’s converting 5 people so now you’re making $5, 000 on the back end for the same $100. That is how this works and those work streams and those streamlining those processes and really leveraging your systems allow you to take the inefficiency out of it. So maybe you’re now converting those 5 people in half the time and you are still doing your $100, right? Even if you spent

20:06 – 20:38
Jessica Miller: $200 on your $5, 000 converting sales journey, I don’t want to make this too complicated on those 5 people that are buying, it is a better return on your investment than if you spent $200 only getting 2 people to convert and only making $2, 000. So that is where you really want to streamline your workflows and your systems because when you do that, then everything is cruising, Right? That’s when it feels simple. People can move through it. It’s awesome. It’s easy. You know what I mean? That’s how it works. So, to go back and just recap

20:38 – 21:06
Jessica Miller: with this, the first thing that you wanna do right now is you wanna identify your money makers. You want to know that your priorities are aligned with those money makers, driving those work streams, and you wanna make sure that they are aligned to your goals. If you do just that, you will make significant growth in your business, okay? But it doesn’t stop there, that’s the first thing. The second thing is you wanna be tracking that progress. You need to be making decisions based on your data. The way you do that is you track it, you look

21:06 – 21:36
Jessica Miller: at the data, you let it inform you, you look at feedback, and then you iterate. That is how it works. What you don’t want to be doing is blowing it up every time or having no clue what you’re actually doing. Right, you’re doing all the things. Again, you’re working hard, you’re putting yourself out there. You’re working your business, but you’re not really knowing what’s happening and you’re not making your choices from there. That’s what you wanna be doing. You wanna be tracking it and making data-driven decisions. The data doesn’t lie. The data is the data. And

21:36 – 22:11
Jessica Miller: number 3, you want to make sure that you streamline your workflows and your systems to eliminate inefficiencies. Inefficiency is the kiss of death for ease and flow in your business. It’s also the kiss of death for your resources because you end up utilizing more resources when things are inefficient, right? It’s just the law of the universe. So, you wanna try to get rid of those things as much as you can and where you can streamline that and use the technology and streamline those workflows and make sure that your systems are working for you, you start to

22:11 – 22:46
Jessica Miller: smooth that out and it becomes so much more efficient and it makes you so much more money. So that is what you wanna be doing in your business. So those 3 things. So as of today, you are going to be the business owner that stops just working and really starts creating results. You are like totally focused in on results. You are a results driven CEO. And here’s the thing, you are already that person. You’re already doing it, it’s just not top of mind. It’s not the way you’re identifying yourself. And part of success is subtracting. So

22:46 – 23:18
Jessica Miller: that stopping, that letting go of that identity, that logistically shifting away from the stuff that is not actually getting us where we want to go, and starting to focus on the things that will and are, is really the key. That is that crossroad that is so simple, but it’s hard, right? It’s not easy because we are who we are and we are conditioned in a certain way and we’re used to our routines and we show up as a certain type of a business owner. And like I was saying, working hard feels productive, right? It’s just the

23:18 – 23:47
Jessica Miller: way that we have been trained. So, this is this moment to really get intentional about what you’re doing and to shift gears. And I promise you, this is where you move into the business you’ve always wanted. This is where you move into the business that is creating so many more results on the back end for the same or less input. This is where you really step into the person that you want to be and you have your sights set on what it is that you want and the easiest way to get there. And I am here

23:47 – 24:02
Jessica Miller: for it the entire ride. So, with that stop listening to this podcast go do those 3 things and keep me posted on all of your wins. You’re crushing it out there I’m cheering you on. Have an awesome week. Thanks for watching!