Episode 149

Episode 149 – Strategies For Selling High-Ticket Offers


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the strategy for selling high-ticket offers. Selling high-ticket offers requires a unique approach that goes beyond standard, run-of-the-mill sales tactics. If you’re aiming to attract high-end clients who value exclusivity and are willing to invest significantly in your services, mastering these strategies is crucial. By understanding and implementing these tailored techniques, you’ll not only boost your sales but also build long-lasting relationships with your clients, enhancing your reputation and authority in the market.

If you’re an established business owner looking to make a significant impact while selling high-ticket offers and working with a select group of clients, this episode is a must-listen.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Why a cookie-cutter approach won’t cut it when you’re selling high-ticket offers (and what to do instead).
  • How to tailor your sales strategy to the unique needs of the high-ticket buyer.
  • The importance of personal connection and how to create exclusive, VIP experiences that resonate with your ideal clients.
  • Why high-touch, concierge-level sales processes foster strong relationships and boost conversion rates.

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00:01 – 00:37

Jessica Miller: Hello everyone and welcome back to the It’s Your Offer podcast. I’m Jess Miller. I’m so excited to host today’s episode on strategies for selling high ticket offers. This is going to be a powerful quick direct to the point episode. For all of you out there who are listening to this, who are in the space of selling high ticket offers to your clients, it is a must listen to. Over the past several weeks, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about, as you can imagine, offers. And 1 of the things that’s come up quite a bit

00:37 – 01:17

Jessica Miller: is this distinction between what it looks like to sell a high-end offer versus a low-ticket offer, and how those things differ, and how cookie cutter approaches to selling offers are not the answers. As you know on this podcast we always talk about the nuances. Nuance matters. The details matter and when it comes to selling high-end high ticket offers it matters even more. If you are a business who is catering to clients who consume high ticket offers and or you are selling them, you need to have a very specific and dialed in and powerful sales process that

01:17 – 01:57

Jessica Miller: allows you to build trust, build relationships, show high value and convert your client with ease. If you’re out there trying to employ a 1 size fits all process, or you use a process that is actually tailored to a non-high ticket client, let’s just say, or a non-high ticket offer, you are going to struggle trying to convert these clients because you are missing some of the key components that are necessary when you are converting clients in an offer that requires a higher investment and more of their time, energy, and important resources. So, today’s episode, I am going

01:57 – 02:26

Jessica Miller: to walk you through the things that I have found have been the most powerful. They are the things that I employ in my business and I think they are crucial for building a business around high ticket offers. This is also known as if you’re a person who wants to make a lot of impact and a lot of money in your business by serving only a handful of clients, you are in the high ticket, high end offer space. And I know this might just like, you’re like, really Jess, are you telling me this? But as we evolve

02:26 – 02:55

Jessica Miller: as business owners, as our business grows, sometimes we forget this. And the things that got us to the million-dollar mark and even beyond are not necessarily the same things that we are selling now and the relationship and the approach changes. So, I’m going to share with you my sales process, the things that I have found to be the most important and the things that if you start doing this right now, I promise you it will make a huge impact on your sales. It will make a huge impact on your relationships. It will make a

02:55 – 03:29

Jessica Miller: huge impact on your impact that you have with others because these are the things that I believe really strong businesses are built on. And you could actually take many of these things and extrapolate them to many different types of businesses and many different price points for offers. But when it comes to a high-ticket offer, it is essential. And you cannot skip over it. And you need to be on point when it comes to these things. So, let’s dive in right now. Number 1, 1 of the most important things that come with selling a high ticket

03:29 – 04:06

Jessica Miller: offer is you need to get clear on your target customer. You need to get crystal clear on what it is they are struggling with, what their specific problem is, and you need to have focused messaging directly to their heart. I do an exercise with every single 1 of my clients, whether they are creating optimized offers or they are my high-end consulting clients, where we dive into their target customer, their ideal client, and we spend the time really getting into their head, really getting into the heart of that customer. We discuss why they make decisions that they

04:06 – 04:37

Jessica Miller: make, what is compelling them forward, what things are they trying to escape, what kind of things do they want in the future, what are the results that they’re going to hire you for, why do they make the choice to choose you over somebody else? This exercise is so important. And the way that we put this together and reframe this is super, super strategic and dialed in. So, we can get right to the heart of the problem that we are solving. As you have heard on this call before, on this podcast, it’s about owning a problem. In

04:37 – 05:11

Jessica Miller: the words of Don Miller, love, direct to the point, you need to own a problem. The way you get through to people about the problem that you solve and you speak to them directly is by dialing in and focusing your messaging, crystal clear on that problem for that specific person. And really able to position yourself and your understanding of this client in a powerful way that justifies them making an investment in whatever it is that you’re selling as your high-ticket offer. So, number 1 is getting clear on this avatar. Now, side note, I want to

05:11 – 05:42

Jessica Miller: say out there in the digital marketing world, when I am scrolling the internet or I might be on Instagram or I’m looking through 95% of the things out there that people are selling, guess who they are not selling it to? The high-ticket client. They are not. They are not talking to that person. And I will tell you that the high-ticket buyer, the business that is really wanting to play big and is going to invest at the level that you’re selling your offer at, they are tuning out all of that stuff that’s happening online because

05:42 – 06:16

Jessica Miller: those problems are not tailored to them. They are tailored to people who are just starting out or finding themselves or not an established business owner That is going to consume and go all in with you on your high ticket offer So knowing the messaging that speaks to them and cuts through all that noise it stops the scroll and frankly Let me tell you it literally stands out like a homing meme because most people are not saying these things because they don’t really understand this particular target customer, you will stand out. It will literally stop their scroll.

06:16 – 06:46

Jessica Miller: And it is blue ocean because most people are not talking to them. So, number 1 take the time to get clear on your target customer’s heart. What is their problem? How do they explain it? What is going on in their mind? What are they waiting for you to come along and help them with and make sure that you have your messaging focused in, dialed in to speak to their heart and their problem. Okay, that’s number 1. Number 2 is when you are selling high ticket offers and when you are wanting to be again, 1 of those

06:46 – 07:24

Jessica Miller: people who’s having a big impact and working on a deep level with clients but not a bajillion of them just a handful of them that you love on and create amazing results with personal connection, personal invitations, reaching out to them personally is crucial. We are in a sea of noise on the internet, in our ears, in our environment. It’s just a bunch of noise. It’s just a bunch of marketing funnels. Where you will separate yourself and really show your value and the high-ticket nature of the results that you create is by personally touching people, by

07:24 – 07:59

Jessica Miller: reaching out to them with personal invites that speak to them specifically and why you are picking them to reach out to and help them. I know this seems like a very basic thing, but I cannot tell you how many people want to just put their potential clients in a marketing funnel. Listen, I have nothing against marketing funnels. And even personalized invitations are part of a marketing funnel. But the key is you want it to feel personal. You want it to feel personal. Because again, the investment and the way that you’re being perceived as a thought leader

07:59 – 08:32

Jessica Miller: and a trusted partner requires an uptick in this personal touch. It is an energetic exchange; people need to feel it. When you personally reach out to people versus automating these important touch points, it has a huge impact. People feel it, they can reach you, they can feel the emotion, they can see it, they can understand in better detail and better connecting the dots ways how you’re going to help them. So, when you think about the people that you want to help, you’ve identified that problem, you know what it is, you want to personally reach out to

08:32 – 09:07

Jessica Miller: them. You want to make that connection. You want to help them understand why they are special and you’re making this connection or reach out to them. And that intimacy will move the needle faster and better than anything else that you can do when it comes to converting a high-ticket customer. Because you are able to communicate the value, who you are, all of those pieces that are paramount in creating a relationship with someone in that personal invite. And at this level, it’s all about relationships. That brings me to number 3. When you are talking about touching

09:07 – 09:40

Jessica Miller: a distinct group of people with a high-ticket offer, you want there to be that feeling of exclusivity and VIPness is what I call, VIP nature, right? You want it to feel very exclusive. You wanna help communicate why what you’re giving them is also exclusive. And for many of you who again, are not looking to have these swaths of clients, you really do have a calendar and a threshold for the amount of clients that you are going to help, there is an exclusive piece to this. And you wanna make sure that is part of your sales

09:40 – 10:16

Jessica Miller: process. It’s part of your strategy for selling these high ticket offers. You wanna talk about how it’s exclusive, how it is VIP, how there’s a certain number of customers that you carry how You’re gonna be able to you know connect with them and help them grab get results in a more Tangible customized way because of the fact that there’s more access to you and there’s more access to gaining those results easily. And so, positioning this high ticket offer as exclusive as a VIP type of a product is really important in again speaking to what this customer

10:16 – 10:54

Jessica Miller: needs and also very often in the way that they want to consume. If they are buying something that’s expensive and buying something that’s exclusive and high ticket, they want this rare opportunity. It’s viewed as something very marketable and very important and rare. And that’s what you wanna be commuting. I’m looking for the words here as I’m talking about it on the podcast. But again, the best word is exclusivity, right? There’s a sense of market value when something is exclusive and it’s rare and people want access to that and they’re willing to pay for it. So, communicating

10:54 – 11:31

Jessica Miller: that through that medium is really important. The fourth thing which I’ve touched on before is having this sales process that’s very high touch, very concierge like. So, it’s not putting people through something automated, it’s sort of stepping them through the sales process in a more I’m holding your hand way, in a more customized way. It’s answering the questions that they have, you know, real time and in lock step with them. It’s having a conversation. It maybe is more consultations and sales calls because these things are high touch and they’re meeting the client where they are in

11:31 – 12:02

Jessica Miller: order for you to be able to help them see the value, talk about the specifics and understand how this is going to get them to the results that they want. That high touch sort of concierge nature, like let me walk you through this. You are important and I’m going to bring you along this path in a way that again doesn’t feel like they are being You know put in a marketing funnel and just kind of shunt it along in a way that is not very intimate It’s a way to really move them through the process So

12:02 – 12:32

Jessica Miller: anything that you can do high touch reaching out directly to people getting them on a sales call speaking to them and their heart in an intimate way increases the conversion of high-ticket sales. That’s the way that that works. And it’s important that people feel it. And last but not least, I’m talking about a lot about, don’t put them in a sales funnel, don’t automate it, don’t make it feel like that. And I will stick to that. But what I’m gonna say in this last point, allows you to not have to do every single step of

12:32 – 13:12

Jessica Miller: this manually, allows you to leverage different things that makes this easier while maintaining that concierge, that exclusive, that VIP personal feel. And that is tailoring your messaging and utilizing in a very specific way some of the tech solutions that are out there that increase intimacy. As your client pool gets tighter, you can increase your intimacy. The less people you have to touch, the more intimate you can be with those people, right? Because you’re not trying to reach out one-to-one or have a high touch concierge sales process as 1 person with a thousand people. There are so

13:12 – 13:47

Jessica Miller: many awesome technology pieces that we have at our fingertips right now that can increase this intimacy and do it in an amazing way while also allowing you to leverage some of the technology that doesn’t make every single step manual. And what I mean by that is you can utilize things like DMs, video DMs, you can use technology like BombBomb, I use that a lot, which is an app. Video Ask, which is a two-way video system that you can either put on a landing page or send to somebody. There are so many different things that allow you

13:47 – 14:24

Jessica Miller: to streamline, but increase the intimacy and make those tech solutions very tailored and feel very personal, that allow you to touch your clients when you’re talking about a sales process for high ticket sales. It also makes the communication dialogue back and forth super simple and easy and allows people to respond and communicate with you on their terms, on their time, but go directly to you. They’re not needing to jump through all these hoops to smoothly move through the sales process. I highly, highly recommend that that is something that you consider, because again, it increases the intimacy,

14:24 – 14:51

Jessica Miller: it makes it a very tailored personal solution, it can be customized, but it’s not reinventing the wheel every single time you’re wanting to reach out to someone. You can store things, you can have templates, you can have scripts, it can feel very intimate, but it can also be very high touch. Some of these things like a video as type of an app or something like that is also something that you can embed on a landing page or something like that where people can go and they can engage with it in a very intimate way but it

14:51 – 15:22

Jessica Miller: doesn’t require you to recreate it every time. So, it keeps it dialed in, it’s very clear messaging, it’s on point, intimate and it’s also real-time. So, to go back and just reiterate these 5 points. Number 1, get clear on who your target customer is. What are those specific problems? What is in their heart and on their mind that you are gonna speak directly to and focus in all your messaging on that? I promise you; most people are not talking to this high-ticket client; it is Blue Ocean. The second that you do it, you will cut

15:22 – 15:56

Jessica Miller: through so much noise. 2, personal invites, personal invites. The more personal it can be, and the more you can talk to people in that way, the more you will increase that relationship, increase that trust and convert people. Exclusivity is key, right? Rare things are more marketable. People perceive them as more valuable. And this particular client is looking for that. So, you wanna make sure you’re communicating exclusive VIP so that people understand that what you’re offering them is not something just everybody can get. It’s something that’s very special for them and it’s gonna help them solve their

15:56 – 16:24

Jessica Miller: problem. Next is that high touch concierge type of sales. Make it feel like you are hand walking them through your process, that it is exclusive and it is high touch and they are the only people in your universe and you’re gonna help them connect the dots to see why you are the answer to getting them out of pain and getting them everything you want. It’s all about that high touch intimate nature. And last but not least, leverage the technology where it makes sense. You do not have to recreate the wheel, but you do not have to

16:24 – 16:57

Jessica Miller: sacrifice intimacy and high touch and personalization to reach this client. Don’t use the same DM templated strategy that everybody uses for their $5 offer. That is not your client. Make sure that you leverage the technology. It’s sophisticated and let that carry your client smoothly through the sales process to get exactly what they want at the end of it, which is solving their problems. I cannot wait to hear how all of you are knocking it out of the park with your high-end sales. These are the strategies that I promise will revolutionize your business overnight. Go through

16:57 – 17:05

Jessica Miller: each 1 of them, look at your process, and don’t hesitate to share your wins with me. I want to hear them all. Until next week everyone, have an awesome week.