Episode 148

Episode 148 – How My Client Achieved a 73% Conversion Rate at an Event


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Are you ready to transform your event strategies and drive massive conversions? In this episode, I share the secrets behind my client’s astounding 73% conversion rate at a recent event (you read that correctly…it is not a typo). I will walk through step by step how you can replicate this success and turn your events into powerful revenue-generating machines.

If you’re an established business owner, this episode is a game-changer. Events represent significant investments and optimizing them for maximum ROI can lead to exponential growth in your business. The proven strategies I share in this episode offer a roadmap to achieving high conversion rates, making this episode a must-listen!

So, grab your pen and paper and tune in to learn how to make your next event an overwhelming success, drive unparalleled engagement, and skyrocket your revenue. Enjoy!

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • The #1 secret behind ensuring high conversion rates at your events (and the thing most often overlooked when executing an event).
  • How to make attendees engage effortlessly and take immediate action.
  • Why streamlining the process to your goal and reducing friction is one of the easiest ways to get potential clients to take the action you want them to take.
  • How to turn event leads in to loyal, high-value customers.

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00:00 – 00:33

Jessica Miller: Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your Offer podcast. I’m Jess Miller and I’m so excited to be here today to share a success story of one of my clients with all of you. Events are a really important part of our business strategy. Many brick-and-mortar clients of mine, as well as service providers and online businesses, run events, and it is often a big commitment. It’s a big commitment of time, it’s a big commitment of energy, and it is super important to know how to make these events convert for you. Many people

00:33 – 01:04

Jessica Miller: have run events where they’ve gotten nothing out of it. They don’t feel like their business has moved forward. They don’t feel like they’ve met the people that they want to meet. They also feel like they just haven’t hit the goals that they had for the event, if they even had goals. So in today’s episode, I want to share with you how to make your events convert. Because you don’t want to be running around, spending your time doing things that aren’t having an impact on your business. You know on this show, it is about high potency, high quality

01:04 – 01:32

Jessica Miller: and high conversion. We want to take the important resources of time and energy and money and make sure that they are creating a very high return on investment for that input in your business. Gone are the days of doing things in your business just to do them, just because people are telling you to do them, just because you see other people doing them, because that is not going to move your business forward. That actually just burns you out, takes more time, and slows you down. We want to make sure that the things that you’re doing are getting you

01:32 – 02:06

Jessica Miller: where you want to go. And as I mentioned, events are a very important piece of your business. Many people are doing events quite frequently. So today I want to share with you some of the success stories that I have seen in how to run an event that actually converts. And specifically to share with you an example of one of my MedSpa clients recently who had a 73% conversion rate. Yes, you heard that right. It is not a typo, 73% conversion rate. So sit down, grab your pen and paper, and take a listen because I’m gonna walk you through

02:06 – 02:42

Jessica Miller: the three pieces of having an event that make converting leads and converting business a slam dunk. Because if you’re a business owner that is running events to grow your business, you have to have a plan and a strategy and know the pieces to make that successful. Otherwise, you’re just burning time and money, and it’s not getting you where you want to go. And it will just slow you down. So let’s jump right into this powerful and really targeted episode today where again I talk about these are the three things you need to do in

02:42 – 03:17

Jessica Miller: order to convert your leads at an event. Okay, so I’m gonna give you the background just so you have a sense of what this is about, and it really kind of dovetails into number one, the first piece. So the first piece that you want to make sure that you have clear when you go to do an event is why are you doing this event? Strategically, what is this event going to do for you? Why are you doing it? And do you have a plan? That includes what is the goal of the event? What do you hope

03:17 – 03:49

Jessica Miller: to achieve? And really digging into what does good, great, and best look like for you? So my client, we’re going to call her Suzy for the sake of this episode, was setting up a vendor booth or a table at a local event. She had been invited to go and show up there and showcase her business. It was really a town event and it was meant for people to go around, enjoy the town, and then there were vendors there that were going to share about their business and their expertise to the people at

03:49 – 04:20

Jessica Miller: the event. When she said yes, she thought, okay, my target market could be in this audience, it’s the town right near me, I’m gonna go and show up. She had the foresight of seeing this could be a great business opportunity. When we sat down, the first question I asked her was, what is your goal for being there? This is an event where she wasn’t hosting the event, she wasn’t inviting people to register at the event. Essentially, she was a person who was in the space, a business in the space, a vendor in the space, and someone

04:20 – 04:50

Jessica Miller: else was going to be driving this target market to this location so that she would then get access to them. So when we started talking, it was getting really clear on why are you doing this and what do you hope to achieve? Do you want to sell products? Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to get people on your email list? Do you want to, I don’t know, just bask in the sun? Whatever it is, getting really clear on that strategy. I know this sounds like a very basic concept, but I cannot tell you how many people

04:50 – 05:20

Jessica Miller: skip this step. And not just as it relates to events, but in a variety of different areas of their business. I am a big “start with the end in mind” person. Every single thing you do strategically and in a plan should start with knowing where you want to go. So asking yourself when you’re going to run an event, whether it is a physical event or it’s online, is why am I doing this? What do I hope this is gonna do for my business? What is the outcome that I want? And not in a vague way, in a very specific way.

05:21 – 05:54

Jessica Miller: And so for Suzy at this event, it was about meeting new people, but also gathering leads. She wanted to get people on her email list, but the ultimate goal was to get consultations to come into her business. This particular client owned a med spa in the greater Boston area and she wanted to meet people in the communities where she thought her target market was going to be hanging out. And ultimately she wanted to have them book a consult. So when we talked through this, we got clear on the fact that what she really wanted was ultimately

05:54 – 06:28

Jessica Miller: those consults booked. She knew that going to this event and trying to meet people and sell them expensive or more complex medical aesthetic spa type treatments wasn’t going to make sense. But getting people on her email list and getting them to come in for a consultation where she has a very high conversion rate on the backend to sales was the goal. And so we talked about, okay, what does that look like? How many people do we want to target? How many people do we want to get on this list? How many consultations would be great? And we

06:28 – 07:01

Jessica Miller: really honed in on all of these pieces around how do we reverse engineer getting that person to ultimately book a consultation. And that means coming into our facility for a consult. So when we dug into that, strategically one of the things that she had found a lot of success with was a giveaway. For any of you that are brick and mortar or you have a physical product, and this is also true for services, but it’s very powerful for products, it is how do you get the thing that you’re selling in the hands of your potential

07:01 – 07:30

Jessica Miller: customers? How do you give them that experience? If you’re a service provider and it’s virtual, it’s like how do you give them a taste of what it is they’re going to get? And giveaways are very powerful in that way because they’re enticing, they’re binge-worthy, and in some capacity if you can sort of get this thing in the hands of this person, you have a very high chance of converting. So the idea of a giveaway was really powerful. It’s something that she had had success with before. One of the things that she’s had success with

07:30 – 08:00

Jessica Miller: at events was raffles. And so a raffle is something that, again, for a brick and mortar or even for a service, it’s a way for you to give away something with a low cost to you that has a big return on investment that people will get value from. So she decided she was gonna put together a bundle and she was going to raffle it off and she had had success doing that before. Side note, as many of you know, I am a “what is working, what is making you money in your business and how do you do

08:00 – 08:34

Jessica Miller: that more?” person. And that is true in all aspects of your business, including these events, events that you invite people to, free events, free things, whatever, it’s always going back to the data. So for her, raffles worked. So we looked at the raffle, we agreed on what she was going to be giving away, and then knowing that the consultation was the ultimate goal, we strategized around how do we not only get people in to put in their name and email address for the raffle, that would check the box of gaining the lead, but also how do we

08:34 – 09:06

Jessica Miller: get them to a consult? And what we discovered was we were going to combine those two things. We wanted to make joining the raffle and making the decision to do that, and then making the decision to book a consultation in their facility, a very easy yes and a very smooth process. Not something clunky, not something that took a lot of time. It’s how do we join those two? Making the decision to join the raffle and book the consultation almost seamless and easy so that people don’t have to make multiple decisions. Because when

09:06 – 09:34

Jessica Miller: they make multiple decisions, they opt out because they get confused, they’re like, do I do this or that? And it really slows them down. So we combined those two things. Come here and put your name in and join the raffle and give us your email address, and then have the opportunity to book that consult immediately and tell us why you want to. So we are gathering the lead, we are gathering the connection with this person, we’re gathering their information, and then we’re also qualifying this lead in the sense that we’re gathering just some

09:34 – 10:06

Jessica Miller: very targeted questions that are related to who this person is, the struggle that they’re having with their skin, why they would want to book this consult, and the opportunity to book it. We also got really clear on how many people were our target. What did we want to go out there and actually aim for? How many people did we want to connect with and actually get on this list, get in our world and nurture? The number we came up with for the event was 100. 100 would be awesome. And when we thought about how many people

10:06 – 10:35

Jessica Miller: Out of that 100 we wanted to get for consults, we were like, we’re gonna aim for like 30%. So it would be like 30 people just to make the numbers simple. So again, the first question was, why are you doing this? What do you wanna do? Really breaking it down to, okay, in this case, we want consultations. In other words, we wanna get people in the door. That is the strongest thing for a sale. Get people in the door, get them to connect with you and get a taste of your business and then come into that

10:35 – 11:03

Jessica Miller: physical space. So in this case, we honed in on we’re gonna do a raffle to entice people to come in and give us their information and connect with us. So we had a binge-worthy summer bundle that we put together. We utilized things that we know sold for her in the past, and we really went with that. We know the raffles worked, and then on the back end, we really tied in that consult so that it was an easy win-win. Like come in, do the raffle, and then get the consult in an easy way and qualify this

11:03 – 11:33

Jessica Miller: lead by asking them just a few very targeted questions that gave us information about how to better serve this person on that consult call and to know what they need in the long term from the perspective of that person actually coming in the door. So strategy is the first thing. Number 1, right? Strategy. Why do you want to do this? Do you have a plan? Are you clear on what your targets are? And are you really getting, you know, clear on those numbers so that everyone is on the same page and both you and your team

11:33 – 12:07

Jessica Miller: can be making decisions and moving toward this goal. So, okay, so strategy first. The second piece is streamlining the efforts. Streamlining the efforts. When you have an event, you want it to be seamless, you want things to be moving and flowing. You don’t want to make it clunky or difficult. You have to think through your human resources, you have to think through the resources that you need to have on hand to make reaching that goal easy. And so going back to Suzy and this particular situation where we were talking about raffles and we’re talking

12:07 – 12:33

Jessica Miller: about consult signups and we’re talking about getting emails and we have a few people from the team there and there’s a lot of foot traffic. So you can imagine if you have been at an event or been a vendor, there’s a lot going on. What is the plan for people coming in? And we had that set up in our strategy and then how do we do that simply? Again, having our eye on the ball, which is we want to create a relationship with that person while they’re standing there. We want to get their contact

12:33 – 12:58

Jessica Miller: information and some information about them and we ultimately want to get them to sign up for a consult call. What the client had done in the past is she had had a sign-up sheet where she had people sign up with their names and their email address and maybe some other information that they might want to give like their telephone number. And what she would do is she would manually have them sign up. She’d be sort of talking to them. She’d be having them write this stuff down and then they would manually go in

12:58 – 13:26

Jessica Miller: and put that in their system and go and follow up with people. What they found was that that was really logistically challenging. They were trying to have a conversation, this person’s trying to write, there’s like 1 or 2 clipboards, the person writes the information down, if any of you have ever gone through this, I know I have, you go back and look at it after, you’re like, I don’t even know what this person wrote, it becomes very clunky and very slow. And it actually impedes the goal because now you’re trying to talk to this person while

13:26 – 13:55

Jessica Miller: they’re doing something else. It’s messy, you can’t read it, you lose leads that way. It’s just a whole thing. You don’t know who these people are from each other because there’s no qualifiers. So it was working, but it wasn’t working great. And so what we wanted to do was streamline that process. And we wanted to leverage technology in other modes where we could to free up the human capital. So when you’re at an event and you are engaging with people, right, the relationship is the most important thing. And that human-to-human interaction, the feel of

13:55 – 14:26

Jessica Miller: that, the way that you move through that conversation with ease is what people remember. So you don’t want it to be clunky. You want the flow at your booth or your table or any event where you are to be smooth. And so what we decided to do was we decided to create a very simple QR code. We decided to leverage the technology so that people can move through this process in an easy way. So we created a very simple QR code and on the back end of that QR code was a form and it was a

14:26 – 14:58

Jessica Miller: super simple form that basically said, you know, thanks so much for coming by and entering the raffle, we’re so excited. Here is where you put in your information. We asked for their name, their email address, and their phone number. And then the next line was a checkbox that said, if you’re interested in a consultation, click this box here and then come and put in some information about what it is that you’re struggling with, why you would want this consultation. And we had a few questions and they were very targeted to this person and their skin. What

14:58 – 15:28

Jessica Miller: are you interested in? What are you struggling with? There were some dropdowns that were sort of leading the witness. Like, is it sun damage? Do you feel like your skin is dry? Is it wrinkles? What kind of modalities would you be interested in? Would it be laser or a facial or wrinkle relaxers or whatever it was? It was very targeted to make it super simple for this person to give us information that would be relevant for this consultation. And they click, click, click, and they submit, and it goes right into the client’s CRM, and it

15:28 – 16:01

Jessica Miller: tags them as someone that came from this particular event. The QR codes were printed out on the table. There were a few iPads there that also had the form on it and people just slid right through. And they really orchestrated when people came to that, you know, table and they were talking to them, how do they move through and how do we seamlessly put that QR code in front of people and make it easy for them to actually fill that out and become a lead in the system and a consultation? And I am happy to report

16:01 – 16:38

Jessica Miller: that this worked so well for them that not only did they hit their goals, they exceeded them. So they ended up bringing in 102 leads and they ended up converting to a consultation, 73% of those leads. Okay, again, not a typo. This is like 100 people just to do simple math, 100 people come, you capture their information, and then 73 of those people sign up for a consult for you. Raising their hands, saying that they’re a hot lead, they want to hear from you, and they want to book that consultation. Now, side note, what I want

16:38 – 17:10

Jessica Miller: to say about this is the technology and the ease at which people can move through and the upfront offer, that raffle, that binge worthiness, the openness of the team and the owner to be there and really engage, all made this possible. And it made it simple for people to say yes. It took out the friction. For any of you who have listened to my episode about like, don’t make it hard for people to pay you. It’s the same concept. How do you make it simple when people want to actually come in and engage and do the

17:10 – 17:36

Jessica Miller: thing that you want, whether it’s buy the product or sign up for the raffle or sign up for the consultation, how do you make that super simple? So it’s a breeze. Like people are like, oh my gosh, like they almost feel like I would have been an idiot not to do this, you know what I mean? It’s super simple. And this was a very down and dirty thing because this opportunity came up pretty quickly and the opportunity to leverage the technology and do this was kind of a short order last minute type of a thing. In

17:36 – 18:08

Jessica Miller: other words, we didn’t have a ton of time. So it was just let’s put this together in a very quick way and think really logically about how this can work. Again, connected to the goals that we wanted. And so we put this together very quickly. Side note about this that we are going to do the next time that we do an event like this with this particular client is that on this back end of this form, instead of just submitting it, we could also connect this form behind that QR code to their calendar so that when

18:08 – 18:39

Jessica Miller: someone is standing there and they’re joining that raffle and

 then they want that consult and they say, yes, they can actually go in and just pick their time. They can actually book the consult on the calendar. And that is even faster and more direct to the quote-unquote goal or sale. So it’s streamlining that it’s thinking about that. It’s taking away all that friction. It’s making it super simple. Like how do you get them directly to the goal? And that would actually be one more step that we will put into the future, but we didn’t have

18:39 – 19:07

Jessica Miller: the time to do that right now with the technology, but we got one step before that. And then there’s a follow-up piece that we’re going to talk about here with the team on the back end. But we were able to capture these people, we were able to make a connection, and we were able to see that they are raising their hand saying that they are a hot lead. And that is so powerful. So it’s visible, they’re in your system now, they’re in the raffle, they are signing up for a consult, and now they’re coming in the

19:07 – 19:33

Jessica Miller: door, and you are really creating that relationship, and you are now able to nurture them. And that is gold, it is pure gold. And so again, like how do you make that simple? And as I mentioned, for the next iteration, we will go directly to the calendar and make that simple so that there’s no friction. Like people are raising their hand, they’re like, I love this, I love you, I wanna come in and I’m coming in on this date and it’s locked and loaded. And that makes it as simple as possible. Again, similar to what I

19:33 – 20:07

Jessica Miller: was talking about before with the don’t make it hard to buy, when you put people direct to sale, like you get them direct to that services page, direct to that cart, you increase the chances of someone buying exponentially. And it’s the same concept for things like this, leads, consult calls, etc. So that second thing is streamlining the effort, leveraging the technology, really thinking through how people are going to move through this event to the goal and making it easy. And if you can dial down the number of decisions that somebody needs to make, it is

20:07 – 20:37

Jessica Miller: even more powerful, even more powerful. That leads us to the third thing, which is the follow-up and the follow-through. People drop the ball many, many times in this step. They put all of this effort in, maybe they even think about the strategy, they have a plan, they’ve spent all the money, time, they’ve put all the things together, and they’re moving through this event, and they think that after the event ends, that is where it stops. But I’m here to tell you that actually the event and those things that you’re doing are just the beginning of the relationship.

20:37 – 21:07

Jessica Miller: They are just the beginning of the journey. And the follow-up and the follow-through are the most important pieces. Now, as I mentioned with the streamlining piece, the more that you can get people all the way through to the goal and the closest to that sale that you can, the less follow-through and the less lift you have to do on the back end. So as I mentioned, when we got clear on these leads going to consultation and then we got them through that form to raise their hand and give us all the information for the consult, and

21:07 – 21:36

Jessica Miller: they booked and submitted, that was great. We’re like almost all the way to the goalpost. If we had had the calendar in there, we would have gone even further. Like we would have been kind of in the goal, like in the end zone, because now they’re on the calendar. There’s that one more step that you’ve taken them closer to actually coming in the door and actually paying you, like coming in and having that conversation. So the more that you move them through to that goal, the less lift you have to do on the back

21:36 – 22:08

Jessica Miller: end. However, there’s always back-end follow-up and follow-through. So what is it that needs to happen now that they’re in your world? How do you ensure that they are going to do what they said they’re going to do? So in this particular case for Suzy, how do we make sure that we get that consultation on the books? How do we make sure that once they get on the books that they actually come? And so we created an entire follow-up process. We really drilled into what are we going to do next? What are we going

22:08 – 22:36

Jessica Miller: to say to these people? How many times are we going to touch them? What are we going to do to make sure that they’re on our calendar and they’re booked? How are we going to make sure that they come in and show up for this consultation? And so we fleshed out an entire plan. It first started with that follow-up touch point after the event, making sure that within, I like, 24 to 48 hours, you are connecting back with these people. It was so great to meet you. It was great. I’m so happy that you joined the

22:36 – 23:08

Jessica Miller: raffle. Depending on the lead, like what it is, making that sort of customized and timely. So touching them 24 to 48 hours later. You can also do this in an automated fashion. You could have something created that feels very customized where it’s taking those leads that are in your CRM, pulling their names out and giving them a personalized message, like an SMS message, or even an email. I am a huge fan of SMS because people open them. It’s like a 90% open rate in the first 10 minutes that somebody gets a text message. And if they’ve given

23:08 – 23:39

Jessica Miller: you their information, again, at this event, they have raised their hand to be contacted. So contact them, right? So you can send them a very simple message that is actually personalized, but it is also templated. So you’re not actually physically typing out a hundred different messages, but it comes in a timely manner. So that 24 to 48 hours after, it’s reaching back to them. We created that message: “Thanks for coming. It was so great to meet you. We’re so excited for the raffle. We’re going to be pulling it at this time and make sure to stay tuned.” And

23:39 – 24:09

Jessica Miller: I want to also add that when they submitted that form, and I didn’t mention this before, but when they submitted that form to come in and be in the raffle or have a consultation, they immediately got an SMS message. So we said, we got your raffle submission. Thank you so much. We’re so excited. Stay tuned here. We’re pulling this on Wednesday. So we did make sure that we got into their SMS immediately. And then we, at the aftermath, the follow-up, we made sure we just followed on that behavior. And so we

24:09 – 24:34

Jessica Miller: just said, you know, it was so great to meet you. Thanks for coming. We’ll be in touch. Have a great weekend, type of a thing. So the first thing is touching them in that 24 to 48 hours. And then after that, it’s how do we make sure in this case that we have followed up with them to get them on the calendar, get them booked for that consultation. So we went through the process of that. We talked about how many times we should touch base with them, what we should say, which modalities do we want to

24:34 – 25:00

Jessica Miller: utilize? Do we call them? Do we send them an email? Do we send them a text message? Do we do maybe a couple of those different things? We really worked through that piece so everybody was clear on that. And then once they were on that consultation being booked and they were done and they were in the system, then we talked about the show-up sequence. How do you make sure that they get in the door? What are some of the things that you can put in place to raise the probability that they will get there? For

25:00 – 25:29

Jessica Miller: many people like med spas or brick-and-mortars or service providers, maybe you take a card, a credit card to hold that appointment or a very small deposit or something like that so that you up the ante if people are going to cancel at the last minute or you’re just promoting the behavior like if you wanna cancel, please contact us, don’t just no-show. And so we made sure that we had that all mapped out. They’re gonna get a reminder. They’re gonna get a reminder text message. They might get a reminder email. We also thought

25:29 – 25:58

Jessica Miller: through how do we personally touch them so in the world today people get bombarded by so much technology. How do we personalize this? And if you’re not talking about like needing to reach out to 10,000 people, when you have smaller groups, you can increase intimacy. And intimacy is so important. It’s what drives a relationship. It’s what sells. And so how do we increase the intimacy? And so we really thought about, you know, is there a way that someone could physically reach out to them and call them? Can they send them a personal message where it feels

25:58 – 26:33

Jessica Miller: like either the owner of the MedSpa or the team is actually reaching out? Even audio messages, right? These little audiograms that you send in a DM or in a text message or these very short videos utilizing technology like Bomb Bomb or VideoAsk or things like that, that make it super personal and increase that intimacy really help drive the result that you want and increase the conversion. And so we mapped that all out and we made sure that the follow-up and that follow-through were locked in because it is so important. So having a plan of what you’re

26:33 – 26:59

Jessica Miller: going to do in follow-up is number 1. You need to know what that’s going to be. You need to have it mapped out so it’s clear and then you need to execute. And you need to, as my husband would always say, you need to swim to the wall. Go all the way through. Don’t contact them just 1 time. Don’t think you’re bugging them. Don’t do all of those things. Swim to the wall. Reach out to them from the headspace that you’re gonna help them solve this problem. And if they raise their hand to say that

26:59 – 27:26

Jessica Miller: they are needing it, guess what, they wanna hear from you. So go through and make sure that you pull that person all the way through to the goal and make sure that you do everything that you can to make sure that they stay on track. So that’s the third piece. So wrapping this up, we want to keep these 3 things in mind. Number 1, do you have a strategy and plan? Do you know why you’re doing this event? Do you know what the plan is? Do you have goals? Is it clear? Is everybody on the same

27:26 – 27:52

Jessica Miller: page? Start with the end in mind and never ever agree to or go into an event without having clarity about where this is fitting in your business and how this is helping you and what this funnel is. And this is not something that just, you know, when you start out, you don’t think of these things. I will tell you when you are an established growing business and the businesses that I work with, they are multiple million dollar businesses. They are moving so quickly that sometimes they’re just doing the things that they always did or saying

27:52 – 28:23

Jessica Miller: yes to something without actually taking the time to reverse engineer it and think through it. This happens a lot because you’re growing and you’re moving so quickly. And part of the work we do is asking these questions, getting clear, like why are you doing this? And what did you do before that worked? And are you doing that again? So having that strategy is paramount. The second piece is streamlining the efforts and leveraging the technology, making it easy for people to get to the goal. Don’t make the process clunky. Don’t make it clunky. Make it easy for

28:23 – 28:53

Jessica Miller: people to quote unquote buy from you or get to the goal that they want to get to. Fewer decisions, better. Less friction, better. You want to make it a simple, easy yes. And where you can combine those decisions, like if they do this one thing, they are signed up for the raffle and the consultation, that is gold. Because you don’t want to have to have people do several things or have multiple steps if you can avoid it. So streamlining that and really thinking through like where does this fit in? How does it free us up? Like

28:53 – 29:25

Jessica Miller: how does this fit in the whole scheme of the logistical practical part of the event? And then last but not least is follow-up and follow-through. Make sure that you have a plan for the back end. It doesn’t end when the event is over, when you leave the event, it actually just starts. Now you’ve started a journey and a relationship with this person and it’s about nurturing them, touching them, making them feel really important and pulling through that relationship to ultimately getting them what they want, which they raised their hand for when they actually, you

29:25 – 29:55

Jessica Miller: know, signed up on that form or signed up to talk to you or told you they wanted you to contact them. That is the whole point. So you wanna pull it all the way through. I will tell you these 3 things alone, if you do this, you will watch your conversions and the output of your events soar, soar. Because they’re so intentional, they are so dialed in, and they are so connected to the business growth that you want and the things that you have done that you know work. It’s a combination of doing what you know

29:55 – 30:30

Jessica Miller: is working, like leveraging those things, and then weaving in these best practices that make sales inevitable, that make growth inevitable. And it’s always customized to you and your business. There’s no one size fits all. You don’t walk into these things and everybody does the same thing. But if you take these 3 pieces and you really apply them to your business specifically, you will watch your event and your conversions explode. And as I mentioned earlier, this is something that’s also transferable to a lot of other places in your business, right? You’re touching people in all different ways,

30:30 – 30:56

Jessica Miller: not just at a physical event, for example, and this applies. So make sure that you take those notes and you go back to your business right now and you think through this lens. If you have something on the books, put it through this filter. If you have something that’s coming up, look at these things and see if there’s something that you can tweak to make it more powerful. And if you’re thinking about something in the future, make sure that you have this in mind. And if there are things you can leverage, people you can leverage, support you

30:56 – 31:27

Jessica Miller: can leverage to make whatever you’re doing more powerful, I promise you, you will grow faster and you will make more money and you will connect with more people in a more powerful way while doing the same or less. It’s about making these things an asset in your business and not just any asset, a really powerful aligned strategic asset that works for you. And that is what it’s all about. So I’m so excited to hear how this works for all of you. I want to hear the success stories. Go out and do this right now. Run, do

31:27 – 31:38

Jessica Miller: not walk. You know we’re moving into a warmer season. This is when people do events, especially physical events, so let’s make it work for you. Until next week everyone, have an awesome week.