Episode 141

Episode 141: Prevent The Summer Slowdown with Sydney Chase


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In today’s episode, I sit down with Sydney Chase to discuss strategies to prevent the summer slowdown in business. We talk about the importance of planning and being intentional during the summer months to maintain momentum and set oneself up for success in the fall. The key strategies we discuss include topics that will help drive engagement, bring new members to your audience, and increase your sales. We also highlight the significance of building relationships, being visible, and leveraging existing content to drive sales and increase reach, as these have been key drivers of our own business and the business of the clients we serve.

Join us to hear practical tips for thriving during the summer and maximizing business opportunities and how we brainstorm some ways that you can use this marketing strategy to grow your business right now!

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Why being intentional during the summer months is crucial to maintaining momentum in your business.
  • How giveaways and collaborations with other businesses increase reach and engagement in a more powerful way than you can do on your own.
  • Where and how you can leverage existing content and repurpose it strategically to save time and effort.
  • How to proactively engage with others on social media to build relationships and increase visibility.

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About Sydney Chase

22 Marketing Co., led by CEO and founder Sydney Chase, is a dynamic social media marketing agency dedicated to helping creative and passionate female entrepreneurs increase their impact on social media. The company prides itself on being the go-to “social media BFFs,” offering services that include social media management, consulting, coaching, and content creation.

Sydney, a social media marketing expert, emphasizes authentic and personalized marketing that focuses on real connections rather than just numbers. With a vision of making social media a fun, easy, and simple way to build a community of online friends, 22 Marketing Co. is committed to helping businesses flourish in the digital world while ensuring a fulfilling life outside of work and prioritizing mental well-being.

Jessica Miller [00:03]

Hello, everyone, welcome to this week’s It’s Your Offer Podcast. I’m here with somebody very special Sydney Chase. So excited to have you here in the studio today to talk about getting rid of this summer slowdown preventing the summer slowdown and talking to people about what we’re seeing in our business, in the business of our clients, all the things. And I’m just so excited to welcome you here to talk about this today.

Sydney Chase [00:28]

Yeah, I know, I can’t believe this is my first time on the podcast. So excited.

Jessica Miller [00:35]

That’s true, isn’t it?

Sydney Chase [00:39]

I know, I feel like well, anyone who knows us, but those who don’t know us, we’ve been working together in some form or capacity for many years now. And so I’m really excited to talk about kind of a topic that overlaps both of the work that we do with clients. And I think it’s also something that is so prevalent, but also a good time to talk about right now before you’re actually knee deep into the summer. And like, Oh, dang, I should have made all these plans, you know, set a strategy or focus on X, Y, Z, before I was actually in it. So I think it’s perfect timing. Yeah,

Jessica Miller [01:20]

I agree. I agree. And I am actually kind of shocked that this is your first time on the podcast, but it’s true. I think I’m like distracted by this now. But either way, like ruins yours. Yeah, obviously. So for tell everyone about you and your business so that they know what you’re focused on and the clients that you work with?

Sydney Chase [01:39]

Yeah, so I’m Sydney Chase. I’m the CEO and founder of 22 Marketing Co. And we are primarily a social media marketing agency. We work with women all over the world, but I would say primarily on the East Coast and West Coast of America, who are either solopreneurs you know, sometimes business coaches, life coaches, fitness coaches, or even product-based ecommerce brick and mortar type of businesses really kind of ranges. But we primarily help people through social media management. I also do a lot of social media consulting strategy work with people. And I’ve been doing it for about probably six years now, which is really crazy. So even thinking before reels were a thing, you know, before carousel posts were a thing. I was doing social media management. So it’s grown. Now I have, you know, a team under me. And we just have really loved adapting and growing for where, you know, social media is, you know, always evolving and changing. And, and it’s been really, really fun. So, yeah, the business has just taken many different steps and pivots. But we’re, I know your podcast was just awarded the Boston Business Women award. Yeah. And we were also just voted, best marketing agency for from Boston Business Women. So that was a really great milestone. And yeah, something for this year.

Jessica Miller [03:15]

Oh, so good. Congrats, of course, for all of you, listeners, as Sydney mentioned, we have been working together for many, many years. I think I might have been working with you in 2018. When you just started out you had just started basically. And yes, oh my gosh, it seems like 100 years ago, when that was happening to now and watching you thrive. But we have been working together in some capacity, whether it’s Coach client, or Sydney has been helping me with my social media, she’s been helping many of my clients with their social media. She’s worked with me on my luxury retreats. We’ve done all the things, even our VIP days. So the two of us are very familiar with the space that we’re in, the clients that we’re helping, and really just looking across those problems, across a variety of businesses. Whether you’re just starting, or you’re more established. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or you’re a service-based business. And when it comes to the summertime, we are seeing so many of these same trends. And a lot of the reasons for that is because you know many industries, they’re very cyclical the summer affects them in a similar way. Business owners are similar people, they want to do different things in the summer, maybe they want to change the cadence of what they’re doing. And all of these things affect your sales, they affect how people are moving through your business. So one of the things that really kind of spurred us to do this podcast, was to help people go into the summer intentionally was to help them think through how they can plan for those summer months and set themselves up for success. As I mentioned, many people think the business in the market changes in the summer, and sometimes it even slows down a little bit. But your business does not have to come to a screeching halt. And I think We’ll city and I want to offer that if you’re serious about your business and keeping that momentum going in your business overall throughout the year, you need to think about how to plan for the summer in a way that gets you through those months in a powerful way, if the market is shifting, but also how to make sure that you’re set up for success on the back end of that, when people sort of return out of the summer, and how and what do you do to make that an easy transition and a powerful one. And so we started talking about this. And we’re like, we need to get on the podcast to talk about this with everyone. Because I think kind of that rooftop message for us is that if you want to have a thriving business, and you want to weather the summer, you need to think about how to plan your business through those summer months to keep the momentum going. And to prevent yourself from going into this like falling off of a cliff type of inexperience that many of us have in the summertime. So we’re looking to share some of that with you during this podcast.

Sydney Chase [06:00]

Absolutely. It’s how to use your time wisely. If you do find that you have some more time on your hands. So what actions can you take with that time. And then like you said, secondarily, and I see this so much, especially when it comes to social media marketing, is that we hit October, you know, November time of the year when it’s busy sales season, holiday, you know, timeframe. And really the work that should have been done to set you up for success is during the summer. So I think what we’re going to really go through and talk about today are the ways that you can prevent the slowdown is really focusing on increasing your reach through your marketing efforts and certain strategies that we’re going to talk about that specifically, you can intentionally put your time behind to increase your visibility at the amount of people that you are touching in your marketing efforts, because that is what’s going to lead to the increased sales and setting you up in a great spot for holiday season.

Jessica Miller [07:05]

Yes, absolutely. And to that end, you want to be thinking about your summer, right now, you do not want to listen to this podcast and put it on the shelf until June 15, and then start to try to get in front of the eight ball. Because at that point, it makes it twice as hard. So this time period of the year, you know, May, June, July, August, we want to think about our customers and what they’re experiencing. And we want to roll with that one of the major pieces as we go into the summer, on top of planning is thinking about Memorial Day, right? Memorial Day is such a great summer kickoff. There’s so many great promos and things that can happen reach partnerships around offers related to Memorial Day. And that is really where you want to be in full swing now. And then what are these other pieces that can increase your reach, continue that momentum, bring new people into your ecosystem, even if they’re not buying all the things in the summer. So that’s what we want to do. And here’s the side note, and Sydney and I talked about this before we got on the call. And Sydney, you could tell me if I’m completely wrong, but I know you’re not going to tell me I’m wrong. The more you show up, the more you also drive sales in the moment in the here. And now a lot of the problem that people see in business is they either start too late, like Sydney and I are talking about like, don’t wait till June, or they just like completely take their foot off the gas, because they’re like, oh, it’s going to be slow. So I’m just going to like cop out now kind of thing. And those add to the results. So some of this is going to be market driven, some of this is going to be huge driven, some of it is going to just be, you know, kind of intersection of those two things. But really what we’re talking about here is in increasing reach, making sure you’re doing these very specific things that we have found create the best results as it relates to summer and building that momentum for the fall. So okay, let’s go through it starting with number one. Number one, number one is…

Sydney Chase [09:08]

So it’s going to be hard to rank these but I would say probably something to plan for the summer that I think a lot of people forget, especially businesses that are more of a digital business more online, is to do giveaway, either one giveaway or maybe multiple giveaways in the summer. Because not only does this you know, do people love free things are like interested in winning something. But it also really helps engagement on that post and on your account, especially if you’re going to be collaborating with other businesses who may have a similar target audience as you or you know, may have either a complimentary service or something like that and so what I have seen is that a lot of online businesses need to be reminded like you can do a giveaway, it doesn’t have to just be, you know, a product that you could be giving away, you could be doing a certain strategy call for free, or giving away an e book or something like that. But then for people who do have maybe more of a product or more of an in person, service-based type of business, if you’re a spa, for example, you could be giving away maybe a facial, you could be giving away some certain skincare products. Tying back to Memorial Day, maybe there’s a giveaway that you do around these bigger types of holidays, when it’s the first day of summer, maybe it’s some sort of summer, you know, giveaway that you can do anything that’s tied to a theme or something people already have attention to. And then let’s say you are partnering with someone, include them in it, you know, one a collaborative posts, we’ll get into that, after this in terms of other reach strategies, but do a collaborative post and then make the requirements things that would lead people to follow you to engage on the post, maybe it’s putting their name somewhere to add to your email list, right? All of these things are going to help your marketing efforts. And it’s going to be beneficial to both parties. If let’s say you have to follow both accounts, or you, you know, it’s something where they also have access to your audience. So I would brainstorm a fun giveaway that you can do. Because I think a lot of the time on social we think, Oh, I have to sell, sell, right? Like that is that is the point. But we also have to think, what does your audience want, of course, people want a fun, you know, giveaway, something that makes them excited, that really gets them engaged in that posting. And we typically see when we do this for clients, we see a big increase in reach and engagement and followers, right, whatever your specific goal is for the campaign. So I would say start there, think about something that you can give away, be strategic with it. And to follow up with that. So we mentioned collaborative posts. And if you haven’t been on Instagram, and a little bit, this is somewhat of a new feature. But we have been highly, highly recommending it to clients for the past six months. It because Instagram has introduced that you can have collaborative collaborators on posts, it could be a real a feed post. And so this means that a post when you collaborate gets posted on both feeds, so it looks like that other person also posted it on their feed as well. So you really get double the interactions, double the amount of engagement. You could do a collaborative live video with people there’s many different ways to do this. But I would highly recommend putting that in your social media plan for the summer. And sometimes for clients, we recommend if you can do one collab a month, right, or if you can do one a week, that is great, that may take some extra planning. But again, be strategic, ask people who have a similar target audience than you maybe their audience is a little bit bigger than yours, so you can reach more people, right? So really getting intentional with who you’re going to collaborate with is really important.

Jessica Miller [13:36]

Yeah, I agree. And the reason I love this strategy with giveaways and collaboration is because it creates a huge amount of leverage in your business. So you can use this primarily from an audience building engagement followers capacity, if you’re seeing that your focus for the summertime, is embracing that low, maybe you actually do have a little bit more time and using that to really audience build, and start to build up that momentum for the fall or a later time. But also, when you start to collaborate with people are you’re doing a joint giveaway, you’re also gaining visibility on their feeds right into their audience. And when you bring more people in to view, whatever offer you have, whether that’s Memorial Day, or an existing offer that you have on your platform, guess what they do they buy, because you have more people now that are seeing it. So it’s win-win on both sides for that type of strategy. And it’s something that once you get good at it, you can implement it all year long. It doesn’t have to just be in the summer. So learning you know how to do that how to leverage the platforms. The collaboration through Instagram is awesome because that just gives that added boost with the algorithm behind it, which means you’re doing the same amount of work and you’re getting like twice as much bang for your buck. It’s so good. So I love that I think that’s such a powerful pull strategy.

Sydney Chase [15:01]

Yeah. And it also gives more credibility. Like when you think about it, for example, if you hear a guest on a podcast that you loyally listen to, right, you’re way more likely to trust and listen or buy from that person, because they’ve kind of been vetted from the podcast that you already trust. So it’s kind of that same thing where if you are collaborating, with someone, their audience is way more likely to go to you for something and buy something from you. Because they already trust that person. Totally. So that, again, is why I think it’s important to be strategic and who you choose to work with. And I think another element of this is also just embracing your local community, especially if you are more of a like local storefront, like really that who are the other stores, you know, on your street, right? It’s bringing more traffic to that area, what are the big popular small businesses in your town or city, because the location based content is going to help you so much when it comes to social media, because a lot of the algorithm is pushing out, you know, content that is in your local area, if you open your Instagram, I’m sure a lot of the ads or posts that you’re seeing if you’re in Boston, it’s a lot of Boston content, right? You’re in Seattle, it’s a lot of Seattle content. So that’s another element, I think, to be strategic. And even again, if you’re an online business, and location isn’t necessarily too important, there’s a lot of you know, within the Digital entrepreneurial world, there’s a lot of just different communities. So just connect with your people. That’s what social media is about. Right? Like connecting with people and being social. So think of it through that light, I think.

Jessica Miller [16:55]

Yeah, yeah, I want to say, number two, and this isn’t in ranking of like, the most important to, least important. But a thing that you touched on, which I think is very important, as you think about the summer is really like dialing up that fun factor, like we talked about. Where we’re meeting people where they’re at, right, it’s summertime, and people are more free, and they’re spending time with their families, and they’re vacationing and you want to think about that in these, you know, strategic endeavors that you’re doing. So, you know, if you’re going to do the giveaway, or you’re going to run, you know, a live a free live, or you’re going to get on the podcast, like, where is your customer at? And how can you talk to them in that moment about something that they value that’s related to what is going on in their life. So when you do a fun giveaway that has like a summer theme, and it’s something that they can use right now, and or it’s showing your result that’s relevant to where they are, people are bought in, and don’t think that they are not scrolling their phones in the summertime, because they are. So how do you like stop that scroll? How do you make them engage, you know, make it fun, make it on point on brand for what you’re doing. And sometimes that’s a little bit out of people’s comfort zone. I know, I always joke with you sitting I’m like, You’re just so much more fun than I am. But to that end, like who are those fun collaborators? Who are those people that are real, you know, in a related, you know, brand that can help you. But they’re also fresh in the way that they’re going to help you think about your content differently and engage with people through things that really are relevant to them in that moment, which does shift seasonally. Like it’s different than what I’m interested in what I’m interested in June, different than what I’m interested in February.

Sydney Chase [18:42]

So I think this is a really good segway for it’s like, okay, you know, I want to have more fun, I want to show my personality more, how do I do this, right? Like, what are the types of content that I can showcase. And I would say two things. And I know people are either going to roll their eyes or be really excited for this, but I promise I’m going to tell you how to make it fun. So that is reels and going live. Okay, I know there are some people who absolutely shy away from this, they want to hide from these two different pieces of content. But first, I promise you, you can do it. You can do it in a way that’s authentic to you. But also talk about ways that we can just like make this fun and more enjoyable. So first, let’s talk about going live. If you are going live consistently, your audience is going to be way more engaged, you’re going to be reaching more people. And it overall is absolutely going to tie back to your sales because if people are watching your live, they are so invested in you and your business. Now. I don’t want you just going live sitting on your phone just talking to the camera, you know just like monologuing along for 15 minutes. We need to think of things that are going to be way more engaging to watch. So if you are, let’s say a business coach, a life coach of some sort, think of something fun, like, have my morning coffee with me while I talk about XYZ, right? So you’re sitting there making coffee doing something interactive, while you’re telling a story, right? Or doing somewhat of like, a vlog life catch up, or teaching people about something. And if you do that, every Wednesday morning, for three months straight, people are going to be invested, they’re going to say, Oh, where are my Wednesday morning coffee chats with Jess, you know, on Instagram, because I want this coffee all over. I’m just getting love watching night or right? Like maybe you’re painting your nails while you’re talking on a like I do. Yeah, do something while you are live, don’t just sit and talk to the camera, because people are going to get bored, very, very fast. If you are more of a product-based type of business, unbox a new product, right? Show people what the product is. If you have a storefront, like show what it is to walk through your store, meet an employee show the latest new, like facials you’re doing right or products that have come in, like, really allow people into that behind the scenes feel. Because again, it’s movement, people are watching something, right things are changing, it’s more entertaining, you get to show your personality more. So I challenge people to think of going live in that way, not as something like Oh, like I have to do this or I have to just like sit and talk to my phone, you know, for 10 Zero, right. So that’s, that’s one piece of content going live. And then the second or reels and I know people are like I don’t want to dance; I don’t want to like point at things on reels and totally don’t have to. There’s a lot of different ways to post reels a lot of different types of content you can show on there. But it is a great way to show your personality and to you know, allow people to either see the things you’re interested in, right like the Taylor Swift audios are so popular right now. So that’s something that is really fun and engaging. But we know reels are one of the best way to increase your reach and visibility we see across all of our client accounts is that the best pieces of content are always reveals the things that always get the most engagement, the most eyes that on them attract the most followers are reels. So use your time wisely when you’re creating content this summer, and be posting at least one reel a week. And this doesn’t have to be hard. This can be a five second clip of you drinking your coffee in the morning with a strong hook, an educational value-based caption call to action, call it a day. So really try not to overthink it. But I would say those two pieces of content allow you to have fun, show your personality, but also get a lot more eyes on your content. Yeah.

Jessica Miller [23:29]

And I think for real specifically, I mean, for the people who are listening to this podcast, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I am pretty much 100% sure that everyone has a lot of content. So how do you leverage and repurpose that content, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time. If you’re pulling from those pillars that are very true to your brand. And what it is that you’re talking about. People need to hear them over and over and over again. So summer is a great time to just refresh that and put that stuff out again, like what resonated, you know, in January, what resonated last summer I mean, be strategic and how you think about this, but you don’t have to spend hours to your point, you know, creating some really sophisticated content, like repurpose it be strategic with what you use and let the algorithm really carry you. A lot of those points, you could also come forward and say in a five minute live as well. So you know, I think a lot of times people think of these types of mediums as needing to be complicated and take a lot of time, but they really don’t. And your content that you’ve created already is a goldmine. Like, I remember you telling me this, like, listen, take this thing and, you know, recreate it. And this is also where I think partnerships really come in handy because people can look at your stuff and think, oh, share this thing. Or do that like some fresh eyes, even a friend or accountability partner or somebody you’re collaborating with can give you a lot of really good perspectives on doing that, I think.

Sydney Chase [24:56]

Yeah, absolutely. And you’re ready to dive In the last strategy?

Sydney Chase [25:02]

All right. So last strategy, because again, this is something that I think a lot of people forget. Because time tends to be a big constraint. So again, if you’re using your time wisely here, a lot of people forget about doing proactive engagement on their social media channels. And I always say, it’s like peanut butter and jelly. It’s like your content and your engagement are like peanut butter and jelly, right? You can’t, can’t have one without the other. They complement yes, they complement each other, if you are, and one can only work super well, to a certain extent without the other, right. So if you’re just posting content, not doing any engagement, your content is only going to do so well. It’s only going to go so far. If you are just doing engagement, but not posting any content, your page is only going to get so much traction, right? So proactive engagement is when you are spending intentional time, it can be 10 minutes a day, it doesn’t have to be too long. But you are going on a platform like Instagram, tik, Tok, LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever it is, and you are actively finding ideal client accounts on those platforms and engaging with them. Again, going back to what is the purpose of social media in the first place, it’s to be social, it’s to make connections. So comment on their posts, reply back to their stories, DM them about something right, like, you’re not going to get engagement on your content if you are not also engaging with accounts. And also just the way you know, the algorithm works, they all want you to be spending time on their apps and spending time taking actions engaging on content. So this is really, really going to help increase your visibility, your reach your engagement will help your content perform better. And again, you don’t need to be sitting there for an hour every day. But start with five minutes, start with five minutes each day, work your way up, can I then do 10 minutes, can I then do you know 15 minutes, and I guarantee you will really start seeing more traction, and more sales. Because if you are nurturing these connections, you’re ideally leading people into the DMS, right. And that’s where you’re going to sell is in the DMS after people have gotten to know you after they trust you. So add this into your strategy to really complement the content that you’re putting out. And I want to say too, with all of this, I know it kind of sounds like a lot of different things to do. But I think the summer is a great time to build the habits and to work it into your plans and routines. Because I see it all the time. A lot of people once things start getting busy, it’s the holiday season, they fall off of all these things, right, all of these activities that they know works, that they know helps with sales. So that really take this time to like set these habits for yourself, make it something that is either let’s just a part of like your normal every day, every week, or you have someone on your team or someone who can help execute on these things, right. So there’s a couple of different pathways to go down. But if you’re going to do at least at least one or two of these strategies, I think you’re really going to see such an impact and a difference in your content, your platforms and your sales.

Jessica Miller [28:53]

Yeah. And I think Sydney touched on something that I really want to kind of just lean into a little bit more. And that is this idea that there are so many things that as business owners, we can grab some random shiny object that we are going to latch on to that we think is going to be the thing that’s going to move our business forward. I see them every day. And I just like many of you are like ooh, shiny, and I want to go after this thing. But one of the things that Sydney and I have worked very hard on our own businesses and also helping our clients do really well is find those levers that when you pull them they create a whole lot more on the back end from the amount of effort and time that you put in. And so when you plan, when you are strategic when you really lean into the things that are working for you and that are created to help you leverage your time and effort. You get so much more out on the back end. Those are the types of things that we are talking about here on this particular podcast. So anything like you know collaborations, giveaways, going in and engaging with other people, building relationships, being visible and getting out there. Those are things that are not only going to serve you well now, but they are going to create big results from now until forever. And every time you do that, and you build the habit around it, it’s also going to keep producing results for you. So this is time really well spent. And it is a way to both boost your sales directly, because again, more eyeballs on your offers and on your business drive sales. But it’s also a way to invest in your business in the long term. It’s both of those things. And so utilizing what people think is sort of like the downtime in your business, in a powerful way becomes the biggest driver of your money and your sales and your efforts for your entire year. Because right on the tail end of this time of the year when you do all these things is all the momentum that comes in the fall and into year end, which Sydney tell me if you see anything different on your side, but for my business, enter my client Q4, When everyone quote unquote, is distracted by the holidays is the biggest revenue driver for my entire year. That comes from being intentional. Right now. It’s setting it up. Now, it’s being intentional into that summer months. it’s creating that whole pregame time, until people kind of come back in full throttle in the fall and into the winter. And it really sets you up for all that. So these are the things that you want to do, because they have the biggest effect on the results that you have. And to Sydney’s point, it can sound like a lot of things. But it’s really just three or four things. And it will take you infinitely less time and energy than haphazardly putting a ton of time and energy into your business mainly in ways that likely are not moving the needle. Because that’s what people usually do when they’re not thinking about it and digging into it. They just kind of grab things because it feels good and it feels productive. But in reality, it’s not really setting you up for more success.

Sydney Chase [32:02]

so true. And I think to like kind of the last thing I’ll say on just don’t get overwhelmed is like, try all these things, put your best effort in for at least three months, right? And analyze, see what the results are that you get. And if you’re finding like, Okay, I’ve gone live every week for the past three months, and no one showing up. Nothing’s happening from this. Okay, cool. Take it off, lean more into what is working, right. If the reels are what’s working, well dive more into that. So that’s why it’s important. I think, first to try the strategies, experiment, be consistent and give it time. Because if you’re not being consistent, and you’re not giving it time, you cannot fully judge it. Because every business is different. And every audience is different, right? Your ideal client might not love chatting through DMS, right, they might just want to sit there and watch your live or you know, it’s people are going to respond and behave differently. So just keep an eye on those things. adjust accordingly for the fall but give it your best effort this summer. And be consistent, build habits. Because no matter what any marketing effort is going to help your business in some way like truly. So you’re there’s really it’s never a waste of like time or energy or effort. Because any eye on your business, any brand awareness is worth it.

Jessica Miller [33:37]

Totally, totally I could not have said that better. And to that end, as you are creating these results as you are having these successes. We want to hear from you. We are here cheering you on. But we want to hear those wins. So if you are driven to write into support at Jessica Miller coaching.com Let us know what is working. Let us know what you’ve put out there. We’re all about supporting each other and going on there and engaging with great content. We do it too. So we want to hear from you. So right into support at Jessica Miller coaching.com. And let us know. And we are wishing you the most profitable most amazing summer ever and we are pretty sure that this is going to move the needle. Sidney thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise. We’d love to see you out there on the social interwebs tell everyone where can they find you on social media because they know where to find me but where can they find you?

Sydney Chase [34:29]

Yeah, so I would say number one Instagram @22MarketingCO_ and just yet send me a DM it’s fully me on there chatting with people. So yeah, I love to hear from you. And also I have a ton of free resources to help so if you want to check those out. It’s just an on Lincoln bio on my Instagram page. A lot for like doing engagement and things like that. So feel free to check them.

Jessica Miller [35:00]

I love it! Thank you so much Sydney! and everyone have a fantastic, fantastic week!