Episode 134

Episode 134: Simplifying the Sale: Making it Easy for Clients to Pay You


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Are you ready to skyrocket your business growth? In today’s episode I am going to share with you the ultimate secret to unlocking your sales potential: simplifying the buying process for your customers!

In this power-packed episode, we focus on one of the keys to maximizing profits in your business: making it effortless for clients to pay. Say goodbye to complicated sales funnels and hello to streamlined transactions that keep your customers coming back for more.

Ready to transform your sales process and watch your profits skyrocket? Tune into this week’s episode now and start simplifying your sales for maximum success!

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • How to ensure easy access for customers on your landing pages and websites and make purchasing a breeze with clear, visible calls to action.
  • The key to minimizing complexity and reducing the steps required for customers to make a purchase.
  • Why in today’s fast-paced world, mobile is king and how mobile-friendly websites, landing pages, and functionality that cater to customers on the go is where it’s at.
  • Innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest tech – from AI sales assistants to chatbots that can enhance the purchasing experience and drive sales like never before.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your offer Podcast. I’m Jessica Miller, and I’m so thrilled to be here with you this week to talk to you about sales. As you know, on this podcast, we talk about growth. And we talk about your business through the lens of your offers. And not just any offer but creating a Hell Yes! offer that optimizes your business for profits and growth. As part of that process, you have a sales process that allows your clients to find what it is that they need and buy it. And in order for that to happen in a powerful way, it needs to be streamlined. It needs to be simple. And it needs to be easy for your clients to pay you. I cannot tell you how many times in my own experience with my own business, and also working with many clients, how difficult we sometimes make this. It’s not intentional, obviously. But when we are in our own businesses, or we are used to looking at our own tools and resources, and things on our website, we don’t see where those gaps are and where we are making it difficult for people to pay us. So if you want to have a business that consistently makes money, you need to make it easy for people to pay you.


And today I’m going to share with you some of the main places that I see that we make this hard, or harder, than it needs to be for our potential clients to give us money. The bottom line here is – don’t make it hard for people to give you their money when they want to. I am confident that every single person on this podcast that is listening, 100% of you have had the experience where you have either gone into a physical store, or you’ve gone to a website where you want to purchase something, where you want to solve a problem that you have, and you know this person has a solution. And you cannot figure out how to buy it from them. And you’re standing there thinking to yourself, “please let me give you my money”. This is not the experience that you want your clients to have. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say, probably somewhere in your business this is what’s happening right now. But not after today’s podcast! Because today I’m going to walk you through the places where I see this happen the most. And my goal for you is to leave this podcast with a list of things that you need to go and look at in your business, right now.


If you’re just starting out, you want to make sure that as you’re building, these are some of those things that you make sure are on point. And if you are listening, and you are an established business owner like I am, I want you to go into your business and I want you to look at all of these things. There is zero judgment. For any of this, we are all likely doing one of these things. But now you know, and you want to fix it. So let’s dive in today and look at where you might be making it difficult for people to give you their money and how you can make it easier for clients to pay you.


Okay, number one, the first place is that there is no Buy Now button. I know this might sound crazy. But I see this all the time. So that might look something like there’s no button on your landing page above the fold when people land on it. The places I like to see Buy Now buttons are on that top right hand corner when you’re looking at a page. And then right in the middle of the page, right above the fold. You have a headline and then there’s a button. If you’re a brick and mortar or maybe you’re a different type of business is there an order now button, right by now or order now. The bottom line is there are people that are coming to your business right now. And they are wanting to give you their money and they can’t figure out how to do that. You want to make it’s super simple for them. Those people that are ready to buy, you want to give them the opportunity to buy. For those people who are going to work through your page or even work through your physical store, and then they’re coming to the point where they’re buying, you want to make that easy.


So, in a physical space, you want to make sure it’s very obvious and your position to have your cash register and have the flow of your business optimized so that people know where they can just go pay. They’re looking for those XYZ items and then they’re going to go and give you their money, they know how much it is and where to pay. So, this first piece is making it glaringly obvious for people to buy in that particular spot. This is also true on a landing page, that Buy Now button, make it very prominent, and make it often. Don’t bury it all the way down. You’re going to have a, here’s my program, here’s the button to buy. And then you’re going to have more information. And maybe there’s another Buy Now button, right? There’s a cadence to that. But you want to make those buttons easy, easy and obvious. And you want to make sure that they’re not buried. So, the first piece is this obvious Buy Now button. Is it obvious what you’re selling and how people can buy it? I know, again, this sounds so basic. But I cannot tell you how many places I have been. Where this is not obvious. And I see this, for me personally, on a weekly basis. When I go to order food, I land on a restaurants site. And I cannot figure out how to get takeout. I cannot figure out how to actually order. Or I can’t figure out how to make the reservation. Don’t let this be with your restaurant. Make it super simple. And if you don’t offer one of those things, like maybe you don’t offer takeout, make that obvious too. But don’t bury these things. Make it simple. People are coming there. Let it be easy for them to buy.


The second piece is making it overly complicated to make a purchase. So, what I have found working with clients, and this is especially true with my growth consulting when we are putting different strategies or campaigns together, maybe in some cases, we are leveraging some sort of technology. The most powerful processes that we see, the most powerful sales that we make, are when people are going direct to a sale. Direct to booking. So, if we put something in front of people, for example, let’s pretend we’re running an email campaign about a promotion they’re having. And there is a button in that email that says, here’s some information about this campaign or this promotion. And are you interested in buying it, and that button takes them directly to the cart, directly to the page, the likelihood of that sale, and the sales that we are seeing after are infinitely higher than if we were to tell them something about the promotion, and then put a button in there that sends them to some random place (even on a sales landing page), and requires them to scroll and scroll and read and get down into the kind of muck of all of this information to then find their button to buy. If we can get people directly to the sale, directly to the booking, the output is infinitely better. The sales are infinitely higher.


So, you want to think about this when you are thinking about your sales process. Is it simple for people to move through that? Are you making it overly complicated? Do they have to click through 17 things to finally get the information and the ability to pay you? If the answer is yes, you want to streamline that. And any technology or any process that you can use, that allows people to go directly to the decision-making point, is always going to be more powerful. Now, I caveat this by saying this is also very dependent on your offer, what you’re selling, the pricing, because different offers and different levels require different upfront information, or the sales cycle is different. So, I’m not trying to homogenize this completely. But when you look through the lens of how is the quickest way that I can get somebody this information, and then get them to the place where if they are ready, they can buy it, you will be better.


So, making it overly complicated or overly wordy or too many steps are where you’re losing sales. You want to get the information and give them the opportunity to buy. Also, I want to say just as a side note is that you can think about the format of this in the sense that you can put in that call to action or that ability to buy during the conversation or during that sales cycle in a very strategic way that you’re grabbing the people that are ready to buy in that moment. But if people need More information, they can either keep reading or keep going or have a conversation, or whatever, you’re giving people that next step, but you’re not making it so complex that they can’t buy when they’re ready to buy. And of course, different people have different buying behavior. So, you want to think about that, when you’re going through that sales process. But the quicker you can get there, meaning the less complicated that you make it, the better. And you want to think about where that resistance is in your sales funnel, because that’s where you’re losing people. So don’t make it overly complicated. How many steps does it take for someone to be able to get to a place where they can buy.


The third place that I am seeing people lose sales, is that their website, their landing pages, the things that are out there on the web, and we know many people leverage the web, right? This is 2024. And we have to do that those places, those sites are not optimized for mobile. They are not optimized for your cell phone, and for the ability to maneuver to a sale when you’re on a mobile device. So, an example of this is let’s pretend that you are a restaurant that wants people to call to book your takeout order. Or you want them to call to book a reservation. If you don’t have it set up to that when people click on that button, it goes for example, directly into their phone app and opens up with that number in it. And then you can just hit the call button. You’re losing people. Because if people have to literally go to from that webpage that your phone number is on, into their phone, like type in a few numbers, go back, then retype some more. Or they have to copy and paste it and then go over and then open their phone app and put it in, there’s so much resistance in that. Especially if they’re doing other things like they’re trying to do this with one hand, or things like that. It just makes it that much more clunky.


Or if your number, that number is buried all the way at the bottom in your footer, for example, and they have to go find it and then they need to copy it. And then they need to open up the other app and they need to call you. Do you get my point with how many steps it takes for me to just tell you how to do that? You’re losing people. So, you want to make sure that in this day and age, you are optimized for mobile. You’re making it easy to move people to that sale through mobile technology. And you’re also making it visually optimized. And what I mean by that is – have any of you ever had this experience where you’re on this tiny little mobile site. And then somebody wants you to click something. And then the box pops up and half of it is off of your screen. So, you have to move your phone now into landscape mode.  And you have to twist your phone to the side. And then they want you to type something in that. So, you open up your little phone keyboard on your phone, and now the rest of the screen is shrunk and you can’t really see it. Oh my goodness, it’s just making the hair stand up on the back of my neck already.


This is a huge pet peeve of mine. So, they’re making it so difficult for you to even use it because it’s not visually optimized for the phone. So many people are utilizing mobile, to work with you. And 100% of people now in this day and age have a cell phone, everybody does. And people are busy, and they’re on the go. And your ideal customer has certain ways and behaviors that they’re using their mobile devices. Know what it is, and make sure that you are optimized for a mobile friendly experience. Otherwise, you are losing sales. You’re making it hard for people to pay you. And if you think that they’re going to remember or go home three hours later and sit down at their desktop and then push the order through, that is a much bigger hurdle than just doing it in the moment. So, you want to make sure you make it easy for people to pay you on mobile because that is a really important thing.


The fourth thing is broken hyperlinks. Again, a very basic idea. But where on your website are people going nowhere. And especially those places where it might be direct to sale? Are those Buy Now buttons broken? Is that mobile link phone number where it’s a mainstream of people getting to your business and actually making a sale, not working? Take the time to go through those hyperlinks and make sure that they are working. Not only is it going to be clunky from a sales process and it’s going to be costing you money. But in my experience, it’s also a credibility and sort of thought leadership, mental game, where people are going to your website, and your links are clunky. And it seems like it’s old, and it’s not being kept up. And they form an opinion about you and your brand. You don’t want to be in that place, either. But definitely, from a direct to sales perspective, when the links are broken, you’re making it difficult for people to give you money. Don’t do that. So go and check out those hyperlinks and make sure that they are actually working, they are on point, and that they are getting people directly to that sale as quickly as possible.


And then the last thing is around the technology. So, as I mentioned earlier, many of my clients, we are leveraging technology, very focused on their plans for growth. So, we work with people, especially my consulting clients, where we are mapping out a growth plan for them. Part of that growth plan strategically is always looking at where their best opportunity for driving sales is. And the reason for that is you’re going to grow the most. If you can identify and focus on where you can make your most sales. What is that best opportunity for you to essentially take what is working in your business, where you are selling things, where that offer is that’s really performing, and then optimize it for Hell Yes! And drive that and push that to become a powerful repeatable asset in your business. And so one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you’re leveraging technology in a way that allows you to pull your customer through that that client journey to that sale in the most powerful way. Technology is changing so rapidly. Right now, as we are recording this podcast, whether it is different AI sales assistants, or different chat bots, or its integrations between different programs, we are in an age now where the technology is really truly here to make our lives better and easier.


And especially easier for those potential clients that are coming to us who want you, you, the business owner, to solve their problem. And so, leveraging those technology solutions is really, really important. And so, any tech upgrades that you can make that again, drive direct to a sale, direct to a booking link, if you have a service, maybe you are a brick and mortar Med Spa, and you want people to book a certain service with you, getting those people directly to that place where they can book it. Or maybe you’re selling a product, and you’re doing that online, and people want that product. And so maybe you’re pushing this out through, I’m just going to use a chatbot as an example, inside of that chat bot, where you’re having that conversation, the link that goes directly to the product. Leveraging that technology of that bot to get that link in front of people. So, they go directly to the sale is crucial. The easier you can make it for people through the technology that is in their hands, or in front of them on a screen, while they are thinking about it (while they are poised buy) the more that you can use that in a powerful way, the more sales you will make. Because now people do not want to have to jump through hurdles to get to you. In fact, half of the time, they don’t even want to talk to you. They’re not interested. And that’s not a ding on you. And it doesn’t mean anything about you. It’s just the buying behaviors that people happen to have right now.


So if you aren’t leveraging the technology in a way that makes it easy for them, that puts it in a context that they want. Meaning that you’re not trying to drive them to call you and make an appointment when actually what they want to do is not talk to you at all (and do this at 10 o’clock at night when you’re not even open) you’re losing sales. You’re making it hard for people to pay you. And that technology is really a key integral part of your business in this day and age. And I say that because a lot of people will shy away from the technology. They will think that they are not tech people. And they will kind of be doing business in the old way that we’ve all done business. Well, this is an invitation for you to level up. And it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Let me just preface this by saying that the technology that I use with my clients is probably some of the easiest but most powerful technology out there to pull through the strategy, which is really where it’s important. We put all of our brainpower into what is your best opportunity? How are we creating this Hell Yes! offer for you by taking what you have, and identifying where we can make it work better and creating a powerful asset. But then when you leverage the technology on top of that it and again, not complicated, very streamlined and very much tied to that sale. You’re taking all of the goodness that you have in your business, all of this work that you have done in the thing that is working and people want, you’re now optimizing it, and then you’re getting it in front of people in a way that is super powerful, and super easy and meets them where they’re at. And guess what the result is – lots of sales. Lots of sales.


So that’s the way that you want to use the tech. And again, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be as simple. Like I mentioned, you know, AI sales assistant on your website, or you’re leveraging a tech campaign that has, for example, text messaging, that is going to roll out a promotion that you have, there are infinite ways you can do this. But I will tell you, the simpler the better. Because again, you don’t want to make it complicated for people. And you’re putting it through a medium they understand like a text message. So you’re not making them learn a new app. You’re not making them set up a new username and sign on. None of that. So again, you’re taking that process, and you’re just streamlining it. And you’re getting them directly to that sale in a faster way. So again, simplifying the sale, making it easier for your clients to pay you.


So to recap through this, and again, to remind you that if you’re listening to this, what I want you to do is I want you to go and look at your business, through these lenses. I promise you there is a place where it’s broken. And that is normal. Because it’s a byproduct of growth. We’re moving quickly. There’s a lot of things happening. Things are changing all the time, zero judgment. In fact, if something is broken, it’s almost a badge of honor, because it means you’re doing lots of things, and you’re going places. And now is just time to tighten that up. Because you want to make it simple for people to give you money, not hard and you don’t want to be losing people in that sales process.


So the first place is go to those Buy Now buttons, are they there? Are they working? Are they strategically placed? Do you have them on your website? Do you have them in your landing pages in the places where you need to? All of those things you want to be looking for. Is there a place where if people are primed to buy, they can go and buy and give you their money? Don’t make it hard. Two, is your sales process overly complicated? Is it a 17 step process? Do they have to go searching for things? don’t do that make it simple. It’s like one click, go directly to the booking. Connect them to the Services page where they can buy the thing. Whatever it is, don’t make it a complicated process. Whether it’s clicking through a million things, or it’s needing to be overly wordy. You don’t want that either.


The third thing is your business optimized for mobile friendliness. In this day and age 100% of people have a cell phone. They’re all using it to buy. I am a perfect example of this, whether I am buying on an Instagram ad, or I’m scrolling on something on social media, or I’m getting something out of my email. I always buy off of my mobile phone. I almost never buy off of my desktop. So the easier people make it for me to do that, the quicker they get the sale. Oh, and a side note, I didn’t mention this earlier. But this is another thing with mobile. In my phone, and many people’s phones, we have stored credit cards. So whether it’s GPay or whatever. There’s a million of them. When I go to that card, and I go to click on the credit card place, and those credit cards can easily populate. I pick from my list. I have my business card in there. I’ve got my personal card in there. I have a debit card in there. When that list comes up when I click in that credit card cart on your site, and I can pick from my credit card that is actually already stored in my phone, the sale happens. If you make me not be able to do that, meaning I have to go downstairs and get my bag at 10 o’clock at night to get my credit card out of there, I opt out. In fact, I opt out because you made it difficult for me. Don’t be that person. Make sure that in your cart, you can leverage technology like that. And that actually ties into this concept of you know, leveraging tech that I talked about as well. But in that point of sale on that mobile phone, make sure that you can leverage if those credit cards are stored within the phone, that people can get them. Again make it easy for them to give you their money.


The fourth thing was broken hyperlinks. Everybody has them. It’s part of doing business. It’s part of growth. Make sure that all of yours are tied up. Because again, when people are trying to navigate through to even like get to the Services page or find whatever information they’re having on your website, and they hit a dead end because the link is broken, a lot of times they don’t even know where to go from there. They’re just going to opt out. So make sure that they’re not broken. And then last but not least, make sure that you’re leveraging the most recent and powerful tech upgrades. People in this day and age want to buy when they want to buy. If that’s 10 o’clock at night, when they’re in bed, that’s when they want to do it. Allow your tech to make it easy for them to pay you whenever they want, on their own terms.


If you are still in the place where every single person needs to pick up the phone and call you in order to book an appointment, or buy a thing or get scheduled, you are living in the dark ages, and you are losing people. Because they will not remember if it’s 10 o’clock at night that you open at eight o’clock in the morning. And then they’re going to call you when they’re trying to get their kids on the bus or they’re trying to start their day for work or they’re running out the door. It’s friction, and you don’t want friction. You want to simplify the sale by making it easy for customers to pay you.


So go back and look at these five things. This is just the beginning. But I will tell you from working with people who have started out all the way up to multi-million dollar businesses so many people are making it difficult for people to give them money. Difficult for clients to pay them. Don’t be one of those people. One of your fastest ways to growth is to make sales easy for people, clear and easy. And that you do that especially, especially around your offers that are selling. That generates the most money. Because that is where your best opportunity for growth is. That is your Hell Yes! offer. That is your Hell Yes! growth. Which creates your Hell Yes! business. And that is what we’re here for. So until next week everyone, I am wishing you simple sales and customers paying you easily! Have a beautiful week!