Episode 122

Episode 122: Profitable Podcast Guesting With Dustin Reichmann


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In today’s episode of the “It’s Your Offer” podcast, I sit down with Dustin Reichmann, owner of 7-Figure Leap Coaching to talk about the evolution of his multiple businesses, and his most current endeavor where he helps mission-driven solopreneurs add 6 figures to their bottom line by telling the right stories on the right podcasts.

Dustin shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting as an engineer and transitioning to marketing consulting and partnering with a local business. He discusses the impact of COVID-19 and how it led him to focus on podcast guesting. Dustin also outlines his 5 Ps framework, which walks you through the five steps he uses and teaches his clients to help them leverage podcast guesting as a powerful tool to grow their network and business.

Take a listen to this powerful episode with Dustin and grab a pen and paper because there’s so much actionable goodness in this episode that you’ll want to take notes, so you’ll be able to implement these best practices immediately! Enjoy!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why entrepreneurial journeys often involve evolving offers and business models.
  • How Podcast guesting can be a powerful tool for building relationships and growing a business.
  • The 5 Ps framework for leveraging podcast guesting to grow your business.
  • Why building relationships and leveraging opportunities are key to success in podcast guesting.
  • Why keeping the business simple and focused, with a streamlined funnel and templatized processes, can lead to rapid growth.

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About Dustin Riechmann

Dustin Riechmann is a serial entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He specializes in helping mission-driven solopreneurs add 6 figures to their bottom line by telling the right stories on the right podcasts. Everything he teaches is based on real-world experience from his clients and his own successful online businesses.

Jessica Miller (00:03.414)

Hello, Dustin, welcome to the show. We’re so excited to have you here.

Dustin Riechmann (00:07.298)

So excited to be here. Thanks, Jessica.

Jessica Miller (00:09.158)

Yeah, so for the audience and for everyone listening, tell us a little bit about you, your business, so that people can get to know who you are.

Dustin Riechmann (00:16.206)

Sure. So my business today, and I’m sure we’ll talk a little bit about the entrepreneurial journey and the offers along the way, but my business today is helping brands sell through story and so specifically I help people use podcast guesting to grow their online business.

Jessica Miller (00:30.242)

I love it. So for everyone listening, Dustin and I cross paths in a group that we’re in, and I’m so excited for him to share his story with you about his entrepreneurial journey, where he is today. Because as we focus on offers, it is so important for people to understand that your offers evolve, your business evolves, and all of us have been through a journey. And Dustin’s is so cool, so I can’t wait for him to share this. So Dustin, I know you didn’t start with the business that you have today. So tell us why you became an entrepreneur where you started and what was it that you were selling when you first became an entrepreneur.

Dustin Riechmann (01:04.414)

Yeah, absolutely. So my professional career actually started as an engineer. So I went to school for civil engineering, did, had a master’s degree, taught at the university, did all kinds of stuff with, with traffic engineering. So car traffic and then, you know, eventually became website traffic. So as a, as a side hustle in 2009, so way back when I started a website called engaged marriage and it grew out of marriage ministry that my wife and I were doing in real life through our church. I was like, Hey, you know what? I feel like this message.

Jessica Miller (01:16.866)

Oh my gosh.

Dustin Riechmann (01:34.23)

needs a bigger platform. And so that’s when I learned how to make a website and did all that stuff. That evolved, I wrote a book, we did some speaking. The offer around that, the core thing that we sold and actually is still active today is a membership site. So we had a membership site around marriage enrichment and marriage resources. So that really brought me online digital marketing, really grew that for about five years while still doing engineering. And then…

But it got pulled eventually finally out of engineering. Just the marketing stuff just kind of took over. I started getting consulting clients. And so by 2017, I was a full-time entrepreneur, left engineering world behind, and was basically doing marketing consulting for local and online businesses. Sort of all things. Like I didn’t really have a good offer, right? It was just like all custom work, anything from Google, my business, local listings to making websites, to running ads. But it allowed me to really.

Jessica Miller (02:18.949)


Dustin Riechmann (02:27.234)

touch a lot of different industries and offers and really understand all sides of marketing and business building. One of the people I met in that journey was a local butcher shop owner and he and I ultimately became business partners. I’m also still a business partner and a physical product called Fire Creek Snacks. You can imagine most people would say like a healthy slim gym, like a protein snack, a meat stick.

Yeah, so I basically took his product and local business knowledge and brought it online and learned how to do Shopify and e-commerce and learn that whole world. Uh, and then that eventually pulled us into like going to trade shows and like toe-to-toe selling. And so, yeah, I’ve got a lot of experience, uh, and a lot of gray hair, you know, as a result. Um, but that, that product is, you know, very different than selling, uh, a digital marriage resource, but I, you know, over the years I’ve seen the through lines and I understand.

Jessica Miller (03:12.091)


Dustin Riechmann (03:25.058)

the importance of offers and all the different ways you can structure and get them out there through marketing. So, I was humming along. Yeah.

Jessica Miller (03:30.838)

Yeah, Dustin, you have to tell us, you have to tell us, okay, I have to ask you, so tell me about how you decided to partner with The Butcher. Like you just didn’t decide one day that you’re gonna sell these products. How did you decide to do that? I need to hear this.

Dustin Riechmann (03:35.936)


Dustin Riechmann (03:49.97)

Yeah. So the way we met was actually through him launching his third location, uh, in my local community. And so I just, I kind of got to know the store and we went out to lunch and, um, and I ended up, he became a client for that. So I was doing local marketing, created a new website and just selling his local butcher shop, you know, meat products. And one day he was like, Hey man, like, this is going really well. Um, I see you have this other business that you’ve told me about. Do you know how to sell stuff online? I’m like,

Jessica Miller (04:04.226)


Jessica Miller (04:09.875)


Dustin Riechmann (04:18.922)

Yeah, sure. You know, like I’ve never sold a physical product, but I’m, you know, other than a book, but I’m sure I could figure it out. And so that’s, that was the impetus of it. It was sort of a trial. And I said, Hey, keep paying me for the client stuff that we’re doing, uh, the butcher shop stuff, but on this front, let me just try it. Like I’ll build a Shopify store. Um, and if it works, we’ll figure it out. And so I just went and basically leverage the email list I had created for his local stores created this website.

then made an offer back to the local list and we made online sales from it. And I was like, this is getting legs, right? And so that was, that’s how it started. And then, then I started doing a revenue share and then eventually it was like, I had such a role in it that we became partners, um, in, in that business. So yeah, that’s how, that’s how it started. Yeah. Uh,

Jessica Miller (04:52.607)


Jessica Miller (05:02.978)

That is so cool. I love it. And it sounds like as you were doing that, as you were like rolling through it, you started to learn all these new things. Like I assume you didn’t come into it knowing how to revenue share, but there were these other opportunities and you just kind of followed those crumbs where they were leading you.

Dustin Riechmann (05:19.998)

100%. Yeah. I learned a lot on the, on the business structure and taxes and all that good stuff. Um, on one side of this and then on the marketing side, as I, I sort of mentioned, you know, not only was I learning e-commerce and how to sell online and do those types of offers and ads and things like that, but we started in 2019. He’s like, Hey, we want to go to Orlando with me. Uh, there’s this golf show, like a PGA merchandise show. I’m like, I guess. Yeah, sure. Whatever. So we flew down to Orlando. We it was crazy. It was insane. And we’re slinging meat sticks like throwing we flew all these samples down. Neither of us had ever been to a trade show. And we’re like, I guess we’ll just give out a bunch of samples. And then you’re not actually supposed to take orders at the trade show, which we didn’t know. And like, so we were taking credit cards from these golf pros. And like, I had a square reader, and we’re just like taking orders. It was insane. And so we end up doing it actually leads to this next chapter directly because

Jessica Miller (06:05.922)

Oh my god.

Dustin Riechmann (06:13.814)

We did that throughout 2019 and we did a dozen trade shows. And we started to get a much better feel for the industries and the brick and mortar sort of opportunities for Fire Creek snacks. Like where is this landing? And that was really useful. And it helped us figure out like, I don’t know, we sampled like 5,000 is my estimate, about 5,000 people like I toe to toe said, please try this. And then like, give me your feedback. And like, that’s a very uncomfortable thing to do, especially as an introvert.

Jessica Miller (06:28.213)


Jessica Miller (06:43.49)

Sure. Yup. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Dustin Riechmann (06:43.798)

but extremely valuable as far as you can’t get better market feedback, right? Um, so anyway, we did that and then heading into 2020, I’ve got my COVID story, uh, where this really takes a pivot. Um, so like March, 2020, I’m doing this solo show. I’m driving from St. Louis to Chicago and I’m on the outskirts of town and I get a phone call that, Hey, this ACE hardware trade show has been canceled. I’m like, this has never happened before. This is odd. And.

Jessica Miller (06:55.105)


Jessica Miller (07:10.789)


Dustin Riechmann (07:11.918)

Uh, so yeah, of course it turns out it was in response to COVID and all that stuff. And so when I got back home, about three, within about the next three weeks, you know, uh, I lost 80% of my marketing clients because at this time I was still doing the marketing for local businesses and I was running fire Creek sales and marketing. So our whole marketing strategy went out the window for fire Creek and I lost most of my clients cause they were closed. And so I was like, okay. So, so, but the silver lining in all this isn’t.

Jessica Miller (07:26.497)


Jessica Miller (07:31.317)


Jessica Miller (07:36.852)

Oh my gosh.

Dustin Riechmann (07:40.778)

in the summer of 2020 that forced me to get creative, think about a different way to sell fire Creek. And that’s why I got on podcasts in the first place. So I, what can I do virtually from my house to get this message out, grow this brand, uh, and, and just think differently. And so, yeah, the very first podcast interview I did was how I partnered with a local business to bring their products online, which was actually a very timely thing, uh, you know, in COVID and, um, and.

Jessica Miller (07:49.986)


Jessica Miller (07:55.999)


Dustin Riechmann (08:07.146)

Yeah. And as they say, the rest is history. That was, that’s where I started in this whole podcasting thing that was actually to sell meat sticks on podcast interviews.

Jessica Miller (08:15.558)

Oh my gosh. Okay, I just want to also pause and say for everyone that is listening to this, first of all, I want to say that I’m sure that this journey in some capacity, you can all relate to. We can all relate to this, even though our heart is in our mouth, we’re like, what? Like the whole, just the winding road that opportunity brings you, which brings you so many good things, but in the process, to your point,

about like the gray hairs and the mental dialogue that is going on there as you’re moving through it and the creativity and the resilience that is needed as an entrepreneur to just keep going, right? Keep your eye on the ball and go. And there’s nothing like COVID to really like shake that up and make it like, oh my gosh, it’s like do or die here. But I think the other thing that’s really so fascinating about this that I just wanna point out and Dustin, maybe you can elaborate a little bit on this is that

Dustin Riechmann (08:44.462)


Jessica Miller (09:08.39)

Not only were you successful through this journey, but where you are now with this product is remarkable. It is amazing. So can you just talk a little bit about where it’s at now? Because this is not some little side by night, side hustle, like, oh, three people know about this. This is a really successful brand that came through you innovating and working through what was a very tumultuous time for everybody, especially you in the business that you were in.

Dustin Riechmann (09:36.248)

Yes, tumultuous to say the least. And yeah, so today Fire Creek Snacks is a seven figure brand and we built it that way with no paid ads, which is pretty remarkable in the e-commerce space. So, you know, it’s pretty notorious for like putting a quarter in and getting 30 cents out that sort of, and a lot of the founders stay anonymous. We chose to tell our story, sell through story, build relationships. And the podcast guessing, of course, ended up playing a huge role in that and be able to do that at scale.

Jessica Miller (09:51.948)


Dustin Riechmann (10:06.454)

But yeah, we’re currently in a Midwest market for Walmart. We’re in a couple of the largest distributors in the country. We’re in some hardware co-ops, which are pretty big distributors. So the brick and mortar side of the business has really flourished at what we would call the wholesale side of the business. And then, you know, Shopify, the online business is humming along as well. But we’ve actually focused more on the wholesale side, just because that’s where a lot of those relationships led us. But yeah, the Walmart opportunity actually came.

Jessica Miller (10:31.595)


Dustin Riechmann (10:32.874)

out of a podcast interview that I did in the fall of 2020. And it landed us on the shelves eventually in early 2023. It’s not a short process to get into the largest retailer in the world, but it came from a relationship that came from a podcast interview.

Jessica Miller (10:35.938)

It’s amazing!

Jessica Miller (10:48.854)

Yeah, oh my gosh, and worth the time and effort. It’s so cool. It’s really great. A lot of our listeners also are brick and mortar owners here, especially in the Boston area. So it’s just really cool to see the evolution of our product as well as some of the service-based businesses that we have. So it’s just amazing. Congratulations. What an awesome, awesome accomplishment. And the podcasting piece. So I can imagine, yes, everything went online during COVID. What a great opportunity to use that as a lever to get you out there. So you started podcasting. Talk a little bit about that. How did you decide which podcast to get on? You know, was it like, Hey, anyone whose podcast I can get on, I’m going to do it. Did you have a strategy? Like, tell us a little bit about that.

Dustin Riechmann (11:32.022)

So in the early days, I had very little strategy. I had this idea for this story that I shared about bringing a business from offline to online and what that was like. And so I got on a show called The Side Hustle Show, which was just a show I listened to. It’s actually a pretty large podcast. I didn’t really realize what I was jumping into with that. And it went really well and we made direct sales. I mean, stuff I would probably not advise people to do now that I know a lot better, but you know, it was just like a cold outreach to the host with the story got on, gave a coupon code at the end. So like I could track the sales and, um, and know the, knew that we were making, you know, direct sales on our website from this appearance. So then the next time it was, Hey, that was fun. So like, let me tell this business story. And then I started getting interviewed on marketing podcasts because you don’t have all this background with digital marketing and, and was just telling the marketing story. So I would kind of tweak the story a little bit to the target audience. But basically I was getting on mostly like business, business podcast, telling the business story. And there were enough people in those audiences, even though it was pretty untargeted, you know, that they were buying the meat sticks. Now a different approach, a better approach, and something we kind of got into down the road a little bit was, hey, this meat stick, which is, you know, it has certain health attributes and no allergens, it’s gluten free, all this stuff that makes it pretty special. Why don’t we like…

Jessica Miller (12:26.102)

Hmm. Yeah.

Dustin Riechmann (12:51.19)

talk to people who care about that. So eventually I started getting interviewed on like ketogenic diet podcast as an example. And because the people listening would like be direct consumers of our product, like pretty much all of them. And so again, it evolved, but yeah, for the first six months of this journey, it was pretty untargeted. I was just kind of customizing the story to that host or that audience and started only in doing it repetitiously to figure out a system around it that I now use and teach.

Jessica Miller (12:54.388)


Jessica Miller (12:58.495)

Oh, interesting. Yep.

Yes, I love it. Okay, tell us about the system because when I met you, this is the thing that I basically found out about you. Now I love all the other stories too, this is so good. But talk about your system because I think this is really powerful. I mean, podcasting is a really powerful vehicle and as a business owner, using this strategically and having a plan around it and a system is huge. So tell us a little bit about what you discovered with that system and plan.

Dustin Riechmann (13:32.526)

Ha ha!

Dustin Riechmann (13:50.834)

Absolutely. Yeah. It’s probably the easiest way to describe it is just talk about my framework for how I teach it. And that will give people a lot of clarity and kind of the step-by-step approach that we take to this. And I’ll just say it out loud, I target this towards the guesting side. So a lot of people get confused. They’re like, well, I don’t have a podcast. I’m like, I don’t either. I’ve been a professional guest, quote unquote, for three years and three and a half years at this point. And so I still, I am going to have a podcast and a lot of these strategies work very well for hosts, but

Jessica Miller (13:56.138)

Yeah, please.

Dustin Riechmann (14:18.338)

just so people are thinking about this the right way. This is for guesting. So if you want to come be on someone else’s show and tell your story. So five steps, Five P’s in this framework. And so I’ll just, I’ll briefly mention each one and then we can go back and unpack them a little bit. So step one is purpose. Step two is plan. Step three is pitch. Step four is perform. And then step five is profit. So the other thing about what I’m doing is I target this for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Jessica Miller (14:25.122)


Dustin Riechmann (14:45.734)

Because in step one purpose you really need to define why are you doing this right? Like what’s the point like, you know until you understand the business goals of why you want to be on podcasts and tell your story It’s not really worthwhile to do the other four steps And so there are lots of reasons to do it that aren’t business growth Like you could do it because you want credibility you want to spread the word about a cause you care about there’s lots of good reasons to be interviewed But in my world the people I end up working with they want to drive business results from it, you know leads and sales but that step one is Purpose. Like why do you want to be on podcast? Step two, once you know why is which shows, right? Put simply. And so we’ve got a Process for the research that goes into that finding shows that we know would be Profitable, finding shows that are likely to want our message. So that’s step two. And we call that Plan. Step three is Pitch. So now I know why I want to be on the show. I know which shows I want to be on. I still have to get on them. Right. And so the, the Pitch is basically how do I compel that host?

Jessica Miller (15:41.344)


Dustin Riechmann (15:43.466)

show them the value I can give to their audience and ask them if I can be on their show, right? So there’s this mystery that I’ve found and that people think, oh, if I’m on a show, if I hear someone interviewed on a show, like they were fraternity brothers or like they spoke together at a conference. And of course some of that does happen, but the majority of guests actually asked the host to be on. And so that’s what step three is all about, is doing that in a really compelling way. And that’s, we call that Pitch. Step four, once they say yes, great.

Jessica Miller (15:50.614)


Jessica Miller (15:58.87)


Dustin Riechmann (16:13.314)

do interviews, right? Like how do I prepare? How do I introduce myself and what stories do I want to tell? And most importantly, what’s my call to action, right? Like, so if I do a good job and people emotionally connect and they’re like, wow, this is really compelling. I learned a lot. I want to know more about this. You have to give people that next step, right? Which leads into your offer as you all know. So that, but that all falls under what we would call Perform, like coaching people on how to be good interviewees. And then step five is Profit. So in the way I view this, the whole point of the first four steps is to generate an opportunity to grow your business. Right? So the whole getting on podcasts and doing that systematically and scaling that up is, is the core part of what I would call like a marketing flywheel. And so you just imagine this idea that you’re priming the pump in a sense, you’re getting things going by starting to do these interviews. So then what? Well, then you need to leverage each of those opportunities to grow your business.

Jessica Miller (16:51.584)


Jessica Miller (17:00.116)


Dustin Riechmann (17:10.55)

Right. And so step five is kind of the 80% of what I teach, you know, the 80 20 rule. So we’ll talk about my, my main offer, but just to give context to people, about 20% of the effort when I do work with an entrepreneur is in the first four steps, just getting this system going. And then step five is 80%. So like we spend most of our time leveraging the opportunities after we get them, uh, in multiple ways, but yeah, that’s, but that’s the five steps. That’s how I view podcast, guessing. That’s the system that.

Jessica Miller (17:11.904)


Jessica Miller (17:17.323)


Jessica Miller (17:35.119)


Dustin Riechmann (17:40.882)

Eventually, I figured out after doing this many, many times and then working with many, many different types of clients. Now, now, now we know how to do it quickly and efficiently, uh, and without all the, the false steps that I took.

Jessica Miller (17:51.862)


Jessica Miller (17:55.426)

Yeah, you got to save everybody else some time and some effort. I think it’s really interesting what you said about the 80-20 rule. And it’s interesting because a lot of my business growth and the building part of my business has been through speaking, not necessarily guest podcasting, but speaking, presenting in groups, things like that, and going to conferences. And it’s interesting because I agree with you. It’s, it’s the back end part. It’s after you get on the show, it’s the people that you meet. It’s how do you do that pull through part to really make it benefit your business? Because I think a lot of people think that the 80% is the upfront, it’s like getting on the show. And actually like that’s just the beginning really, right? It’s all the backend that really makes the difference. Do you feel like people don’t know about that balance or they’re spending most of their time on the upfront part or is it a skill thing that they need to learn to pull that backend part through? What do you feel like people are?

I don’t want to say lacking, but where do they need the support the most and why when you work with them?

Dustin Riechmann (18:55.818)

Yeah, it’s, it’s a great question. I, and I think to put this in context, there’s usually two buckets that people are in if they reach out to me, right? So like, I’ve kind of become known as the podcast guesting guy and I do a lot of content around it and so people kind of, people kind of know what I do. So if they reach out, they’re typically in bucket one, which is, Hey, like my friend invited me on the show. It was a blast. I got a new coaching client out of it. Like I’d love to do more of this or bucket too.

Jessica Miller (19:08.843)


Jessica Miller (19:22.716)


Dustin Riechmann (19:23.274)

Hey, I’ve done a hundred podcasts this year. And I say, awesome. Like, what’s it done for your business? And they’re like, oh, nothing. Like I’ve made $0. And so, and so you can imagine in those two, in those two scenarios, it’s one of those five steps that’s off at least one of those five steps. Um, they may not be telling, they may not be finding, they may not have ever. Thought about why they wanted to do it in the first place. So they may not be finding the right shows. They may not be telling the right stories. They may not be having the right call to action that leads to their offer.

Jessica Miller (19:29.686)


Jessica Miller (19:37.568)


Jessica Miller (19:45.642)

You’re right. Mm. Mm-hmm.

Dustin Riechmann (19:52.23)

And or they may just do nothing with it after they get these opportunities. Right. And so the really fun thing for me, if I, when I get to work with someone and they’re like, Hey, I’ve been on 50 shows. I know there’s some really good ones in there. I’ve had pretty minimal business results. It’s like, awesome. Like you probably don’t even have to be on any more shows for a while. Let’s just take the effort you’ve already, you know, put forth and published in these episodes and let’s leverage that to grow your business. And so that’s often a relief for people that are like, Oh wow, like I don’t have to just keep doing this forever. I’m like, no.

Jessica Miller (20:11.478)


Jessica Miller (20:16.511)


Dustin Riechmann (20:20.67)

A few of the right appearances can actually drive these like life change, like literally life change and results, you know, my Walmart results or, um, you know, some of the relationships, some of the relationships I’ve formed through podcast, guesting that have been turned into everything, you know, all these crazy opportunities, including, you know, getting involved in StoryBrand that all for me, that community came through podcast guesting. So it’s, and now it’s, you know, literally changed my life. So it’s, it’s pretty wild. Um,

Jessica Miller (20:28.271)

Yeah, right.

Jessica Miller (20:44.35)

It’s so fascinating. Yeah.

Dustin Riechmann (20:49.238)

But yeah, I would say that, and we can talk about, I do want to touch on something that you shared because you said you have a lot of local businesses to that listen. So I like to talk about podcast guesting because it’s like a universal vehicle for online businesses. But there are parallel examples to it that you can use that same five step framework, you can use the same strategies. It doesn’t have to be podcast guesting. And I would call this in a more general sense, like partnership marketing.

Jessica Miller (20:56.154)

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Dustin Riechmann (21:16.086)

So the idea is really getting yourself in front of your target market by leveraging someone else’s audience, but doing it in a really cool way that provides a win-win-win outcome, right? Meaning the host, the guest, and the audience all get better as a result. Like no one loses. And so you speaking from stage is the exact same thing as what I’m talking about, it’s just a physical stage. Uh, it could be a local VIP.

Jessica Miller (21:23.682)

Mm-hmm. Yes. Right.

Dustin Riechmann (21:40.642)

dinner where there’s a featured speaker. It could be a lunch and learn. It could be a webinar. It could be subscription box placements, which was a big part of the FireCreek story. So there’s lots of different ways to do this, but the mindset is like, how can I show up teach serve give, and then as a result of that grow my business, but in a way that helps all parties. And so I just wanted to kind of say that out loud. If people are thinking, I’m not sure about podcast guesting. Well, yeah, there’s other, other applications to this as well.

Jessica Miller (21:42.388)


Jessica Miller (22:06.43)

Yes, totally. That’s such a good reminder, what you just said, because some of these things are about building the skills and the best practices to look at that opportunity through the lens of exactly what you said, the win-win-win. And when you learn how to master that framework and you learn how to do it authentically for yourself, you can apply it to just about every place that you’re going to touch your audience or partner with somebody. It’s such a valuable skill to learn.

It’s great if you’re coming in at this inflection point of, I know I want to be on a guest on a podcast, or I know I want to take what I’ve done and really make it work for my business. But the truth is what you’re teaching people is a way to think about that entire journey, whichever format they’re putting it in, in a way that’s going to result in positive outcomes for everybody. And it kind of makes me think also it ties back to just a general customer marketing journey. We all like to think if there’s one silver bullet, like if I just fix this thing, everything will be better, right? I mean, even I asked you, what do they need to know? Is it the 80% or the 20%? But the truth is the whole thing needs to actually cohesively work in tandem with each other in order for the outcome to be very powerful. And once you figure that out, how to master those different pieces, you can use them over and over and over again.

Dustin Riechmann (23:09.806)


Dustin Riechmann (23:31.606)

Yes, absolutely. Yeah. And again, the podcast, guesting side of this is important. And we could talk if you want about like this specifically, like why podcast guessing and the benefits of that for an online business, but what this really is, is relationship building at scale. I mean, that’s what I’m really doing when I work with entrepreneurs is giving them a framework and a system and a mindset to go build really high quality relationships through service. And then.

Jessica Miller (23:47.766)


Dustin Riechmann (23:58.826)

reap all the benefits that generates, right? The excuse for why they reach out to me in the first place is podcast casting. And I love this format and this medium because it’s such an effective relationship building tool, but it’s really about building relationships. And that’s where you’re going to get the kind of unicorn results and the really outsized, crazy stories is through human to human relationships.

Jessica Miller (24:02.034)

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yes.

Jessica Miller (24:21.31)

Yes, I love it. And so from an offer perspective, you’ve done all of this work, you’ve come up with the framework, and now you’ve brought it into your business as an offer. So talk about your mastermind and how you’ve pulled this framework together as an offer for your business now.

Dustin Riechmann (24:37.674)

Yeah, I’d love to talk about the offer. I think to give people context, I’ll just give a real quick evolution of. From that first podcast of me being on there to sell meat sticks. How did I end up like running a whole business that runs masterminds about podcast guesting, right? Um, it’s a pretty, again, my, who knows with my story, uh, how you connect the dots in the river mirror. But basically what happened in my case was I was doing this repeatedly for FireCreek. And this young guy reached out to me and said, Hey, can I, can I pay you to coach me?

Jessica Miller (24:48.498)


Dustin Riechmann (25:06.59)

I actually want to do this for my YouTube channel. And I said, sure. Like all my business adventures, sure, let’s try it. And actually this guy, I won’t get into this whole story, but this individual is actually the one that introduced me into the Walmart ecosystem. And he ultimately is the reason I got into Walmart. So he was a very important relationship. Some 24 year old guy, he just was listening to a business show and was like, this guy’s got a cool story. So I coached him.

Jessica Miller (25:24.872)

Oh my gosh.

Dustin Riechmann (25:32.254)

And then someone else reached out and I coached them and someone else reached out and I ended up having 20 one-on-one coaching clients in the year 2021. Um, it’s a mouthful. And so as I started to do this, I was like, my whole coaching idea was like, I’ll give you a 90 day marketing plan, right? Like, let’s get on a call. I’ll give you 90 day marketing plan. And eventually they all started to sound the same because they’re all like, here’s a partnership you should pursue. Here’s a podcast you should get on. Right. And like, let’s, and so that’s where the system was developed was through a lot of work with individuals from all different industries.

Jessica Miller (25:39.91)

Oh my gosh.

Jessica Miller (25:47.926)


Jessica Miller (25:53.909)



Dustin Riechmann (26:02.114)

Then I was like, hey, this is repetitious. I’m going to do a small group. And so I did my first small group. I basically taught the first four P’s. I didn’t know what to call them at the time. But I taught them how to build a podcast guessing system. And we did that over four weeks or six weeks. And it was great. So I raised my price from one-on-one to group. I was able to leverage my time much better. And then pivotal moment in 2022, I got into a mastermind for the first time and was experiencing it. And it was like, oh my gosh, this is transformational. Like this is amazing. And I still like some of the relationships formed in there. Literally changed everything for me. And I, then I thought, I want to give this to people, you know, but, but what I’m doing with the small group isn’t quite enough depth. And so basically I married podcast guesting and the first four P’s with business acceleration and the fifth P, the profit side of this, which of course I had, you know, 14 years of experience building online businesses in all different industries, as you’ve heard.

Jessica Miller (26:37.879)


Dustin Riechmann (26:56.65)

And so that’s what my core offer is now as a 90 day mastermind experience. I call the podcast profits accelerator. And so we start by building this podcast guesting system with the entrepreneur. And then we scale it in a massive way and we build, build a, build a big, you know, business acceleration experience for them. And so our primary outcome, the promise is we build a six figure marketing channel for your business using podcast guesting.

Jessica Miller (26:57.676)


Dustin Riechmann (27:24.118)

And we’ve got a, you know, at this point we’ve got an ROI guarantee and everything because I’ve done, I think I’m on my seventh cohort of running this and I’ve really optimized it and, and people, people get, get the relationship building at scale is really what this is about. And so from an offer standpoint, that’s the structure of it. But I think something that I’ve, I think I’ve heard you say, and I truly believe in is sometimes you have to sell people what they want and actually give them what they need. And so sometimes your offer.

Jessica Miller (27:31.861)

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Dustin Riechmann (27:53.674)

and what you, how you describe it and you, and what you call it is can be different than the actual experience that you know you’re going to deliver. And that’s very much the case with what I do. So I usually don’t talk about this on a podcast, but since this is all about offers, you know, in my case, people are like, Hey, I want to do podcasting. I think I could grow my business with it. And I’m like, yes, you can. And we will help you with that. And every person at the end of this 90 days, I say, what’s the best part of this. And they’ll say,

Jessica Miller (28:01.448)


Dustin Riechmann (28:17.858)

It’s the relationships, you know, the relationships in the group, the relationships with you and the relationships I’ve been building through this new mindset and this system. So again, some what they want, give them what they need, but that, that that’s the core offer now. Um, it’s really how I spend almost all my time nowadays is running these mastermind groups, which I absolutely love. It gives me a ton of fulfillment.

Jessica Miller (28:20.33)


Jessica Miller (28:38.21)

Hmm, that’s so great. I used to run a mastermind every quarter and we stopped doing it at the end of this year, but it’s really such a transformational experience. I think, and I love what you’re talking about, about how you’re on your seventh cohort now, because I think this is such an important thing. I think people develop offers based on their expertise and their hell yes energy. You’re like, yes, I love this. I’m experiencing it and now I want to give it to my clients, right?

Dustin Riechmann (29:03.725)


Jessica Miller (29:07.242)

But then we get into sort of the real world of fleshing out an offer and actually making it work the way we want it. And what a lot of people do is either blow it up or they abandon it, right? But you figure it out. I think it’s also based on your stories, it’s your journey. I’m going to figure out how to make this work. And so you stuck with it and you kept making it better and better and better. And you are able to deliver on the brand promise, which is exactly what they came in for. They want help with podcast guesting and you’re giving that to them, but you understand that in the ecosystem of the business, there are other things that need to happen. And they happen without people realizing it’s what they actually need, but it’s a thing that makes the results so much more powerful. And it’s not the reason that they necessarily come, but it often is the reason that they stay. It’s the reason they tell other people. And I think that kind of like wow experience and delivering on that kind of value is what really drives the marketing engine of your business.

Dustin Riechmann (29:57.027)


Jessica Miller (30:05.258)

because at the end of the day, our time and our money is so valuable. So when we get into an environment where we are loving it and we are learning and we like love our coach and it’s a big love fest, like what do people do? They tell everyone about it. It’s the best marketing that you can get. And then those people tell other people and then you’re able to help those people when they come in. So it’s just so powerful. And your point earlier is you never know where those people are going to lead you.

Like it could be to Walmart, right? You’re a perfect example of that, right?

Dustin Riechmann (30:33.898)

Right, right. Well, and in my very real example, like after about three of these cohorts, this question kept coming up in the last day is like, I don’t want this to end. Like I love, I’d love to be able to show up here. I have a safe place. I’ve got friends. I’ve got people I can be real with people that understand entrepreneurship better than my spouse, you know, because most of us are married to people who aren’t entrepreneurs. And while they care about us, and they love us, they don’t really get it. Like they don’t understand the emotional ups and downs and, and all the stuff that we deal with. And so anyway, because of that, I created the next offer, right? Because any great offer when you deliver on it and over deliver on it actually creates the next problem, because it’s just a better problem, right. And so now at the end of 90 days, I say, Hey, if actually now it’s a private invitation, because I don’t have much

Jessica Miller (30:56.19)

Yes, right.

Jessica Miller (31:01.744)

No. That’s right. Right.

Dustin Riechmann (31:21.826)

hardly any capacity at this time, that’s basically full. But basically the promise or the invitation is, you want to keep this party going, I’ve got the seven figure leap mastermind, which has a different, it’s more of an infinite promise, right? So the 90 days is a very finite promise. We’re going to build a six figure marketing channel for your business and help you scale it. And then at the end of that, it’s like, if you want to continue with this, the seven figure leap mastermind is to take you from six or multiple six figures to seven figures as a solopreneur.

And we’re going to do that together in this community where we meet on a regular basis and continue the mastermind experience. So I had no conception of that even six months ago, this, but I’ve been running it now for about five months and, um, and now it’s full and it’s awesome. And so it’s kind of become my inner circle community. We’re going to do a live meetup around Podfest and coming up. And so, you know, I continue to let this evolve, but all the stuff I’m doing in this business is around, around mastermind experiences, because I found that leading them as a unique ability of mine.

Jessica Miller (31:59.891)


Jessica Miller (32:13.567)


Dustin Riechmann (32:19.938)

curating them is something I really enjoy. And to your point, it’s become kind of easy in the sense that it’s very heavily referral driven now because I’ve got enough alumni. I’m actually hosting an alumni networking event for free on in a couple of days where I just invite everyone back and I run a live mastermind experience with breakout rooms and things. And from that, I’ll get tons more referrals because people are like, oh yeah, I need to tell you, introduce you to so-and-so because I forgot how great this was when I was in it. And so, yeah, it’s fun.

Jessica Miller (32:21.249)


That’s so fun. And actually, that brings up a question that I think maybe some of the listeners might have and I’m curious from your side. So as you know, building groups is a different experience than doing one-on-one coaching, for example, and the funnel for that is very different. I think a lot of times when people think about filling masterminds or filling groups, they think about having this huge audience. But I don’t tell us a little bit about the traffic model because I, to my knowledge, you don’t have huge swaths of people. It’s very relationship driven and very targeted and direct. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Dustin Riechmann (33:24.426)

Yeah, a hundred percent. It’s I love talking about it. And to give people number, I’m very trained. One of my values is transparency. So maybe I overshare is fine. I’d rather default to oversharing. So I have about 60, 65 alumni at this point. The price has evolved a little bit over time and increased, but it’s a $10,000 mastermind program, right? So you can kind of do the math. And that’s been over the course of a little over a year. So I’m very much on, on pace to be a seven figure business over the next 12 months. And I have my email list is about 580 people.

So, you know, I don’t know what the math is on that, but it’s a lot as far as like a value per subscriber. Now, that’s completely different than engaged marriage, which is digital membership based, completely different than FireCreek snacks, right? Because it’s a different business model. But the point is to what you just said, I feel these groups through relationships through like everyone on that list is extremely targeted, high quality. Many of them are customers.

Jessica Miller (33:55.554)

Mm-hmm. Heh heh heh.

Dustin Riechmann (34:21.462)

And I am going to grow that email list and add some different components, more scalable, you know, digital components to this business in the coming year. But yeah, filling groups is, I always say it’s like exhilarating and frightening. So it’s, you know, the first time I did it, I’m like, well, the first time I did it, I like, I’m going to fill this group by July. And then July came and I had two people and I’m like,

Jessica Miller (34:35.859)


Dustin Riechmann (34:43.582)

Oh crap, like this isn’t going to work. So then I just continue to serve them and say, hey, give me till September. And then we ended up having a full group and every group’s been full since then. But particularly going from one-on-one to filling your first group or mastermind, the first one is really fun. And the second one you’re like, oh no, now I have to deliver a group, right? And then by the third or fourth one, you’re like, okay, it’s enough of a group now that I can say it’s a group. So there is that kind of messy middle where it’s a little scary.

Jessica Miller (34:44.186)

Right? I know.

Dustin Riechmann (35:12.886)

So the challenge with that is that, the psychology of like, oh man, I’m committing to a start date and I’ve got to get enough people to actually do this. But on the benefit side for the consumer, it’s the best urgency. The best urgency and scarcity part of the offer is like we start whatever, like January 18th, we start. And there’s only 12 seats. So it makes it way easier to sell it from the standpoint of like compelling people. But.

Jessica Miller (35:21.822)

Yeah. Yep.

Dustin Riechmann (35:41.682)

It is, it is, you know, I’m not going to say that it’s like not, there’s no pressure to it, especially in your first group or a couple of groups. It, there is some pressure to it, but it’s very scalable and it’s a very good use of, of your leveraging of your time as the coach. Cause you’re obviously have 12 people listening to it once instead of one-on-one.

Jessica Miller (35:47.542)

You’re right.

Jessica Miller (35:51.552)


Jessica Miller (36:01.522)

Right. Yes. Yeah, I love this. And I think this is such an important piece because I think sometimes, especially out in the online marketing world that we all hang out in, we kind of think like there’s one way to do things, but there’s really not. And I actually had a similar journey where I didn’t have a big email list. I didn’t have a ton of people. And I would come into some of these masterminds and they’re like, I don’t understand how you’re running a multiple six figure people with no email list, no lead magnet, no whatever. And I used to look at them and just say, I’m a really high touch person. So I would build these relationships and I would deliver and I love my people. I was very particular about it and it was great. So you don’t have to have an email list of 10,000 people, but what you do need is a very, you have to have a clear marketing plan. Like if you’re going to be high touch, small numbers, you need to be able to look at that funnel and know your people and who you’re targeting and how to move them through it. And then I love your comment about the ascension.

Dustin Riechmann (36:31.267)


Jessica Miller (36:58.038)

You need to understand the journey. Like where are people going? How do you increase that lifetime value of that customer? Because you can really benefit in your business from keeping people for longer and continuing to help them. And they can also benefit from that. Cause it’s hard switching to a new coach and going through the whole thing again, and not knowing if you’re going to get what you want and all those things. So there’s so much benefit in continuing to help that person. So I love that you’ve developed that other offer now after your 90-day program because I think that is such a win-win and then all the people that are benefiting from being in that group and together for longer. It’s just so good. I love it. And I love the alumni come together. That’s such a great idea. It’s going to be so fun. Are you doing that in person or is it virtual?

Dustin Riechmann (37:44.798)

It’ll be virtual. Yeah. So far, everything I’ve done has been virtual. We will meet in person at an event, like I said, coming up. That’s, that’s kind of baked into that ongoing mastermind as we’re going to do to really meet up events around, around existing conferences. We’ll all host an in-person really high, high-end mastermind dinner the night before, and then we’ll hang out and I got us all VIP access and we’ll hang out throughout the event. So it’ll continue to build that community and that.

Jessica Miller (37:47.318)

That’s so fun.

Dustin Riechmann (38:11.01)

familial energy. Um, that’s really what I’m trying to do with that group. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s been quite a journey to look back over, you know, 16, 18 months when I really started this whole thing and to now realize that if I just kind of keep doing what I’m doing, running for 90-day programs a year and having this ongoing mastermind, it’s like a seven-figure business. It’s just me and a couple of contractors, right? It’s way simpler than FireCreek and even simpler than what I did with engaged marriage.

Jessica Miller (38:23.635)


Jessica Miller (38:33.342)

Yeah. 100%.

Dustin Riechmann (38:39.734)

So highly recommended if you can pull it off. It’s an awesome offer. Um, from, from that standpoint, but it does take, like you said, I always, you said in a much more lovely way about high touch, I was kind of say, it’s kind of like hand to hand combat in a sense where I like most of the people that have been in my groups to date. I’ve had one-on-one zoom calls with at some point, right? Um, now how they got on that zoom call usually is from, you know, being on a podcast and they heard my story or a lot of times I would guest in like other people’s mastermind groups because it turns out that people that like to invest in mastermind groups will continue to invest in different mastermind groups. So if I go in and they like what I have to teach, they’re like, oh, I want to work with you next, you know? And so speaking from stages has been awesome. Of course, referrals have been awesome, but you can hear it in all of those. Those are all partnerships. Those are all win-win-win things, right? Like if I come into a mastermind group, often I’m a member or sometimes I’m coming in as a guest expert.

Jessica Miller (39:07.456)

Right. 100%. Yes.

Dustin Riechmann (39:34.686)

Regardless, all I do is show up and serve really hard and really try to help people and give people a sense of what I, what I could do. And then often they’re inbound. It’s like, how can I work with you? What, tell me more about your program. And it’s not, it doesn’t require a hard sit sale because I’ve laid the groundwork by serving first, which is one of my core values.

Jessica Miller (39:39.554)


Jessica Miller (39:56.562)

Yeah, and then I think just to also say that you have kept it super simple. You’ve got one core offer, it’s focused on a core problem. You’re keeping that funnel completely streamlined. You’re not confusing people all over the place, keeping the back end of your business very simple. And then you mentioned it earlier, but I think it’s a really important piece that when you get targeted like that and you’re helping a specific person with a problem, your process becomes very templatized because it’s the same person coming in with the same problem and you know how to serve them and you have a very unique solution. And so you can move people through it very easily. You can put together the pieces that they might need. Some of that you don’t need to be teaching. Like maybe you’re giving them access to a portal and giving them resources and things like that so that you’re letting people sort of grow. And then you’re kind of intercepting with them on the calls or however your program is doing that. But the more that you do that, yeah, yeah.

Dustin Riechmann (40:49.997)

That’s exactly how it’s structured.

Dustin Riechmann (40:54.942)

Yeah, and so.

Jessica Miller (40:55.158)

And you just optimize it. And so, I mean, this is a plug that I say all the time, keep it simple, make it simple and tight.

Dustin Riechmann (41:03.126)

Yes, simple, tight, and then once you’ve, there’s a lot of benefits obviously of doing it repeatedly. One, you get better at it, it becomes more efficient. You have a lot more specific examples to draw from. I have really powerful case studies now. And so because of all of that, in the last, I’d say, three or four cohorts that I’ve run, I’ve had this really bold guarantee, which makes it kind of a no brainer for people. And of course, I have to curate the group and make sure they’re qualified because the guarantee comes back to me. And the guarantee is simply, hey, it’s a $10,000 program. You come in, if you don’t make at least $10,000 in new revenue in the 90 days we work together, I will work with you one-on-one until you do. Like you literally can’t lose with this offer. Now I didn’t have that guarantee in the beginning, but now I can. And now with the type of people I’m attracting and with the pricing where it’s at, it attracts the people that can actually get that result. And yeah, so it’s pretty awesome. Cause now, um, yeah, with that and the urgency and the scarcity and all the social proof and all the case studies, like the selling part of this has become much easier and I started recently on board at a sales rep who I can send people to for strategy calls. And so I’m starting to offload some of that hand to hand effort and which is, which is awesome, but, um, I don’t see myself offloading the coaching aspect of it anytime soon because it’s literally my favorite thing I get to do each week is show up on these calls and serve and have hot seat sessions and like that gives me so much energy that I love that part. But I am starting to systematize part of this parts of the sales process. Now that we’ve had some repetition, and we know exactly what the offer is and how to talk about it and all the different components of the offer that make it so compelling.

Jessica Miller (42:35.307)


Jessica Miller (42:51.026)

Yeah. Oh my gosh, Dustin, I love it. I could talk about this all day long. I’m sure the people that are listening to this podcast want to know where they can find you. So where on the interwebs or your website can people find you if they want to learn more about you and your program?

Dustin Riechmann (43:00.738)


Dustin Riechmann (43:04.686)

Absolutely. So if you’re on socials, I’m pretty inactive. Again, keeping it simple, but LinkedIn, I’m very active. So if you’re a LinkedIn person, you can find me on LinkedIn. But my home base, freshly rebranded is 7figureleap.com. And I’ve got a free resource. So my call to action, you know, doing as I teach is a free playbook and it’s called the podcast profits playbook. And so it’s got three things in there that I think if anyone’s just interested in this, or maybe they’ve dabbled in podcast guests, and they’re not really sure, they can go to 7figureleap.com/playbook and they’ll get a podcast guesting calculator. You can plug in some different things about your business and it will tell you based on all of our experience and proprietary data, like how much revenue could you really generate with podcasts? So that is in there, the calculator, my pitch template. So if you’re like, “I don’t really know how to approach the podcast I want to be on”, we’ve got literally copy and paste templates that you can customize. And I’ve got an over the shoulder training in there to tell you how to do that.

And then finally we have case studies, which I actually think your audience will love because they walk through different real businesses and talk about their offer and how they use podcast guesting and how we, what we did in that 5-step framework to create rapid growth in their business. So case studies, a pitch template and a calculator all free, 7figureleap.com/playbook. And that’s, that’s what I got. That’s my, that’s my home base. That’s what I love to do. Obviously I’m passionate. And then I said, I could talk for 90 days about this and do on a regular basis. But it was fun today to be able to talk a little bit about my story and at least hit the high points of this whole process.

Jessica Miller (44:40.706)

Oh yeah, Dustin, I love it. So everyone listening, go check Dustin out, go to his website, go to LinkedIn. Dustin, no Instagram. I was like, what, there’s no Instagram handle? No, but I love keeping it simple and just staying. It’s good, it’s good. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. This was super valuable, super valuable to have you here. And for everybody listening here, until next week, stay tuned and we’ll be back with some more. And Dustin, thank you again for being here.

Dustin Riechmann (44:51.684)

There is for the marriage business, but not yet.

Dustin Riechmann (45:10.67)

Thank you, Jessica. It was my pleasure.