Episode 118

Episode 118: Creating An Amazing Client Experience with Bonny Rollender


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Understanding your customers and creating an incredible client experience is paramount for running a business that keeps clients coming back for more and telling all their friends about it.

In today’s episode, I speak with Bonny Rollender about her Aestheics Bar Rytualist, and how she’s created an exceptional offer and experience for her clients – Millenials and Gen Zs who are embarking on their aesthetics journey and are looking for a trusted guide to help them determine what they need and what will have them looking their best.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Learn why knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, what their problem is, and how what you have to offer helps them is paramount.
  • Discover different ways to build loyalty with customers so they continue working with you for years to come.
  • Understand how to think about, and craft your offers, in a way that makes it easy for your clients to buy them, and positions you as an easy yes for clients

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About Bonny Rollender

Bonny is a seasoned healthcare operations executive who has held various roles in the hospital, medical group, consulting and healthcare technology sectors. She graduated with a Master’s in Healthcare Admin from Duke University and has been actively involved in Duke’s Healthcare Advisory Board and mentoring executive MHA students. She and her husband are parents of triplets who successfully launched just after COVID, setting the stage for a return to their native state of Maine. Bonny and her daughter created a thoughtfully devised business plan to start her own business in medical aesthetics upon returning. She is now 2 years into the business and continuing to grow and learn. What truly gets her up in the morning is working with and collaborating with other small businesses in the Portland area and helping educate clients and the community about good skincare.

Jessica Miller  [00:01]

Hello, Bonny, welcome to the show. We are so excited to have you here today.

Bonny Rollender  [00:06]

Well, thanks for having me, Jessica. I can’t wait to, you know, go through this with you. It sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve listened to some of your other podcasts, and this could be really awesome.

Jessica Miller  [00:15]

Yeah, it’s going to be so good. And for all our listeners hear Bonnie, I want you to tell them who you are. Tell them a little bit about Rytualist so that they can learn all the things about you.

Bonny Rollender  [00:26]

Okay, well, my name is Bonny Rollender, as Jessica reviewed with you already, and I own an aesthetic medical practice in Portland, Maine called Rytualist Aesthetics Bar. We started approximately two years ago, and we offer we specifically target the younger generation. So late Gen Z, early millennial, curated all of our services specifically for that age group. So think I always tell people when they ask about our service, I said, think about the individual who looks in the mirror and for the first time says, I need to do something more than just my homecare routine. And some people don’t even have a homecare routine. So those types of services, we focus on Botox, we focus on fillers, we focus on chemical peels, more of the lighter intro type of services. So micro needling peels, we have some unique services that we kind of build around those. But basically, we also do white HydraFacial. So all of those things really get you going and introduce you to that kind of professional side of skincare.

Jessica Miller  [01:47]

Oh, I love it. I love it. And as someone who has been taking care of my skin for decades, I wish that you were around when I was just getting into this because it’s a lot and people sort of they need that guidance from an expert, and they need to feel comfortable and, and trust the process. So, it’s so good that you’re focusing there. And I love that you got into this space because as you know, I am super, I’m a big fan of your work. And I’m also just I think it’s really important for people to feel great about their skin and also take care of their skin. But your journey did not start at Rytualist. It started a long time ago. So, walk us a little bit through, you know where you started, what made you become an entrepreneur? You know, and got you sort of to this point, because I know you didn’t start as an entrepreneur?

Bonny Rollender  [02:33]

No, I think I’ve always had an entrepreneurial thread kind of drifting through my body. And I’ve actually tried to start a couple of businesses a couple of times. But no, I started in healthcare administration, I got a master’s degree in healthcare administration, I loved the idea of the buzz around being in a hospital, believe it or not, that was kind of what I wanted to do. And I’ve worked for a lot of large hospital companies and systems, managing physician groups, that’s kind of where I started. I then veered off. I mean, I had a family in there, you know, we all try to do this, but I had a family in there. But I then veered off into software technology and worked for Athena health for about 10 years. And that actually helped me blend my family and flex time, but also be in a company that was extremely challenging day to day, really put me up with put me against a lot of people who were always challenging me in my knowledge and getting me to that next level, I absolutely loved working for that organization. But also it was also the type of culture where they allowed you to go out and create. And it gave me a little bit of that, that understanding and knowledge of what it was like to be in a safe place, but be very entrepreneurial. So that was when it all started. So I left Athena, after my first five years, and they had just gone public and I had a little money for my IPO and I wanted to start a concierge medical practice. And I had a partner, a non-physician partner, and we tried to build it, you know, for a couple years and then two and then we hit 2008. And I said no, you know, I got kids going to college, I got to now move back into work. I went back into health care management and then found my way back to Athena health because I absolutely loved the culture there and ended up kind of finishing up my corporate career there. Through the pandemic, all my kids graduated from college, and we raised our kids outside of the state that we grew up in. So we grew up in the state of Maine. And my husband and I both knew we always wanted to come back and I knew when we came back, especially after the financial crisis requirement of us to put them through college was over, I really wanted to, you know, get into the small business community and try to do something on my own. So, I had a very white, my one daughter who had a background in marketing, she graduated with a degree in marketing. You can see her on my website, she did not have a job when she graduated during COVID. And I said, Guess what, I’m going to hire you. And you are going to help me come up with my brand and my look and how I, how I want to be seen by the world. And really understand that was great, because she is a Gen Z. And she really helped me understand if that’s the population I was going to go after. And really, you know, it’s not like I didn’t do my research, I did all my research, I knew that this industry was moving in the right direction. But I also looked at this key. This key market is key audience, where they’re going to grow up with this. Yeah, it is a relatively inexpensive and safe tool in their toolbox to really push out the effects of aging. And why not like Gosh, had I had this back in my 20s, I would have been all over it. That’s why we gravitated towards that. That’s why we gravitated towards that audience. That’s why I’ve built it. And here we are two years later, I you know, dove in, I got the space. Never done small business before. But I love being part of the small business community. And now here’s where I am.

Jessica Miller  [06:37]

Yeah, I love this. Bonny there’s so many people in the audience here at the address her podcast and myself included, that went through that corporate journey just like you that had this desire to do something different. Maybe we dabbled in it did it part time, maybe we tried some things, and it wasn’t what our where we were meant to be. And we kind of took this winding road. And actually, someone that I just spoke to on the podcast recently, we were reflecting on this about how awesome it is to have these amazing transferable skills that you can bring to entrepreneurship. And, you know, there’s a very long client journey that people come through when they touch your business, or when they’re working with you. And then they kind of keep working with other businesses and other things, that it’s so beneficial when you can see that whole journey when you see that person holistically. And I think you talked about this a little bit with your target market, which is, and I know this is a focus for yours, and ritualists, which we’re going to talk about, but it’s this concept of, you know, getting in front of what it is that you want the results that you want that prevention that taking care of your skin, it is your biggest organ, it’s the thing you look at every day and people see it’s so some of it is this internal. You could even call it a vanity metric, like how do we feel about what we look like and how we view ourselves and the identity piece of it, which is really important. But there’s also really a very big health component to taking care of your skin and doing that in a way that makes sense for you. So I think, to your point, yes, 25 years ago, when I was starting this journey, if I had you, it’d be a different ballgame. But now we can make it easier for those of those of us that are coming up and not have to go through what we went through. So, so, so talking about prevention and Rytualist. And some of the things that you mentioned earlier, you know, tell us a little bit about your Med Spa. You know what, what you offer what you see people coming in for? So what are those things that are maybe the Gen Z’s and millennials are looking for and is a great place to start, and how they’re how you’re helping them with that.

Bonny Rollender  [08:43]

Yeah so, the first thing I want to say and I just wanted to pick up a little bit on what you were talking about is one of the reasons I think I offer a little bit of a differentiator in the way I think about this business because I do have a background in managing medical practices. And people can think whatever they want to about Botox, it is a medical specialty period, we need to be we need to have high clinical integrity in what we do. We are not a nurse in the back of a salon and so much of that is happening now. And I really want to highlight that that is a big part of who we are, is really trying to marry this high level of clinical integrity with skincare that people sometimes think oh, well, you know, it’s a little fluffy. It’s a little vanity, it’s a little whatever it is, but also marry that with a comfort of coming into a space that’s not all bright lights and clinical. You don’t have to be sitting next to someone who is having you know, a breast augmentation or sitting next to someone like that when you’re just, you know, you just want to do something for your skin scan and you want to feel good about what you’re doing. So totally. That being said, we focus a lot on that. And having that background, I really think I can contribute a lot to our practice and making sure we can hold those standards high. Yes, I love it. Interestingly enough, we, we primate, and, and we, we market all different types of services. But we attract new users to Botox, and people who want to have their lips filled. Yeah, those are our biggest clientele in that age category, the 20 something year old girls love lip fillers. And you know, when you do research, you know, lots of times, I’ll look at The Plastic Surgery Statistics reports. And that is a big trend that is trending up. And the nice thing about lip fillers, honestly, and we use a product that’s extremely natural, you’re not going to walk out looking like you have duck lips. And so many people believe that that’s the case, even when you’re older. So young, young girls love to just have more plump, older generation, as you get older, you start to get lines across the top of your lip, you start to lose the volume in your lips. And it’s such a nice add back. So we also have we do have people in the older generation come into and say, oh, gosh, what can you do for my lip lines or whatever. So those are the big things. I mean, we market a lot of other things, we market our peels we market, pro sell, which is micro needling, that requires a lot of education, about what it does and why you should do it. And that has a lot to do with prevention. But it’s really the Botox and the lip fillers that are attracting, you know, the audience that we’re that we’re targeting.

Jessica Miller  [11:58]

Yeah, that makes total sense to me. And so when somebody comes in to your Med Spa, you sit down with them. And we’ve talked a little bit about this, you’re looking at them holistically, you’re hearing what their needs are needs are the things that they want, you’re looking at their skin, you’re evaluating it, and you’re giving them recommendations. So talk a little bit through that process on a high level they come in, and what would they do when they sat down there?

Bonny Rollender  [12:24]

Yes, so we have I proactively purchased a piece of equipment in the spring. And it is, and we don’t even charge for this service. It is the brand is Image which means probably nothing to anyone but it does a very comprehensive 3D analysis of your skin. Now off, I know that we’re the only ones in the state of Maine that have this piece of equipment currently. I am surprised almost shocked that dermatologist in the area do not have this piece of equipment, I know that dermatologist sometimes will have a lesser piece of equipment that just does UV looks at UV, and lots of people have seen that you get the blue light, and you can see where the UV damage is and everything, this piece of equipment looks at predetermining wrinkles, it looks at your pore size, it looks at the level of oil you have in your skin. And if the oil in your skin has bacteria in it, I mean, the level of comprehensive information we receive from this report is amazing. And so typically, we will start out most people on this piece of equipment, sure, at with this with this scan. And it’s all data driven, like they see it on the screen, and we walk through each component of it with them and help piece together what the best treatment plan would be for them. And it’s also much easier to help them understand how these treatments would help them. So it’s a fairly new piece of equipment. So it we haven’t gotten to the point where we’ve done a lot of afters yet, because what we’ll do is we’ll do a pre we’ll do a treatment series, and then we’ll do an after. So it’s truly data driven. Yeah, they look at it and say, wow, you know, this treatment worked for me, or maybe this treatment didn’t work, how do we pivot and adjust my treatment so we can be going and taking you in the right direction? Yeah. That’s how we do it. And we’ve, you know, it’s amazing the feedback we receive from people just saying, wow, it’s you know, I don’t get this kind of treatment when I go to other locations and it’s kind of interesting because we’re almost merging the concept of cosmetic dermatology or dermatology and aesthetics, right, I think I like what you said, it’s, it’s the health of our skin as well. And let’s understand that And let’s help get in front of it. And I’ve even had people come in and say, Oh, I’m seeing a dermatologist and they’re prescribing Retin. A, but that’s it. Niceville. Okay. I mean, that’s not do they have other components, so they offer other things, and they’re not. So the idea of merging all of this kind of into more of a cosmetic dermatology is, that’s what gets me up in the morning. I really love that type of thing. So I find it interesting.

Jessica Miller  [15:28]

Yeah, it is. And I think there’s so much benefit, again, if we’re thinking about your target customer. And this is, you know, for everyone who’s on this podcast, who’s thinking about, you know, their offers and their target market and that client journey, it’s really powerful to be able to show someone, something that they can hold in their hand, that’s going to give them some sense of what’s going on with their skin, you’re hearing what they are wanting, you’re showing them where it fits into that bigger picture. They can make good, educated decisions, you know, marrying, like, hey, I want to come out with this result, how do we tackle that first, and maybe it’s a series of steps, so you can sort of show them that piece of it. And then you can have a plan. And that’s really where I think you develop a relationship with your clients, they can see that it’s in their best interest, it’s clear, it’s not this random voodoo thing that they can really hold it in their hand, you’re right, it’s really, there is a clinical component to this, that people can play with. And then you put together a plan that best meets their needs, it might need that meets their budget meets all those things. And then you can just follow the bouncing ball, really, it becomes very clear. I think the beautiful thing about that, too, which I want you to touch on as well, Bonnie is, you know, as we think about our skin and the results that we want, and sort of the steps we need to go through to get that right, everything is cumulative. Most people are not going to do everything at one time, especially if you’re new and you’re younger, right? So there’s this step wise plan, and then also making that attainable and affordable for people through different programs. And I know at ritualist, you, you offer memberships. So talk about that a little bit and help people understand how you kind of wrap all this up in a bow to allow people to get what they need, but also do that in an approachable way. Yeah.

Bonny Rollender  [17:20]

So there are, you know, it’s interesting, when we were putting this all together, there are programs out there that are memberships, and people get a little weary about it, because what they often say is, okay, let’s do a membership where it’s $50 or $100 a month. And what you’re actually getting is you’re getting an entree into getting discounted treatments. Yeah. And sometimes we were like, well, do I really want to do that? Is it really paying for you know, it makes sense to me, that’s not the way we handle our memberships at all. We basically come up. And it’s funny because I have two standard memberships. But we always personalize and customize our memberships. I don’t think I have one person on our standard memberships. So they’ll come in and they’ll say, Oh, well, I like this one. But I really need more tox units, and we’ve already done an analysis and we’ve given them Botox, and it’s like, yeah, you’re right, you know, you need to include more tox units. And then they’ll say, but you know what I’m really interested in adding peels into this. So what we do is we put together a, a plan for them a treatment plan, and then I add it all up, I take 10% off the top. So they’re getting discounted, first going into it, and then I just lay it out over 12 months. So it’s truly almost like a payment plan. Now in addition to that, then they get additional perks like 20% off their, their products, any in store products, they get 10% off any other treatments they want, they get $11 per unit and any additional Botox unit so it’s kind of like a multipronged and I think it’s more l it’s an elevated program than to what we’re what you might see in the market. Totally. And our whole you know what, when I put this together, you know, my whole thing was, I want to keep my overhead costs low. I want to be able to, to market and attract people who aren’t at the highest tiers of, you know, this compensation range, you know, I want to be able to attract people who might go out and get their nails done, and who know that that’s important. And now they say hey, I can now incorporate skincare because this is doable, and it’s affordable.

Jessica Miller  [19:48]

Yes, I love it. So this is such an important point because this is paramount to understanding your target market. And then thinking about how you can make this a win-win situation So in my opinion with this, and I think you’re right, is it it’s an elevated VIP program, you could call it a membership, right. But I think a lot of what people think of as memberships in the market is a completely different model. Right? It’s really a customized VIP program. And what this takes into account and create is a couple of things. Number one, there’s a plan that you have spoken with your client about, there’s an understanding of the results that people want. There’s a, there’s a desire on your part to incentivize and really love on these clients who are going to now come in and trust you with this regimen. So you’re discounting things right off the top they’re paying for specifically, what is custom put together for them. And then the beautiful thing for all of you, Gen Z’s and millennials who are listening to this, and if you’re not in the Portland area to get up there is that you, there’s clarity, like you know what you’re getting, right. And it’s keeping you consistent, because when you now have this plan, you can say, Okay, I’m spreading this payment out over the year, I’m going to spend, you know, $97 a month, which is very affordable for most people. But then I can book all my services, right, I know what there is, yeah. And then on top of it, there’s these ad hoc products that you give as part of, again, loving on people for being part of this program, that then just enhanced the results. So maybe you’re going to get that peel or that HydraFacial, that’s going to go on top of what it is that is kind of that baseline of creating strong, healthy skin that you love and doing that with people that understand. So I think the clarity, the approachability, and then the consistency of it, for both the entrepreneurs that are listening to this podcast, but also for the client, is that you it ritualist can plan for those clients coming in? Right? It’s it goes on the calendar, there’s predictability in your income, there’s predictability in your client stream. The clients, they’ve got it on their calendar, so it’s actually happening and they’re getting results. And it’s, it’s that’s compounding over time. So they really are getting their money’s worth. They’re not paying $50. And then they don’t use it or they for that month, and it disappears. That’s right, right. There’s none of that. It’s so good. I love Yep, yeah, it’s a great program. So I think it’s just really important to highlight all those pieces. And for all of us listening to think about this with your ideal client. Think about this with your company, where can you create a win-win? Where can it work for you and your business, create consistency, predictable income, give those clients an elevated experience, and then your client gets the result as well. I know as well, Bonnie, that, again, in the vein of loving your clients, and this is your thing. You know, there’s so much coming up for ritualist in this end of the year timeframe and this holiday timeframe. So tell us a little bit about what is on the docket for you guys coming up? Because I know there’s a lot of great things that are happening.

Bonny Rollender  [23:02]

Yeah, it’s interesting, because I, you know, when you’re, I’ve been in business now for a couple of years. So I’ve been able to test this a couple holidays now. And this month, specifically is Client Appreciation Month. So one of the things I’ve really thought a lot about is how to use my time wisely this year. And I have always had an anniversary party. And it takes so much time to put this together and make sure and it’s a lot of money. I mean, it’s expensive, too. And I really don’t get the level of interest or people coming through the door that I would really like to reach. So I scrapped that this year. And I said, You know what, I’m just going to do client Appreciation Month. And, and it’s awesome, because it’s, it’s forced me to really think about, first of all, how I can include other small businesses in the stuff that I give away. So we’re, you know, collaborating with a few other businesses, included in these packages. And it also gives us a way to get out in front of our audience and talk about how important our clients are to us. And, and why wouldn’t they want to be a client of ours, so so totally, exactly. Getting away. And it’s fun to do. We’re getting a lot of responses from our clients. We’re getting a lot of responses from other individuals who are kind of just following us along the way. And we have fun doing it. And I have to say I, I really enjoy that. And so what we’ve built into that. So we’ve got our clients, but we’ve also got this next level that we’ve been talking about as our members and we now are up to 45 members monthly members, which is awesome. Yeah. And so now we’re working at elevating that membership into the new year and one of the very first things we’re doing is for each A new member we bring on or each member that renews, I’m putting together a little thank you gift. And I could tell you what it is. But no, I’m going to keep people wondering and saying, Hey, I’d like to become a member so I can see what it is. But I’ve just started shipping off these thank you gifts for becoming members. And I can’t wait. No one knows they’re coming. So it’s a surprise to them. So I’m really excited to hear from them once they get it. So that’s kind of fun. And I’m also looking at ways to change up my website a little bit to have really a member only area because I’ve struggled a little bit with how people can purchase products online and stuff because of an agreement that I have with our company. So we’re going to put that all kind of behind a membership area portal. And people you know, our members are going to have access to even additional specials, and additional ability to purchase products online and that type of thing. So that’s one thing we’re doing. Going into December, the holidays are always a big time for us. So going into December, we have a couple of things. It’s always advantageous to have a business in downtown Portland, because there are several groups, nonprofit groups, as well as part of the space we’ve got downtown Portland downtown, we’ve got Portland old port, we’ve got Portland by local, we’ve got visit Portland, all of these organizations of which I’m part of, and we can really show our stuff. So one of the big events going on in Portland that’s popular every year is called marry madness. They typically have added on a Thursday night, but they’re trying to shift it to be more family friendly. And it’s now on a Saturday, it’s Saturday, December 9. And it goes I think from 2pm to 7pm. And so typic. So again, learning lessons, you know, typically I’ve been open on Small Business Saturday, not doing that this year, it has been totally not fruitful at all. We’re going to offer Good Friday, Good Friday, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday specials online and online only. And they’re going to be awesome. I am putting all of my time in working on our Merry Madness special for that day, because it’s six hours long, they’re expanding it to include, it’s always all always just been in the Old Port, they’re expanding it to include all of the city this year, which means people are going to be walking around more, yeah, I’m in the little folder things. So they’re going to be able to find me, we’re working on really lighting up the place. So get so people know to find us. And we’ve got some really great specials that we’re putting together for that. That’s awesome. So that’s exciting. And then we also have, we’re also collaborating with just the day before the night before December 8, it’s going to be a little hectic, we’re collaborating with a fabulous organization in Portland called the Portland women’s social circle. And I have really started to partner with them a lot. They are in that kind of that target RTX audience group, the head of it and I have really got a great relationship. And we’re going to be having a big event at liquid riot on that Friday night, December 8. Have fun. So we’ll be offering similar I’m basically going to replicate the deals we’ve got for both evenings. So those are some of the big things we’ve got going on. So I really I’m going to have something bricks and mortar going on. But also something on social media with the Small Business Saturday.

Jessica Miller  [28:43]

Oh, I love it. I love it. Yes, and this is, you know, this is such a big time for retail shops. It’s a big time for even online shops for the holiday. People are always looking to give themselves amazing things. They are looking to look their best for you know, holiday parties and things like that they’re looking for great gifts for other people. And so it just brings to mind this concept that you know, if you’re in this target market, if you’re listening to this Gen Z millennials, and you’re looking for that thing, you’re that reason to go and try something new and maybe bring your bestie to do that or you and your bestie have been talking about this and you want to go to an event to check it out. This is the time to do this. And we’re gonna link all the stuff in the show notes so you’ll be able to go to ritualist you’ll be able to see the specials as they roll out this is so exciting. If you’re a client you get just loved on so I am I love gifts they are my love languages. Listen, if you can look great and get some gifts I think it’s awesome. But again for the business owners listening to this, you know, how can you make it a wow experience for your clients? And I think you touched on something that I think is really important, Bonny, which is all these things take time and effort and money. So you want to be really strategic with that. And you don’t need to blow it out of the water. But the more it speaks to your client, the more intentional it is. And frankly, in my opinion, the energy that you bring to it is really important because that’s what people are picking up on. You know, you don’t want to be in a place where you’re just doing these things to make a sale. Or it’s disingenuous when you really care about your clients. And it’s very customized, they feel it. And those are the things that really build a relationship over time. And Bonnie and I, we’ve talked about this, but for everyone, you know, it’s more than what’s at face value people don’t your client, when they come in, they’re not worth just the $300 in Botox, right? There’s a long-term value there. And I just read a statistic recently about Med Spa specifically that on average, when a client comes in, they can stay with you for 15 years.

Bonny Rollender  [30:51]

Wow. 15 years. I mean, it is the idea, especially when they start younger. Exactly.

Jessica Miller  [30:58]

So just think about this when you’re thinking about your clients, because, you know, again, if if they’re coming in, and they have this plan, and this is for everybody, and maybe that plan over the year is like $1,500, and then they stay with you for you know, 10 to 15 years, just add this up in your head, right? It’s like $25,000. So, you know, think about that client’s journey in that relationship, because that’s what it’s really about. And I think you’re doing it right at Rytualist, Bonny, because you’re really targeted, you love your clients, you’re thinking about them all the time, and all these pieces that you’re putting in place, you know, really have that client at the heart of the of the equation, which is really important. So, and I love the clinical, and aesthetics. You know, I’m a pharmacist, I’m a healthcare professional, it speaks to my heart about the quality and just taking care of people in a really robust way. So I love that. So Bonny, this has been so awesome. Where can we find you on the interwebs? If people want to find you, where can they go.

Bonny Rollender  [31:58]

So it’s very easy. I mean, we specifically we racked our brains over what we were going to call this business and, and it’s Rytualist with a why. So, we’re very easy to find. So, it’s R y t u a l i s t. So, at Rytualist on Instagram ritual is for Facebook rytualist.com. For our website, it’s all very, very easy. And if you haven’t picked up on kind of how this all connects, it’s all about having a ritual for your skincare.

Jessica Miller  [32:31]

I love it. I love it, and your brick and mortar. So, you’re in the Portland old port. Tell me where your addresses and where they can find you.

Bonny Rollender  [32:40]

Yeah, so we are at 75 Market Street, Suite 103. We’re right on the first floor. And we’re located between, if you’re familiar with Portland, we are located between Madewell, Madewell is on the corner of market and Middle Street and we’re right on the first floor kind of right behind them. So very easy to find.

Jessica Miller  [33:00] Yes. And I’m going to just like plug the fact that this is an amazing part of Portland. So, you can go and walk out of there glowing, and then go do your shopping and do all the things and get a coffee. It’s like make a day out of it. It’s awesome. So, I hope people will come and see you in your spa. And, you know, go to these events and all the things and Bonny, thank you again for coming on. Everyone. We’re going to link everything in the show notes. Again, I want to leave you with this is a big time of year for all of you. People are looking to buy, they’re poised to buy, make sure that you have your ideal client at the heart of your communications, anything that you’re pulling together. And, you know, make sure that you’re thinking about that whole result and client journey, right? It’s about you know, look good, feel good. Get results and have the life you want. It’s all those things. So, until next week, everyone can’t wait to see you here. Have a great week!