Episode 116

Episode 116: MVP – How to Bend Time


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Have you ever thought that time wasn’t on your side?

I’m willing to bet you’ve thought you were short on time on several occasions – I know I have!

What if you could have enough time to create everything you ever wanted, and more. We’ve all heard the line, “you can have what you want, if only you put in more time and effort.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s simply not true. In fact, you’ve done the seemingly impossible several times without even knowing it – you’ve bent time in your favor.

Yes, you can create more, have a bigger impact, and get the results that you want without spending extra time and effort.

In this podcast episode, I will be giving you the three crucial things that you need in order to create the results that you want in your business and your life.

“Jess, how do you know it works?” You might ask.

I’ve spent many years in the corporate world. I’ve built successful teams and I’ve helped entrepreneurs and business owners flourish in their lives and businesses, using the methods that I developed over the years.

And you can get all of it here, for free, by simply listening and applying these easy, simple, and practical methods to any part of your life or business that you want to improve.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Time isn’t rigid, finite, linear, or sequential. As Einstein said, it’s relative.
  • Parkinson’s Law says you will spend a week doing something if you give yourself a week to do it – but do you really need a week?
  • There are many times throughout your life where you’ve been a time-bender – learn to do it deliberately and your business will thrive.
  • Lack of clarity is the top thing that stops people from achieving greatness when they have all the time in the world to do anything.
  • Technology, automation, and smart resource utilisation can mean the difference between spending 15 minutes versus 1 hour getting the same result.
  • Your energy and mindset can make or break your progress.
  • Take inventory of your thoughts. How many of those thoughts aren’t true? How does that realisation make you feel? Make small tweaks to those thoughts and you may have huge results.

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[00:02] Jessica: Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Practical Mindset Podcast. I’m Jess Miller, certified coach, and I’m excited to have you here.

[00:10] Today, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics to talk about, and that is the topic of ‘time’. Today during the podcast, we’re going to talk about it in a different way that you probably haven’t spoken about it before. This is not going to be your run-of-the-mill podcast about how you manage your time, or hacks around time – this is actually going to be something that is going to take your relationship with time, and all of the things that you create with your time, to the next level. Today, we’re going to talk about the concept of ‘bending time’ – the concept that time is something that is fluid and malleable, and something that you can bend to create more of the things in your life that you want, including success in your business, money, time with loved ones, etc. Fill in the blank with the things that you want the most in your life and in your business, and we’re going to talk about how time is one of the crucial factors to get you everything that you want, and more.

[01:14] So, if you want to get more done, if you want to get it done faster, and if you want to get it done in a way that feels amazing, then you must learn how to bend time. And, for this podcast, what I mean by ‘bending time’ is this, here’s what I mean by ‘bending time’: what I mean is that, bending time is the ability to get more done, have more impact, and have greater results while feeling less stressed within the same period of time. Many of us have heard that we could create more things in our life, we could get more things done, we can make more impact, if we could just spend more time doing it – that time is sort of this thing that you need to have more of, it’s this thing that we’re chasing after in order to create bigger results. Well, I’m here to tell you that that is not true – that if you use time in the correct and bendable way, you could create more impact, more results, and feel amazing while you do it, all while holding time constant. You do not need to actually give more time to create more of what of you want in your life.

[02:30] Most of the time, people think about time in a very, very different way, and I’m not the first one to question time. I’m sure if you’re listening to me right now, you have thought about time before. From the work that I do, in the business that I’m in, with the clients that I speak with about creating success in their business and making more money, time comes up all the time. That is pun intended.

[02:57] We constantly think about time, and we have been thinking about time for ages. We have heard of this before. Great minds have thought about time. For instance, Albert Einstein has thought about time – his specific theory of relativity is around the whole concept that time is relative, that it is not this constant rigid thing, that it’s relative to you and to the things around you, that the rate at which time passes really depends on your frame of reference. We’ve heard of things like Parkinson’s Law, and this concept that work expands to fill the time allotted. Really what that means is that you will use, or fill, or take the time that you give yourself to get something done, that things will expand to fill that. So, if you have something that you need to do – lets pretend ‘record a 5 minute podcast’, and you give yourself an hour, it will actually take an hour. It will essentially expand to fill the time that you’ve given it.

[04:06] So, when we think about time, and we think about how we’re thinking about time today, I want to mention that most people think of time in a very rigid, linear, fixed, sequential way – that time moves in one direction, and that you have to move through it in a certain way. We also have a relationship with time that is often very, very tenuous. We look at time in a way that it’s something that we have to overcome, or wrangle in, or push against in order to get the things that we want – that it is something that is an obstacle in the way of the things that we want to create in our lives, whether it’s making more money, or spending time with our families, or doing the things that we want to get done in a day, time seems to be this thing that is in the way of making that happen, and that we need to figure out how to get around it and move it out of our way in order for it to allow us to create the things that we want to create.

[05:20] Today, I want to offer an idea that you have probably never heard of. That is that time is really an ally that you can shape and bend so that you can use it in favor of everything that you want to create. So that, instead of time being the thing that you have to get out of your way, or the thing that is the obstacle to everything that you want, that time is actually an ally, and is sort of the linchpin – the thing that will make it possible for you to create everything in your life that you ever wanted, and that time is the most important lever that we have to pull in creating the things that we want. It is actually almost like the secret sauce, and instead of it being something that is hindering us from creating everything, it’s actually the thing that was put in front of us so that we could create the things that we want to create.

[06:32] So, you might be saying, “you know what, Jess? This sounds amazing. But exactly how do I do this?” I mean, for as long as we can remember, we constantly hear that there’s not enough time, time is a finite resource, that it’s scarce, that time is short. We hear all of these things, societally and that have been ingrained to us, as being the “truth”. So, it might sound like a breath of fresh air to think that, “wait, what? I don’t actually have to wrangle time? It’s something that’s going to work for me? Really?” So, I’m here to give you some ways in which you can start bending time today. And here’s three essential ingredients that I want to give you for you to become a time bender right now.

[07:26] I also want to pause and say that you have bent time sometime before without even realizing it. It is a fact – 100%. And I’ll tell you where you’ve done this and you don’t even know it.

How many people have had a deadline, maybe it is, “oh, my gosh, I have this meeting at 4 o’clock, and I need to get this thing done by the time this meeting comes, and it’s 3:45. I have had this thing on my desk for a week, and I have spent all of this time thinking about it, or avoiding it, or all of these things, thinking I don’t have enough time, I need more time, or I need to find the time in order for this to happen.” And then, within 15 minutes before your meeting at 4 o’clock, you complete the thing that you need to be working on, and you walk into that meeting with X project or X thing in hand. How many of us have had this happen? Many, many of us. Where the thing that we thought was going to take us so much time, when we had 15 minutes to do it, it took us 15 minutes. We basically bent time in our favor.

[08:43] Or it’s the day before we’re leaving for vacation, and we’re going to get on that plane tomorrow morning, and there’s 17 things that need to be done, and we don’t know how it’s going to happen. And then, all of a sudden, we get all 17 things done before we leave.

[09:01] Both of those examples are examples of bending time. You might know you’re doing it. You might not even know how you’re doing it. But I’m here to give you three steps for you to do it intentionally right now. If none of those things applied to you, well, here’s three things for you to start bending it now and to have it be the thing that’s going to help you create what you want.

[09:22] The first thing in order to become a time-bender is this – number one: you need to have clarity around the result that you want to create, or the goal that you want to have. I can’t tell you how many clients I have talked to – and I will be transparent that I have been this person too. I am not a special snowflake that I’ve never had to worry about this. People sit down and they’re like, “okay, I’ve got the time. What am I going to do with it?” And there’s no clarity around what they actually want to create in this period of time. So, the first thing in order to bend time in your favour, and utilize time and make it malleable, is that you need to know what you’re aiming for. You need to know the goal that you want. You need to know the thing that you want to create. So, the first thing that you need to do is to get clear on that result.

[10:24] If you want to take just a minute right now, think about one thing that you have been telling yourself that you don’t have enough time for. Just pause. What is that thing that’s been sitting on your desk, or the thing that you’ve been wanting to do, or that thing that you have been avoiding because you think you don’t have enough time? Just pause for a second, and I want you to think about that, and then I want you to think of these three things in relation to this thing. Okay, so do you have it? So, just hold this in your mind.

[10:58] So, first is “what do you want to create? What is that goal, what is the clarity around the thing that you’re going to create within a period of time?” That is the first thing – it is clarity.

[11:13] The second thing is, you need to call in what I call ‘the magic and the helping hands’. In 2021, which is when this podcast is being recorded, we have access to things that we never thought in our wildest dreams would be possible. For instance, I am coming to you over the airwaves from maybe even across the world and you can hear me. I am simultaneously recording this video so that people could watch and hear me when they are literally not in the same place. We have the power, and really the magic, of technology and automation, and resources in ways we never thought were possible. If someone told us not that long ago, even 15 years ago, that we would be able to meet, and you would be able to see me and I would be able to see you, and we’d be able to hear each other, and we would not be able to be in the same room as each other, and literally with the click of a button we would be connected, people would not think it was possible. There was a time when the only way that we could’ve been communicating or coming together would be if we were literally in front of each other. That means if you’re in California and you’re listening to this, and I’m on the East Coast, I would’ve had to literally take 5 days of my time to get from New York to California to even deliver a message, and now I can do it in 3 seconds. So, in order to bend time, we have to really call in the magic – we have to call in the helping hands. Which means that we need to look across these different mediums and leverage the technology and the automation, and the things in our life that allow us to really multiply our impact within a certain period of time.

[13:17] For instance, just to give an example, I am recording this podcast right now. It may take me 15 minutes to record it. It is going to then be saved on a file, and an hour from now, when I’m maybe taking a nap, 10 different people could be listening to this podcast and getting this great information, and changing their life, and I have only invested the 15 minutes that I have taken to record this podcast, and no other time. And I have taken that 15 minutes, and I have now leveraged it through the magic of technology, and maybe I’ve even automated it to go out on other platforms, and I have held my time constant to the 15 minutes that I have recorded, but what I have done is I have multiplied the impact and I have utilized all these resources to leverage the amount of work that is being done and the results that I am creating within a fixed amount of time – like magic.

[14:26] This is also true of calling in resources, which I call helping hands – that is the human resource factor. When you want to grow a business, when you want to work and create more things in a bigger way, one of the ways that you scale your business is by growing a team – by pulling in the helping hands of people around you that can help you. For instance, if you hire a VA to help you in your business, in one hour of time, you are doubling your output when you are doing one thing and they are doing something else in the same constant period of time. So, in essence, you have bent your time, you have shaped it, and made it malleable in a way that the output and the input impact is that much bigger while holding the time and the energy, and the effort constant. It’s literally like magic – so, calling in that magic, calling in the resources, thinking about “how do I hold my time constant and make my impact bigger?”

[15:44] I want to also say this is so crucial when you think about building a business, because our brains are so pre-wired to think “I need to give more – more time, more of me, more, more, more, more, more…” in the essence of these things that we think are rigid, like we need to give more time, when in reality, think about what creates impact for people. Think about how they could utilize things while holding their own time constant – that’s going to give them bigger impact from the things that you give them. It’s so powerful, and it doesn’t have to require us to give more of our time. It will require us to think differently about it and leverage our resources, and call in that magic, and call in those helping hands, so that instead of it’s like “every time I need to give this input one time, I’m now doing one-to-many – one resource to many people, one resource to multiple things happening simultaneously.” So we call in the magic, and we call in the helping hands, and the impact grows exponentially.

[17:09] The third thing that is crucial in bending time and making it malleable is your energy and mindset that you bring to the table about your time. What you think about your time matters. Your mindset around your time is crucial to your success of creating more time and bigger results, and a bigger impact. If you are walking around believing that your time is scarce, that it is rigid, that it is something that you have to fight against, that it is something that is in your way, you will create more of what it is that you think – you will continue to create a relationship with time that is rigid and unforgiving, and is really not working in your favor.

[18:03] I want to offer that most people who may be in this place of thinking that time is linear, it is sequential, and it’s rigid, they’re not going to go from thinking it’s scarce and having a relationship with time in that way, to it is totally abundant and free-flowing and I can create it, and it’s unlimited. It’s very hard for us to get our brains from rigid and linear to abundant and free-flowing and freedom in that sense. But what I want to offer you is, number one, do you know your thoughts about time? Are you aware of how you’re showing up? Have you ever stopped to really think about it? For most people, and most of my clients, the answer is “no”. They have so many thoughts about their time that live right underneath the surface – they don’t even know they’re there. So, my first offer to you is, what are you thinking about your time? Pause and take inventory. Ask yourself the question: What do I think about time? How does it make me feel? What’s my relationship with time? If time were a person, how would I describe it? Really get curious about what it is you think about time, and then I want you to write it all down on a piece of paper. You’re not going to go from what you think right now to pure bliss on the complete opposite side, but what I want you to ask yourself is, what if you suspended some of your beliefs and your thoughts about time right now? What if it was just possible that what you’re thinking was not true?

[19:51] Our thoughts about a lot of things, we report like we’re telling the facts, like it’s just how it is – it’s like broadcast in our brain. We never stop to really question those, but I want to give you the opportunity to question it. What if some of those things that you wrote down were actually not true? What if you could, possibly, tweak your time, bend your time, make it shape and work in your favor so it was an ally to create everything that you wanted, so that you could create more of the things that you want – what if that was true? Because when you move into the space of time from the belief that it is working for you and with you, you have a totally different feeling about what it is you’re trying to create than when you’re moving into it from a place that you think you don’t have enough time, it is scarce, and it is something that is not in your favor, like it’s constantly the thing that you’re fighting against, you feel totally different. I want you to take a moment to think about what you’ve written on the paper as your thoughts and relationship with time, and really dial into ‘how does it feel?’ If I think I don’t have enough time, for example, how does that make me feel?

[21:17] At the end of the day, humans are emotional beings, and we do everything for a feeling – we do everything for either the way we think it’s going to make us feel, or we do something for the feelings that we don’t want. We want to avoid feeling like that and we make decisions from there. So, what you think about your time, and the energy you bring to the things that you do when you create in relation to your time, are game-changers, and even the slightest tweak will result in a different feeling in your body, which will create different results in your life. Sometimes, it could be the tiniest thing that creates a major impact just by one little practical tweak in your thoughts around your time.

[22:14] In summary, here are the three things that you can do today to start bending your time – and, like I said, you’re already doing it. Take a moment to think about some of the things that I mentioned earlier about how you might’ve bent your time already, and I almost guarantee that there’s going to be something there and you’re going to be like, “wow, maybe I didn’t even see that.” You are a time-bender. Here’s the way that you can take it to the next level and do it more intentionally or, if you haven’t had this experience before or you don’t know that you have, you can start bending your time today.

[22:48] So, one is: get clear on your results and your goal that you want to create with your time. Pick one thing, go through this podcast, look at that one thing, that one project, that one thing that’s been sitting on your desk, the one thing that you’ve been putting off, and really get clear, “with this amount of time, with X amount of time, what do I want to create? What is the clear goal and the result that I want?”

[23:17] Number two is: call in that magic and the helping hands that are surrounding all of us – technology, automation, resource utilization, human resources, relationships with other people, all of the things that surround us everyday that, not too long ago, we would’ve thought were completely impossible, are part of our lives now. You can do something one time and have it live on and on, and leverage it in a way that continues to create an impact and drive results in your life and your business without ever putting in another input of time outside of the creation of that thing. Like I mentioned, you could record something for 15 minutes and put it out into the world, and it could live on any number of platforms and impact hundreds of thousands of people without you inputting even one more second of your time. You can bend your time through automation and magic, and the magic of helping hands and automation to make that thing live on and impact in a greater way than you ever thought possible, and when you open your mind to that, you start to get really, really creative in how to do that, and you start to see it is everywhere – there is magic and helping hands everywhere.

[24:46] Number three is: your mindset and your energy that you bring to your relationship with time, that you bring to the moment you it down to actually do something. How do you think about your time? What are your thoughts about time? What do you think about the possibility of time not being linear and rigid, but being something that’s malleable and working in your favor and bendable, so that you can create the things that you wanted? What if, from this moment on, you did not have to be in opposition to time anymore? What if the idea of not having enough time could actually be gone? What if you always had enough time? What if time was there for you to help you create everything that you wanted, and then some, so that you can have an impact and create the things that you’ve always wanted beyond your wildest dreams? What would your life look like if that were true? What would you create? How would you go forth and through your day, and your week, and your month? Would there be any stopping you now? So, that is what creating time and the energy, and the mindset around it, looks like.

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Thanks so much everyone.

Have a beautiful week.