Episode 102

Episode 102: It’s All About The Eyeballs


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In recent days I have been speaking with clients and colleagues about some of the things they are experiencing in their business – offers not selling at the quantities they want, cashflow dipping, their vibe being off and not aligned with the amount of money they want to be making.

Although there can be a list of things that could potentially be causing any of these results, 90+% of the time it’s not that no one wants to buy your offer or that there’s been a cosmic energy shift that’s causing your offer to not sell, it’s that not enough people are seeing your offer. In other words, there are not enough eyeballs on your offers so that the people that need to see it actually see it, at the frequency they need to see it, so that they can convert to paying customers at the level you want them to.

As an established business owner, I’m confident that if you’re listening to this podcast you’re familiar with traffic and you know that you need to get in front of your target market in order to drive sales, but very often this is the first thing that gets pinched when we’re pressed for time and focused on the work in front of us.

In today’s episode I share the top 3 scenarios where I see that a lack of eyeballs on your business is manifesting in a dip in clients, cashflow, and momentum in your business.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Understand why focusing on visibility and getting people to see your offer and business is crucial
  • Learn to spot the symptoms that appear when not enough eyeballs are on your business
  • Uncover how your mindset and vibe are an integral part of your business thriving, but often not the reason you’re not selling your offers

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Hello podcast listeners. And welcome to this week’s episode of the It’s Your offer podcast. I am coming in hot here with this week’s episode, something I am fired up about, because I have been hearing several things coming from my clients colleagues around this issue of visibility on your business. And I want to come in here with some observations, and some things to clarify around getting visibility or getting eyeballs on your offers and your business.


When I started my business, I knew nothing about traffic, I knew nothing about the concept of knowing how many people need to see your offer or your business in order for you to get the audience size that you want in order to drive the conversions that you want, in order to make your business run in an efficient and thriving manner. I work with so many coaches who would talk to me about this concept of either building your email list or building your social media following or creating different pieces of content to get in front of people. And I heard all of it and I understood it, but it never quite sunk in. Then as I started to build my business and became more of an established entrepreneur and put offers out there into the world and tried to sell them and did that very successfully. And then in other cases, put offers out there and didn’t do it quite so successfully. And then started to debrief and look at my business and look at my offers to see what was working and wasn’t what wasn’t working, the concept of eyes on your offer and your business became super apparent.


And so I took all those best practices, and I incorporated it into my business. And now as a business owner, I am acutely aware and completely embrace this concept of visibility and getting eyes on your offers and your business. For many of you that are listening to this that are also established business owners, I know that you know this, I know that you know that if you want to have a business that thrives and makes consistent money, you need to have visibility around your offers and around your business. However, as we grow, I have found that this is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle that either gets pinched or we forget about. We talked to our clients, if your business coach, we talked to our clients about this all day long, we talked to them about what it means to be visible how that looks, we help them calculate the numbers based on the assumptions that we know of the market and human behavior to come up with the equation to make sure that those numbers are all working out based on your goals and how many offers you want to sell and how many people need to see it and the conservative conversion factor depending on what your business’s industry and what it is that you’re selling.


But it is one of the first things that we forget, when we are creating our own offers, or we are running our own business, that business development piece that getting out there in front of our target market gets pinched if you’re listening to this podcast, and you happen to be someone who is struggling with this right now. Or you’re seeing the symptoms of this, or you know this to be true, because you’ve said a million times, I really have to get back to my business development or my networking or getting out there or putting content out there or getting in front of people. This podcast episode is for you.


What I want to talk about today is the top three ways that I am seeing this show up for my clients. And for some of the colleagues that I spend time with, that I’ve been talking to. Sometimes this can be sort of sneaky, because we know it but the symptoms of what’s happening. When we don’t have eyeballs on our offers, especially in our offers in our business. The symptoms of that can be sort of tricky, and sometimes we just miss them altogether. So today I’m going to walk through three of my top examples of where this is happening in your business if you are experiencing these things. And if you are experiencing these things, I have one thing to say. It is all about the eyeballs on your business. And this is especially true in a established business, who has a proven offer if you are somebody who is listening to this and you’ve put an offer out there and you’ve sold it and you’ve optimized this offer so it’s something that’s been made making you money. Or maybe it was like your biggest moneymaker. And now there’s some friction in the system. I am telling you, it’s about the eyeballs. Okay, it’s about the eyeballs. And you can not sell your offers to your target market without being visible without people seeing it without having the traffic without knowing what that looks like for your business in order to achieve the results that you want.


In other words, how visible do you need to be with your target market in order to convert the number of clients that you need, at the price point that you’re selling at in order to make the money that you want, right, and that is different for every different person, depending on their goals, their business, their offer, their price point, all of the above. So it is extremely important that when you’re thinking about optimizing your offer, and you’re thinking about what it takes for that offer to sell, an integral part of that plan has to be the eyeballs on your offer and your business. So let’s talk about how this is showing up for my clients and for many of my colleagues, okay, get a pen and paper, because I want you to write these things down. And if you are experiencing this, first of all, zero shame. In full transparency I have been there. I’ve probably been in every single one of these situations. And there’s no shame in it. It’s part of growth, right. And it’s the ebbs and flows of what we have time to be doing, where our focus goes, what becomes the priority. Okay, we just need a reminder sometimes. So here’s your reminder, I’m here to tell you, I’m here to remind you, okay,


so number one, you have an offer, or an offer suite, or maybe it’s a new offer, and you’re not selling as much as you want. We see this all the time, all of a sudden, you know, XYZ offer in your business isn’t selling, it’s not selling at the rate you want it to or you’re launching something, maybe you’ve rejigged your offer in some capacity, you’ve added something, you’ve changed it in some capacity, and it’s not selling as much as you want. I’m gonna repeat the line that I said earlier, it’s all about the eyeballs on your offer. Now, sidenote, if it’s a brand new offer, there is a possibility that that offer needs some optimizing. It’s not at Hell Yes!. Right. That’s possible. So for a brand new offer, that you have started to optimize, meaning people are buying it, but you’re not selling as much as you want. It’s largely about the visibility. Often it’s about the visibility if it’s something that you haven’t tested, so you don’t know, if it’s a proven offer in some capacity, then you probably need to do some work to make sure that that offer is, you know, converting or it’s selling in the way that you want. And then you get more eyeballs on it. Okay, it all comes back to the eyeballs. But just in full transparency. And from a good business sense. If you don’t have a proven offer, or if you’ve either created something brand new, or changed your offer to such an extent that it’s very different, then you need to do some work to make sure that that offer is actually selling. And then the more people that see it, the more you will sell. But if it’s something that’s you have sold before, but you’re not selling as much as you want, it’s because people are not seeing it enough. In other words, you don’t have enough eyeballs on that offer so that the conversion rate works out to the amount that you want.


So I’m just going to give you a very basic example. If you want to sell 10 units of whatever it is your group coaching program, product XYZ, you know, one on one coaching, whatever it is, if you want to sell 10 of those things, I always use a conversion factor of 10%. Just to be conservative. If you want to get 10 sales, you have to have 100 eyeballs on that offer. If you’re getting to sales, there’s probably a really good chance that not enough people are seeing it. And when I say not enough people, I don’t mean all the people I don’t mean going out there and blanketing the world where you’re just showing up and like telling everybody about your offer and about your message and spreading yourself thin all over the place. What I mean is you need the eyeballs of your ideal client on that offer. So they will buy it. Okay, so they will buy it. So again, the first thing is if you are not selling enough of something, right, you want more sales, you want to maybe sell a certain offer suite. Whatever it is, it’s all about the eyeballs on that offer. And really calculating how many people need to see this, in order for this to convert at a percentage that meets my needs. Okay, so that’s the first scenario is, I’ve seen my clients come to me and they’re struggling with, hey, it’s not selling as much as I want, or I have this program, and I want to get this many people now to buy it. And I can’t seem to do that. And we go back, and we reverse engineer, this path, this funnel for this client. And we see that when we look at their landing page, not enough people are hitting it, when we go and look at, you know, the webinar that sells people into the service, not enough people are attending. Again, part of this is a numbers game, it doesn’t really matter. But it comes down to the eyeballs on that offer. Okay, so that’s the first thing, if you’re not selling as much as you want of something, go back and look at how many people are actually seeing this, and not all people, your target market, how many of your target market have eyeballs on that offer, so that they can buy it? Okay.


The second scenario is where the cash flow is dipping. So you might be a business owner, and you’re humming along at you’re making this up, you know, 30k a month, and all of a sudden, the cash flow starts to dip. And you find this shows up, because you find that you’re needing to work harder and harder to make the same amount of money every month, harder to have clients coming through consults coming through, harder for you to be talking to your ideal client and having them buy your package, it becomes a cash flow thing and the cash flow starts to dip, you start to see that you’re the revenue coming in is less, there’s less console calls, it just feels like a struggle to find these people that want to buy your offer. And actually move them through to a sale to a, you know, if we’ve closed the deal, and this person has now signed on. It’s all about the eyeballs on your offer.


So again, what happens when we are in business and we’re doing all the things all the time we’re kind of just going along, is we get sort of sucked into the work we get sucked into the clients we have right now. We get sucked into supporting our team, we get sucked into all the things that we’re doing right now in the here. And now. What ends up getting pinched is our visibility of going out there and networking with other people and showing up in those spaces that we need to to keep that business development piece moving. In other words, we are pinching the part where we get out in front of our target audience. And we show our thought leadership and we offer value to these audiences. And we continue to, you know, push what we’re talking about we we can share that with people. And we continue to drive that engine of visibility. So what ends up happening is we are getting less eyeballs on our offer. And on our business. This also manifests sometimes, like the market shifts and buyers and behaviors shift or there’s a competitive landscape, you know, shift or whatever it is. And some of the assets that we had in place that we’re working are not necessarily working as well anymore. Maybe the webinars are not getting in front of the right person, maybe the lead magnet of some sort on your website isn’t working. The ads you put out there right are not converting in the same way. And what ends up happening is less and less people that are our target market are having eyeballs on our offers. And what transpires from that is the cashflow, dips. And the solution to that is you need the eyeballs on your offer and on your business. So you need to go back and look at what is working. Where are you showing up? What are you talking about? You need to reinvigorate that part of your business. So you can get out in front of your target market. If your cash flow is dipping, and you know, there’s less consult calls on your calendar, and you’re not converting at the rate that you want. A lot of times, it’s because of the eyeballs on your offer. And some of this is a volume game, right depending on what your offer is and what your business is. And getting out there and sharing and networking and getting in front of your ideal client and offering that value and pulling people into your ecosystem. And moving them through your funnel is all part of it and it starts with the eyeballs on your offer and on your business.


The third thing, which I have to say, is one of these things that’s so sneaky, and it really gets kind of like right underneath my skin, because it sounds very logical. But in reality, it’s not, it’s not, I’ll just say it’s not.


And that is the scenario where people come to me, and I hear this a lot with my colleagues, they will come to me and tell me that their offer is not selling, because it’s not at the value of the price point that they have. So in other words, they’re telling me that their offers not selling, because they’re not delivering it or sharing it at the value level, that is commensurate with the price that they have. And that at some point, some sort of magical point, they will sort of evolve into this business owner that delivers the value of this offer, at a higher level, commensurate with the price that they’re asking for this in offer for this offer to sell. Now, I want to say as a side note, as someone who is certified as a mindset coach believes very deeply in mindset, has coached a lot of people on mindset, that scenario could possibly be true. However, I believe it is true, when you have a proven offer that you want to uplevel. So for example, if you have a proven offer that’s out there, maybe you have a group coaching program, and you’ve offered this, and you believe it is worth more than what it maybe what it’s priced at right now. And you want to bring it to the next level, because maybe the people that really need it and the impact that you want, the people that you want to work with, are at on a different level than the clients you’re working with now. So they need an offer a different type of offer a more valuable offer, because maybe it would require more of your time or more resources, or whatever it is. So you want to take this offer and you want to like bring it to the next level, evolve it, make it more valuable, and more, you know, in more demand.


And when those two things come together beautifully. It usually demands a higher price point, when you’re in that place where you’re out there and you’re selling something and it’s optimized, and people are buying it. And you are evolving in your ability to get results for people and take this offer to the next level. And you have to step onto that playing field and really operate from that place of that value. And that state of being in order to go out and sell that offer at the price point you want for the people that you actually want to be impacting. I do believe that you have to, you’re catching up to that value.


But I would say 90% of the time, when your offer is not selling at the price point, it’s not because of some fundamental flaw in your energy field. It’s not because you need to raise your vibe to some level to be commensurate with the people that want to buy that. Again, those things need to be in alignment. But I will tell you, the more likely scenario is that it’s all about the eyeballs on your offer. And we love to sort of hide behind, especially if we are in this sort of spiritual like intangible field or we subscribe to some of those philosophies. And again, I’m someone who does on some level. Absolutely, it seems so again, logical, like we can really sort of hide behind or believe that the reason that we aren’t selling these offers is because of some internal misalignment or flaw. But I want to offer to you that it’s usually not that at all. It’s about dialing in the traffic that you need, and the ideal client that you need, at the rate that you need, meaning the volume that you need, in order to get enough sales at this price point that you’re selling it at, in order to convert.


And it’s not the universe, it’s not some internal energetic alignment. Although you do need those things in place in order for you to, you know, move forward and create the momentum in your business to go out and after what it is that you want. Sometimes it just comes down to the brass tacks of math. And I think we can get into a sort of dangerous place where it’s like, if I have the right mindset, if I believe enough, if I’m vibing at the right frequency, then I’m going to sell enough of these things or I’m going to make X amount of money with these offers and I’m here to tell you, it’s often not the case that you need that funnel dialed in, you need to know the amount of eyeballs on that offer. In order for you to get what you want in order for you to help the people you want to help in order for you to generate the cash flow that you want to generate. And when that starts to work in harmony, let me tell you what shows up. So much momentum, so much momentum, and so many people vibing with you, because guess what’s happening, they’re seeing your offer, they’re identifying with it, they’re on your wavelength, they love you, you love them.

And this is a crucial point. You want to optimize your offers and get the eyeballs on them so that you can move people to the impact and the result that they want. And so that they move through your business in the best way, not only will your cash flow and your business thrive, but you will thrive and your clients will thrive and the amount of data that you collect about how you you know, teach whatever it is you’re teaching, how people respond to that all these pieces. When you do that you get so much valuable information that makes your offer better, that makes your business better. Because you start to see things and uncover things and you’ve taught whatever you’re teaching and you coach, whatever you’re coaching you sold whatever product that you are selling.


And voila, it is a match made in heaven and they buy. So yes, the universe can be on your side, yes, you can show up with your A game. However, it’s still all about the eyeballs, on your offer and on your business. And it needs to dial in. So if you feel like you are, you know, your vibe is off, or you’re you’re chastising yourself around your energy, like I’m not showing up as the person that I want to be. And that’s the issue, I really encourage you to go and look at your numbers, go and look at where are you showing up in front of that target market? What eyeballs are on that offer, that are going to then bring those people who are in alignment with the vibe with all the things. And frankly, they’re going to be the conduit to help you bring this offer to the next level. Because when you work with people who need what you have to offer, and then they get amazing results, you learn so much from them. And then guess what happens if you then dial up the heat on the number of people that are watching it, or seeing your offer. It’s like magic all over again.


And we all know this, right? It’s like all of that feedback and data takes your offers and your business to the next level. Then the beautiful thing, going back to all about the eyeballs, is then when you have this beautiful optimized, thriving offer, because you focus on the eyeballs on it, you’ve got those people to come through, then guess what happens when you put it in front of more people. They buy, right? You they buy.


So regardless of if it’s a newer offer in your business, or an established offer, or what whatever that scenario is, it’s all about the eyeballs on your offer and on your business. And the more that you do that, the more people you will have buy, and the more you will information you’ll get. And then once you get that to the level that you want, you can really turn up the heat by getting more eyeballs getting more eyeballs on that offer. Because then when you’ve got something that’s converting at a certain rate, and you understand what that looks like, then you can either pay to have more people come to that offer, right? With paid advertising or things like that. You could pay to get in front of a certain audience, maybe you’re paying to go speak at a conference or whatever it is. And you know, because it’s optimized that when you drive more eyeballs to it, you can expect the same type of conversion rate. Right.


So if something again, easy math 100 people see it, you have a conversion rate of 50% 50 people buy. Awesome, you optimize that. Now, if you’re gonna have it continue to be converting at 50% and now you drive 200 people to it. Guess how many sales you’re gonna have? Double, right, you’re gonna now have 50% of 200, which is 100. It’s that simple. But here’s the here’s the clincher for all of this. Your business cannot grow, your offer cannot be sold, you cannot thrive, your business cannot be easy, unless you have the eyeballs on your offers and on your business that you need.


So if you’re one of the people listening to this again, zero judgment that maybe this is is falling to the wayside. Or maybe you’re experiencing some of these things that I talked about. And you’re kind of scrambling like to do all the things, I want to really implore you to go and look at, what is your visibility? How many eyeballs are on your offer and on your business? Is there something that you can do to bring that back up to where you need it to be based on you and your business, and what is going on there. So in a recap, these three areas are where I am seeing the most symptom of not enough eyeballs on your offer, and on your business. And again, I believe, when it comes to creating that momentum, selling the offers at the rate that you want to impacting the people that you want to impact, it’s all about the eyeballs on your offers. And on your business. First scenario, you’re not selling as much of an offer as you want, it’s not at the level that you want to be. So there’s not enough, you know, sales coming through for a set offer that you have in your business. The second situation is your cash flow starts dipping, you’ve had this offer, it’s out there, you’ve been selling it and now the cash flow is going down. And it’s less console calls on your calendar less pull through less of the person that’s coming to you to ready to buy that offer. It’s often about the eyeballs on your offer. And then last but not least, you think your offer is not selling, because it’s not at the value it needs to be you’re not vibing with the universe, it’s not in alignment, in order for it to sell at that price. And I’m here to offer to you, yes, those things need to be absolutely dialed in. But more than likely, the problem is not some internal energetic misalignment. It is simply the numbers, it is simply the number of eyeballs that are getting on that offer. So looking at, where you’re sharing it, how many people you’re sharing it with, are you getting in front of the right people, and not waiting for the universe to align just going back to the brass tacks of the math. And I promise you that when you can see how many eyeballs you need, your energy will lock into place because the you know, momentum around that and the confidence around that. And the clarity around it brings your vibe up to the stratosphere it is amazing.

[27:33] So for all of us working amazing established business owners out there, I want you to make sure that you have the eyeballs you need on your offer and on your business. It’s all about the eyeballs, on your buffers and on your business. So go back, take a look at this. And really make sure that you have this dialed in that you’re you know leaning into that business development that you are making sure that you’re continuing to drive the momentum around your business getting out there, giving value doing that strategically not blanketing it all over the place. Where are your ideal clients and how can you get in front of them and I promise you, as those eyeballs multiply, your revenue will multiply and you will be having a blast in your business as a thrives. Have a great week everyone