Episode 04

Episode 04: You Are Magnificent


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Do you know how truly magnificent you are?

Do you really believe that you are magnificent?

In this podcast episode, I will turn you into a believer of magnificence.

I am going to blow your mind and help you realize why you need to be tapping into this limitless supply of power in order to create what you want, and much more.

You can recreate yourself – not just physically, but mentally as well. You can recreate yourself as a whole new human being if you just start embracing your magnificence.

And this isn’t just some sales pitch – I actually experienced this whole process myself, and today, I’m telling you how you can do it too!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • The chances of you being here at all are essentially zero – that’s a textbook miracle.
  • “You had a miraculous recovery” – the doctor told me that!
  • We have a mind-body connection – we can think something and create a physical result.
  • The more you embrace your magnificence, the more others will be able to embrace their magnificence.

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[00:01] Jessica: Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Practical Mindset Podcast. I’m Jess Miller, certified coach, and I will be your host today for the podcast. I’m so excited to have you here.

[00:12] Today, we’re going to talk about being magnificent, and about how magnificent you already are, and that when you see your magnificence regularly, you will be able to create all the success that you want and are capable of creating, because I believe that if you want to play to your fullest potential, you must embrace your magnificence.

[00:39] Now, many of us don’t spend our time thinking about this, and many people may not believe that they are magnificent, but today we’re really going to dig into this and explore it. By the end of this podcast, I believe, you’ll be a believer – not just a believer in the magnificent things around you, but a believer that you are inherently magnificent right now.

[01:07] Just so you know how magnificent it is and how miraculous it is that you’re even here: did you know that the probability of you being the you that is you is one in four hundred quadrillion? Let this sink in – that’s the number 400 with 15 zeros after it (400,000,000,000,000,000). Even less probable is the probability that you as a person even exist. So, basically, that means that the probability of you being you, or even existing, is essentially zero, so that makes you the textbook definition of a miracle.

[01:57] I want to share with you the pivotal moment in my life when I realized just how magnificent I am. It was a Friday morning in 2017, I was 2 months postpartum, and I wasn’t feeling well. I had woken up that day, and I was going away on a trip with my husband, which we had scheduled many months before our son was even born, with the idea that we weren’t sure what was going to be going on or how we were even going to make it happen, but as new parents we knew we would need that time to just get away. So, I did all the usual things that I did, and a drove my husband to the train station with the intent that I would go and pick him up at work and we would drive north together. That morning, I got myself ready, and I don’t really remember much about the morning – except I do remember being in the shower and feeling so tired, and feeling like I had reflux and discomfort in my chest. All I could think of was that all I just needed to get to where we were going for vacation so I could sleep for 48 hours. But, instead of getting in the car and driving to go and drive my husband to up north and pick him up at work, I ended up getting in the car and driving myself to the emergency room. I don’t remember any of the particulars, and don’t even remember exactly how I got there, but I was told that I marched myself into the emergency room and told the woman behind the counter that I was having chest pains and that I needed to be put on an EKG machine immediately. I’m gathering that she probably looked at me a little strangely because I was 39 years old at the time and probably didn’t look like the typical person who was having a heart attack, but the second that I sat down on that EKG machine in the ER, I proceeded to go into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, I was surrounded by an incredible, amazing, magnificent team of caregivers that were able to help stabilize me and save my life. They were able to get my heli-flighted to a bigger hospital where I was met by other incredible, amazing people that helped put my body into the state it needed to be so that I could essentially let my body do its thing and heal over the next 48 hours. I was thankful after that 48 hours that I could wake up and see my family and start on what would be my recovery from having a life-threatening heart attack where I essentially dropped dead in the emergency room.

[04:46] The unknown at that point was significant. I was scared. I was afraid that I would never heal. I didn’t know what was ahead. And I proceeded to take in a lot of information that was very foreign to me that would set me on a path toward my recovery.

[05:06] After being discharged with a clean bill of health – enough to be discharged, and after doing a stress test – for any of you that are familiar with that, it basically means you get on a treadmill and you put a bunch monitors on to monitor your heart, and basically they test to see how your heart is performing, and it’s something that you often need to do in order to be discharged. After passing that test, I went out to start my recovery. At a follow-up appointment, I was sitting with my doctor, and I was sharing my experience and how scared I was, and I was struggling with moving into the future with so much unknown. And he looked at me, and he looked at my chart, and said to me, “Jess, you had a miraculous recovery”, and he used those exact words – a miraculous recovery. I realized in that moment, sitting in the office with my physician, that I had a choice – I had a choice to believe that either I was going to live, that I was going to heal, and that I was going to live the life I was meant to live, and believe that I was miraculous and that I was a magnificent human being, or that I could not believe it and that I could live in fear that I was going to die, and that something outside of me was going to determine my fate and be the source of my power. In that moment, I decided to live, and I decided to choose to embrace my magnificence. From then on, I have never seen my life the same way.

[06:57] I know I’m a walking miracle – that I am magnificent, that we all are magnificent. And I have been able to create success beyond my wildest imaginations from being able to embrace the magnificent person that I am.

[07:20] You, too, are magnificent, and like me, you are able to recreate yourself in an instant. As human beings, we literally can recreate ourselves. Our body physically regenerates, it heals, it grows. If any of you have ever witnessed your own children growing, and your own growth, at one point you were a tiny little baby, and you, now, listening to this podcast, I’m going to guess, are not tiny anymore. Your body has literally changed in front of your eyes. Your heart is beating, your blood is pumping, the neurons in your brain as you learn, change all automatically. Even crazier than that, you can intentionally change – you can decide you’re going to build muscles, you can decide you’re going to run a mile, and you can decide what you want to do next to create the things, and literally recreate yourself into a physical, and even a mental, different human being – in one miraculous instant. In several miraculous automatic instances.

[08:52] We also, as human beings, have the incredible ability to choose, to think, to use our executive functioning in our brain to decide what we want to do next intentionally – we can move our bodies intentionally. We have a mind-body connection. Wow. We can think something and have a sensation in our body – we can produce a feeling or an emotion by our thoughts. Equally as miraculous, we can decide to create whatever we want in our lives.

[09:40] When you embrace your magnificence, this inherent quality that you as a human being are a magnificent human being, and you combine that with the actions that you take in your life, you create success beyond your ability to even fathom. The beautiful thing about that is that what you create from there will always be uniquely you – there is no one else just like you, and there will never be someone else just like you.

[10:24] Now, I want you to pause, and I want you to really think about how magnificent you are, about what a full-blown miracle it is to be the you that is you, and I want you to really feel it, and I want you to own it. If you are someone that is struggling to find a moment where you can see it and believe how magnificent you really are, I want to give you this moment – this moment to see it and own it, because you are magnificent. Part of fully tapping into your power to create unlimited success is building this muscle of embracing your magnificence. The more that you tap into this, and the more that you infuse your special something into your business and into your life, the more incredible your results will be, and the more you will be able to help others shape their miraculous ness as well, because when we see other people’s magnificence or we witness their miracles, it allows us to see our magnificence more clearly for ourselves, which means that the more we believe we are magnificent, and the more we tap into our magnificence, the more others are able to do it as well. Embracing your magnificence into part of your identity, knowing you are someone who is magnificent beyond their wildest dreams, allows you to create all the things you want in your life from that space, and so much more.

[12:30] We want to hear about your magnificence, and what you’re creating in your business beyond your wildest dreams, when you tap into this inner knowing. Please share with us all your stories and all your wins at support@jessicamillercoaching.com. If you have derived value from this podcast, if you have been able to see your magnificence more clearly, please subscribe and follow us on all the platforms that you listen to podcasts on regularly, and please share this with someone else that you know could get value from this and could tap into their magnificence as well.

Thanks very much for joining, and see you next week.