Episode 01

Episode 01: What is a Practical Mindset


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Do you want to have your time and freedom, and a thriving business, all without sacrificing your sanity?

Pressing play on this podcast will give you the tools you need to create everything you want in your business and your life.

In this podcast episode, I tell you about the incredible opportunities, results, and impact that you can have if you just start with the right mindset and a willingness to apply these tools in your everyday life.

After leaving corporate America at the age of 39, I started helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and have huge impact in their lives as well. After the years of perfecting the strategy, I’m bringing it to you in this podcast so that you can take these lessons and utilise them in all aspects of your life. And you can do it all for free.

Whether you’re a business owner, working in corporate America, thinking about starting a business, or you have an aspect of your life that you’d like to improve, you’ll benefit from much of this.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • It is possible to have everything you want, the way you want it, with tangible, measurable results.
  • Mindset is a buzzword at the moment, especially in the entrepreneurial world. But we don’t really hear about how to utilize it in a practical way.
  • I started in corporate America, left it to join the entrepreneurial world, and helped entrepreneurs build the businesses that they wanted.
  • There are two things that hold entrepreneurs back. It’s not credentials, ability, intelligence, or drive. It’s these two things: their identity within the space, and their ability to master their mindset in a practical way.
  • Many female clients had these roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and thoughts around attracting the money that they wanted.
  • Following my methods, entrepreneurs started to grow in their lives and their businesses, and they could replicate those results in practical ways. They became unstoppable.
  • This podcast will focus on a practical mindset around money, time, identity, goals, and so much more.
  • You might not move heaven and earth in three seconds, but the results will be tangible, and if you are consistent, your results will be massive.

Mentioned in this episode:

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[00:00] Well, hello everyone, and welcome to the Practical Mindset Podcast. I’m Jess Miller, and I’m going to be your host for the show, and I’m so excited to have you here.

[00:11] Wow, has this been a long time coming. This has been something I have been thinking about launching, and here we are – on to new beginnings. I am so grateful to have you all here, and to talk to you about what it means to take your life and your business to the next level, and to really utilize your mindset in a practical way.

[00:33] I am a certified coach, I’m a business coach, and a money mindset coach, and I work with highly-driven entrepreneurs who want to have it all in their life – who want to have their time, their freedom, and a thriving business that makes them the money they want without sacrificing everything in their life to get it, including their sanity. I know that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Most people don’t talk about life and business in that way. They actually tell you the exact opposite. But I’m here to offer that it is possible to have everything in your business and your life that you want, in a way that you want, in a way that is tangible, and in a way that you can measure, with starting with mastering your mindset in a practical way.

[01:16] So, you might be sitting here, thinking, “what possessed you to start this podcast, and what exactly is a practical mindset?” So, I can share a little bit about that with you so you have a sense of where I’ve been and where we’re doing.

[01:31] As I mentioned, most people don’t talk about mindset as something practical. Mindset is really a buzzword right now, especially in the entrepreneurial world. If we talk about it like it’s something that is ambiguous and somewhat woo-woo, and there is a place for it to be that – there is so much power that we possess as human beings, because we possess the ability to choose our thoughts and to think, and to utilize our brain in many different ways, some of it took keep us safe, and some of it in a very practical and intentional way to create the things in our lives that we actually want. But what we don’t often hear about is how to utilize it in a way that’s practical and measurable, so that when we want to create something, we can use our mind as a tool the same way that we use something like a planner or a goal system, or something like that. You can learn to use your mind and to master your mindset in a very practical way to help move you forward.

[02:42] So, how did I come up with this idea? I’ll share with you. I spent much of my life in corporate America, building teams, and helping people thrive in their career. When I was about 39 years old, I had a serious health crisis, which I can tell you more about in other episodes. It really pushed me to look at my life often the way trauma does for many of us who have ever experienced it. In those moments of trauma, we get crystal clear – our focus locks in on what is important to us and what it is that we want to be doing. Although I loved my corporate job, I knew there was more for me out there. I knew that there were more people that I could impact with the work I was doing to help them create the life that they wanted. So, after I had this experience, I was actually really blessed with an opportunity to have my corporate job relocated to Europe, which in another lifetime I would’ve loved to have taken, but I decided to take that as a sign that I was meant to go on my entrepreneurial journey. So, I left the corporate world and I went on to start working with entrepreneurs, and I went on to help them build their life in a way that they wanted to, up-level how they were living. In the area of building teams and building infrastructures, I started helping them build their business.

[04:06] What I found as I was working with a lot of different people is, first of all, I surrounded myself, and I would attract, and people in my sphere were always people who were really ambitious. If you’re listening to this podcast, first of all, I’m so grateful to have you here, and second of all, I have a hunch that you are a driven, ambitious person, too – which brought us together. What I started to realize is that all these ambitious were coming together, and they were wanting to take their life and their success to the next level, and something was stopping them. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the credentials, or they weren’t smart enough, or they didn’t have what it took – they were all capable and thriving in some way, but something was getting in the way. When I dug a little deeper, what I found was that there were two things that were really holding them back.

[05:03] One was their understanding of who they needed to be within this infrastructure – their sense of identity within themselves, within their mind, as it meant to be a thriving entrepreneur. The other piece was that they weren’t tapping into the ability to master their mindset in their way that could create practical and tangible results for them in their work, and, frankly, even outside of their work and their life. They understood and had heard, like I’m sure many of you have (I definitely have), that mindset is a crucial component to building a business, but they had no idea what that meant. So, they weren’t able to really figure out and build the skillset of mastering their mindset in a practical way in order to tie that to their results, and when they’ve gotten the results that they wanted, to be able to tie that back to what was literally going on in their thoughts and in their state of being in that moment in order to reproduce it.

[06:14] One of the biggest areas that I saw people hold themselves back in this way was in the area of money, especially for many of my female clients. There was this identity, and these blocks, these limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts that were showing up around people being able to make or create or, I’ll go as far as to say, attract the money that they wanted in their businesses, because of the way that they were viewing themselves, and the way that they were constructing their mindset and their thoughts around being able to create those types of tangible, financial results in their business.

[06:59] Having been someone that had really mastered that in my corporate job, and had also built a lot of wealth in my personal life, I decided to weave that into what I was teaching in business with my clients, and how to help them build that business in a way that incorporated mindset into the picture. Like I said, we’ve heard of this so many times. We understand that there’s this sort of balance between the practical things that we’re doing, the logistical things that we’re doing, and who we’re being in the mindset, but people were not marrying those things together, and so I started to create different curriculums and offers that would marry these things together. What I found is that not only did it give people the tools to, number one, get clear on exactly where they wanted to go, what did success look like for them, what does that look like for their business, really be able to see it in front of them. But also to tap into what they needed to be thinking, and who they needed to be being and showing up as, in order to create these results that they wanted in their business. What happened was people started to grow really quickly. They started to gain lots of momentum in their business. They started to make a lot of money in their business. And then, equally, if not more importantly, it started to feel really amazing – it didn’t feel like a grind. It started to happen, dare I say, easily. There was an ease to it. And because they could look and it, and it’s sort of in front of them, they could also reverse engineer it in a practical way.

[08:45] That ability to take a step back from what they were doing and look at what they were creating, and then re-apply that to other things that they were doing in their business, and even had that reach beyond their business, they started to become unstoppable. I realized in those moments that that was what I wanted to focus my time on.

[09:11] So, what I did was I started working with people around all different pieces of their business where this practical mindset, and looking at things very practically, but weaving in this mindset component to it in a way that is measurable, really became powerful.

[09:32] Many of the things that we focus on in my coaching, and that we’re going to focus on in the podcast, are a practical mindset around money, a practical mindset around your time, a practical mindset around who you are and who you think you are, a practical mindset around creating goals in your business, around creating goals in your life, and it can go on and on, reaching far into your business and also beyond into your personal life where there is that piece of it that is the ‘why’ – why are you doing the things that you’re doing? Why did you even start your business? What does it mean to thrive for you? What would life look like if it was success in your eyes? How can we put that together in a practical way that you can literally hold in your hand, and almost dissect, recreate, in a way that can really move you forward.

[10:36] So, now, years later, and many, many clients later, we have mastered a structure to do that, and I am so excited to share so much valuable resources and information with all of you. The goal of this podcast, from my perspective, is to offer to you information that you can take and immediately go out and do something within your business to create a result immediately. That doesn’t meant that you’re going to move heaven and earth in three seconds, but, in some ways, the results that you do create can feel like that, and it also can be that you will create results very quickly – there will be something that you can produce and actually look at and measure, and it’s tangible, and if you do this consistently over time, you can see massive results. And all of that is going to happen on this podcast if you show up and you just listen. It’s also something that you can share with other people.

[11:36] Maybe you’re somebody who has a business, maybe you’re somebody who’s starting a business, or maybe you’re somebody who’s in corporate America, or there’s something else in your life you just want to touch with this. You can also share it with other people. This, for me, is really a way to share so much of what I’m learning and what I’ve taught, right here on the airwaves for all of you.

So, to that end, make sure that you are subscribing and following for this free podcast on wherever you’re listening. Make sure to share it with anyone you think might benefit from it. Make sure that you tune in as each episode drops so that you can get that information immediately and quickly.

[12:23] Something that you can do right now with this episode, as you think about your business, your life, or something in your life that you’re working on, is really to go and get clear on what is one thing that you feel like you’d like to focus on with some of the tools that we’re going to learn here. What is something that you’d like to take to the next level? Is it a revenue goal? Is it money that you’re going to make? Is it a feeling, like you want to feel a certain way? Is it something that you want to produce in your life? Is it something tangible that you want to have, like a trip to the spa, or are you saving for a home, or do you want to spend more time with your children, or do you want to maybe have a certain experience with your significant other? I want to offer to you to end this episode with thinking about, what is one thing that you would like to put at the focal point of your life right now that you can focus on changing or up-levelling as we move into these next episodes together?

So, with that, thank you so much for joining, and I look forward to seeing you here on the next episode of the Practical Mindset Podcast. Take care.