Bonus Episode - MVP

Bonus Episode: MVP – Making More Money


Over the past several months our audience has grown significantly, so I wanted to give the newer listeners a chance to listen to our most valuable podcasts (MVPs) and our more seasoned listeners a chance to hear our most impactful teachings again and either hear something you didn’t hear before or glean something new from what we’re teaching.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

Do you want to make more money?

Your answer is most likely “yes”, but you’re also thinking you need to spend more time and effort in order to make more money.

Would you believe me if I told you that you could make all the money that you ever wanted by simply changing the way you think about money?

In this podcast episode, I will give you easy, simple, and practical steps to follow so that you can start making the money you want to make right now.

I know you’ve heard from all the gurus and money experts, and they’ve told you that you need to do more things and you need to work for 20 years before you can even think about making more money.

I’m here to prove them wrong, and so are you!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Your money starts in your brain.
  • You already have everything that you need to make all the money that you want.
  • You need to be visible, you need to have something to offer, and you need to change your mindset in order to make more money.
  • What are your thoughts around your money? Write them down and discover the thoughts that are holding you back without you even knowing it.
  • If you think you need a lot of time to make money, you will take a lot of time to make money.
  • Making money is not hard, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you don’t need money to make money.
  • If you want to make $100,000, you can make $100,000 if you just change your thoughts to make it inevitable.

Mentioned in this episode:

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[00:01] Jessica: Well, hello, everyone, and welcome back to the Practical Mindset Podcast. I’m your host and certified coach, Jessica Miller, and I’m so excited to have you here today.

[00:11] We’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics – making money. For any of you that follow me, you know that I am passionate about helping business owners make consistent money in their business.

[00:24] I work with highly ambitious entrepreneurs who want to have it all. They want their time, they want their freedom, and they want a thriving business that makes money consistently without having to sacrifice everything important in their life to get it – including their sanity. Making money is at the top of the list of what I hear from my clients that they struggle with.

[00:49] Today, we’re going to talk about money in a way you’ve probably never spoken about it before, and I think it’s going to really blow your mind.

[01:01] In my experience, making money is a struggle for many people, and I want to offer that if you want to create consistent money in your business in a way that, dare I say, feels effortless, you must change your relationship with your money. Your money starts, and is created, in your brain. It is created by the thoughts that you think about it, it is created by the stories you tell yourself about it, and it all starts with the things that enter your brain everyday which, when you think about over and over again, creates your relationship with your money.

[01:56] Now, this may be very contrary to popular belief and contrary to things that you’ve heard before. Often when people talk about money, and the gurus and the experts will say this over and over again, that money is made somewhere outside of you – that we have to go and get money, we have to find it, we have to “make” it, that it’s somewhere out there, and that we need to go outside of us to get it and bring it to us.

[02:34] But, I want to offer a different perspective. And that is that everything that you need to make all of the money that you want, you already have. It is inside of you, and it starts with how you think about it. We’ve also heard often that you need to do a lot of things to make money, and that the more that you do and the more things that are happening, the more money that you make. I am going to offer that this is actually untrue. I am not suggesting that you don’t need to do anything to make money, because you do, but I want to offer, and I am suggesting, that it is not the thing that actually moves the needle for you in making the money that you want to create in your business. The money that you make in your business, and the relationship that you create with your business, starts with how you think about your money, and it is tied to the thoughts that you have around your money consistently.

[03:48] So, today, we’re going to talk about money and how you can make it, and what’s holding you back from making it – what is actually going on for you in your business that’s creating the struggle that you may have with money, or that’s creating the situation of you not making the money that you want to be making.

[04:11] In my experience as an entrepreneur, and working with many, many clients, there are three things that I see that are essential for making money consistently.

[04:24] The three things are: one, visibility around your brand and what it is that you do, so you need to be seen. Second, is that you have an offer that you actually offer to other people, and the third is your mindset and your thoughts around making money. It’s really those three things. It is being visible, making offers, and having a mindset and service to making the money that you want to make. Without those foundational pieces, you will not make money. If you think about this from a very practical perspective, if you have something to offer people, and no one can find you (you’re not visible), then they can’t buy what you have to offer, and you can’t make money from that. If you are out there but you don’t have something to offer people to buy, then people can’t give you money for anything because you’re not making an offer, so you will not make money that way. Around your mindset, one of the biggest things that I see people holding them back around, is what they think about their money – the actual thoughts that they are having around their money, and the relationship that they create with their money, is not in service to the result of money that they want to create or is blocking them from making the money – it’s actually making the repel the money in some way. Once you put those three things together, and you really create this relationship around your money – it’s really this dance of these three things. It’s the dance of showing up and being visible, it’s the dance of making offers, and the dance of what you think about when you’re in that space that creates consistent money in your business.

[06:34] Today, we’re going to talk practically about your thoughts around your money, and I want to say that there are things happening in your brain right now around your money that you don’t even know are there. So, we want to dig underneath that, we want to get clarity around what that is, and we want to help you create the money that you want to create in an easy, practical way, so that you can do this in a repeatable fashion, so that this money is made for you and your business consistently.

[07:16] The first thing that I want to talk about is around your awareness to your thoughts around money. I have a hunch that if you’re listening to this podcast, a lot of people have not necessarily asked you about your relationship with money or about what you’re actually thinking about your money. In other words, when you sit down to either talk to a client or create something in your business, what thoughts are coming into your brain around your money – around going out and doing the things that make money in your business? For instance, going out and sharing your offer or showing up in a place where people are poised to buy from you.

[08:07] The first thing I want you to do, if you’re listening to this podcast right now, I want you to pause it and I want you to write down what is coming up for you around your money. So, when you think about your money, what thoughts come up? One of the ways that I tell my clients to do this is to think about either the money that they have (the money that is in their bank account right now), or the money that they want to have, or the price of their offer, or something related to their money, to help trigger these thoughts around their money to come it. I want you to write it down. This is literally going to be a brain dump around your money. I want you to try not to center yourself – I want you to just let it come out on the piece of paper. So, what is coming up for you as it relates to money? What are your thoughts about your money? When you do this, I think you’re going to be shocked, because what you get on this piece of paper is a blueprint of your brain – it’s a blueprint of your thoughts about your money. Baked into that blueprint are going to be all the limiting beliefs around making money that exist for you right now. It’s going to be this mind dump of all the things that you think about your money. In that, you’re going to see trends around what are your biggest limiting beliefs. The thing that is holding you back from making consistent money in your business, and feeling effortless when you do it, are all the thoughts that are showing up on that page. I have a hunch that inside that swirl of thoughts are the top three limiting beliefs that I hear from my clients most often, that I’m going to share with you, so that if they’re on that page or if they’re somewhere under the surface, which I suspect they are, you can start busting through these limiting beliefs right now in a very practical way, so that you can move forward and start creating all of the money that you want in your business right now.

[10:33] Here are the top three myths/limiting beliefs/thoughts that your brain is throwing out to you that are holding you back and keeping you from making the money that you want.

[10:47] The first myth is that making money is hard. We hear this all of the time, and it’s very stealth. We hear it in the way that we talk about money – “a good hard days work”; making money is hard and making money easy is somehow icky, that we really need to hustle to make money, that there is this sentiment that making money is difficult, and that making money in an easy way is a bad thing. Many people, I suspect, that are listening to this, are working really hard to make money, and they’re watching other people work really hard to make money. Here’s what I want to say from a very practical perspective – if making money in a way that is hard actually worked, we would all be millionaires right now. We’ve all had the experience of making money and it being difficult, and if you’re listening to this and you’re struggling to make money, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you would say that making money is hard. If that actually worked, you’d be making all of the money that you want to make. Our brain teeing up this myth that making money needs to be hard and in order for us to make it, we just need to work harder, we just need to do all the things, just do them more, is a total fallacy, because if you look at the data in your business, it’s not working. It doesn’t mean that you need to do more of it to actually make it happen – that that would be the thing that would make you money. In the swirl of this thought around making money and that it being hard, the feelings that come from those thoughts are often terrible. When I think that making money is hard as an ambitious entrepreneur, it is so heavy and it is so overwhelming. From that place of feeling, the thing that I want to do is not one of the things that makes money in our business. It’s not “let me go out there and share what I’m doing”. It’s not “let me go make offers to people that need it”. It is “let me get my remote control and watch Netflix on replay”. Watching Netflix on replay does not create money in my business.

[13:45] Because human beings are compelled from emotion, we are compelled to do things from how we feel, when we think that making money is hard, we subconsciously repel it – we push it away, and we move into the actions that dont make us money, like watching Netflix, like deliberating on what we’re going to do next, procrastinating, avoiding. So, we’re working, and we might be working hard, but we’re not creating the result of money in our business.

[14:25] The first thing that I want you to do is I want you to take the time and I want you to go and look for where this thought that making money is hard is showing up in your business. I want you to look at that sheet of thoughts that you wrote down and where is it showing up. You may not have written down the thought “making money is hard”, but I want you to see where is “hard” and “struggle” showing up in those thoughts? Because I guarantee it’s there, and you are inadvertently pushing money away from you with a thought around your money that is encompassing this feeling of being hard. As human beings, we are not going to move toward the discomfort of pain – that discomfort of feeling that comes from thinking that money is hard. We are actually more conditioned to avoid pain and move toward pleasure, so it’s really hard to create something like money that you think is hard under the surface. So this first myth is that money is hard – that it’s something that you need to struggle to get. Where is this in your business that’s holding you back from making the money that you want?

[15:46] The second myth is that making money takes a lot of time. And not only time in the sense that it’s going to take me a lot of time to make the money I want, meaning like in maybe a year or so I’ll get there. But also that I need to invest a tone of time to make a lot of money. This is one of those things, again, if we look around us or we even look at the data in our business, we are seeing all sorts of different things that people are experiencing around making money. So, we have had the experience that we’re looking at someone and we’re like, “how did they do that in one day? How did it take so little time?” And maybe for us it’s taken a different amount of time.

[16:40] I want to offer in this podcast that time is totally irrelevant to the amount of money that you can make. It’s also totally irrelevant to the amount of money that you’re making right now. Time has nothing to do with the amount of money that you can make, and time in relation to your money is relative to what you think about how long it’s going to take you to make the money that you want. Those thoughts around the time it takes to make money create a very specific feeling in your body that compels you to do something.

[17:20] So, if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur listening to this podcast, and you think it’s going to take a tone of time to make the money that you want, it is like shackling your leg to a wall. It feels horrible. It feels out of your control, like, “I am tied to this wall and I can’t do anything about it.” For ambitious entrepreneurs, we love the feeling of motion. We love being in the momentum of flow and of creation of results. We love the idea of doing that on our own timeline – on the timeline we decide. And because of all the things that we know about time from the data, and if you haven’t listened to my podcast on bending time, I highly recommend that you do that, because what we know about time is that we create the things within the space of time that we think – we shape time in the way that we perceive our time, which essentially means that the money that we make or the work that we do will fill the space of time based on what we think about it. If we think making money is going to take a specific amount of time, guess what – it will. We have studied this and we have seen this through things like Parkinson’s Law and Albert Einstein’s study of time, that it is relative to us. So, what you think about the amount of time it’s going to take to make money will show up in your business.

[19:06] I also want to offer that we have seen, and many of us have had the experience, that making money actually takes no time at all. I will give you an example of this. When you create something, and you place it on a website, and you have a buy button, and someone goes to buy that offer from you, it’s costing you absolutely no time in this moment. It’s on a website, there’s a button, people can put in a credit card, you will get paid and make money, and it will require none of your time right now. When they go to buy it three days from now, and you’re on the beach with your kids, it will require no time for you in that future moment. We have so much at our fingertips to create money by spending no time to do it, or create money repeatedly with time that we have spent one time, that the possibilities are endless. So, we can make money easily, and very quickly, or with very little time, consistently. So, I really want you to take a moment to think about how do you think about your time in relation to your money. How are you thinking about the time that it’s going to take you to do something that is going to make you money? How are you showing up when you think about your time in a way that feels, energetically in your body, heavy and slow? How is that showing up in your business? I want you to really go in and practically look at this, meaning “what is the data around your thoughts, around your time, related to your money – to your business?” Those things are driving the ship right now, because money has nothing to do with time. It does not have to take a lot of time. It can just take the time you think it’s going to take relative to the thing you’re trying to create.

[21:19] Where is limiting beliefs around your time showing up in your business? I promise you with a change in your thought about your time, the amount of money you will create will increase in a shorter period of time. I’ve seen it over and over, and over again.

[21:39] The third myth that I hear all the time is that you have to have made money to make more money. This is absolutely untrue. There was a time, for every single entrepreneur on this call who has made any money at all, there was a time when you made no money. You making no money at some past time point is completely irrelevant to the money that you’re making today. Here’s another thing that’s a total mind-bender: the amount of money that you’re making right now is totally irrelevant to the amount of money that you’re going to make in the future. How do we know this? Because there was a time when you hadn’t made any money, and you’re making money now. So, if you had to have done it before, then you would never have been able to create the money you’re making now. And if it was the case that the money you made now was linked to the money you’re going to make in the future, you could never make more money – nobody could ever make more money. No one could ever make any money, because if there was a time when they never made it, and that was the thing that was creating the money in their business now, then they would never be able to grow and to change.

[23:00] But your thoughts around whether or not you’re capable of making money, whether or not it takes money to make money, or you are somebody that is a special snowflake, or only special snowflakes make money, those thoughts around your money and making money will drive the result of you making money or making more money, or making the money that you always wanted to make. Those thoughts shape how you show up in your business to make money. They shape the relationship with your money. They shape with your feelings around money. Those things determine what you create as a result in your business that makes money. In other words, if you think it’s not possible for you to make money, if you think that the offer that you’re selling isn’t going to be something that somebody buys, if you think that you can’t create the thing that you want in your business around your money, those things have a feeling that it evokes in your body, and from there you take very different actions to go and make your money than you would if you had different thoughts about it.

[24:22] So, I really want you to pause and think about how you’re thinking about your ability to make money, how you’re thinking about the money that’s available to you out there, how you’re thinking about what is literally going on in your business right now in relation to the money that you want to make.

[24:42] One of the things that I ask my clients all the time is what amount of money are they trying to make. Let’s pretend for the sake of this example that they say $100,000. I ask them what do they think about that $100,000, and what would they think if I told them that that $100,000 was inevitable, like you are going to make the $100,000 and it is a done deal. What would you think about the money you’re making today? What would you think about yourself in your ability to make more money if you knew that the money that you wanted, and by know I mean if you believed that the money that you wanted to make was inevitable, what would you think today? What thoughts would be coming up for you in your brain right now? If you write them down and literally look at that, you will see all of the thoughts that are shaping your creation of money. Those thoughts are what are creating the result, not whether or not you’ve done it before.

[26:03] Here’s such the interesting thing about our thoughts and money, and looking at them in a very practical way to see what they are, and to see the results they are creating in their life, is that, for the most part, when we look at our thoughts, the thoughts we are thinking are not in line with the money that we want to create. If we were all sitting around thinking that making $100,000, for example, is inevitable for us, and not thoughts around our money that we can’t have it, that it’s hard, that it’s going to take a lot of time, that we’re not a special snowflake, if we were in service to the result of $100,000 with our thoughts, we would be creating very different things. What we find is that people are actually thinking the thoughts that are in service to creating it. They’re actually thinking all of the other thoughts, like all of the limiting beliefs we talked about on this podcast around how money is hard, money takes a lot of time, I have to have done it before. We’re spending time in those thoughts, and we are creating a relationship around money from that place, which is holding us back from making the consistent money that we want, in a way that feels good and effortless.

[27:30] If you want to make money effortlessly, you need to choose your thoughts, one thought at a time, in service to the money you want to create, so that you can create, literally, the blueprint for your brain that is going to get you to consistent money in an effortless way today.

[27:58] I want you to go back and I want you to really look for these limiting beliefs showing up in your business right now. I want you to look for where you’re thinking money is hard, I want you to look for where you’re thinking it needs to take a lot of time to make money, and I want you to look for where you’re holding yourself back to doing to the thing that you want in your business to make the money you want because you think it’s something you’ve never done before. I promise you, it is underneath the surface, and it is the thing that is holding you back, and that you are literally one thought away from making all of the money that you want in your business in an effortless and practical way.

[28:49] Also, I want to hear all of the success stories that you’re willing to share with us around how this has shifted you, your mindset, and your money in your business. Please write to us at and let us know your success stories. If you listened to this podcast and you’ve gotten value so that you can take your money and your mindset to the next way in a practical way that is not ambiguous, but is something that someone, anyone, can put into practice today, please subscribe and follow us on all the platforms that you listen to podcasts on regularly, so that you can get the next episode the second it drops. If there is somebody out there who you know who could gain value from this episode, please share it with them.

I am on a mission to help business owners create the business that they want and make the money that they want in their business, in a way that is practical and easy, and that anyone can learn, so that they can change their life and up-level their business immediately.

Thanks for joining, and see you next week.