Episode 137

Episode 137: Savoring Success: Energetic Alignment in Entrepreneurship with Angela Jia Kim


What you’ll learn in this episode:

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of diving into a meaningful conversation with Angela Jia Kim, the brilliant mind behind Savor Beauty, and an inspiration to me on my entrepreneurial journey. Angela shared invaluable insights on the vital role of self-care and authenticity in the world of entrepreneurship. She stressed the importance of prioritizing our own well-being to effectively serve others and crafting offers that truly resonate with our genuine desires and passions.

Throughout our discussion, Angela and I delved into the transformative power of reflection and self-awareness, emphasizing the importance of periodically resetting to maintain alignment with our goals. We explored how planners, especially her Savor Beauty Planner (which I love and have been using for years!), can serve as invaluable tools for entrepreneurs, aiding in anchoring ourselves to our intentions and visions.

Angela also shared inspiring anecdotes of her journey, including instances where she bravely let go of offers that no longer aligned with her brand, witnessing firsthand the positive impact it had on her business (talk about leaning into your Hell Yes!).

If you’re entrepreneur who knows the power of dialing into your Hell Yes and wants to witness firsthand how energetic alignment and clarity in business creates powerful offers that deeply resonate with customers, this episode is for you!

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Why self-care and authenticity are essential in entrepreneurship.
  • How the Savor Beauty Planner can be a powerful tool for anchoring your intention and vision.
  • How letting go of offers that don’t align with your brand can create breakthroughs and positive impact on your business.
  • Why sales are one of the most powerful opportunities in your business to transform lives and should be approached with passion and a focus on value.

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About Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim is the visionary behind Savor Beauty, a “spiritual skincare” brand that blends high-performance natural skincare and nourishing soul care for inside-out radiance.

Inspired by Korean beauty rituals in a New York minute, Savor Beauty has two facial spas in New York City that have received acclaim as “Best of New York” from publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Elle, People, Goop, Well+Good, and more. The signature treatments feature their cleansers, creams, serums, masks, and peels made fresh daily by women in New York.

As a former international classical concert pianist, Angela was recognized as the “unexpected beauty virtuoso” by MindBodyGreen. Her journey began with award-winning skincare products she created in her kitchen, becoming an accidental entrepreneur. Today, her multimillion-dollar enterprise revolves around natural ingredients that work, with “Allure editors obsess[ing] over Savor Beauty’s simple, farm-fresh skin-care products made daily in [New York]…” (Allure Magazine.)

She is the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy published by St. Martin’s Press. Her Savor Beauty Self-Care Planner has sold over 100,000 copies, bringing soulcare to thousands through her philosophy of beauty, brilliance, and balance.

Angela resides in New York City with her daughter, mini golden retriever, and philanthropic partner. She enjoys cooking, pilates, Kundalini yoga, and world travels.

Jessica Miller [00:02]

Angela, welcome to the It’s Your Offer podcast. We are so thrilled to have you here!

Angela Kim [00:07]

Thank you so much, Jessica. I know we’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Absolutely.

Jessica Miller [00:13]

Absolutely. For all of our listeners, can you tell us a little bit about yourself introduce you so that they can get to know a little bit about you.

Jessica Miller [00:21]

My name is Angela Jia Kim, and I’m the founder of Savor Beauty, which is a natural skincare brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals, founded led made by women here in New York. I’m very proud of that. I’m a former concert pianist. I’ve mentored 1000s of entrepreneurs, hopefully empowering them through the Savor Beauty Planner, which is self-care first, in order to get to your goals, which I know you use. You were sharing with me that you have like 17 planners, which is fantastic. So that’s my background.

Jessica Miller [00:56]

I love it. I love it. My clients that are listening to this episode right now are having an “oh my goodness, Jess Miller is talking to Angela Kim!” moment, because they have heard me talk about you so many times, and your planner, and your skincare. Huge fan! I love your journey. I followed it as you have iterated and learned all these new things that you’ve taken and really created the next best thing following your heart, organizing your gorgeous chaos and doing all those things that really, to me as an outsider looking in, really felt so authentic. Like you were following that and your spiritual part of you. It didn’t feel overly contrived. It felt like you were following your path.

Angela Kim [01:38]

Yes. So I think along with all the other things that I mentioned, I’m a mom to a teenager. I’m also a mom to a mini golden retriever. Her name is Zoey. My daughter’s name is Sienna. And I have a wonderful partner. And we live here in New York City. So managing to spas, facial spas, here in the city, and everything that we do as women. I know a lot of women can totally relate to the multitasking and the many hats that we wear, where I call it our gorgeous chaos. Focusing, of course, on the gorgeous aspects of life. I think that’s really key. And I wrote a book called “Radical Radiance, 12 weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty and Joy”. And I think when you’re an entrepreneur, as you said to me earlier, it’s an inner/outer game. And it’s so important to fill your cup. And first, in order to serve others, and sort of provide the offers, that should really come from deep within your authentic desires and passions. And I know we’ll dig a little bit into that juicy subject.

Jessica Miller [01:38]

Yes, I love that. I always tell people that inner feeling, that Hell Yes!, we call it like the Hell Yes! offer. That is the thing that really propels people forward. You could spend a lot of time doing and selling a lot of different things, but when it is aligned for you, and it feels amazing, it just propels you to a different level. In such a different way.

Angela Kim [03:12]

How do you define offer? I’m so curious.

Jessica Miller [03:15]

Yeah, that’s a great question. So what I tell people is that in your business, you have often a product or a service. Those products or services actually are not your offer. They are a piece of your offer. The offer is the thing that surrounds that product or service, that positions it as something that is the solution to somebody’s problem. So when they come to you for their Savor Planner, the truth of the matter is, they don’t really want a planner. Of course, they want a planner, but they want a planner for the solution and the result that it’s going to give them. So the offer is something that contains that planner. But the offer is the thing that they’re going to get and the problem that they’re going to solve by utilizing that planner. And that’s true of your skincare too, right? If someone could get what they wanted without ever using a cream, they don’t really care about the vehicle, right? But when you put it together, there’s a certain person with a certain problem that needs that particular product as a solution to get the result they want. And that’s right.

Angela Kim [04:19]

So it’s the dehydration. People want to get rid of their wrinkles or they have age aging concerns. They’re going to come to us for the truffle face cream that you wear, which I’m so happy about. And then the planner you know, so the offer is your feeling overwhelm. So we want to help you feel inner calm inner peace, so that you feel like you’re on top of your game.

Jessica Miller [04:45]

Yes, and I love your planner. The offer that really spoke to me about your planner is this beautiful intersection of spirituality and practicality. Which was what I am all about because as I mentioned it’s touching those two pieces, like the external game where we need to get our things in order as an entrepreneur. And the internal game, especially for women, that is so important for showing up as who you are, and really touching people energetically and touching yourself energetically. And when you can really dial that in. So it taps into that Hell Yes! energy, that thing that gets you out of your chair, then you’re cooking. Then all the practical and logistical things fall into place. So that beginning of that planner that really sets that up for people. And I love 90 days, that’s like speaking my language. And then there was the piece of dreaming and scheming in the beginning of every week. And then just dialing it together at the end – what did you learn? What are you going to carry forward? All of that, that just, I love it. And the stickers and the beautifulness of that.

Angela Kim [05:54]

You’ve touched on so many beautiful things. Just looping back to what you said in the beginning, I love that you thank you for recognizing that it is really for, you know, the person who is searching and craving for spirituality, but a practical approach to things. And I think it’s so wise that you’re talking about the planner is just the tool to access that. And listen, we all have a really great days. And then we all have our not so great days where we’re just down in the dumps. And it’s simply a tool. And I always talk about the reset. It’s just resetting and so you can reset every 90 days, as you were saying, because this is a 90-day planner. And we start with your 90-day vision, your manifest wheel and you, who are you holistically. Yes, there are six slices of the pie. I don’t know if you’ve done that exercise yet of the manifest wheel starting from self-care all the way to soul care, and spirituality and success. And then, dialing it down, as you said, into the monthly visions, and then the weekly visions. And there’s always that opening ritual where you can reset on a weekly basis. Okay, last week was not as great as you would have envisioned. So this week is another day. And I even like to say you can reset every morning and sit down with your planner. The planner just offers you that tool. The offer is that you can reset and start over fresh renewed every single day even. And if you want even get down to the granular of it, you know, a morning can be really not what you had expected. And life throws us curveballs. And then you can get back on the bandwagon in the afternoon. And so that’s what I like about the planner, it’s always there. It’s your best friend that will always be there no matter how down or up you are at in that moment how radiant you’re feeling or how dull you’re feeling you can turn to the planner, and it’s a tool. Yes. Right to love their life back into the gorgeousness.

Jessica Miller [07:59]

Yeah, I’ve even found I’m curious if you found this to when you were using it that we go through the ritual of looking ahead. I love dreaming and scheming. And visionary is a big, you know, strength of mine. So we think intentionally about what it is that we want to do. But then to your point, we’re just kind of moving along and life is happening. And sometimes I really need to go back and like what did I write in the beginning, like, anchor myself back to that intentional piece that I put in place that sometimes we lose vision of we lose track of it? So it’s always there to go back? Yes.

Angela Kim [08:34]

I love what you said as well. We often forget what we had intended. Right. And I think this is what’s remarkable about us as we evolve there. Oftentimes, I don’t know if this has happened to you, Jessica. But have you ever looked back at previous planners and where you were stuck? even five years ago? You might even find yourself still stuck? Yes. And I think that’s on one level a little bit scary and frustrating, but and on that on another level. If we sit back and listen to it and remind ourselves of the importance of coming back and reflecting and becoming really self-aware, I think it could be a point of power in our favor. And where we’re like, okay, this is a sticking point. What are my lessons and what is it that I would like to do? And I think it starts with self-awareness.

Jessica Miller [09:26]


Jessica Miller [09:27]

It does, absolutely.

Angela Kim [09:28]

And the power of writing it down.

Jessica Miller [09:31]

Yeah, and then being able, most recently, I had an experience where I was iterating, one of my offers and I wanted to take it to the next level. And so, I started to go back, and I don’t know if you found that your clients do this or if you do this, but I save my planners. And I will intentionally go back to them and just wonder what was happening in January of last year. Because they’re so detailed, it’s really fascinating. And sometimes I find the answer I’m looking for now, in those old planners. Or I remind myself of all the awesome, beautiful things that I created in that moment that are still applicable. And it really, both practically, like I can pull those things forward. But I also am reminded, man, this is good stuff. You’re doing great things. You’re evolving. And yeah, you got this, you know, it has that ability to really support it.

Angela Kim [10:29]

I love that. Okay, so wait, we’ve got to dig deeper into this for one second, because I think you’re onto something. You know, when you have your plant when I have my planners, and I look back on my 90-Day visions, and let me give you a heart, a practical example, of practicality. I was noticing probably around five years ago, I was noticing because we have the questions, what’s flowing, what’s not flowing? Right? Right. I love that. Every single 90 days, we used to offer massages, in our spas. And I love massages, body massages. I just love, love, love massages. And I think massage therapists are my best friends all year round. I just love getting these massages. It’s my moment of sinking in and relaxing, total relaxation. So that’s something that I really want to offer at our facial spas, right our Savor Beauty Spas, which one is in the West Village and one is in the Upper West Side in New York City. But that was always the thing that was not flowing because massage therapists are like artists, it’s kind of like managing herding cats, right? It’s very challenging.

Angela Kim [11:41]

And it was you know, and I just realized that I really love the facial aspect of our business. And I love how estheticians operate. It’s just much more in line with our business model. So, I just after like six of these 90 days, I was like “Angela, or how much longer are you going to let this be the thing that’s not flowing”? And I think it’s time to be courageous and to let go of that sector of your business. And just focus on facials. And there have been so many times in business where I’ve had to make that courageous move where we are bringing in revenue. It’s a revenue stream, but it’s not flowing. Yeah. And it’s not part of our mission. So, we needed to let go of that offer. Right? Because for the bigger offer for, as you would say, the Hell Yes! offer. Yeah. And sometimes you do need to say no, in order to say yes. So, the beauty of what you just said about writing it down going back to it, something that you can do is take a picture of your 90-day visions and create in your phone, an album called my 90 Day vision.

Angela Kim [12:47]

So, you can just easily scroll through them as you progress in your years. Right? And you can see like, okay, well this was not flowing last time. Am I going to write this down honestly, this time? And how many times is it not flowing? And what do I need to do to flip that into a flow something that is working? So that was a really beautiful example. There’s another example if you don’t mind me share, not at all. A little bit more fun to share. I remember when savor beauty we were doing waxing as well. This was years ago. And I can’t even remember when Gwyneth Paltrow like years ago, she was saying how she was just letting her hair down there just grow. I do remember this. So, then the New York Times interviewed me and they were like, so are you seeing a decrease in Brazilian waxing? And so, I answered yes, where I see more women going, the au naturel route. And so, they posted that. So then of course, then at that time, I think it was the Today Show, SELF magazine, all of these editors and producers suddenly wanted to interview me. You know about pubic hair. I was like, you know, and we are very focused on skincare. That’s our zone of genius. That’s our offer is we help you with, you know, age delay solutions, acne solutions. We’re very adept.

Angela Kim [14:20]

And we’re known for our facials, but suddenly I was becoming the down south queen. So then, Howard Stern producers call producers call and they’re like so we were just wondering if we could have Angela on air and you bring an esthetician and we’ll do a live Brazilian waxing board on air and I was just like, Listen, this will be great publicity, but I have to put my foot down and say no, that is not our offer. Yes, we need to we need to bring it back north. And you know the offer is skincare the soul-care That is what is genuine to what I’m interested in and what the brand stands for. So, we eventually decided that yet and it was kind of scary because we were getting a lot of appointments for the waxing. Sure. But here’s the example that I was sharing with you the same with massage. Once we let go of the waxing, and that was again, it was a bold move to say, Nope, we’re not doing that waxing anymore, we’re going to say no and recommend other spas for that service. Our revenue went up after we stopped offering that. Yep. Right. So I think that’s a beautiful lesson in what you’re talking about, which is the authenticity of your offer.

Jessica Miller [15:41]

Yes, absolutely. And it’s really that thank you for sharing that story. Because I think it actually brings in a couple of different things. One is, on the authenticity alignment piece, what are you really excited about? Where is your zone of genius? Where do you where’s your desire to be? People will come to you for all different things. And a lot of times brands will really dilute their message and dilute their targeting, because they’re just responding to the waves. Now you want to listen to your customers in the marketplace. But you also want to know what is hell yes for you. And where do you want to be? Because that’s really going to give you the bravery to go after it. And in entrepreneurship, we need to be brave, there needs to be that practical, data driven decision. But there also needs to be like, do I want to be known for this? Do we want to pivot in this way? And a lot of times the answer is no, internally, but we’re getting splashed around by all the current of what’s happening around us. So I think there’s that piece of leaning into what you want to be and what you’re known for and being brave enough to go after it. And then the other part of it is on more of the growth consulting side where I live with more established businesses like yours, it’s looking at what is working? What is working, where are you actually making your money? What are you doing really well? And how can you do that even better. And I think beautiful place where those two things marry, is when you’re energetically aligned, you can see it and feel it. And until yes for you. You can actually get clarity in your business about where you’re making your money and how it works. And then you bring it together, where you create a plan. And for those consulting clients, I’m always on these 90 Day plans. It’s how do we allow you to create more and create the asset of what’s working in your business repeatedly to create a bigger ROI. And then what ends up happening is you start doing all the things you love really, really well. And you start making a lot more impact, money, and clients while doing less.

Angela Kim [17:45]

And I think the reason is, I agree. 100%. And I think the reason is because you can’t go wrong. To go deep with what you love. Yes. Right. What you’re passionate about, and then I love specialists. Yes. Me to when you I think that’s what you’re talking about today. Yes. Yeah, niche, niche service or product where you are really going deep with it. And you become a specialist. I’m always a little bit suspicious of these agencies that offer just everything, everything on the menu, and it’s like, what do you what do you really do really well Correct? Your specialty? Yes, I think that’s something like that. I mean, that’s what I’m talking about right now, you know, with the getting rid of letting go of the massage, letting go of the waxing, letting go of the things that maybe you’re not a specialist for maybe you’re not that passionate about? And again, saying no to the hell yes. Right?

Jessica Miller [18:47]

Yes, totally. It’s so much easier to cut through all the noise out there, when people know you for something. And I always tell people, they can know you for the offer. But when the offer solves a very specific problem for people, that is what they come to you for, because they’re categorizing you in their mental Rolodex by their problem. And when they’re like, Angela solves this problem in this way. They come and everyone who hears that problem. They’re sitting around with their girlfriends or they’re wanting to buy the gift for someone and they hear it, it just cuts right through it. And the answer is Angela, and her particular offer. And it’s just such a beautiful thing.

Angela Kim [19:28]

I think also you can go deeper with your offer. When you really believe in it.

Jessica Miller [19:34]

Yes, 100%

Angela Kim [19:36]

So, the planner – what we hear so often from people is wow, I felt like the person who created this got into my head and this is the only planner that really understands me. And it’s usually the creative soul, the one that has a lot on his or her plates. And that’s because I created the system, which was actually my dad’s system, he was teaching me this when I was a child. You know, as I mentioned, I was a pianist. And so, there was just a lot to juggle. And so, the system is what I used to organize my inner world in order to manifest what I desired. So, I think that’s why the planner does so well in this world, it just sort of goes out there, we don’t spend too much time marketing it, I think it just people talk about it. And like you, you told me earlier, you get it for your clients. And there’s a lot of coaches who get it for their clients, a lot of mothers who will get it for their teens, you know, if they find that it helps them, it, they will get it for other people so that the word of mouth has been powerful. I think, going back to what we were talking about, as your offer really is more palpable and powerful if it’s helped heal something for you solve something for you as well.

Jessica Miller [20:55]

Yes, absolutely. I think it all starts with belief. It really does. And when you have something that you truly believe can help someone else, you truly believe it’s true, it’s going to create the solution that you’re talking about, that brand promise is rock solid for you. When you go out there to sell it, two things are happening. Number one, when you tap into that energy, 99% of people are compelled to tell everybody about it. It’s this internal compulsion that’s driven by that emotion. So we go out there and we tell people, and as the entrepreneur who’s selling it, you know, people have a very tenuous relationship with sales a lot of time. Which is so unfortunate, because it is the thing that’s going to help people get out of pain and move to pleasure when you have a solution to what their problem is. But when you sell that, whether it’s your planner or your skin cream, or whatever it is. And you truly believe that the value that they are going to get will always outweigh whatever they pay you for it. It is instant hell yes! And the thought that’s going through your brain is like “this person just hit the jackpot!” It’s almost like you are more excited for them than they are. You know, my husband used to tease me about that. When I was just starting out in business, I would sign a client, and I was so happy for them. And he would say to me, “Who’s more excited about this, Jess, you are them?” I’m like “ME! totally me!” I am just so thrilled for how their life is going to transform. And that’s what these offers are vehicles for, right, they’re vehicles for healing. They’re vehicles for helping people up level. And, you know, sometimes we can forget because we’re like, “oh, it’s just, you know, a piece of paper in a planner” or “it’s just a face cream”. It’s actually not, it’s so much bigger than that. The value is so much bigger.

Angela Kim [22:42]

It’s a vehicle for a better life. Yes, solving a problem. You’ve brought up this word a few times. And I it’s one of my favorite words. Do you know? Can you guess which one?

Jessica Miller [22:52]

Is it? Transformation?

Angela Kim [22:57]

Yeah, I love that word. We actually named one of our products transform. And I love, I love that word. It’s very powerful. But you brought up the word energy a few times. And my personal philosophy is everything is energy. Agree, how do you approach anything? Is everything. Because the end user will feel it. And so that’s why I like to employ women who are very passionate about what we have to offer and who love what they do. So the women who make the products, the beauty products, they love making the beauty products. And you can feel the love in that truffle face cream. You do. A lot of people will tell us I mean, it’s our top seller and we whip it with love.

Jessica Miller [23:44]

The main part I love. Yes.

Angela Kim [23:47]

And I really believe, as woo-woo as it sounds. And you know, as you said, you know, yes, I have a spiritual aspect. But I have a very grounded practical aspect too, and I think the energy, people can feel the energy. And they don’t know what it is quite. But they feel it. And energy is that’s why you know, and even our esthetician is when they’re giving facials. I want to hire women who love gives you chills totally love it. Because you can feel when you’re getting your hair cut or your hair blown out. If your hairdresser loves what they’re doing, or if this is just a job and it’s reflected in how you feel after you leave as well. Right and so that’s why I really love employing people who pour love into what they do heart and hustle.

Jessica Miller [24:37]

Yes, I love it.

Angela Kim [24:38]

That’s really important. And I and you also brought up another word that I love. And I know a lot of entrepreneurs don’t love sales. I also really enjoyed hearing your philosophy behind what sales is. So sales is just that offer to your end users. So, for that promise, yes, for whatever that transformation is going to be. And I think the only way that I was able to get over my fear of sales, because let’s face it, when you go into business, you get into two things. First of all, it’s sales. You think it’s making creams and you think it’s your passion of whatever it is, the product or the service, it’s not. It’s really sales. And sales are the offer for the end user to have a better life essentially. And then the second thing, if you want to scale is HR, you know, your employees. You need to be able to scale the business, then you’re getting really into HR. And nobody thinks, a lot of people don’t realize that when they’re getting into business. So, the only way that I really got over the sales fear was to practice over and over and over and over again. And I don’t know if that’s my piano background, or what it is because as a pianist. I was used to repeating things many times before it was perfect, perfect. But I think the more you practice it, the more you also realize that once you make that bridge for the offer, and then you see the transformation that it has, it builds a certain level of confidence. So, then you just want to help change more people’s lives.

Jessica Miller [26:24]

Totally, totally. It also makes me think of something that I learned recently. I also have a background in music, and I picked up the guitar again about nine months ago. And of course, you think it’s the instrument, you think it’s the strings, you think it’s all the things and then you realize, no, it’s you, right? You have to learn how to play this instrument. And sometimes we are in this headspace, where we think that learning and the momentum forward are these large breakthroughs. But actually, I have found it is touching that instrument every day, for five minutes, and doing the same song that I love over and over. And they are the sequential. It’s really sequential learning and sequential improvement. It comes and it becomes this memory. And then you hear the song, and you love it. And it gives you confidence that you can actually do it. And sometimes your hands are moving, and you don’t know how it’s happening. And it’s this beautiful thing. And I think sales is like that too. It is doing it and loving it and getting better at it. And watching what comes out the other side, right? This person’s life is transforming, you know. You’re playing this beautiful piece. Life is different. And it’s really, really powerful.

Angela Kim [27:40]

And then sometimes your sales strategy works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you say the right thing. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the end user receives it, and sometimes they don’t in the way that you had intended. And I think it’s just a numbers game. And as long as the numbers are more positive than negative, you’re doing really well.

Jessica Miller [28:04]

Yes, yes, exactly. And people I believe if you do your sales conversations, or calls or whatever it is that you’re doing in your business, well, people are better for it. You’ve given them information or an opportunity to see that their life could be different, where they may never have had that before. And I think that’s just a gift in itself. Whether they buy I always tell people what they ultimately do is none of your business. But showing up and offering it to people and giving them really fighting for what they want. Because they do want to solve their problem. And if you step back from that, and don’t make that offer or don’t share it with them, then you’re really robbing them of that opportunity to get what they want.

Angela Kim [28:48]

It’s offer an opportunity. Yeah.

Jessica Miller [28:51]

Agreed. Agreed. I love it. So, Angela, now that you’re here in your businesses, and you’re looking forward. You know what’s coming next for you? Where is it leading you? Where’s your hell yes, leading you? What is your data telling you about you, your businesses, and what’s coming.

Angela Kim [29:08]

We are partnering with a lot of women own spas who use Savor Beauty in their back bar for the estheticians. And then they have a retail offering. So, I’m very excited about building that community. And we have a lot of interesting new products that are coming out, one for blemish of a blemish treatment, foundation, lip treatments. So, we’re just coming out with all these exciting new products and I’m taking it day by day. There’s a lot on my plate. But these are the things that I’m most excited about and a few other projects that I can’t quite talk about yet because I like to manifest it first before giving it the power of words. So yeah, those are the things that I’m most excited about. But I love it. I think what I love the most so is just building community with like-minded women. And helping them with self-love and self-care rituals that ultimately lead to them bringing out their brilliance and their transformations. And it makes it that much higher. Yeah, whether that skincare soul-care I’m in it. I love it.

Jessica Miller [30:27]

I love that. Are you? Is the radius like within New York? Or are you touching the spas all over? Or, you know how?

Angela Kim [30:35]

Yeah. All over even internationally.

Jessica Miller [30:38]

I love this. Oh, I’m so excited to be witnessing this whole journey. It’s so good. Well, Angela, this was such an amazing hour. Where can people find you because they’re going to want to find you? Where are you out there on the interwebs? Where they can connect with you, come and check out your planner, look at this amazing skin cream, just follow you and your journey?

Angela Kim [30:56]

Okay, so I play most on Instagram. I’m not often on social media. But @angelajiakim, Jia Kim is my last name. You know, it’s so funny because people will let me know “Oh, I asked to be your friend on Facebook”. And I haven’t been able to log on to Facebook in a year and a half. So please don’t contact me there. I don’t know how to get on Facebook anymore. And then of course savorbeauty.com. And if you want your planner, you can just type into the search functions “savor beauty planner”, and it’s sold there along with the truffle face cream that you love and love our best seller. I just love how it brings the luminosity and radiance on women’s faces and their complexions. Yeah, so that’s how you can find me.

Jessica Miller [31:40]

I love this. Okay, for all of you listeners, you need to go and check out Angela on the interwebs. We will link to all of those places though. It will be super easy. Angela, I can’t thank you enough for being on today. This was an amazing conversation. I know it helped our listeners. And they will learn so much about just the journey of entrepreneurship, community with women, and really going after the thing that lights you up. So, thank you so much for being here.

Angela Kim [32:05]

Thank you so much for having me, Jessica,

Jessica Miller [32:07]

Of course! And for everyone, until next week. I will see you there. Have an awesome week!